Question: How Many Hours Should I Study To Crack UPSC?

How many hours a day should you study for UPSC?

15 hoursThe UPSC civil services exam is considered one of the toughest exams in the country.

And, because of this, a lot of people recommend studying for about 15 hours per day during the IAS exam preparation time..

Is 1 year enough for IAS preparation?

One year before the prelims is a decent preparation time for UPSC exams. However, you need to understand that it is the quality of the preparation rather than the length of it that is important.

Is self study enough for IAS?

This is difficult in case of self-studying. Coaching can be very helpful in scoring well in UPSC exams as there is always a time constraint involved. Self-study can take a lot of time to prepare. Else it is the best form of preparation,” says Jagpal Singh Dhanoa, IPS.

How can I start my IAS at home?

Tip #1: Prepare YourselfBefore trying to understand how to start preparing for UPSC at home, you should prepare yourself for the journey.Before starting your preparation, prepare mentally and physically for the examination. … Understand the UPSC exam pattern thoroughly, and pace your IAS preparation accordingly.More items…

How can I crack UPSC in 3 months?

How to Prepare for IAS Prelims in Two Months“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.” – Alexander the Great.# 1: Know The IAS Exam Pattern.# 2: Know The IAS Prelims Syllabus.Download the UPSC Prelims GS Paper I syllabus PDF.# 3: Go Through Previous Year Question Papers.Get the previous years IAS question papers here.# 4: Test Yourself.More items…

How much time does it take to crack UPSC?

Generally, the time that is taken to prepare for UPSC exams is around 10 to 12 months. There have also been a number of candidates who have cleared the examination in 6 months and for some of the students, even 6 years have proven to be less.

Are 2 years enough for UPSC?

Year is more than sufficient for IAS preparation. … For IAS preparation, the candidates need to keep in mind the syllabus of UPSC and study the relevant material thoroughly for the first six months, after which candidates should focus on revision and attempting mock tests and previous year’s question papers.

How many hours study for IAS?

Ideally, an aspirant should study for 9-10 hours around the year with intensifying it to up to 12 hours prior to a month of the examination. However, the more important thing is to maintain consistency.

Can we crack UPSC per month?

To be honest, cracking the UPSC preliminary exam in one month is hard. However, one can make it when they can devote all the time for the preparations. As the date for the preliminary exam is approaching, aspirants should focus only on this screening round this month.

Is crack IAS material good?

I liked the notes of crack ias because there was no need to buy or refer other notes or books, and no need of spending heavy on any other books. I especially liked the synopsis of india year book and current affairs, good work done by crack ias team.

Is Upsc very tough?

If you look at the success rate in the IAS exam, you will understand why it is considered one of the toughest exams in India and some say, the world. Every year, lakhs of people take the IAS prelims exam. … So, if you see, on the whole, the pass percentage in the UPSC exam is less than 1%.

Can a weak student become IAS?

Yes you can but you need to do one thing, remove that tag of weak and start preparing for examination from depth of heart . There are many IAS officers who are weak student but their determination and focus helps them to crack exam. First thing need to do is preparation from basic means NCERTs and current affairs too.

What is the right time to start preparing for IAS?

Some aspirants begin preparing for the Civil Services directly from high school and others start studying only 7 months before the exams. The ideal time to start preparing is in the last few years of your graduation degree as you can attempt the exam only once you graduate.

Is it possible to crack UPSC in 2 months?

Is it possible to clear the IAS Prelims Exam with two months’ preparation? Well, the answer is, YES. You can clear IAS Prelims if you are dedicated, smart and willing to work hard. … Though the exam is tough, we believe with proper guidance you can clear the exam.

How do Upsc toppers study?

During the process of studying for civil services, IAS toppers develop a reflective thinking which helps them to visualise the way forward in a problem situation. The analytical reasoning skill set also helps the topper to think out of the box while giving the IAS exam.