Question: What Is The Hardest Harry Potter Question?

What man’s statue is next to the special lavatory?

What man’s statue is next to the special lavatory entrance.

Answer: Boris the Bewildered..

Why is hufflepuff bad?

Hufflepuff has a bad reputation because Helga Hufflepuff took everyone into her house. She didn’t really single out people. Therefore, people think that they’re not special because they got sorted into a “normal” house. … Hufflepuff has a bad reputation because Helga Hufflepuff took everyone into her house.

Why is hufflepuff the worst house?

Why do people think Hufflepuff is the worst house in Harry Potter? There can be three reason: They think loyalty and hard-working aren’t that “cool” traits. Rowling didn’t give it proper attention and didn’t portray it well, despite it being her favorite house.

What is the pink thing on Ginny’s shoulder?

Pygmy PuffsPygmy Puffs are mythical creatures from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. They are miniature versions of Puffskeins and were created by Fred and George Weasley. They are either pink or purple and are fluffy and adorable! Ginny Weasley adopted one and named him Arnold.

What Harry Potter potion is yellow?

EuphoriaPotion information The Elixir to Induce Euphoria is a sunshine-yellow potion that induces a sense of inexplicable, irrational happiness upon the drinker.

What are good Harry Potter questions?

Harry Potter quiz questionsWhat is the Dursely’s address?Who is Harry Potter’s godfather?What was the name of the tree Harry and Ron crashed their car into?Which class has a different teacher every year?What flavour are Bertie Bott’s beans?What animal represents Hufflepuff house?Who was Hermione’s date at the Yule Ball?More items…•

What should I ask a Harry Potter fan?

10 Questions to Ask a Harry Potter fan!Have you had your Hogwarts letter yet?Which Deathly Hallow would you choose and why?You can kiss one of the Hogwarts students in Harry’s year – who will it be?Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?Who was your favourite Marauder?Which three of the Hogwarts lessons/classes would you love to try?More items…•

What is Dumbledore full name?

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was so much more than the headmaster of Hogwarts.

What house was Hagrid?

GryffindorHe was a Gryffindor Hagrid’s Hogwarts house is never mentioned in the books, but, given his kindness, noble nature and bravery, it might not come as that much of a surprise that Hagrid was in Gryffindor.

What did Ginny Weasley name her Pygmy Puff?

Bred as miniature versions of Puffskeins, Pygmy Puffs became something of a craze in the wizarding world. Sort of like Pokémon cards but fluffier. Ginny bought a purple Pygmy Puff and called him Arnold, for heaven’s sake.

Which Harry Potter character are you quizzes?

Most likely you are not exactly like Harry, or maybe you have the personality of Albus Dumbledore with the looks and spunk of Hermione Granger.

What animal is Hufflepuff?

badgerIts founder was the medieval witch Helga Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff is the most inclusive among the four houses; valuing hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play rather than a particular aptitude in its members. The emblematic animal is a badger, and yellow and black are its colours.