Quick Answer: How Do You Do Sintra In A Day?

Can you do Sintra in half a day?

Your tour will start at the medieval village of Sintra and you’ll visit one of the many 19th century palaces, built by the Royal family.

You’ll have free time at the village to taste the famous pastries: Queijadas and Travesseiros..

Is Sintra open on Sundays?

Sintra gets crowded on Sundays but it is a special place to relax and just wander about if you have the time… Also there are many monuments and places worth a visit (palaces, the castle, Quinta da Regaleira, Monserrate, the small village, the nice antiques shops, the forest…).

Which is better Sintra or Cascais?

To start with, Cascais has a better range of tourist facilities than Sintra, with a larger selection of restaurants, shops and bars. Cascais has also the advantage of being close to a series of fantastic beaches, including both the exciting surfing beach of Guincho and the popular, paradise-like beach of Carcavelos.

How do you spend a day in Sintra?

If you have one day in Sintra, visit the Pena Palace and the Pena Park, the Moorish Castle, and either Palace of Sintra (Palacio Nacional de Sintra) or Quinta da Regaleira. Leave some time to explore the old town of Sintra and have a nice dinner at a local restaurant (avoid touristy places!).

Can you walk from Pena Palace to Moorish Castle?

And between the castle and the Pena Palace, it should take no more than 10-15 minutes. … After you walk up to see the Pena Palace, you can walk over to see the Moorish castle, and then take the path back down into town. From there, it is a short walk uphill to Quinta.

What is included in the Lisboa Card?

The Lisboa Card (Lisbon Card) is the official Lisbon tourist pass. It gives visitors unlimited use of the city’s public transport as well as free access to 26 museums, monuments and other landmarks.

How far is Lisbon to Sintra?

25kmSintra is only 25km from Lisbon, and is connected by a regular train service, which makes the town ideal for a day trip. There is a popular daytrip route which visits the Palácio Nacional de Sintra, the historic centre, the Castelo dos Mouros and the Palácio Nacional da Pena.

Is Sintra worth visiting?

6.) It’s well worth visiting. Plus, one of the best views in Sintra is from Moorish Castle. Pena Palace is actually higher but the castle walls offer more uninterrupted views of the town, Pena Palace and the other palaces, too.

Can you walk from Sintra station to Pena Palace?

While it’s less than 3km from the railway station to the furthest stop on the loop, Pena Palace, it’s a steep incline to the top. If you want to walk, just be prepared for a decent hike. The Sintra 435 bus makes a loop from the town centre to Quinta da Regaleira and the Palace of Monserrate.

How much is a train ticket from Lisbon to Sintra?

A single fare costs €1.60 (as it is a two-zone ticket) and a return costs €3.20. The journey takes 20 minutes, and all trains from Rossio to Sintra stop at Monte Abrão or Queluz-Belas.

How much is train from Lisbon to Sintra?

Getting to Sintra from Lisbon is easy. There are trains at least every 30 minutes on weekdays, every 30 minutes at weekends, from Lisbon’s city centre Rossio station. The journey takes 39 minutes and a return (round-trip) ticket is €4.30 (tariff 2016).

Where can I park my car in Sintra?

There’s a public FREE car park following the main road that borders the Sintra Palace on it’s left side, descending behind the palace into a lower level until you see the parking signs. The upper levels of the lot are less crowded.

How much is a taxi from Lisbon to Sintra?

The average price of a taxi trip from Lisbon airport to Sintra is 35€. Without traffic, the ride takes around 30 minutes.

What should I wear to Sintra?

For the greater comfort of visitors, and because of the typically wet and unstable weather conditions in the hills of Sintra, we recommend that you wear comfortable footwear with soles that are not slippery and clothes that are suitable for the weather conditions that you may encounter during your visit.

Is Pena Palace worth going inside?

Pena Palace is a very unique palace, and it’s definitely a must-go if you visit Sintra. Because the interior of the palace is quite small as well, it got very crowded and I didn’t enjoy the visit at all! …

Why is Sintra famous?

The historic center of the Vila de Sintra is famous for its 19th-century Romanticist architecture, historic estates & villas, gardens, and numerous royal palaces & castles, which resulted in the classification of the town and its historic passage as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. …

Can you drive to Pena Palace?

The Pena Palace is situated at the second highest point of the Serra de Sintra (480m) and it is a very demanding uphill hike from the historic centre of Sintra or the train station, which has an elevation of 190m. Never plan to drive to the Pena Palace, as there is very little car parking.

How do you travel to Sintra?

You can go to Sintra by car, but also getting there from Lisbon by public transportation is super easy and cheap. The round-trip with a direct train will cost you just €4,30, one-way ticket €2,15. After getting to Sintra you can either walk to the historic center or take a bus.