Is Mobile Exchange Safe?

How can I sell my dead cell phone?

Watch Video.

Visit our website using your PC or Mobile and find the item that you wish to sell / recycle.

Answer few questions on your device condition and get instant quote.

Provide your details and choose preferred pick up date time slot to place an order with us..

Is mobile box required for exchange offer?

Mobile exchange offers have been most exchange category and product among all products, you just need a working mobile phone with intact screen, not really you may not needed to hand over any other accessories or charger they are not needed , Can I get an exchange for my old phone if it’s not in working condition?

How do I find the exchange value of my phone?

Dial *#06# on the phone that you want to exchange to identify its IMEI number.

How does Cashify make money?

The firm has a simple revenue model: Buy old phones, add value and then sell them in the second-hand electronic distribution channel at a margin. According to the co-founder of Cashify, the start-up does 100,000 transactions a month.

What is the best second hand phone to buy?

What are the best used smartphonesiPhone X. Still fast and beautiful after all these years. … Samsung Galaxy S9. A compact flagship that can still do it all. … Samsung Galaxy Note 9. One of the most premium phones at an unbeatable price. … iPhone 8 Plus. … Google Pixel 3 XL. … Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

What is mobile exchange?

Mobile phone exchange offer on Flipkart lets you exchange your old mobile for a new mobile at the right prices. With new mobiles emerging in the market frequently, all smartphone lovers would be curious to buy latest mobiles online and operate them in order to enjoy the new technological experience.

What they will do with exchanged mobile?

So when people buy new phones they make such offers called exchange. These exchanged phones are taken up by Flipkart and returned to store of Company (the company’s phone you bought).

How do I exchange my mobile phone?

Evaluate old device. Select the device which you wish to exchange. … Get exchange coupon. Your Mi account will be credited with the exchange value coupon, instantly.Place new order. Place a new smartphone order & use the exchange value coupon during checkout.Keep old phone ready.

How can I sell my phone for best price?

Sell your mobile phone for cash!Search for your device. Use our search box to find your mobile or tablet.Select the best deal. Compare prices so you get the GUARANTEED best deal.Post your device. Choose which recycler to sell your device to then post it to them.Get your cash. Sit back and wait for your cash.

Can we exchange dead phone?

No you can’t exchange a dead phone. The phone must have an intact display.

Is it safe to exchange phone on Amazon?

If you are returning a Mobile, Laptop or TV, such Used Product must be in working condition, and the display / screen of the Used Product should be intact, that is without any scratches, cracks, discolouration, spots, lines, dead pixels, or any other damage of any manner.

What happens exchange phone?

1. Reselling at their own terms: A vendor can choose to resell an old phone received from a customer under the exchange deals at their own terms. Apart from sending the phone back to the manufacturer, the vendor can also sell it to a third party or another customer at an appropriate price.

Does Amazon check exchange products?

The Exchange Offer program on allows you to exchange your used product for a discount on a new product of the same category. … At the time of delivery of the new product, we will inspect the used product and pick it up, making the process simple and hassle free.

How do I exchange my old mobile?

How To Avail?Evaluate old device. Select the device which you wish to exchange & get the best exchange value.Get exchange Bonus. The final quote generated is excluding extra exchange bonus (if any).Keep old phone ready. … Place new order.

Does Cashify pay in cash?

What does the Instant Cash payment option mean? The Instant Cash payment method, refers to Cashify making the payment for your device in cash. The Cashify agent will be handing you the cash payment for your used device at the time of the pickup.

Which is the best site to sell mobile phones?

5 Best Websites To Recycle And Sell Used Mobile Phones In 2020Cashify. Sell Used Mobiles is perhaps the most popular site in this niche. … Budli. Budli is another website that accepts used phones. … Moswap. Moswap is another such website that deals in second-hand electronic goods. … Atterobay. … Karma recycling.

Can broken phone screen be fixed?

Cracked or broken mobile device screens can be costly to fix, but a few inexpensive do-it-yourself strategies can eliminate a repair shop visit and salvage your tablet or phone. … Replacing the tablet’s touchscreen can cost $50-$75 extra. Replacing the cracked glass with a functioning touchscreen is much cheaper.

Is it safe to sell phone on Cashify?

Thus, we conclude that it is after all safe to sell your old phones to Cashify. But to be on the safe side, we’ll always say its better safe than sorry. So you should make your data completely unrecoverable first and then sell your phone to anyone. After all, you are solely responsible for your privacy.