What Does SSG Stand For?

What does SSG stand for in education?

SSG in EducationSSGSchool Standards GrantSSGSupreme Student Government School, Officer, GovernmentSSGSuper Study Girl Development, Study, LearningSSGSurface Science Group Development, Universities, StudySSGSymbolic Stream Generator Computing, Technology, Military10 more rows.

What is full form of SSG?

SSG Stands For : Secret Society of Government | Special Services Group | Special Services Group (SSG) | Special Study Group | Staff Sergeant | Surveillance Specialist Group | Systems Support Group | Staff Sergeant – Army | Standards Services Group | Strategic Studies Group.

What is SSG group?

SSG Group provide recruitment and contracting services to the energy industry focusing on oil and gas under the following brands. Subsurface Global is a specialist contracting and recruitment organisation focused on the Upstream Oil and Gas industry, with core areas of expertise in Geoscience, Petroleum Engineering.

What is SSG officer?

The Supreme Student Government (SSG) is the most powerful and highest governing body in the Institution. It composed of officers duly elected by the entire student body in the tertiary level.

How many SSG commandos Pakistan have?

700 commandosPakistan has also deployed more number of its elite troops, the Special Service Group (SSG), along the LoC. There are at least two SSG battalions, each comprising of at least 700 commandos.

What does SSG mean in slang?

Super, Smashing, GreatSSG — Super, Smashing, Great.

What does Ppss stand for?

PPSSAcronymDefinitionPPSSPost Production Software SupportPPSSPolicy and Program Studies Service (US Department of Education)PPSSPost-Production Software SupportPPSSPawnbroker Pawn Shop Software (Dallas, TX)7 more rows

What does SSG mean in airsoft?

singel sector gearWhat is the difference between a standard AEG and a DSG airsoft gun? … A normal airsoft gun have a sector gear which rotate and pull the spring backward and release it so it can push can push the BBs out of the barrel. We often call it as SSG (singel sector gear) since it only have teeth at one side.

How can I become SSG commando?

Foreigners from selected countries can also apply for SSG via proper channel. To join SSG commandos, the soldiers (and officers) serving in the military forces need to apply through proper channel for the upcoming commando course.