Question: What Is Special About The Helix Nebula?

Can you live in a nebula?

Possibly, but probably not.

It is not known when life formed on Earth, but Earth was once part of a nebula, and it now has life.

Solar nebulae like the one that formed our solar system are essentially cleared by the gravity of the sun and planets within 10–100 million years..

Is the Helix nebula in the Milky Way?

The double helix nebula is approximately 300 light years from the enormous black hole at the center of the Milky Way. … Spitzer is an infrared telescope that is imaging the sky at unprecedented sensitivity and resolution, enabling it to see the double helix nebula clearly.

What does the Helix nebula look like?

The glowing cloud, called the Helix Nebula, looks like a bubble in this Hubble Space Telescope image. … We don’t see the elongated shape because one end of the tubular-shaped nebula is pointed toward Earth. The Helix is an example of a planetary nebula, the expanding shell of glowing gas around a dying, Sun-like star.

What is the importance of a nebula?

Planetary nebulae are important objects in astronomy because they play a crucial role in the chemical evolution of the galaxy, returning material to the interstellar medium which has been enriched in heavy elements and other products of nucleosynthesis (such as carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and calcium).

Which nebula is Earth in?

Helix NebulaNebulae exist in the space between the stars—also known as interstellar space. The closest known nebula to Earth is called the Helix Nebula.

How was the Helix nebula formed?

The Helix Nebula, aka NGC 7293, is a planetary nebula formed when an intermediate to low-mass star blows off its outer layers near the end of its life. When the star’s core can no longer sustain nuclear fusion, it collapses to form a compact white dwarf.

How far is the Helix nebula from Earth?

694.7 light yearsHelix Nebula/Distance to Earth

Why is the Helix nebula called the Eye of God?

The Helix Nebula is a large planetary nebula located approximately 695 light years from Earth in Aquarius constellation. It is the nearest bright nebula to our solar system. The nebula’s striking appearance earned it the nickname the Eye of God.

What is at the center of the Helix nebula?

At its center is a dying star called a white dwarf star. Today, the white dwarf star that sits in the very center of the Helix nebula is about the size of the Earth but the entire structure has a mass much greater than Earth. Surrounding the remains of the star itself are bands of gaseous matter.