What Is CM OSD?

What does OSD stand for in construction?

OSC – Offsite Construction.

OSC – Operational Safety Case.

OSD – Over Site Development..

Who is principal secretary of Haryana?

R K KhullarCHANDIGARH: In a major bureaucratic reshuffle on Saturday, R K Khullar has been made principal secretary to Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar replacing Sanjeev Kaushal, who will be holding the charge of finance and information and public relation (IPR) departments.

What do you mean by OSD?

officer on special dutyAn officer on special duty (OSD) really means an officer with no duty. Making a government official OSD is quite a common phenomenon in Bangladesh. “

What is OSD cm?

Officer on Special Duty is an officer in the Indian civil service of the status between a secretary and an undersecretary in the Government of India.

How do I become a special duty officer?

OSD is among the personal staff of the Minister and his term is co-terminus with the tenure of Minister. If you wish to become an OSD to a Minister, you must find out a person who knows the minister well. Thereafter, you can request him to recommend your name to the minister.

Who is OSD to CM Punjab?

Capt. Amarinder SinghChief Minister, Punjab OfficeChief MinisterCapt.Amarinder SInghPhone: 0172-2740769, 0172-2740325 Fax:0172-2743463 Email: cmo@punjab.gov.inSecretary-Cum.-OSDM.P. Singh, PCS (Retd)Phone: 0172-2740769, 0172-2741322 Fax: 0172-2746060 Email: cmo@punjab.gov.in6 more rows

What is OSD tank?

OSD tanks, otherwise known as on-site detention tanks, are concrete structures designed to drain and retain stormwater.

How do I unlock OSD?

If the OSD is locked, press and hold the Menu button for 10 seconds to unlock the OSD. If the OSD is unlocked, press and hold the Menu button for 10 seconds to lock the OSD.

What is OSD time?

An OSD timeout refers to the period of time between the moment you stop using the menu and the moment the menu disappears. … If your device does not have an OSD timeout it will continue to display the information until you manually leave the menu or turn off the device.