Quick Answer: Can I Change How I Answer My IPhone?

Can you change slide to answer on iPhone?

It is not possible (at the present moment).

It is a unique feature on the iPhone.

If your iPhone is locked when you receive an incoming call you only get the option to answer it by the sliding method..

How do you delete slide to answer on iPhone?

There is no way to disable the slide to answer option. You will always need to slide to unlock the phone after locking it, unless you double click the home button to control music, that is if you’re playing music.

How do you decline slide to answer?

But don’t worry, you can still reject a call if your phone is locked and only the ‘slide to answer’ option comes up. Either simply press the lock button once to ignore it and let the call ring out in silence, or twice to actually decline the call and cut the person at the other end of the phone off completely.

How do I accept or decline on my iPhone?

In order to decline the call, you have to double-tap the power button on the top of the phone. If your phone is unlocked, however, the screen that appears during an incoming call is different. You’ll see the two buttons, “accept” or “decline.”