Does Apple Still Sell IPhone XS?

Is iPhone XS available in Apple Store?

The iPhone Xs is discontinued.

It is only available from authorized retailers who still have remaining stock.

Some Apple Stores may still sell the remaining stock for a short period of time.

Other than that, if you want the Xs, you have to buy it third-party (Amazon etc.)..

Which is better iPhone 11 or XS?

The iPhone 11 has a longer battery life, a better front shooter, and an upgraded processor. The iPhone XS, meanwhile, has a better screen (an OLED, where the iPhone 11 has an LCD), smaller bezels, and a slimmer design (5.8 inches to the iPhone 11’s 6.1, and 7.7 millimeters thickness to the iPhone 11’s 8.3).

Is the iPhone XS still worth it?

The iPhone XS has three advantages over the iPhone 11: a better display, smaller bezels, and a telephoto camera lens. These aren’t insignificant benefits, but they’re not worth shelling out hundreds of dollars for, especially since the iPhone 11 has better battery life and a much better camera.

Is iPhone XS still good in 2020?

In some ways, the iPhone XS is a better phone than the iPhone 11. It has a better display, for starters, and its camera abilities are still very impressive in 2020. The design is similar as well, although the iPhone XS is more portable and has a smaller display which, for me, is a big plus.

Should I buy iPhone XS 2020?

The newer the phone model, the higher the price you will get on the exchange. … The iPhone XS was released in 2018 but even in 2020, it can be a great buy and at the price of Rs 54,999 it surely is a good deal. Although we think that the iPhone 11 is an even better deal, at a slightly higher price.

Is the iPhone XS discontinued?

The iPhone XS (and XS Max) was discontinued on September 10, 2019, after the announcement of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. On January 20, 2020, Apple started selling certified refurbished models starting at $699.

Why did Apple discontinue the iPhone XS?

Originally Answered: Why did Apple discontinue the iPhone XS? TLDR : iPhone’s are getting boring. If they still offered the X and XS, people wouldn’t upgrade to the more expensive 11 Pro. Apple’s iPhones are slowly becoming all the same with very minor, incremental hardware upgrades.

How long will iPhone Xs be supported?

Two factors at work here. Battery life: the battery fades over time, although Apple will replace it for around $80. Other than that, the hardware can last for a very long time. Compatibility: after about 3–4 years, your old iPhone will no longer be compatible with the latest version of iOS.

Is iPhone XS or XR better?

A big difference is the screen tech. The iPhones XS has an OLED display that is more vibrant when compared side by side with the iPhone XR, which has an LCD display. OLEDs are capable of deeper blacks and a higher pixels per inch count that make them appear less grainy on close inspection than an LCD.

Which camera is better XR or XS?

The iPhone XR uses the wide-angle lens for portrait mode, whereas the XS uses that second telephoto lens, which comes in closer to the subject. … That’s because the XR uses the wide-angle lens, which can fit more in the shot, while the XS uses the telephoto lens, which appears to be taken from a closer angle.

What is the best iPhone to buy?

Here are the best iPhones in 2020:Best iPhone overall: iPhone 11.Best small high-end iPhone: iPhone 11 Pro.Best big high-end iPhone: iPhone 11 Pro Max.Best budget iPhone: iPhone SE (2020)Best big budget iPhone: iPhone XR.Best small iPhone for less: iPhone XS.Best big iPhone for less: iPhone XS Max.

Why is iPhone XS not on Apple website?

Because both the iPhone XS and XS max were discontinued this fall when the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro were released. Apple no longer makes nor sells the XS models.

Is iPhone XR a good buy?

The iPhone XR now sells for as low as Rs 42,000 at times and if you want the best value for money iPhone, this is easily the phone. However, despite its low price, it’s not a good deal to buy the iPhone XR in 2020. … Hence, despite the lower prices, the iPhone XR is still not the best value iPhone by 2020 standards.

Why is iPhone Xs so expensive?

Tim Cook says the new iPhones are so expensive because they replace most other gadgets you’d need. Apple’s newest line of iPhones — the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max — cost as much as $1,449 for the most expensive model. Apple introduced a more affordable iPhone X model, the XR, starting at $749.

Should I wait iPhone 12?

If you really want longevity, you might consider waiting for the iPhone 12 this fall. It’s expected to cost a lot more, but feature a newer A14 processor (along with other fancy features)—five years from now, Apple may cut off iOS support in the A13 while still offering updates for products that use the A14.