7 Cilantro Recipes to Add to Your Culinary Repertoire

What chefs cook in their Instant Pots

7 Cilantro Recipes to Add to Your Culinary Repertoire

There's no question that Instant Pots and other pressure cookers are wildly popular — Instant Pots currently hold the top two spots on the small appliances best sellers list on Amazon and the gadgets are high on many holiday gift lists. But even super-fast recipes are annoying if they don't turn out right, so we asked pressure-cooker experts — including Martha Stewart and the authors of “The Instant Pot Bible” — for their guaranteed tasty pressure-cooker recipes.

They shared their favorite pressure-cooker dinners, including basics chicken soup and enticing international dishes Thai red curry, that are ready in well under an hour.

So whether you are looking for the very first recipe to break in that pressure cooker you got for a holiday gift or you're an Instant Pot devotee looking to liven up your current repertoire, we've got the quick dinner answers you need.

Chicken, Black Bean and Rice Burrito Bowls

Chicken, Black Bean and Rice Burrito Bowls

If you're a new pressure cooker user and you've also resolved to eat out less this year, try this recipe from Elizabeth Barbone, a cookbook author and the creator of the pressure-cooker blog Cook Fast, Eat Well.

“This is a great recipe for new Instant Pot users and it helps break your Chipotle habit,” says Barbone of this all-in-one-pot recipe. ” In less than 20 minutes, you can make easy burrito bowls that are loaded with chicken, black beans and rice. This simple recipe is one I turn to again and again.

I to serve it with burrito toppings — shredded cheese, pickled red onions and sour cream — and let everyone create their own favorite bowl.”

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup

Getting a little tired of the chill of winter or fighting off a cold? “Nothing beats a bowl of chicken noodle soup on a cold day,” says Elizabeth Barbone, who shared this recipe for classic chicken noodle soup with celery, carrots and dill.

“However, after a busy day of work, I usually don’t have the time to make it. Thanks to the Instant Pot, I’m able to enjoy a bowl of soup that tastes it simmered all day long. The cook time? Ten minutes. Seriously. Homemade chicken soup in 10 minutes? You can’t beat that.

10-Minute Chicken Stew

10-Minute Chicken Stew

If you want to go heartier than chicken noodle soup while still capturing all the feel-good power of that standby, try this super-fast chicken stew from Brittany Williams, author of the new cookbook “Instant Loss,” her wildly popular Instant Loss blog.

“This tasty chicken stew comes together in under 30 minutes, which makes it a perfect busy weeknight dinner!” says Williams, who also shared this tip: “Pre-chop your chicken and vegetables so when you get home after work all you have to do is toss everything into the pot and enjoy dinner.”

Dan-Dan Noodles

Dan-Dan NoodlesInstant Pot Bible

Expand your noodle repertoire beyond Italian-style spaghetti dinners with these sweet, spicy and savory Chinese-style noodles with pork, ginger, garlic and chili sauce from the “Instant Pot Bible” by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough. “I love the fact that you can make pasta in the Instant Pot with raw pasta — no need to cook it first,” says Weinstein, who also offers this hot tip: “I to serve it with extra hot sauce as cooking under pressure tends to take the edge off the spiciness.”

Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes

“Sloppy Joe’s have fallen a bit fashion and I’d love to see them make a comeback,” says Elizabeth Barbone. “This recipe, with it’s tangy and not-too-sweet sauce, is a twist on the classic Sloppy Joe.

Make it with ground beef or turkey and serve on lightly toasted buns. After one taste, I bet it makes a regular appearance on your weeknight menu plan.

” These Sloppy Joes take just 5 minutes of active prep time and 15 minutes to cook, meaning you've got a family friendly meal in a mere 20 minutes.

Thai Red Curry with Butternut Squash

Thai Red Curry with Butternut SquashMartha Stewart

“In this warming red-curry stew that’s perfect during the winter, butternut squash melts into tender, mouthwatering pieces that mingle with mushrooms, shallots, curry paste and coconut milk,” says Martha Stewart, who shared this recipe from her book “Martha Stewart's Pressure Cooker.

” Stewart adds, “To complete this comforting bowl, stir in rice noodles, which cook in five minutes in the pot’s residual heat, and keep things lively with a shower of cilantro and roasted peanuts.

” The recipe is ready, start to finish, in under an hour — once you've chopped up the ingredients and sauteed them briefly, you can leave the rest of the work to the pressure cooker.

Kick-Butt Carnitas

Kick-Butt CarnitasInstant Pot Bible

If you've ever made traditional Mexican carnitas — in which pork is braised until tender and then often crisped up in a pan — you know that it's not hard but it is time consuming.

“There is nothing citrus and garlic braised pork crisped up in a skillet afterwards, but it takes hours,” says Bruce Weinstein, who shared this 40-minute carnitas recipe from the “Instant Pot Bible. “In the Instant Pot it’s so easy.

” Weinstein adds that marmalade is the “secret ingredient” in this recipe — it adds sweet and sour flavors and helps the pork crisp up. Add some tortillas and a few toppings and your taco party is ready to go in less than an hour.

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Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/better/lifestyle/7-easy-instant-pot-dinners-chefs-food-pros-love-ncna958396

Falafel Pitas With Cilantro-Cashew Sauce

7 Cilantro Recipes to Add to Your Culinary Repertoire

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Falafel Pitas With Cilantro-Cashew Sauce 4.000

(Justin Tsucalas for the Washington Post; food styling by Nichole Bryant for The Washington Post)

Perhaps the world’s most iconic vegetarian sandwich, falafel deserves its place in a plant-based-eating repertoire. It requires a bit of planning, but it’s well worth the effort, and leftovers reheat easily.

Dried chickpeas, not canned, make for just the right texture in these pan-fried patties. Combine them and fresh vegetables in a creamy cilantro-cashew sauce, and a few dollops of harissa for good measure.

A food processor is helpful here, and a high-powered or standard blender.

This recipe is from Week 7 of Voraciously's Plant Powered newsletter. Sign up at wapo.st/plantpoweredguide.

Make Ahead: The cashews and dried chickpeas need to soak for 10 to 12 hours. The sauce can be refrigerated for up to 1 week, or frozen for 2 to 3 months. Falafel are easy to make ahead and reheat. Refrigerate for up to 3 days, or freeze for months. Reheat the falafel on a baking sheet in a 375-degree oven for 5 to 10 minutes until heated through.

Tested size: 4 servings; makes 24 small disks


  • For the sauce
  • 1 cup (5 ounces) raw, unsalted cashews, soaked (see headnote)
  • 1/2 bunch fresh cilantro leaves (1 cup packed)
  • 1/2 cup water, or more as needed
  • 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice (from 1 large lemon)
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, or more as needed
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper (optional)
  • For the falafel
  • 1 cup (7 ounces) dried chickpeas, soaked (see above)
  • 1/4 medium red onion, coarsely chopped (about 1/4 cup)
  • 1/2 small carrot, scrubbed well and coarsely chopped (about 1/4 cup)
  • 1 tablespoon coarsely chopped cilantro stems
  • 1/3 cup loosely packed parsley leaves
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin
  • 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons neutral oil or more as needed, for frying
  • For serving
  • 4 pita bread rounds, each cut in half
  • 1/2 English (seedless) cucumber, thinly sliced into rounds
  • 1/2 cup thinly sliced red onion
  • 1 cup (2 ounces) baby spinach
  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes, chopped
  • Mild harissa (store-bought; optional; see note)

To start this recipe, we’ll soak the dried chickpeas and raw cashews separately to get that perfectly fluffy falafel and creamy sauce. Place the chickpeas in a medium container and cover with 4 cups of water. Place the cashews in a small container and cover with 2 cups of water. Cover both and let them sit for 10 to 12 hours.

When the cashew soak is complete, blend that sauce: Drain the nuts and throw them into a blender along with the cilantro, water, lemon juice, salt and cayenne pepper, if using. Whiz it all up until a creamy sauce forms.

A high-speed blender is the quickest tool for the job, but a standard blender works, too; it just takes a few minutes longer. You’ll need to eyeball it to get to a creamy consistency; you may need to add an extra tablespoon or two of water. Taste, and add another pinch of salt, as needed.

Transfer to a container, cover and refrigerate until serving. You should have about 1 1/3 cups.

On to the falafel: Warm the garlic in a medium (dry) skillet over medium heat, flipping it once or twice, until just browned, about 2 minutes total. Transfer to a food processor, along with the red onion, carrot, cilantro stems and parsley. Process until finely chopped, about 10 seconds. Scrape down the sides of the bowl.

Drain the soaked chickpeas and add them to the food processor, along with the cumin and salt. Process for about 20 seconds total, stopping and scraping down the bowl a few times, until a crumbly dough forms.

Take a heaping tablespoon of the dough and use your hands to form it into a disk about 2 inches in diameter and just under 1/2-inch thick. Falafel dough is crumbly (not the consistency of cookie dough), so don’t be alarmed. It takes a little pressing to stay together.

Repeat to make 24 disks, placing them on a baking sheet. Because you will be pan-frying and not deep-frying, the flat disk shape will help the falafel get cooked through.

Heat the oil in the same skillet you used for the garlic, over medium-high heat. Place a crumb from a falafel disk in the oil, and once it starts to sizzle, the oil is ready.

Fry about 8 falafel at a time, for 2 to 3 minutes on each side, until they are lightly browned all over. We using chopsticks to flip them, and we do it carefully to avoid spattering oil. Transfer the cooked falafel to a plate.

Add a bit more oil to keep the bottom of the skillet covered for the next batch.

Once the falafel are done, you can eat them immediately, or refrigerate or freeze them.

To serve: Stuff each of the pita halves with 3 falafel, cucumber slices, red onion, spinach and tomatoes. Dollop with enough cilantro-cashew sauce to cover the filling, and some harissa, if using.

From Sonja Overhiser and Alex Overhiser, of ACoupleCooks.com.

Tested by Sonja Overhiser and Alex Overhiser.

Email questions to the Food Section.

Email questions to the Food Section at food@washpost.com.

Calories per serving: 630

% Daily Values*

Total Fat: 24g 37%

Saturated Fat: 4g 20%

Cholesterol: 0mg 0%

Sodium: 730mg 30%

Total Carbohydrates: 78g 26%

Dietary Fiber: 14g 56%

Sugar: 5g

Protein: 21g

*Percent Daily Value a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Total Fat: Less than 65g

Saturated Fat: Less than 20g

Cholesterol: Less than 300mg

Sodium: Less than 2,400mg

Total Carbohydrates: 300g

Dietary Fiber: 25g

“,”author”:null,”date_published”:null,”lead_image_url”:”https://www.washingtonpost.com/rf/image_1484w/2010-2019/WashingtonPost/2019/07/11/Food/Images/Falafel_Pitas_With_Cilantro_Cashew_Sauce_5750.jpg?t=20170517″,”dek”:null,”next_page_url”:null,”url”:”https://www.washingtonpost.com/recipes/falafel-pitas-cilantro-cashew-sauce/17090/”,”domain”:”www.washingtonpost.com”,”excerpt”:”Perhaps the world’s most iconic vegetarian sandwich, falafel deserves its place in a plant-based-eating repertoire.”,”word_count”:948,”direction”:”ltr”,”total_pages”:1,”rendered_pages”:1}

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/recipes/falafel-pitas-cilantro-cashew-sauce/17090/

91 Sensational Ways to Use Cilantro

7 Cilantro Recipes to Add to Your Culinary Repertoire

  • Filled with black beans, avocado, and crunchy raw summer corn marinated in bright lime juice along with jalapeño, cilantro, and toasted nuts and seeds, these hearty tacos make an easy to cook, easy to eat weeknight dinner.
  • Packed with flavor from curry powder, fresh ginger, and cilantro, this fragrant soup is wonderfully filling, but won’t weigh you down.
  • This homemade version of a popular Chipotle restaurant menu item livens up plain white rice with lime juice and tons of cilantro. Serve it as a side dish or top with cooked vegetables and salsa to make a quick burrito bowl.
  • This easy, impressive, tropical-leaning dish is tasty enough to serve at a brunch party and quick enough for a weekday morning.
  • Blend cilantro stems into a bright salsa to serve alongside this whole fried fish.
  • Don’t skimp on the fresh herb garnishes for this recipe; they will serve as a good contrast to the curry.
  • Any tender herb or green can be used in this riff on a traditional Georgian spring dish, but cilantro and dill make a wonderfully fragrant, traditional pairing.
  • A pile of cilantro and basil purée into the greenest, most refreshing clam broth you've ever tasted in this easy, super-green seafood dinner.
  • Cilantro works in cocktails too—here it tempers sour hibiscus and earthy mezcal with its grassy, fresh flavor.
  • While this cooling yogurt sauce recipe is welcome alongside spicy foods, it is also amazing slathered on flatbreads or spooned over basmati rice.
  • With the curry paste prepped ahead, this flavorful Thai-style curry comes together in just about 20 minutes.
  • This easy taco dinner has lots of quick tricks: cooking the pineapple and shrimp on one sheet pan, and then tossing the filling with the same dressing you used to quick-pickle the onions.
  • Combined with coconut milk, this is the base for your next Thai curry.
  • This crunchy, fresh, cooling cucumber salad is a welcome component to any weeknight dinner.
  • The sour cream–cilantro sauce in this weeknight pork dinner recipe is pure magic.
  • These golden-brown fritters are bursting with fresh flavor, thanks to a generous helping of Swiss chard, parsley, cilantro, and dill.
  • This is morning-after-your-party food. It even calls for day-old fried tortillas! They’re cooked in salsa roja, topped with fried eggs, pickled chiles, and queso Oaxaca, and broiled until slightly browned and perfectly melted.
  • Springy ramen noodles and a cilantro-miso sauce bring a welcome twist to a classic pesto recipe.
  • Mixing lemon and lime juice, as well as a shot of apple cider vinegar, makes for a much more dynamic dressing than just one type of acid could ever achieve.
  • You're bound to get plenty of accolades for this zesty sauce, a Middle Eastern–spiced riff on herby salsa verde.
  • This brothy beans-and-greens stew is all about the spicy chile-herb “smash” that gets scattered on top.
  • Coconut milk–braised chicken drumsticks over rice noodles is exactly what you want to eat on a chilly late-fall evening.
  • This recipe shines a new light on a classic. Cooking a chuck roast slow-and-low allows it time to fully develop its flavor. Pair it with a fresh chickpea-cilantro salad to brighten up the dish.
  • Serve panko-crusted white fish with a piquant relish of cucumbers, fennel, and chiles, kissed with both lime and cilantro.
  • Green mangoes would be ideal in this salad-slash-relish, but slightly unripe mangoes are an imperfect but successful substitute.
  • Asparagus, snap peas, green onions, edamame, spinach, and cilantro make this vegetarian noodle stir-fry plenty green and powerfully healthy.
  • Char glazed carrots—packed with earthy umami flavor and spice—on the grill, pop them in a hot dog bun, and never look back.
  • In this riff on beef rendang, the meat is cooked in coconut milk until it breaks up into gloriously rich jammy solids and delicious fat.
  • Cilantro is a must in this cooling and crunchy green version of the typical salsa.
  • This light and brothy stew is just the thing for crisp autumn nights.
  • While this easy curry is super satisfying served over rice or with naan, we wrapped it in some leftover crepes for a convincing dosa- experience.
  • Cilantro and mint make wonderfully refreshing partners in this avocado-laced salsa.
  • Not just for roast chicken: This vinegar, soy sauce, and citrus juice marinade also works with pork.
  • A tamarind glaze gives these grilled ribs an intoxicatingly sweet, spicy, and sour flavor.
  • Serve this tart and earthy chutney with grilled meats, samosas, or your favorite Indian curry.
  • Embrace the start of autumn with cozy, Indian-inspired sweet potatoes loaded with curry-spiced chickpeas, mushrooms, and spinach.
  • Campechana is the perfect marriage of shrimp cocktail and salsa, with extra layers of flavor thanks to sweet lump crabmeat, smoky New Mexican chiles, briny olives, and creamy avocado.
  • Easier than burrito bowls—and even more delicious.
  • This simple noodle bowl comes together quickly, thanks to a delicious and easy make-ahead peanut sauce.
  • Coddle eggs in a warming, cilantro- and cumin-scented Swiss chard braise to start the day with plenty of healthful, fortifying greens.
  • For this juicy, herbaceous salad, feel free to combine different varieties of cucumbers and tomatoes, which are at peak season around the same time.
  • A fragrant, herbaceous sauce acts as both a marinade and a dressing for this pretty, Moroccan-inspired salad.
  • Cilantro and mint freshen up this vegetable-focused take on the flavorful Laotian salad.
  • Zhoug is often the go-to condiment for falafel and is eaten with bread for those who want heat with every bite. It’s a must with Shakshuka, and you’ll probably find yourself stirring it into scrambled eggs, spreading it on a sandwich, mixing it with Greek yogurt to make a dip, or just eating it by the spoonful.
  • One in ten Padróns or shishitos is actually spicy. Pepper roulette!
  • If your only experience with ricotta has been smothered inside lasagna or ravioli, you need to try this simple, herby, green-chile studded ricotta taco.
  • Ancho chile powder adds a remarkable smokiness to this pressure cooker dish, while the cilantro beautifully brightens it up. Choose the best-quality short ribs you can find. It makes a nice difference in flavor and fat content.
  • A warm, spicy peanut sauce makes even bean sprouts feel indulgent in this crispy, crunchy bowl.
  • The key to buying fish for this recipe is asking your fishmonger what she would eat raw. Red snapper or black bass are good subs for lean, mild fluke.
  • This cumin- and paprika-spiced number gets added punch from an addictively tangy green sauce and an avocado and cucumber salad.
  • Cilantro and parsley add the color in this delicious, nutty, spiced Middle Eastern sauce.
  • A heavy-hitting marinade and an unexpected plum salad transform pork chops into an irresistible summer meal.
  • Done well, this should be crunchy, fresh, spicy, sour, and a little bit funky. Taste as you go and adjust as needed.
  • Prepared green curry paste gives this simple, dinner party–worthy dish tons of complex flavor in very little time.
  • Sticky rice is worth using for this porridge-y, comforting chicken soup recipe; it releases lots of creamy starches and helps builds nice body as it cooks.
  • Add a green salad, and dinner’s on the table in less than half an hour.
  • Toss leftover shredded turkey or chicken with crunchy cabbage, zesty green chiles, and a piquant lemon-miso vinaigrette for a refreshing, easy dinner.
  • Kuku sabzi (Persian frittata) tend to have less eggs than the typical fritter or omelet. You really can use whatever hearty greens and herbs you . It’s the ideal clean-out-the-fridge recipe.
  • Where most chefs used to just reach for kosher salt, there are now many paths to savory goodness.
  • Pressure-cooked carnitas take a lesser cut of meat and turns it into the most delicious savory shredded pork, perfect for rolling up in a homemade, grain-free tortilla!
  • In this 10-minute dish from Kerala, a state on the southwestern coast of India, fresh juicy shrimp is gently poached in herb-laced coconut milk.
  • Unstuffed wonton wrappers take the place of traditional dumplings in this simple and weeknight-friendly vegetarian soup.
  • Frying the paneer in a little oil before stirring it through the masala not only makes it crispy but also adds bags of flavor.
  • These tasty burgers have a little chile kick and are ideal to pop into a sealable container and take to work for lunch.
  • Larb is hailed as the national dish of Laos. This recipe calls for ground lamb, a fattier protein than what’s usually used, and subs ground peanuts as a nod to the texture of the rice.
  • The key to cooking with chiles is to think of their heat not as a dare but as another essential building block of flavor, right alongside salt, acid, and fat.
  • Smoked pork hocks don’t just add meatiness and body; they release smoky, salty notes as they cook, seasoning the beans in the process.
  • This zesty chimichurri—a mix of parsley, cilantro, garlic, vinegar, and oil—is the perfect way to brighten up any steak.
  • Never let anyone shame you for eating a bowl of crispy, golden, brightly garnished chicken skins.
  • Made with fresh herbs, garlic, lemon, and warm spices, this Moroccan sauce makes a great marinade or finishing sauce for meat and seafood.
  • A rustic, Asian-inspired relish turns quick-cooking bass into a show-stopping dinner.
  • This spicy condiment is ubiquitous at Tex-Mex restaurants and taco trucks all over Texas. People are shocked when they learn the light green, creamy sauce is made without avocado or dairy. Our version is full of fresh jalapeño heat and bright lime, emulsified using only neutral vegetable oil.
  • Feel-good greens and creamy comforting coconut come together in less than half an hour for a weeknight dinner you can really get behind.
  • Stuff a whole fish with cilantro and lime to perfume it with tons of bright, herbal flavor while it roasts away on a grill.
  • Avoid the mess of frying oil and go for a quick oven-roast. Inspired by the version served at Pok Pok, these wings get doused in a sweet and savory glaze and rolled in a spicy, crunchy topping made fresh with chopped cilantro.
  • Orange juice gives this sweet, addictive relish a citrusy kick.
  • Fresh cilantro and mint adds brightness to this warm, salty cheese.
  • Radishes and cilantro make a crunchy, refreshing salsa for these–or any other taco you're serving this summer.
  • This spicy green relish is equally delicious on grilled chicken or vegetables.
  • Wonderful with a variety of curries, this relish is also a welcome guest at any table adorned with roast lamb.
  • The thinly sliced meat, the crunch of the cucumbers and red onions, and the heady aroma of mint and cilantro tossed with the chile-spiked salty-sweet dressing in this salad seem made for hot days and nights.
  • Lobster, steak, chicken: whatever protein you have, this herb-loaded sauce is a perfect match.
  • Kiwi and coconut milk are the unexpected ingredients in this delicious relish for fish or pork.
  • Versatile, garlicky mojo verde is especially nice with steamed artichokes or roasted red peppers.
  • This recipe from Thug Kitchen may be slightly NSFW, but you're gonna want to take the coleslaw with you everywhere you go.
  • With grilled peppers and garlic, fresh cilantro and lime, and pungent fish sauce, this salsa hits all the right flavor notes.
  • A Muslim staple to break the daily fast of Ramadan, this soup has crossed over to the Moroccan Jewish tradition of breaking the fast of Yom Kippur. Although many cooks make it with meat, this version goes vegetarian.
  • Try this version of classic Mexican grilled corn and you'll never eat from the cob again.
  • A simple sauce of cilantro, scallions, and lime juice adds a jolt of flavor to this mild fish.
  • Spoon this garlicky cilantro dressing over rice or a salad or use it as a dipping sauce for grilled shrimp.
  • This unique twist on pesto is also great swiped on sandwiches, tossed with pasta, or drizzled over roasted vegetables.

Source: https://www.epicurious.com/ingredients/12-cilantro-dinners-recipes-gallery

Vegan Burrito Bowl w/ Creamy (Vegan) Cilantro Sauce

7 Cilantro Recipes to Add to Your Culinary Repertoire

Vegan Burrito Bowl – loaded up with healthy veggies, rice and beans and a flavorful Creamy Vegan Cilantro Sauce! So easy, delicious and healthy! 

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unly places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.~ Roald Dahl

This simple Vegan Burrito Bowl couldn’t be more satisfying, nutritious or any easier to make.

 I love it!  Warm, flavorful rice and beans, seasoned with Mexican spices are topped with fresh crunchy vegetables, then drizzled with the most delicious and deceptively creamy Cilantro-Lime Sauce, both vegan and low in fat –that will have you licking the bowl. You won’t miss the sour cream, the meat or the cheese.

The Creamy Cilantro sauce, made with silken tofu, cilantro, jalapeno and lime juice, is one to add to add your cooking repertoire, because once you know how to whip this up- you can use it as a starting point for many other flavor profiles and uses. It’s a great low fat, vegan alternative for sour cream, which honestly, I love, but am taking a temporary break from. (And just an FYI — Brian had absolutely no idea this sauce was made silken tofu and not sour cream.) Be sure to save the leftover sauce — it makes a a tasty veggie dip.

I the warmth and comfort of the rice and beans paired with the cool crunchy veggies – a good contrast in temperature and textures. It also gives you the feeling you are eating a hot meal, although its mostly “raw” with all the healthy veggies.

This is one of the recipes from The Detox Menu Plan I shared last week ( see the tab at the top of the page).

To make the sauce, just puree everything up until very smooth in the food processor  —making sure  to use “silken tofu“ not regular tofu. Look for this packaging ( see photo).

 I generally use Mori Nu brand, and buy the “firm”.  Also, when looking for it, keep in mind, it is usually not refrigerated, although sometimes it is.

Often it’s located in the the health food isle of your grocery store, or just ask.

You can whip up silken tofu with smoked chipotles or smoked paprika to make a smoky spicy version as well. Play around with it and have fun. It’s a blank canvas, waiting for you to create your own masterpiece.

Basically add enough water to the pot, according to the directions of the grain you are using. Instead of rice, you can also use quinoa or any other whole grain. Then add the spices, the drained and rinsed cooked beans.

Bring to a boil, cover and let simmer until the water has evaporated and the grains are tender. Short grain brown rice can take 55 minutes. Quinoa, however can be done in 20 minutes flat.

Basmati rice, lands somewhere in between.

For Brian’s Bowl, a hearty amount of rice and beans went in first. 

For mine, a bed a greens.

Then just start piling on fresh vegetables. Bell peppers, tomato, jicama, carrots, shredded beets, radish, avocado….whatever you !

Drizzle the flavorful Creamy Vegan Cilantro Sauce over top and serve with lime and cilantro.

Source: https://www.feastingathome.com/veggie-burrito-bowl-w-creamy-vegan-cilantro-sauce/

Spice Up Dinner With These Savory Cilantro Recipes

7 Cilantro Recipes to Add to Your Culinary Repertoire

Cilantro just may be the most divisive herb in your kitchen. It's one of those ingredients that you either love or hate (there's no in between).

Despite its many opponents, the coriander leaves make for a fresh, tasty topping that can add a beautiful garnish.

Cilantro is also rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that boost the nutritional value of any dish it's put into.

You've ly encountered it on your favorite Mexican dishes, but you can add it to so much more than just tacos.

The flavorful ingredient can be incorporated into salads, curries, and sauces made for topping just about anything.

Find out the best ways to utilize this versatile garnish with the seven mouthwatering cilantro recipes below. They're so good that even the cilantro-adverse may want a taste.

Half Baked Harvest

What better way to dress up vegetarian tacos than with a creamy cilantro yogurt sauce? This recipe for poblano-mushroom tacos from Half Baked Harvest calls for cremini mushrooms, poblano peppers, onion, cilantro, soy sauce, pineapple, kale, and jalapeños.

It's all topped with a sauce made of Greek yogurt, cilantro, jalapeño, and seasoning. Drizzle the completed filling onto some warm tacos and top with avocado and cheese. Tacos will never be the same after you've tried this restaurant-quality sauce.


From the Fed+Fit kitchen comes this Paleo-friendly yellow curry salmon bowl recipe. It's a healthy, balanced meal that upgrades the usual salmon, rice, and veggie meal.

The curry is made with ghee, carrots, shallots, garlic, coconut milk, turmeric, curry powder, coriander, and a variety of other spices.

It tops a bowl filled with cooked salmon fillets, rice, broccoli, cilantro, and jalapeños.

Foodie Crush

This BBQ chicken chopped salad from Foodie Crush is far from the usual side salad. It's a flavorful, filling meal meant to be a healthier take on a restaurant favorite. Combine canned beans, corn, tomatoes, jalapeños, lettuce, and cilantro to make the base of this salad.

The dressing also couldn't be easier to make. Simply lighten up any barbeque sauce with a bit of lime, rice wine vinegar, and honey for sweetness. Then, bake corn tortillas sprinkled with seasoning until brown and toasty for a healthier version of fried tortilla chips.

Use the baked chips to top the salad for an added crunch.

Minimalist Baker

A play on the traditional taco salad, these quinoa salad cups via Minimalist Baker bring all the Mexican flavors you love with a healthy twist.

Instead of ground beef or shredded chicken, this recipe calls for roasted sweet potatoes, quinoa, and black beans all plated in leafy lettuce cups.

For a creamy (dairy-free) dressing to drizzle on top of your creation, combine avocado, cilantro, lime, and extra-virgin olive oil. You'll be left with a bright, flavorful sauce that's guaranteed to impress.

Spoon Fork Bacon

Creating a filling vegan dinner that tastes incredible to boot can be a challenge, but this recipe for chickpea stuffed sweet potatoes from Spoon Fork Bacon proves that it is possible. Start by seasoning your chickpeas and roasting them in the oven for about 20 minutes.

Then bake the sweet potatoes for a little under an hour. While everything is in the oven, prepare the sauce using raw cashews, cilantro, lime, water, and garlic. Throw the ingredients in a blender and pulse until the mixture has reached a thin consistency.

This dressing is just right for topping your chickpea stuffed sweet potatoes with.

Stuck in the Kitchen

This fresh, fragrant chicken pasta salad recipe from Stuck in the Kitchen is the answer to your cooking fatigue.

It's full of veggies red peppers, corn, and cherry tomatoes tossed with avocados, cilantro, smoked chicken breast, pasta, and roasted almonds.

Top it off with a homemade Romesco sauce made of ripe vine tomatoes, red peppers, olive oil, toasted ciabatta bread, almonds, vinegar, and seasoning.

Store extra sauce in the fridge to use later with seafood, chicken, sandwiches, or bruschetta.

The First Mess

This spicy breakfast skillet created by The First Mess works for breakfast, lunch, or dinner thanks to its savory flavors and nutritious ingredients.

Make the topping by throwing jalapeño, garlic, unsweetened non-dairy cream, lime, cilantro, salt, and pepper in a blender.

Then in a skillet, combine tempeh, black beans, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, green onions, avocado, and spicy seasonings for a dish that's sizzling with flavor.

Hungry yet? Try one of these cilantro recipes for a flavorful, healthy meal. Trust us—any of these dishes will please a crowd.

Source: https://www.mydomaine.com/cilantro-recipes