What Is The Unit Of Virtual Load?

What is unit load method?

The unit-load method is a technique that will help us to quantify displacements and rotations of the equilibrium configuration, that is, the shape of the structure after it has managed to equilibrate the applied loads..

What is the unit of deflection?

The unit of deflection, or displacement, is a length unit and normally taken as mm (for metric) and in (for imperial). This number defines the distance in which the beam has deflected from the original position.

What is virtual work method?

Virtual work is the total work done by the applied forces and the inertial forces of a mechanical system as it moves through a set of virtual displacements. When considering forces applied to a body in static equilibrium, the principle of least action requires the virtual work of these forces to be zero.

What is castigliano’s second theorem?

Castigliano’s second theorem The first partial derivative of the total internal energy in a structure with respect to the force applied at any point is equal to the deflection at the point of application of that force in the direction of its line of action.

What is force method in structural analysis?

The force method (also called the flexibility method or method of consistent deformation ) is used to calculate reactions and internal forces in statically indeterminate structures due to loads and imposed deformations. … (d) Apply the given loading or imposed deformation to the basic determinate structure .

What is the unit of virtual unit load?

This method is also known as unit load method. where denotes the internal force in the members due to virtual unit moment applied in the direction of interested . the axial force in typical member be and therefore, the deformation of the member ( L and AE are the length and axial rigidity of typical member).

What is the energy method?

Energy methods: Page 1. Energy methods: These are methods based on linear elastic behavior and conservation of energy, i.e. the work done by external forces equals the energy stored in the structure under load.

What is bending stress formula?

The bending stress (σ) is defined by Eq. (1.4). M is the bending moment, which is calculated by multiplying a force by the distance between that point of interest and the force. c is the distance from NA (Figure 1.5) and I is the moment of inertia.

What you mean by deflection?

1 : a turning aside or off course : deviation. 2 : the departure of an indicator or pointer from the zero reading on the scale of an instrument.