Quick Answer: Can Redmi Note 6 Run PUBG?

Does redmi 6 support PUBG?

Redmi 6 Performance The hardware can play games like PUBG in low graphics quality mode.

Hardware does not heat up much.

For normal usage and for a bit of gaming the hardware is good enough.

There is face unlock and finger print sensor, both security features are fast and accurate..

Is redmi Note 7 best for PUBG?

The device can easily run PUBG Mobile in the highest display settings without any stutters or frame drops. Along with playing heavy games like PUBG Mobile with ease, the Redmi Note 7 Pro also comes with a 48MP dual camera setup on the back.

Can we play PUBG on 1gb RAM Mobile?

Everyone using higher-end Android smartphones today with high graphics with more GB of RAM. Casual Gamers will not play PUBG mobile because the PUBG mobile game is not that much easy to play….PUBG MOBILE LITE 0.10. 0 APK.NamePUBG MOBILE LITEMOD Features:NoPlatformsAndroid 4.0.33 more rows

Is redmi Note 7 a flagship phone?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro has a 6.3-inch screen, 4/6GB of RAM, 64/128GB of storage, a dual, 48/5-megapixel rear camera and a 13-megapixel camera, as well as a 4,000mAh battery with Quick Charge 4.0 support. It runs Android 9.0 with Xiaomi’s MIUI 10 user interface.

Which Snapdragon processor is best for PUBG?

The Best Gaming Smartphone Currently available in the Indian Market is the ASUS ROG Phone 2. The ROG Phone sports the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ CPU. It also has the Adreno 640 GPU which can handle all the games like PUBG Mobile with ease. The battery capacity on the smartphone is excellent at 6,000mah.

Can redmi go run PUBG?

PUBG Mobile doesn’t work on the Redmi Go Yes, you read right. … A quick check of the PUBG Mobile specifications state that a minimum of 2GB RAM is needed, making the 1GB RAM on the Redmi Go a non-starter. PUBG Mobile Lite may be a decent substitute if you can get it running as it works on devices with 1GB RAM.

Is MediaTek Helio p22 good for gaming?

MediaTek Helio P22 review: specs and price 64-bit allows more than 4GB, giving increased performance. It also allows you to run 64-bit apps. OpenGL ES is used for games on mobile devices such as smartphones. Newer versions support better graphics.

Is redmi 8 good for PUBG?

Gaming isn’t a very enjoyable experience and running a PUBG campaign is a mixed bag. Sure, the game is playable, but there are noticeable frame drops. Gaming on the Redmi 8 isn’t the most enjoyable experience. There’s no difference at all in the software experience.

Which phone is best for PUBG under 6000?

With than in mind, we have made a list of some phones with which you can easily play PUBG Mobile Lite1) Redmi Go.2) Redmi 7A.3) Nokia 2.2.4) Techno Spark Go.5) Realme C2.

Can we play PUBG in redmi 4?

Yes, you can play Pubg On Redmi note 4 on 4Gb Variant, Redmi note 4 Comes with Snapdragon 625 is a really capable chip.

Can we play PUBG in redmi Note 8?

So if you are a casual gamer or even a hardcore one who at the same time doesn’t devout too much time in a single gaming session, Redmi Note 8 pro is certainly perfect for you if you want one for gaming on a budget. However, if you play games for long hours, its still decent but definitely not ideal.

Which MI phone is best for PUBG?

Redmi Note 9 Pro MaxRedmi Note 9 Pro Max. Redmi Note 9 Pro Max is a sleek smartphone with stellar qualities that make it one of the best for moderate gaming activities. This smartphone can handle fast games like PUBG. It comes with excellent features to qualify as one of the best PUBG smartphones in the budget category.

Can I play PUBG on Helio p22?

We also played PUBG Mobile on the Realme C2, which is powered by the MediaTek Helio P22 processor. This phone is capable of handling the regular version of the game at low settings, but it wasn’t smooth when we reviewed the Realme C2.

Is redmi go a good phone?

With a good display, battery life and decent performance, Redmi Go is a good deal under Rs 5,000. Redmi Go’s vibrant display, simple UI, decent performance and battery backup makes it a viable option for those feature phone users who want to upgrade. Xiaomi is a company that needs no introduction.

Can I play PUBG on redmi 7?

While PUBG does run on the Redmi 7, the experience is less than satisfactory. Pushing the graphics to the highest available option – balanced, HD – gave us mixed results. The game was playable, but it dropped frames often enough to not be a very enjoyable experience.

Is Snapdragon 439 good for PUBG?

Xiaomi Redmi 8A, Redmi 8 Both smartphones are powered by a Snapdragon 439 SoC. These affordable phones are ideal to run PUBG Mobile Lite game.

Is 8gb RAM enough for PUBG?

So to answer your question, yes PUBG can run on 8GB RAM. This amount of memory even gives you some room to have some programs up in the background. … If you make sure you don’t have too many programs or Chrome tabs open, your performance in PUBG won’t be limited by your RAM.