Question: Is Pakistan Losing F16?

Which country has best fighter pilots?

Russia makes excellent quality fighter planes and it also regularly sends its aircrafts on combat missions in Syria.

It has very skilled fighter pilots who also love bombing the ground targets..

Is MiG 21 still good?

No it would be hopeless. Your question asked about it’s ability as a FIGHTER, so it would have very outdated radar, poor combat performance and ineffective missiles. In other roles such as ground attack it would be reasonably competent at best.

Did India really attack Balakot?

Indian news media outlets have cited unnamed ‘senior military officers’ as saying that the Indian Air Force used the Israeli SPICE 2000 weapon to target four buildings at a terrorist camp in Balakot. … The Indian narrative has insisted that the strikes did hit their targets, ‘killing a large number of terrorists’.

Why did Tejas fail?

HAL’s Tejas project can be used as an example of the failure of India’s indigenous defence production, as well as that of whole Public Sector Units dominated economy. After the country got independence, many strategic sectors including defence and civil aviation were nationalized, and private entry was shunned.

Is Tejas better than f16?

In terms of capabilities, the F-16 has the upper edge over the Tejas. The F-16 was design as close air combat dogfighter and now it is more lethal and upgraded even further by Lockheed to still be a combat capable jet. The Tejas is a light combat fighter and has less combat power.

Did Pakistan lose an F 16?

Subsequently, Pakistani officials confirmed that the loss was an F-16, but asserted it was accidentally shot down in a friendly fire incident during a dogfight with enemy aircraft over Pakistani territory.

Was f16 really shot down?

Ghafoor also assured all that no F-16 of the PAF had been shot down, since the F-16s were ‘NOT’ used in combat in that sector at all.

Did India shoot down Pak f16?

According to the Indian officials, the PAF jets were intercepted over Poonch and Krishna Gati sector. However, no aerial combat took place and PAF jets returned to their airspace. Christine Fair, an expert on South Asian political and military affairs, stated that no F-16 was shot down by Indian air force.

What is the deadliest fighter jet?

7 of the Deadliest Fighter Jets Still in Active ServiceF-15 Eagle is a classic. … The Dassault Rafale is still formidable. … The Eurofighter Typhoon was a joint effort. … The F-18 Hornet/ Super Hornet still holds its own. … The controversial Sukhoi Su-35. … F-16 Fighting Falcon is very popular around the world. … 11 of the Deadliest Earthquakes of All Time.More items…•

Is MiG 21 better than f16?

The MiG-21 is a third-generation supersonic jet fighter and interceptor aircraft, which was introduced into the Soviet military in 1959. … Obviously, the F-16 has much more advanced characteristics, including a combat radius of 547 km, compared to 370 km of MiG-21.

Can MiG 21 destroy f16?

Can an old MiG-21 aircraft destroy a more modern F-16? Yes, in fact an Indian pilot flying a version of the MiG-21 called Bison allegedly shot down a Pakistani F-16 using a Russian R-73 Vympel air to air missile, known as a high off bore-sight air-to-air weapon.

What happened to Pakistan F 16 pilot?

2# Because in an evil twist of fate — Pakistani civilians in the Sabzkot area of POK had assaulted an injured PAF pilot, who had ejected out of his F-16 — mistaking him for an Indian pilot. The pilot subsequently died at the CMH, probably due to the wounds received in this manhandling or post ejection.

Does Pakistan have hydrogen bomb?

Although the tests were said to include a hydrogen bomb, a former coordinator of India’s nuclear program said in 2009 that the hydrogen bomb had been a dud and “completely failed to ignite.” Pakistan performed nuclear tests in 1998 after India’s, but the scale of the tests has been disputed and Pakistan has said that …