3 Décor Trends You Can Buy on Amazon for Less Than $50

  1. 9 Decorating Projects You Can Do For Less than
  2. 1.) Rearrange the furniture in one room for a fresh new look
  3. 2.) Paint that piece of furniture that you hate
  4. 3.) Sew a Curtain for one Window that is bare
  5. 4.) rearrange your mantle
  6. 5.) Replace some Art (or even make some yourself)
  7. 6.) Buy a New Piece of Furniture on
  8. 7. paint one room a new color
  9. 8. paint your front door
  10. 9. make paper flowers
  12. 19 Design-y Décor Ideas (From an Architect) for Under 1
  13. 30 Decor Finds for the Relaxed Mountain Style Decorator
  14. 1. 20″ Olive Wreath
  15. 2. Off-white Afghan Throw Blanket
  16. 3. Mountain Wall Shelf
  17. 4. 16″ Roman Numerals Wall Clock
  18. 5. Striped Lumbar Throw Pillow
  19. 6. Wooden Nesting Crates (set of 3)
  20. 7. White Artificial Tulips (20pcs)
  21. 8. Woven Indigo Throw Pillow
  22. 9. Modern Wood Wall Hook
  23. 10. Ceramic Vase Set (3 pcs)
  24. 11. Modern-Rustic Throw Pillow Covers (Set of 4)
  25. 12. Magnolia Home Glass Candle
  26. 13. Abstract Topographic United States Map
  27. 14. Textured Throw Pillow Covers (Set of 2)
  28. 15. Rustic Wooden Candle Lantern
  29. 16. Ivory Window Curtains with Lace Trim
  30. 17.  Cream and Clay Stoneware Vase
  31. 18. Industrial Pipe Paper Towel Holder
  32. 19. Seagrass Wall Baskets (Set of 2)
  33. 20. Grey Striped Throw Pillow
  34. 21. Floating Wood Shelves (Set of 3)
  35. 22. Felt Letter Board with Rustic Frame
  36. 23. Woven Chunky Throw Blanket
  37. 24. Fern Botanical Prints (Set of 4)
  38. 25. Foldable Laundry Hamper with Handles
  39. 26. Rustic planter box
  40. 27. Vintage Style Wall Art for Bathroom or Laundry Room
  41. 28. Handmade Wooden Tray
  42. 29. Linen Throw Pillow Covers (set of 4)
  43. 30. Dark Walnut ‘Gather’ Wood Sign
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  45. Budget Friendly Amazon Farmhouse Finds

9 Decorating Projects You Can Do For Less than $50

3 Décor Trends You Can Buy on Amazon for Less Than $50

You might find yourself stuck at home suddenly with more time on your hands then you ever thought possible. You are probably also be feeling a little cash-strapped right now.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up on home decorating/home improvement projects. In fact, it might be the perfect time to do them. When are you going to be at home for this long again? For many of us the answer is never!

So put on your thinking cap and decide which projects you’ve been putting off. They might not even require a shopping trip.

1.) Rearrange the furniture in one room for a fresh new look

This is a totally free home decorating project. I have a post about how to rearrange your furniture you can refer to. Basically, you start by moving everything out. You probably have lots of helpers who are also stuck at home.

The first thing you move back in is the most important piece of furniture. For a living room it’s the sofa, for the bedroom it’s the bed. It’s a good time to clean up all the cobwebs behind your furniture too. Move that big piece around and try it in every possible spot before you settle on one place.

Follow the large furniture by moving in the secondary furniture additional seating, case goods (dressers, nighstands, TV cabinets).

2.) Paint that piece of furniture that you hate

We all have one and paint is the cheapest way to transform a piece of furniture. I personally love to use chalk paint because I don’t to sand before I paint. I’m always in too big of a hurry to finish up. You can get some inspiration from looking at this hutch I painted with chalk paint.

If you don’t have paint on hand, no problem. You can order paint chalked paint from Home Depot or Amazon and have it delivered.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click & make a purchase, I receive a commission! Thanks! Read my full disclosure policy. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3.) Sew a Curtain for one Window that is bare

If you to sew you know that it always takes more than than you think it will. Guess what? Now you have so many hours to fill up it’s the perfect time to break out your needle and thread.

You can order fabric online or even order a curtain and make it your own. I recently made a curtain for our bathroom starting with a shower curtain from Target. Take a look at this simple curtain project perfect for sewing beginners.

4.) rearrange your mantle

You don’t have to buy anything new to get a fresh, new look on your mantle. You can take everything off the mantle and redecorate it with seasonal flowers, books, a lantern.

If you’re lucky enough to have a mantle, it’s most ly a focal point so changing it up can give your room a new look.

5.) Replace some Art (or even make some yourself)

If you are most people you hang something on the wall and it never leaves that spot until you are moving. Moving around your art can be a great way to change the way a room looks. I’ve got artwork stored in my closet from our last house that I can’t bear to part with. If you don’t, you can also try making your own.

I’ve been wanting to take a painting class and I recently saw this abstract painting course on sale. I’m so tempted to do it right now. What better time right?

6.) Buy a New Piece of Furniture on

It can take time to search through all of the different furniture that’s on . Sometimes it’s not very well described by the seller so it can take some poking around. If you are looking for a new piece of furniture, try searching on . With everyone at home, it’s easy to schedule a pickup.

You don’t even have to get close to another human to buy something. I found a great set of metal chairs, 6 for $35.

7. paint one room a new color

You can do this for less than $50 if you own the rollers. Paint can be one of the fastest ways to transform a room. It can also make a room look fresh and clean. If you don’t have the paint on hand, you an order it online. You can also order from Home Depot and pick up there without even interacting with another human.

Sometimes we put off painting because it can take all day, but you probably have all day so order that paint and get started. If you can’t decide what color to paint, see this post about how to choose a paint color.

8. paint your front door

My front door is black and it looks SOOO dirty. It also has about 1000 coats of paint.

I’ve been waiting for the right time to do this one. In my neighborhood you have to get approval to make any changes to the exterior of your home, but I’m guessing at this time there are no city inspectors out and about.

I’m going to paint and hope no one notices or cares. I want to paint it a shade of red. This is my current front door, but not for long.

9. make paper flowers

Before we learned we wouldn’t be having people over for Easter I was planning a new table centerpiece decoration. I stumbled on Lia Griffith‘s web site where she teaches you how to make paper flowers. Her paper flowers are beyond belief beautiful.

I bought the Peony crepe flower kit to try. I’ll be sharing the final result (bad or good) in the next few days.


You don’t have to go on shopping spree to improve the look of your home. Paint is my number one project for changing the way a room looks without spending a lot of money. You can change and refresh so much with just a coat of paint, paint furniture, paint a room, paint your front door. Painting is the perfect project to fill up time.

Source: https://www.designmorsels.com/9-decorating-projects-you-can-do-for-less-than-50/

19 Design-y Décor Ideas (From an Architect) for Under $301

3 Décor Trends You Can Buy on Amazon for Less Than $50

As an architect, I have the great fortune of working on high-profile projects with custom furniture and luxurious materials.

I don’t have that same luxury when it comes to my own home, so I’ve gotten creative about finding more affordable pieces that allow me to incorporate of-the-moment design trends, curved forms, ofeat colors, and rich textures, on a more, shall we say, modest budget.

Now House by Jonathan Adler Josef Console

I first saw this on Instagram and immediately had to take a second look. The sharp console is constructed of six lozenge shapes; we’re seeing this geometry in absolutely every design magazine right now. The natural texture of the wood is balanced by the clean concentric lines. It’s one of my favorite pieces from Amazon’s very good, limited-edition run of Jonathan Adler.

Tortuga Caspian Contrast Table

I love the pure geometry of this piece; one rectangle, one triangle, and one circle slot together to make a statement that looks different from every angle. For our hospitality projects, we’re often looking for sculptural little side tables that can work together, compositionally, with a lounge chair, but this one’s also great as a plant stand — or even a stool — in a pinch.

Now House by Jonathan Adler Chroma Cube Accent Table

Another standout piece from Amazon’s Jonathan Adler collection is this multicolored mirrored accent table. Group a few together for a coffee table stand-in, or stick with one if your apartment’s on the smaller side. The reflective detail will bring a little shine to your space — and the mirrored surface will make your room look larger, too.

Arcs, arches, and the aforementioned lozenges are ubiquitous in interior design right now. There’s still a lot of life left in this trend, as the look only recently found its way to mass market retailers Target.

On a recent hospitality project, we mixed these pillows in with custom ones from Zak & Fox and Maharam, and they looked right at home.

The color’s sophisticated, and the lumbar shape serves as a nice counterpart to more typical square throw pillows.

The silhouettes, colors, and materials of the 1980s are back with a vengeance, and I’m particularly excited about loud and colorful marbles.

I spend a lot of time at stone yards selecting slabs of marble for projects, and I dream of finding a slab of deep green marble with blue undertones to use with walnut and brass for a kitchen island.

For now, though, I’ll settle for this amazingly affordable bookend.

Woven Nook Velvet Single Pillow Cover

Velvet, as well as its plusher cousin mohair, instantly elevates sofas, chairs, and pillows. The material also ages beautifully and is easy to clean. I especially the luxurious but affordable cushions from Woven Nook. They come in a range of ofeat and striking colors; this cozy-feeling blush would be great for a hygge winter.

Scandinavian Designs Raholt Bench

For a recent project, we worked with weavers in Denmark for six months to create custom pieces, but this much more affordable version is honestly 90 percent as great at a tenth of the cost. While it’s certainly on-trend, it’s also a piece you’ll want to keep for a very long time. At work, we often pair these with a long dining table or place them at the foot of a bed.

$300 at Scandinavian Designs CB2 Terrazzo Pillar Candle Holder

Architects love terrazzo for its endless variations; we’ve used it with tiny flecks of mica for poured flooring in retail stores; with giant pieces of pink aggregate for café spaces; and with subtle tone-on-tone coloration for tiles.

For those a smaller touch of terrazzo, I recommend these, which can serve as candleholders, mantle decorations, and tablescape décor.

I love their brass belts, which are reminiscent of the brass divider strips we’d use for poured terrazzo surfaces.

Drawing from the skinny-leg furniture from Scandinavian furniture leaders Hay and Muuto, this bench has a great balance of spare and soft. I love the asymmetry of the front and back and the great coral pink color of the padded top.

Anthropologie Horizon Side Table

A study in balance of form and material, this travertine side table looks far more expensive than it is. The creamy warmth of the stone pairs well with more strong-willed tones and textures. We frequently use travertine as a complement to bold colors and materials walnut and blackened steel.

Editor’s Note: This side table is sold out at Anthropologie, but this stone and metal side table, also from Anthropologie, has a nice balanced look. If you want straight-up travertine, here’s a cube from Pottery Barn.

Project 62 Hexagon Terracotta Stoneware Planter

This affordable yet elegant planter elevates any old Ikea snake plant. When we’re starting on a project, the first thing we do is bring in as many plants as we can.

They add life to shelves, fill odd corners, and produce a biophilic human response of calm and focus.

This planter has made an appearance in many recent projects alongside woven baskets, bubbled glass, and other textured vessels.

Areaware Concrete Table Tiles

I received this set of tiles as a gift from my business partner and loved it so much I now give it out to friends all the time.

They function as coasters or, when clustered together, as a trivet, and they’re fun to play with a puzzle. They also look great on a wood coffee table or a composed tablescape.

I them best in this soft matte pink, but they also come in a chalky black and a persimmon red.

Here’s that totem shape again, this time in soft desaturated hues and scentless wax. At work, I often use these in groups for a sculptural installation on a table.

Rugs USA 5’x8’ Multi Tribal Wool Flatwoven Area Rug

If, on the other hand, you’re ready for a step up from wild-colored soap, this flat-woven wool rug would brighten up any space. We often suggest to clients that they invest in neutral and timeless anchor pieces, sofas and dining tables, but then supplement with bold supporting pieces, rugs and side chairs, that can be changed out more frequently.

Terracotta is a pretty timeless material, but it’s having a bit of a moment in jewelry, interior finishes, and housewares.

This side table, with its elephant-thick legs and adorably chubby shape, is the opposite of the slim-lined Scandinavian furniture that has dominated the market for the past few years.

Scroll through Instagram and you’ll see an emerging aesthetic of rough plaster walls, blobby forms, and creature- ceramics.

Editor’s Note: This stool is sold out, but the Bongo stool — which is taller than the Bingo and has one leg instead of three — is available for the same price.

Urban Outfitters Marisol Coffee Table

This is a playful contemporary spin on the Danish woven cord bench, simplified into a rounded singular shape. For residential projects, I steer away from large glass or wood coffee tables with hard edges.

In my own family’s home, the coffee table gets a lot of wear and tear, with children crawling on top and dogs scratching underneath, and I imagine my clients are no different.

I recommend buying this table in both sizes (the small goes for $99, the large for $179), and placing them perpendicular to each other. It’s a strong statement that totals less than $300.

From $99 at Urban Outfitters Safavieh Lula Cane Accent Chair

You knew there needed to be some cane on this list, right? From headboards to plant stands to those ubiquitous Urban Outfitters chairs, woven wicker caning has been everywhere these past few years.

What drew me to this particular piece is its square geometry, its high thin back, and the juxtaposition of black-painted elm wood and cane.

It’s a neutral accent piece that can complement existing living room furniture, but it’s unique enough to stand on its own. We’re using this exact one on some upcoming projects.

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30 Decor Finds for the Relaxed Mountain Style Decorator

3 Décor Trends You Can Buy on Amazon for Less Than $50

These cute Amazon farmhouse decor finds are perfect for anyone who loves decorating their home in cozy rustic vibes. This post is all about budget friendly decor!

(Affiliate links are provided below for convenience. For more information see my disclosure, here.)

I’ve rounded up some of the best decor finds on Amazon that will help you to bring the outside in, and create a real sense of relaxation in your space.

If you love simple details, with elements of wood, leather and metal but still to keep it cozy with lots of texture – you will LOVE these super cute decor finds!

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All of these decorations are available on Amazon for under $50 and most have free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime. #booyah (Don’t have Amazon Prime? Sign up for a FREE 30 day trial using my link!)

1. 20″ Olive Wreath

This artificial olive wreath would be a perfect year-round accessory. It would look great hung above a bed, over a pantry door, or in front of a mirror to add dimension.

2. Off-white Afghan Throw Blanket

The subtle pattern on this off-white throw creates a modern farmhouse look, and the tassels are a great touch of detail. Drape it over your favorite living room chair for an effortless, yet cozy look.

3. Mountain Wall Shelf

Hang this cute mountain wall shelf up to display some of your smaller decor pieces for a rustic-meets-modern look. This would be so cute in a nursery or kids’ room!

4. 16″ Roman Numerals Wall Clock

Speaking of wall decor, this gold tinted wrought iron wall clock would make a great statement piece in any room. We had a similar style hung above our fireplace mantel; I love how the see through design let’s the wall texture become part of the clock’s overall look.

5. Striped Lumbar Throw Pillow

This lumbar pillow has a timeless design with a modern twist making it the perfect accessory for the Relaxed Mountain Style vibe. It comes with a removable insert for easy cleaning and multiple color options.

6. Wooden Nesting Crates (set of 3)

Mix and match with these super cute wood crates. Use them to store extra linens, or place some books and a candle inside for an easy coffee table vignette.

7. White Artificial Tulips (20pcs)

Perfect for when you don’t want to buy real flowers, these artificial tulips are sure to brighten up a room. And they look SO realistic! (Seriously, read these reviews!) Decorating with florals and greenery instantly freshens up any space.

8. Woven Indigo Throw Pillow

This indigo throw pillow adds richness while also playing off of the worn denim look that us modern farmhouse style lovers are drawn too. The woven diamond pattern adds a handmade look to this quality piece.

9. Modern Wood Wall Hook

Create a functional space in your entry way or mud room with this wood wall hook. The metal hooks are perfect for hanging jackets and purses, yet also look great when not in use.

10. Ceramic Vase Set (3 pcs)

These ceramic vases look great by themselves, but would also be super cute with some fresh flowers or dried eucalyptus. The distressed finish gives them a classic farmhouse look.

11. Modern-Rustic Throw Pillow Covers (Set of 4)

This pillow cover set is such a steal! The quality is amazing and I love how the different designs can be styled together or split up as stand alone pieces. I put them over my 20×20″ Ikea down inserts and they fit perfectly!

12. Magnolia Home Glass Candle

Candles make great accessories for any room and I love the cute olive green label on this ‘garden’ scented one from Magnolia Home. With 5 other scents, it’s hard not to grab one of each!

13. Abstract Topographic United States Map

This unique framed map of the United States is such a great piece. The warm color tones bring an antique look to the piece and is a sure conversation starter.

14. Textured Throw Pillow Covers (Set of 2)

These cozy off-white throw pillow covers add soothing, neutral color texture to any space. The poly fuzzy corduroy material will make you want to snuggle up with a good book and never leave.

15. Rustic Wooden Candle Lantern

This rustic wooden candle lantern is a best seller and for less than $30, it’s no surprise! It’s made of durable materials distressed wood, glass, and metal that all blend perfectly into the Relaxed Mountain Style home.

16. Ivory Window Curtains with Lace Trim

The image of these farmhouse window curtains doesn’t do them justice. These dreamy curtain panels add instant softness to any room and I love the subtle lace trim detail. Great for providing a little privacy yet also letting in all of the beautiful natural light.

17.  Cream and Clay Stoneware Vase

I love the earth tones of this vintage looking stoneware vase. Small enough to sit atop an end table, this vase would be perfect for a small plant or a few flower stems.

18. Industrial Pipe Paper Towel Holder

How cute is this industrial paper towel holder? Add instant farmhouse charm to your kitchen with this rustic piece.

19. Seagrass Wall Baskets (Set of 2)

These seagrass wall baskets make the perfect catchall spot for miscellaneous items magazines, mail, and office papers. The natural texture adds some fun interest giving them a proper spot on this Amazon farmhouse finds list.

20. Grey Striped Throw Pillow

This grey throw pillow has a classic style with just the right mix of refined and casual touches. Instantly switch up the look and flip it over to reveal the solid tweed texture on the back.

21. Floating Wood Shelves (Set of 3)

Another best seller, these rustic floating shelves are too cute! Easily mounting to the wall, these shelves look great grouped together or styled separately. Get that open shelf look you’ve always wanted for less than $30!

22. Felt Letter Board with Rustic Frame

This felt letterboard is such a fun addition to any farmhouse style home! Add cute (or funny!) phrases to this grey 10×10″ letterboard that has the cutest distressed wood frame. (Want more options? There’s 6 more styles available!)

23. Woven Chunky Throw Blanket

This chunky knit blanket has some yummy texture and fun fringe detail making it the perfect accessory for bringing a cozy vibe to your modern, rustic space.

24. Fern Botanical Prints (Set of 4)

These pretty Instagram-worthy fern botanical prints make a great addition to a gallery wall. The 8″x10″ prints come unframed so you can add them to your favorite vintage style frames for a cute farmhouse look.

25. Foldable Laundry Hamper with Handles

I picked up this laundry hamper for our bedroom in the RV and LOVE it! The material is so durable and the handles make it easy to carry back and forth to the laundry room. The printed ‘laundry’ word in black gives it a cute farmhouse vibe.

26. Rustic planter box

Perfect for small plants or candles, this distressed planter box brings a rustic vibe to any space. The greenery isn’t included but any form of greenery would look great!

27. Vintage Style Wall Art for Bathroom or Laundry Room

Add this soap & water sign to your bathroom or laundry room for some cute wall decor and a classic farmhouse look.

28. Handmade Wooden Tray

You can never have too many trays, and this hand carved wood tray is the perfect piece for creating a decorative display. The support handles make it easy to move around the house or use as a serving tray.

29. Linen Throw Pillow Covers (set of 4)

These linen pillow covers are a great deal! They come in many different colors, but the soft indigo is a great choice for creating a Relaxed Mountain Style home.

30. Dark Walnut ‘Gather’ Wood Sign

This cute ‘gather’ wood sign is from the Handmade section on Amazon so you know it’s going to be good! I love supporting other makers and this adorable rustic sign would make a great addition to any living space.

I hope you enjoy these Amazon farmhouse finds for your Relaxed Mountain Style home!

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Budget Friendly Amazon Farmhouse Finds

Source: https://joyfullygrowingblog.com/amazon-farmhouse-finds/