Update Your Front Door With These Stylish Door Knockers

Front Door Style

Update Your Front Door With These Stylish Door Knockers

Laurey W. Glenn

Opportunity is knocking! Add style to your front door with one of these winning combinations.

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn



Photo: Hector Sanchez

Let a cheerful paint color loosen up a formal facade. This coral shade peps up a Palladian transom, traditional pediment, and regal door knocker. Break from an otherwise symmetrical look with a single carriage lantern.
Paint Color: Pink Mimosa (P180-3); homedepot.

Light: ELK Lighting Grande Isle Sconce, $818; farreys.com
Door Knocker: Lion Door Knocker, $118; wayfair.com
Container: Acadia Urn, $299; frontgate.com
Accent Piece: Hand-Welded House Number, $30; anthropologie.


Laurey W. Glenn

French doors with a fresh Chippendale spin complement the Colonial home’s English roots. The curved muntins and spherical finials on the parapet play off the founded boxwoods lining the front of the home.


Photo: Hector Sanchez

Strike a high note on an otherwise toned-down entry with a pop of color. This home has classic craftsmanship, such as fluted pilasters and a starburst transom, but what really shines—other than a cute pup—is the deep blue paneled door with shiny brass accessories.
Paint Color: Gentleman's Gray (2062-20); benjaminmoore.

Light: Beacon Hill, $308; 1800lighting.com for retailers
Door Knocker: Solid Brass “S” Style Door Knocker, $35.29; houseofantiquehardware.com
Container: Cauldron Pot in Blue, $220, available through Charlie Thigpen's Garden Gallery; 205/328-1000
Accent Piece: Brass Mail Slot, $16.

99; amazon.com

Photo: Hector Sanchez

Amp up a traditional home with unexpected sunset hues. Here, fiery red paint energizes an entryway, which exudes elegance with its ornate transom, dentil molding, filigreed pendant light, and wrought iron railing.
Paint Color: Tomato Red (2010-10); benjaminmoore.

Light: Square Hanging Pendant Light, from $375; bevolo.com for retailers
Doorbell: “Please Ring” Doorbell Button, $18; rejuvenation.com
Container: Fiberstone Box, from $215; jaysonhome.

Accent Piece: Heavy Duty Brass Traditional Mail Slot, $99.90; houseofantiquehardware.com

Photo: Hector Sanchez

Give guests a warm welcome with friendly tones of green, gray, and blue. This grand double-door entry is balanced by its easygoing, leafy hue and simple carving. The weathered patina of the pendant lantern suggests a home that's mellowed over time.
Paint Color: Tradd Street Green (DCR090); duron.

Light: Federal Hanging Lantern, $459; shadesoflight.com
Door Knob: Estate Knob (5041), from $100; baldwinhardware.com for retailers
Container: Blue Ceramic Planter, from $480; scenariohome.com
Accent Piece: 4 Inch Solid Brass Number, $2.

97; homedepot.com



Photo: Ralph Anderson

Inspired by the handsome townhomes of Georgetown, we've put together a look that is traditional and refined.

Photo: Ralph Anderson

Taking cues from one of our favorite colorful coastal towns, we added a splash of sunshine to this entry.

Photo: Ralph Anderson


Source: https://www.southernliving.com/home-garden/decorating/front-doors

Blogger Front Door Makeovers

Update Your Front Door With These Stylish Door Knockers

If you've been neglecting your front door, fear not! These impressive before-and-after front door makeovers prove how easy it can be to create a front door that makes a strong first impression.

Red front doors may be classic, but Jo-Anna of A Pretty Life in the Suburbs found it difficult to match the primary color to her outdoor decor. She also found it challenging to create a bright and inviting entrance because her front porch was completely shaded from the sun — and the dark crimson color didn't help.



Jo-Anna created her own sunshine by painting the front door a cheerful shade of yellow, a natural complement to her decorative shade-loving plants. She then prettied up the porch floor and stairs with a couple coats of dark brown paint, allowing the light-colored door to pop even more. A woven doormat with aqua-and-green accents completed the porch's sunny new look.

Take the guesswork finding the perfect front door color with these easy-to-please, exterior-flattering hues.


When Alex of AVE Styles moved into her ranch, the exterior was midcentury — but there was nothing modern about it. The home, previously owned by the bank, featured an uninviting security gate and an interior door posing as a front door. Even the pale-green-and-red-brick color palette was cringeworthy, according to Alex.

After painting the entire exterior a sophisticated gray, Alex added a pop of color with a yellow DIY front door. Rather than purchasing an expensive door, she used a kit to install door lites to a new solid wood door, giving the ranch midcentury appeal while allowing natural light to fill foyer. Along with the square glass inserts, sleek metal hardware added to the door's modern vibe.

Kate and Adam of The “Florkins” had been planning to give their first home a facelift since they moved in over a year ago. Kate knew she wanted a bold blue front door, but before they could paint, the couple needed to repair the rust damage and holes that were revealed after removing the brass kick plate on their door.



After fixing the damage, Kate painted the patched-up door a bright navy blue and replaced the old brass hardware with a set in bronze finish. She and Adam decided to keep the original door knocker because it had character but spray-painted it to match the new metallic hardware. The cherry on top was a decal next to the door handle to welcome visitors with a friendly hello.

Kim of Tidbits and Twine was looking for a way to make the standard-issue front door of her tract home stand out from the rest of her neighbors' entryways. Besides its 12-panel design, the door lacked any decorative details — nothing about her front door reflected Kim's taste or personality.

To differentiate her door the others on her street, Kim first painted it black, a dramatic yet neutral choice. She originally planned to hang a door knocker in oil-rubbed bronze to match the hardware, but she fell in love with a vintage brass lion-head door knocker on Etsy. Her house number, a gold decal, tied together the different metal accents on her door.


As Jill of Baby Rabies learned firsthand, even the coolest handmade yarn wreath can't transform a boring front door into a statement-making entry.

In builder-grade white, the door virtually disappeared into the concrete walkway, and the kick plate and door frame had both seen better days.

Throw in some hardware that clashed with the door's brass bottom, and you had a recipe for blah.

Jill took her front door in the opposite direction, choosing dramatic black over drab white. Rather than repair the holes caused by the brass kick plate, she simply replaced it with a modern metallic version that matched the updated hardware. Jill also swapped her handmade wreath for a contemporary powder-coated one, using a magnetic wreath holder to secure it to her metal door. 

Source: https://www.bhg.com/home-improvement/door/exterior/blogger-front-door-makeovers/

Updating A Door Knocker And A Doorbell

Update Your Front Door With These Stylish Door Knockers

How about a post about hunting for knockers? Nope, not those knockers. This is just the follow-up we promised yesterday about updating our door knocker and doorbell.

Here was the situation before: a nice but quite aged door knocker whose main flaw was that the previous owner’s last name that was etched into it (it’s a little hard to see because I slightly blurred it for their sake).

We took the engraving as a sign that it needed to be replaced, rather than salvaged, so we figured we’d use the opportunity to buy something unique and statement piece-y. First we hit up our favorite local hardware store (Pleasant’s Hardware) which had some animal kingdom inspired options that Clara couldn’t keep her hands off of. But with those prices ($188?!) Sherry and I had no trouble.

Our next stop was a local architectural salvage place that’s always full of interesting pieces (Caravati’s). They had some cool options – we especially loved the chunky ring in the bottom right – but the prices were still about one digit longer than we were hoping to spend (that one was $185). I guess I never really thought about how much a door knocker could cost.

Next we scoped out Lowe’s and Home Depot, which both had options these. The price was certainly right, but it was the same basic urn style knocker that we already had except smaller and not as “original” looking. Plus the size difference would mean we’d have to make new holes in the door to achieve basically the same look.

When the big box stores failed to excite us, we hunted online a little and found some interesting and slightly more affordable options at both Restoration Hardware and Anthropologie.

Never did I think I’d put those two stores in the same sentence as “slightly more affordable” but compared to our first options their $50-ish price tags felt a deal.

But these were both about half the size (or less) than our original knocker, so we worried they’d look a little lost/piddly on our two-story facade.

Feeling a bit KO’d by knocker hunting, we started to look at our existing knocker with fresh eyes. A gentleman at Caravati’s had mentioned we could take it someplace to get the engraving buffed out… but maybe it was worth attempting an at-home buffing first? After all, my Dremel had some sanding pads that seemed built for a job that.

Figuring we didn’t have much to lose, we removed the knocker and I attached the lowest grit sand paper to my Dremel (the one with the roughest texture) in hopes that it would scratch out the old owner’s name.

Scratching achieved. I stopped at first, worrying I was permanently damaging it, but Sherry assured me that a new coat of paint should cover it up. So I charged on, er, buffed on.

After a few passes with the low-grit sandpaper, I went back over with the high-grit stuff (which has a much smoother texture) to minimize the scratches by buffing them. It still had slight traces of my buffing pattern, but it certainly got smoother. It even revealed a gold finish that’s probably close to what the knocker looked decades ago.

If gold was what we were going for – and if I had the patience to buff every nook and cranny – it could’ve been a very exciting discovery.

Instead, I was just happy to get that engraving off so Sherry could get down to oil-rubbed-bronzing it to match the door hardware as well as some other dark-toned items on the porch (more on those in a second).

She used her favorite self-priming spray paint by Rustoleum (Universal All-Surface Spray) and just applied three thin coats (more of a mist than a coat, so they built up gradually without dripping).

Once dried, the de-personalized knocker looked right at home on our new blue door. You can see how its fresh shine is reflecting the front yard – there’s even a reflection of Sherry standing in front of it taking the picture, but the area that I sanded down is exactly the same color and texture as the rest of it. Thank goodness for small use-what-you-got victories.

Here’s a detail shot of the door open to try to capture the smooth finish for you with less of the porch reflection thing going on.

While we were at it, we decided to clean up the doorbell too. We d the shape, so it just needed a coat of the same oil-rubbed bronze finish as the knocker to cover the sloppy looking over-painted areas that had obscured its interesting shape.

Sherry’s trick for keeping the button from getting painted was to press a piece of sticky-tack over it (you know, that poster putty that you use in college to hang Weezer posters?).

It was much easier than trying to cut painter’s tape in a perfectly sized circle.

And as you can see above, it worked out pretty nicely – she just yanked it off after the paint dried and the button was clean and unpainted underneath.

So that’s how one can of $7 spray paint allowed us to keep and update two etched and painted over items on our porch.

Hopefully it’ll come in handy for anyone else out there with a not-quite-there-yet door knocker or doorbell.

We really how the new darker finish helps them stand out more while tying in with the door handle, the black planters on the porch, and even the black rule around the doormat.

Now if we can just do something about that bug-infested crooked light…

Psst- Clara’s at it again, being all funny and cute over here.

Source: https://www.younghouselove.com/hunting-for-knockers/

Door Knockers | Brass Door Knocker

Update Your Front Door With These Stylish Door Knockers

We’ve all heard the cliché: first impressions stick with us. If this is true for humans, why wouldn’t the same be true for you home? The way your house looks says something about you as a homeowner, and as a person. And since we usually enter from a garage or porch, the front entrance is typically reserved for guests.

Therefore it is essential your doorway creates a welcoming invitation, while still providing security. Since most of us neglect this part of the house, every once in awhile it’s important to inspect and enhance your entryway.

And while replacing an actual door can be expensive, there are some simple and very quick renovations that can make a threshold more elegant and safe.

Door Knocker

The easiest way to make an entrance more stylish is to install a door knocker. Though these items may seem dated, a door knocker can actually add an old-world charm to your doorway.

Not only can they be functional, they also come in many shapes and sizes to match your exterior decor.

Though you certainly want to choose one that fits your personal tastes, the most common style is a brass door knocker that conveys a classic look yet can also be engraved with your family name.


If you’ve never replaced your handle-and-lock system, it may be time to give them a quick inspection. To keep your home safe, it’s important to keep your security system up to date, and annual inspections are a great way to make your home at least feel safer.

It’s best to have both a handle lock and a deadbolt to ensure against intruders, and it may be a good idea to have an expert locksmith come out and give it a once over.

Plus, replacing your old handle with a new model can also add a small flourish to your entryway, especially if you invest in one that creates a uniform look to your home: it’s a good idea to match your handle with the other details of your door, such as choosing the same color as your deadbolt or the same material as your brass door knocker.

Holiday Apparel

Nothing is more welcoming than some holiday cheer. There is a limitless supply of decorations for a doorway, including metal hangers, garland strands, or wreaths that can hang around your door knocker. Either way, some seasonal joy can instantly bring friendly warmth to any home.

Permanent Fixtures

Why leave your porch completely bare? What’s inviting about a slab of concrete and a locked door? Instead, add some wrought iron furniture for lounging, a newspaper box for the paperboy, or a welcome mat for your guests.

Make sure none of your porch lights are burnt out for both aesthetic and security reasons. In fact, the more you have your porch lights blazing, the more engaging your entryway appears.

Any kind of permanent decoration makes your house look lived in, therefore making it look homier.


You don’t ever use your own doorbell, but they can often go on the fritz. So it’s important to inspect it once a year to see if it is in working order so your guests don’t have to depend on your door knocker.

Also, there’s nothing less appealing than a white piece of plastic sitting on your door frame. Maybe purchase a stylish backing for your bell to enhance its look or buy one that glows in the dark for easier detection.

Are all these ideas essential to your home? Of course not. But any kind of augmentation helps your home’s curb appeal, and any type of routine inspection makes your home more secure. But whichever method you choose, always make sure it fits your own personal style so that your entryway isn’t only welcoming to your guests but to yourself as well.

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Source: https://www.homeadvisor.com/r/entryway-and-front-door-upgrades/

Door Knockers to Refresh Your Home’s Entry

Update Your Front Door With These Stylish Door Knockers

A knock on the door starts the interaction, but an attention-grabbing door knocker can get a conversation started. Give guests a taste of your home’s personality by adding a nontraditional door knocker, such as an animal, a geometric shape or an eclectic treasure.

Parkes & Lamb Interiors, original photo on Houzz

The Animal Kingdom Awaits

Wildlife, big and small, beckons visitors to give the door knocker a try. The types of animals that can grace a front door range from lion and lobster to bird and butterfly.

Regal lion. The king of the jungle lends guests a hand — or mouth — at this front door. The homeowners purchased the golden lion on a trip abroad. Back in Nashville, Tennessee, designers Blair Parkes and Susan Lamb of Parkes & Lamb Interiors juxtaposed pastel paint with the antique hardware to give the home’s exterior the “pop” the client wanted.

“The door is a great welcome with a fun and inviting color paired with such a unique accent as the door knocker, which really allows for a welcoming entrance and wanting others to see more of the house,” the design firm says.

If an animal pairs well with the theme of your home, consider adding it to the front door so guests feel the vibe from their first knock.

Carpenter & MacNeille, original photo on Houzz

Coastal lobster. A crustacean glimmers in the sun on the front door of this New England home. A creative door knocker with a shine is sure to catch the attention of visitors.

Welcoming whale. Consider the animal’s natural habitat and use colors that re-create that scene.

Feathered friend. This knocker puts an animal’s natural talents to use. A few pecks on the door and you’ll know that visitors await.

Shapes That Make an Impact

A simple shape adds character and style to any front door. Try a circle, square or even a handle to see which shape works for you.

Big rings. A circular door knocker gives guests a handle that’s easy to grab. Plus, it fits in many different styles, such as transitional and rustic.

Habitat Studio, original photo on Houzz

Modern mix. You can also mix and match shapes. For this knocker, the designer opted to keep the more traditional ring but with a polished bar on top. It adds a modern touch to the deep brown door.

Loftus Design, LLC, original photo on Houzz

Handy handle. This knocker operates a handle. Grab on and give it a few thunks to let everyone know you’ve arrived.

Bridget Gasque, owner of Loftus Design, recommends a door knocker instead of a doorbell because it adds an interesting, decorative element to the door. She considers the different finishes of the hardware and placement when incorporating a knocker into the design. She recommends keeping the knocker at eye level so that people can easily see and reach it.

Update Your Door Knob While You’re At It

Eclectic Treasures With a Purpose

Sometimes a story lies within each knock. People inherit knockers. They find them at flea markets and antiques stores. They even pick up souvenirs while traveling that make great door knockers.

Linda Chittock Studio, original photo on Houzz

Antique oak leaf. A sturdy replica of nature finds its home on the front door of this historical loft. It’s not the only vintage piece in the equation: It’s hanging from a repurposed schoolhouse door.

Carte Blanche Studio, original photo on Houzz

Bold find. International travel inspired this Chi Lin door knocker on a Palm Springs, California, home.

“My wife and I love to travel and our architecture is often inspired by the places we visit,” says Chris Stage, principal at Carte Blanche Studio.

He and the client wanted to make a bold statement with the front door, and they found what they were looking for in Hong Kong. While working on the project, Stage and his wife took a trip to Macau and crossed paths with the clients in Hong Kong. Many of the temples they saw had bright red doors with huge brass knockers.

“We knew they would be perfect for the entrance to the Palm Springs house,” Stage says.

They walked a few blocks and found similar knockers in an antiques market and brought them back to California.

Source: https://www.nshoremag.com/community-news/door-knockers-to-refresh-your-homes-entry/

40 Unique Door Knockers To Add Drama To Your Entryway

Update Your Front Door With These Stylish Door Knockers

Nothing describes the character of a home quite its front door design. It's monumental in terms of first impressions – but perhaps even more important than the door itself is the mounted knocker, a valuable focal point in its own right.

Nearly every culture in the world carries its own traditions and regional variations on this functional detail, and today's options are wider and more expressive than ever. If you're looking for a housewarming gift or a new addition to complete your entryway, this list offers 40 ideas in a variety of styles and for every budget.

We hope you'll find a design that makes you fall in love with your home all over again.

Celtic Green Man Door Knocker: Make springtime a permanent fixture in your residence with this representation of the mythical Green Man, a vegetative motif with roots that span cultures and centuries. It’s a throwback to classic architecture yet works wonders to bring color to the modern entryway.
Antique Tuscan Door Knocker: Age-old foundry techniques bring this cast iron door knocker to life. Weighing in at almost 8 pounds, this piece is just as heavy as one would expect from the authentic aesthetic – and the verdigris bronze finish helps further the illusion of historicity.
Cast Iron Green Man Door Knocker: Sized at 11 inches tall and 6 inches across, this heavy cast iron knocker is sure to draw glances and compliments from every guest. It’s impossible to ignore! Each green man knocker is hand-finished to suit antique and classic front doors.
Skull Jaw Knocker: Whether you’re looking for a seasonal piece to scare trick-or-treaters on Halloween or maintain a love for the dark and gothic all year long, this skull is a neat addition to spooky front doors. Sturdy cast iron construction ensures endurance and impressive heft.
Hand Door Knocker: This elegant style, traditionally known as the Hand of Fatima, would suit darker Victorian exteriors but would look great on any front door or garden gate. It’s relatively light for a strong cast iron knocker, but that just makes it all the more suitable for lighter mounting applications.
Chinese Lion Door Knocker: Stylized a traditional Chinese guardian lion (sometimes called a foo dog in reference to lion- canine breeds), this door knocker serves as a symbol of protection and good fortune. It weighs up to three pounds and is constructed from polished polyresin.
Dragon Door Knocker: Fans of fantasy series Game of Thrones are sure to love this one. This menacing dragon is the perfect finishing touch for a game room, home theater, or even the front door. The detail is incredible, and the price is hard to pass up. If dragons are your thing, don’t forget to check out our post on dragon home decor.
Wolf Door Knocker: At a pound and a half, this knocker is light enough for interior applications as well as outdoor use. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, this piece easily lets guests know they’re about to enter the territory of House Stark. Do check our Game of Thrones Decor post if you are GoT fan, btw.
Fox Door Knocker: A bit of applied oxidation makes this cast iron knocker perfect for rustic or cottage homes. the clever fox itself, this piece has a whimsical sense of mystery sure to capture the imagination of visitors.
Bulldog Door Knocker: Loyal companions to their families, bulldogs are a proud and dependable breed worthy of guarding the entrance to a fine home. This cast iron knocker would make a wonderful gift for a bully owner, or anyone who simply favors these adorably serious canines.
Horse Door Knocker: Enthusiasts of all things equine know that horses are inherently elegant, but the heavy brass construction and gold finish of this knocker really take this piece to the next level. Cast brass ensures a long life and potential to become a cherished heirloom.
Antiqued Finish North American Moose Door Knocker: Beautiful! Whether you’re looking for a door knocker for a traditional lodge or cabin, or just want something the ordinary, this 4-pound cast iron moose head will add unforgettable personality to any front door.
Elephant Door Knocker: This door knocker is fun to look at and even more fun to use. This statement piece stands at 10 inches from head to trunk, and 8 inches from ear to ear – it’s the perfect final touch for any large and dramatic door.
Hindu God Ganesha Door Knocker: Ganesha is revered as the remover of obstacles and as the patron of arts and intellect. What a beautiful way to represent your home! It’s a spiritual, elegant, and mindful choice for any exterior.
Lion Door Knocker: When it comes to door knockers, it’s hard to find a style more recognizable than the classic lion’s head. This iconic form dates to ancient Greece and possibly even earlier, appearing all over the world throughout the ages.
Medieval Lion Head Door Knocker: Here’s another lion’s head knocker, this time with a more subtle medallion- shape. The knocker is heavy and nearly 8×8 inches across, sure to capture the imagination of guests impressed by the fierce guardian that protects your door.
Black Swan Door Knocker: This black swan certainly isn’t your average door knocker choice. It has a mysterious personality to it, deep and peaceful and certainly appropriate for the door of a stately lakeside home.
Brass Woodpecker Door Knocker: Real woodpeckers can delight or annoy depending on one’s appreciation for the sounds of nature, but the rap of this fanciful bird will bring smiles every time. It has an intricate arts-and-craft vibe well suited to creative home exteriors.
Bat Door Knocker: Its quality materials and historical flair of this bat-shaped knocker ensure it won’t remind guests of Halloween too much – at least not until the appropriate season rolls around. And that adorable face is irresistible! Bat fans don’t often have many options for home decor, so this piece fills an important niche.
Dragonfly Door Knocker: Quality materials and stunning detail make Michael Healy door knockers stand out from the rest. This enchanting dragonfly design is available in solid brass, bronze, or nickel silver to suit any exterior theme you might want to embrace.
Ladybug Door Knocker Here’s another design from Michael Healy, this time shaped a playful ladybug. Each Michael Healy doorknocker arrives in a stylish package signed by the artist so it makes a wonderful high-quality housewarming gift for friends who appreciate the finer things in life.
Octopus Door Knocker: Definitely unique! If you’re looking to set your home apart from the neighbors, this octopus is ready to impress. An anchor-shaped mount and verdigris patina solidify the nautical theme, great for a beach house or as a way to bring the ocean right to your inland front door.
Steampunk Style Octopus Door Knocker: Even if you’re not quite ready to express your love for steampunk style to neighborhood (or if the homeowner’s association would have something to say about it), its lightweight construction makes it equally appropriate to mount to interior doors or large cabinets.
Whale Tail Bronze Door Knocker: Solid bronze construction boasts a rich oiled finish that brings this whale door knocker to life. This might also make a nice housewarming gift for a fan of mermaids or dolphins. If are into mermaids, do check out our post on mermaid home decor where we feature some gorgeous mermaid themed items.
Sea Turtle Door Knocker: Just look at that brilliant finish! This turtle-shaped knocker feels reminiscent of Victorian and even Art Deco era styles, a gorgeous vintage style addition to any modern or traditional home. It’s a good medium size at 6 inches tall by 4 inches wide, and weighs a modest yet sturdy 1 pound for versatile mounting needs.
Cast Iron Sea Horse Door Knocker: Loving the nautical selections? We’re not even halfway finished! This one is expertly finished with a verdigris patina that makes it look it weathered many cool mornings attached to a beachside bungalow.
Crab Door Knocker: Nobody else in the neighborhood will have a door knocker this one. It is important to note that some of the reviewers mention the linked model no longer uses the same colors yet the beautiful casting details remain unchanged. Thankfully, because the knocker is solid brass, an experienced DIY enthusiast could easily replicate the beautiful hues and patina as pictured.
Horseshoe Crab Door Knocker: Here’s a contemporary take on the nautical door knocker theme. This horseshoe crab boasts a minimalistic form and a smooth nickel finish, very well suited to modern home exteriors or even industrial applications.
Brass Clamshell Door Knocker: Crafted by hand in exquisite detail, this Michael Healy design is a classic that can enhance a variety of exterior styles. It’s also small enough to work indoors – on a bathroom door, for example – at just a little under 4×4 inches in size.
Brass Anchor Door Knocker: And finally, here’s the last nautical door knocker on the list. This one is cast in gorgeous, bright, gleaming solid brass for high quality discernable at a glance. It’s impossible to ignore from any angle.
Fleur De Lis Door Knocker: Cast iron construction takes on classic rusty patina for a doorknocker that demonstrates a strong illusion of age. This knocker is a great choice for anyone who wants to match the era of an older home or has adopted a traditional style during a renovation.
Golden Fleur De Lis Door Knocker: Available in brass, bronze, or nickel silver, this smoother and more refined fleur-de-lis knocker would be more suited to a modern home. It’s a nice way to add a touch of glamor without sacrificing practicality or elegance. If you are interested in the fleur de lis style, do check out our post: Fleur De Lis Home Decor, where we cover everything about this symbol.
Black Cast Iron Door Knocker: Dark door knockers have a way to exerting an unforgettable presence without stealing attention from other beautiful elements that may surround, an antique door or decorative transom window. This classic cast iron knocker is subtle yet impressively detailed.
Poland Coat of Arms Brass Door Knocker: Whether you’re homesick or just looking for a way to acknowledge your family’s heritage, this coat of arms door knocker is a stylish solution. The removable greeting plate says “welcome” on one side, and its Polish translation (“witamy”) on the other.
Key Door Knocker: Welcome friends and family with the knowledge that the key to your home is a simple rap at the door. This heavy cast iron knocker has vintage charm in theme and finish a.
Brass Pinecone Door Knocker: Absolutely gorgeous, understated, and quality from top to bottom, this pinecone door knocker brings to mind the sounds and aromas of a cottage in the woods. It’s a work of art befitting the finest of entryways.
Acorn Door Knocker: While the newest Ice Age movie leads Scrat all the way to outer space in search of an elusive acorn, this door knocker will simply transport your guests to a warm and welcoming environment among friends – certainly a happy ending.
Pineapple Door Knocker: Are you familiar with the history of the “welcome pineapple?” The fruit itself was once rare in Europe and colonial America, making for an elaborate and gracious gift to treasured guests. The tradition lives on as a bright and sunny decorative motif, such as this handcrafted brass knocker.
Door Knocker With Viewer: It’s not easy to find these! This piece is a combination of a one-way peephole and a knocker. The knocker is constructed from smooth dark brushed brass, a choice that combines the best of tradition and modernism.
Personalized Door Knocker: If you’re looking for an irreplaceable housewarming or wedding gift that will endure as an heirloom for generations to come, this solid brass knocker is a good candidate. All three lines are customizable to suit the recipient.

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