Your Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Checklist

The Only Spring-Cleaning Checklist You Need This Season

Your Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Checklist
Brittany Ambridge

I’ve always been a firm believer that a clean, clutter-free home makes me a generally happier person.

In fact, some of my friends consider me a pro at decluttering because I have no remorse when it comes to throwing things away.

While some things, a bathroom cabinet purge, are key, spring-cleaning is about more than just getting rid of things. It’s also about starting anew—lighter and cleaner.

We have faith in your basic cleaning skills, but there are little odds and ends that you probably don’t address all the time that will get your place in great shape.

Case in point: sanitizing things doorknobs and light switches or checking cords on your electronics. Below are our go-to spring-cleaning checklists that will ensure you start fresh this season.

The best part? We go room by room so you don’t have to do it all at once. It’s all about baby steps.

—Wipe off light fixtures (including those up high)

—Discard expired food items from the refrigerator and freezer; wipe down shelves

—Organize your pantry; purge expired items

—Clean the stovetop, including burners

— Wipe out the inside of the microwave

— Scrub and polish the floor

—Disinfect the counters, the sink, and any tiles

—Wipe out the inside of the trash can

—Clean the dishwasher (put a container filled with white vinegar on the top and run a cycle)

—Replace any water filters

—Wipe down and polish your cabinets

—Sharpen your kitchen knives

—Check your Tupperware and see if you need to order more

—Discard chipped plates, bowls, and glasses, and purchase extras

—Clean baking pans and utensils you don’t use often

—Scrub out your blender really well

—Deep-clean all pots and pans

—Organize your pantry; restock with any new items

—Consider making room in your cupboards with shelf risers

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—Wash or dry-clean throw pillow covers and throw blankets; replace if necessary

—Wipe down side tables, coffee table, footstools, etc.

—Clean out crevices in your couch with a vacuum attachment

—Spot-treat your chairs and couches

—Check your electronics for frayed wires

—Replace batteries in remote controls if needed

—Sweep out your fireplace

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—Clean your chandelier or light fixtures (including dusty cords)

—Dry-clean any linens, including napkins and tablecloths

—Vacuum and clean the rug

—Wash and polish the floor

—Wipe down the table and chairs; remove all dust

—Clean your china cabinet and any drawers

—Wash and polish silverware

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—Discard any old or unnecessary papers

—Organize items in folders and storage cabinets

—Wipe down the floor and any baseboards; polish floor

—Clean your desk and rearrange it in a way that makes sense for you

—Take stock of supplies pens, folders, and staples; order more if needed

—Wipe down your chair (don’t forget the wheels)

—Take everything off of the bookshelf and wipe it down (donate old books)

—Use electrostatic dust cloths to clean your tech items

—Sanitize your phone, headset, etc.

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—Clean tissue canisters and other containers

—Organize vanity and space above and below

—Clean toilet, including the top, side, and base

—Deep-clean the shower and tub

—Clean out any hampers and trash bins

—Wash out toothbrush canister (replace toothbrush)

—Wipe down towel hooks and racks

—Remove hair from drains using a tool this

—Wash shower curtain and rehang; change liner

—Deep-clean tile and remove mold; clean grout if necessary

—Clean your toilet paper holder (so much dust settles at the top)

—Shine faucets; clean countertops; wipe mirror

—Discard expired makeup and products; replenish as needed

—Check linens; wash and replace as needed

—Wipe down shower caddies

—Wash bath mat or replace

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—Change your sheets; purchase new linens and discard old ones

—Wash your mattress cover

—Clean out your laundry hampers; disinfect

—Dry-clean throw pillow shams

—Dust any ceiling fans and wipe down air conditioner units and heating vents

—Remove frames from the walls and dust everything; replace

—Wipe out any storage bins in dressers, closets, etc.

—Treat wood furniture (that includes patching up scratches)

—Clean under bed; move furniture as needed to do a thorough job

—Check pillows for fluffiness; replace when necessary

—Organize both dresser and closet; donate old items

—Wash the floor or vacuum (don’t forget area rugs)

—Wipe down mirrors and windows

—Clean the bed frame; headboard included

—Wash stuffed animals in children’s rooms

—Consider drawer organizers to keep essentials in sight

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—Do a deep-clean on both washer and dryer (a load with white vinegar in the washer works wonders)

—Empty the lint trap in the dryer

—Use bleach to clean the sink

—Organize shelves and closet space; wipe down

—Take stock of products; discard expired items and order any essentials you are low on

—Deep-clean the floor—dust bunnies are common in this room

—Deep-clean behind appliances

—Clean out the inside of your iron and steamers; wipe down ironing board

—Wipe down hampers, hangers, etc.

—Dust off tools vacuums and dust busters

—Clean the bottom of your broom; rinse out your dustpan

—Do a linen closet overhaul

—Dust the inside of your dryer hose with an extendable duster or a vacuum attachment

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—Garden or landscape; add new plants

—Fix dents in your mailbox

—Clean out your shed/garage

—Wipe down patio furniture and playground

—Get a new doormat (or clean yours)

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Now that you have our ultimate spring-cleaning checklist, it’s time to put it to good use. Your home will be forever grateful.


The ULTIMATE Spring Cleaning Checklist | Plus Printable!

Your Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning fever has hit us. The weather is getting warm, our energy is skyrocketing, and we’re ready to get our homes clean and organized!

Take advantage of this newfound energy and make HUGE STRIDES when it comes to the HOME ORGANIZATIONAL LIFE CYCLE.

This Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist can be used as a guide to customize your very own personal cleaning checklist. Make sure to snag the decluttering toolkit to help you get rid of that extra clutter sitting around the house too.

Then,  once your home is in order, I’d love for you to follow along with us at Spring Cleaning 365 where we complete one task, each day, all year. It’s the best way to keep a “Spring Clean” home all year!

Overall Spring Cleaning Chores

  • dust crown molding and baseboards
  • dust ceiling corners
  • dust baseboards and clean scuff marks
  • dust/wash light fixtures and lamps
  • dust ceiling fans
  • wash doors (look for scuff marks)
  • wash walls
  • touch up paint
  • vacuum or wash window curtains
  • wash window blinds
  • clean windows
  • dust bookcases
  • polish wood furniture
  • wipe down and vacuum furniture (clean the base and under cushions)
  • condition leather furniture
  • remove stains from upholstered furniture
  • vacuum and wash lampshades
  • deep clean hardwood, tile, linoleum, and carpet flooring
  • shampoo carpet (DIY or schedule a professional)
  • remove rugs to shake out, then vacuum, then clean under them
  • vacuum all flooring, including corners and edges
  • clean air vents
  • dust around mirrors, picture frames, and wall hangings
  • replace light bulbs
  • change air/furnace filter
  • replace batteries in smoke detector
  • replace batteries in carbon monoxide detector
  • schedule chimney sweep
  • schedule termite or pest control maintenance

Spring Clean the Dining Room

  • eliminate unnecessary items
  • dust crown molding, wall corners, and floor molding
  • scrub walls
  • clean and disinfect light switches and outlets
  • dust and polish wood cabinets
  • dust and clean windows, inside and out
  • clean and declutter hutch cabinets and drawers
  • wash table linens
  • wash table cushions
  • clean light fixtures and wash globes
  • disinfect table and wipe down all chairs, including legs and underneath
  • remove rug, shake, vacuum and clean floor before replacing rug

Spring Clean the Bathrooms

Print this free bathroom cleaning checklist to clean easily and efficiently.

  • Clean air vents
  • Clean and disinfect light switches and fixtures
  • Clean and disinfect toothbrush holders
  • Clean and refill soap dish and/or pump
  • Clean light fixtures and wash globe(s) 
  • Clean make-up brushes
  • Clean mirror
  • Clean shower caddy
  • Clean shower curtain and liner
  • Clean shower door frame
  • Clean shower glass (here’s a great way to prevent soap scum from building up on shower glass doors in the future
  • Clean plastic strip at the bottom of a glass shower door
  • Disinfect countertops
  • Dust and clean windows, inside and out
  • Polish faucets
  • Mop and hand scrub floors (pay attention to special grout lines, corners, and moldings)
  • Scrub and disinfect toilet, including around base, under seat and around hinges
  • Scrub the bathtub and/or shower
  • Scrub walls
  • Unclog and refill lotion dispensers
  • Wash bathroom cup
  • Wash floor mat
  • Wash hand/guess towels
  • Wash trash can (inside and out)
  • Wipe down cabinets, knobs, towel racks and toilet paper holder
  • Remove rust from toilet seat screws
  • Tighten toilet seat hinges
  • Clean bathroom exhaust fan
  • Clean shower head
  • Polish wood cabinets
  • Caulk around bathtub
  • Re-seal tile and grout
  • Unclog drains (the use this tip to prevent clogged drains in the future)
  • Toss beauty products not used over the past year
  • Toss expired make-up
  • Clean, organize and de-clutter cabinets and drawers
  • Clean, organize and de-clutter bathroom closet

Spring Clean Laundry/Utility Room

  • clean dryer vent
  • clean inside washing machine
  • empty washing machine drain pump
  • dust crown molding, wall corners, and floor molding
  • dust behind and underneath washer and dryer
  • sweep and mop floors
  • reseal tile grout
  • wash walls
  • clean and organize contents on shelving
  • eliminate unnecessary cleaning products
  • install organizers to hold cleaning products
  • disinfect door knobs and light switch plates

Spring Clean Living Room/Family Areas

  • take anything that doesn’t belong in the room and put it in the correct location
  • dust crown molding, wall corners, and floor molding
  • vacuum and shampoo carpet
  • vacuum under furniture and in between cushions
  • condition leather furniture
  • dust ceiling fans
  • switch ceiling fans to spin clockwise
  • clean lights and wash light globes
  • dust lamps
  • vacuum lamp shades
  • declutter
  • dust and polish furniture and bookshelves
  • dust edges of wall hangings, mirrors, and pictures
  • clean windows and window sills
  • remove scuff marks from doors and moldings
  • disinfect door knobs and light switch plates
  • dust electronics
  • organize electronics and accessories
  • disinfect remote controls and gaming devices

Spring Clean Office/Command Center

  • spring clean your paperwork
  • clean out files and shred unneeded documents
  • update home inventory documents
  • review insurance policies
  • check credit report
  • spring clean your computer, keyboard, and mouse
  • clean and organize desk drawers
  • dust and polish wood furniture
  • dust bookshelves

Spring Clean Outside

  • sweep deck
  • power wash deck
  • stain deck
  • power spray siding
  • touch up paint trim, wood, doors, and shutters
  • power wash garage door
  • clean outside door frames
  • wipe away cobwebs
  • shake out entry mat
  • clean grill
  • clean and repair gutters
  • replace broken bricks, wood, or stone
  • clean outdoor light fixtures
  • wash outside windows
  • clean outside patio furniture
  • trim trees, bushes and shrubbery
  • check and repair sprinklers
  • inspect roof shingles
  • wipe away cobwebs
  • plant flowers
  • plant garden
  • add mulch
  • clean outdoor trash cans
  • clean out garage
  • wash and wax vehicles

I’d love to hear from you! What would you add to the list?

P.S. When you’re finished Spring Cleaning, consistently clean these the areas in your home, one day at a time. Spring Cleaning 365 is the EASIEST way to make that happen. That way you’ll never have to work this hard cleaning your home again!


Our Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

Your Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Checklist

Laura Moss

Welcome spring by giving your home a good deep clean. Our handy guide breaks down the must-do chores into a three-step system.

First up are the spring cleaning checklist and to-dos, the once-a-year tasks perfectly suited for spring. Next, tackle exterior spring cleaning with tips on fix-ups and repairs for the outside of your home.

Finally, room-by-room cleaning tips will help you declutter and tidy up specific must-hit areas.

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

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FREE Printable Spring Cleaning Cheklist

Spring is the perfect time to deep-clean your house or embark on an apartment-cleaning marathon. Work these chores into your cleaning schedule this spring and get ready to face warmer days with a space that sparkles. Before you tackle your deep cleaning, make a cleaning checklist tailored to your home and needs.



Frances Janisch

Be sure to pick a cloudy day to wash your windows. “If it's too sunny, the cleaning solution will dry too fast and you'll have streaks,” says cleaning expert Donna Smallin Kuper.

Water and a microfiber cloth will typically clean windows more effectively than chemicals.

Otherwise, make your own glass cleaner solution with 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol, 1/3 cup vinegar, and distilled water.

Peter Krumhardt

Sliding glass door tracks probably aren't the first spots you'd think to clean, but you'll appreciate having done it before the outdoor entertaining season gets into full swing. Smallin suggests scrubbing the tracks with an old, dry toothbrush to loosen debris, then using your vacuum hose to remove it. Finish with a wet sponge.


Gordon Beall

Spring cleaning is an opportunity to address those surfaces you overlook on a daily basis. Once a year, give your baseboards, door frames, and walls a good thorough cleaning. Wash them with a sponge and a squirt of dishwashing liquid mixed in a bucket of warm water.

Edmund Barr

To maintain a new carpet's warranty, you may need to have it cleaned professionally every 12-18 months, Smallin says. Otherwise, you can tackle DIY carpet cleaning by renting a deep cleaner or buying a professional-style model designed for home use. Follow the directions for mixing the cleaning solution, rinsing, and drying carefully to ensure you get the best clean.

David Tsay

Grab a partner to help you move your sofa and chairs and roll up area rugs before vacuuming the floors. Move kitchen appliances away from the wall as much as you can. “In some cases, you can pull them out enough that a vacuum hose will reach,” Smallin says.



Erin Kunkel

Restore smooth leather with an upholstery cleaner and conditioner. Use a suede brush to perk up nubuck leather. For wood furniture, use Smallin's recipe to make your own all-natural cleaner and polish: Mix 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and 1/2 cup of vinegar or lemon juice in a plastic spray bottle; shake well and spray onto a microfiber cloth.

Scott Little

Curtains and draperies aren't typically dirty enough to launder. Instead, go over them thoroughly with the upholstery attachment on your vacuum. “To remove dust from sheer curtains, put them in the dryer on low with a fabric-softener sheet,” Smallin says.

Brie Williams

Use a microfiber or lint-free cloth to dust fixtures and bulbs you can reach. For ceiling fans, skip the ladder and use an extendable duster.

To clean grimy bulbs, lightly dampen a cloth with vinegar and wipe. Caution: Be sure bulbs are cool to the touch and your hands are dry.

Tackle light fixtures before cleaning the rest of the room, so any errant falling dust doesn't disrupt already-clean surfaces.


David A Land

Pick up and eliminate clutter in each room before you start cleaning. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed by clutter, designate some organizing “power sessions” in your spring cleaning schedule.

As you declutter, equip yourself with a few boxes for sorting: one for garage sale items, another for items to donate, and a garbage bag for items to toss.

Put away the things you intend to keep in their rightful places and rooms.

Marty Baldwin

Storing items you aren't currently wearing or using in a tucked-away place will help streamline your closet and keep seasonal essentials at the forefront. Put away gloves, winter clothing items, and boots so you'll have plenty of space for spring clothing. Always label bins and boxes so you know where to find your winter gear next year.

Helen Norman

Consider spring cleaning your prompt to check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Perform all required safety checks around your home. If you don't own a fire extinguisher, purchase one. Learn how to use it, and keep it in the kitchen. You may also want to purchase one for your garage.


Cameron Sadeghpour

While you're spring cleaning, consider freshening the face of your home with a new paint job. An updated color scheme can take your house from forgettable to the best on the block.

The average exterior paint job lasts 10 years, so make sure it's done right.

If your house doesn't require a full paint makeover, consider a touch-up, which can prolong the life of your siding and trim.

Brie Williams

Edmund Barr

Your roof's drainage system diverts thousands of gallons of water a year from your house's exterior and foundation walls. This hardworking system merits a semi-annual inspection. Clean and repair gutters and downspouts every spring before heavy rains begin and late in autumn after leaves have fallen.


Adam Albright

Hit the garage to store or unpack seasonal items at the return of spring. Put shovels, salt, scrapers, and other winter gear in an out-of-the-way storage spot to make room for garden tools and potting supplies. Consider servicing your snowblower before storing it for spring.

Kritsada Panichgul

Get ready for outdoor entertaining season by cleaning exterior furniture. Clean and repair furniture, such as chairs, tables, and benches, on your deck, porch, or patio. Use outdoor spray enamel to touch up chips on painted outdoor furniture.

Greg Scheidemann

Devote a portion of your spring cleaning efforts to giving every room in your home a thorough cleaning. In the bedroom, rotate and flip mattresses. Wash blankets and comforters, or take them to be cleaned.

Wash mattress pads and bed skirts. Clean area rugs or have them dry-cleaned.

To clean your pillows, send them to a professional cleaner, hang them outside in the fresh air, or freshen them with the air (no heat) cycle of your clothes dryer


Robert Brinson

You may scrub your bathroom every week, but now it's time to conquer clutter and toss old and expired products. Go through your medicine cabinets and safely discard any outdated items. Replace worn bath mats, shower curtains, and liners, or wash and dry shower curtains and liners.

Laura Moss