The Coolest Chesterfield Sofas to Shop

Quality Chesterfield Sofas

The Coolest Chesterfield Sofas to Shop

If somebody asked you to think of a Chesterfield sofa, there is a very good chance that you would picture something in dark leather with elegant rolled arms and intricate detailing.

Perhaps it would be next to a roaring fire or taking pride of place in the centre of a grand living room.

This reputation is well deserved, as the Chesterfield is a British classic and has been the sofa of choice for those looking to create a timeless décor in their homes for hundreds of years. 

With the reputation for class also comes a reputation for quality. The very best Chesterfields have always been handmade with only the finest wood, leather, and fabric available, and this high standard is very much alive today (read our history of the Chesterfield article to discover more about the rich heritage of this furniture style).

Unfortunately, with the increase in mass-produced furniture that has saturated the market, there has been an increase in the number of Chesterfield- pieces that share similar looks but lack the premium materials and superior craftsmanship of the sofas they are imitating.

At first glance, a good-quality and a cheap Chesterfield may appear identical, but if you look closer you will begin to see the differences that set them worlds apart.

In addition, as you make use of a poor-quality Chesterfield over time, it is inevitable that you will become aware of the difference in craftsmanship. To help you to make an informed decision, we’ve put together this guide to spotting a quality sofa.

You will be able to use the advice here to make sure that your new sofa meets the high standards you should expect from a piece in the Chesterfield style.

Why should I avoid cheap Chesterfield sofas?

When it comes to purchasing a new sofa, you may find some manufacturers offering what seems an inexplicably low-cost piece of quality furniture — and sometimes it’s extremely difficult not to be blinded by the discount.

Unfortunately, when investing in a cheap Chesterfield you will most ly get what you pay for.

These manufacturers will often purchase second-rate furniture from Eastern Europe or the Far East and pass it off as their own, which means the price of the item is normally reflecting its poor quality.

  Even furniture produced in the UK can be inferior, with many manufacturers using below-standard materials and inexperienced staff to turn out furniture that simply won’t stand up to the test of time.

In the mass-production of furniture, the whole process is undertaken by an unskilled or semi-skilled workforce where each employee has only one area of the item to work on. Their individual task can be learned within a matter of hours. The finished item will resemble a Chesterfield, but close inspection will reveal flaws.

Although buying a cheap Chesterfield sofa may be easier on your bank balance, what you’re saving in monetary terms you’re giving up in comfort, durability, and the iconic style of a lovingly handcrafted sofa.

This false economy means that you may well find yourself shopping for another sofa before long — cheap furniture tends not to stand up to everyday wear and tear, and the support and comfort it provides at first is ly to decline under use.

How do I spot poor-quality Chesterfields?

When producing cheaper Chesterfields, some companies will cut corners with raw materials and production processes so they can offer a lower price. These cost-cutting measures will manifest themselves over time, the result of which isn’t always obvious from a photograph or a quick inspection.

Although the furniture may appear similar, in person there will be many differences — the vast majority of which will be hidden under the leather or fabric. To make things easier, we’ve complied some of the key features of a Chesterfield sofa, with guidance for what to look for in a good-quality piece and what to watch out for in a poor-quality piece.


The frame is the skeleton of your Chesterfield sofa, allowing it to maintain its shape and integrity. It provides support for all of the other parts of the piece, making it vital that it is both durable and strong.

What to look for in a good-quality Chesterfield

A good-quality Chesterfield will have a frame made of seasoned beech hardwood, with chunkier rails to stand up to the rigours of everyday use. Beech hardwood is chosen for its straight grain, which gives it extra solidity for a lifetime of use. Additionally, screw-fixed strengthening corner blocks should be used to maintain the integrity of the frame’s shape.

What to watch out for in a poor-quality Chesterfield

On the other hand, a cheap Chesterfield typically has a frame made of mixed timbers, chip board panels, and rails of minimum thickness.

Such a frame will not be as robust, chiefly due to its inferior timber strength and the skimping of wood thickness.

Shaping pieces will often be fastened together with staples and glue rather than using dowelled joints, which also compromises the overall solidity.

Cushion filling

There are a variety of cushion fillings commonplace for Chesterfield sofas, including foam, polyester fibres, and feathers. The filling is a key part of the piece, as it provides the bulk of the comfort and support for the person sitting.


Together with the cushion filling, the quality of the suspension in your sofa is one of the factors that will determine how comfortable your piece will be and for how long it will remain that way. There are a variety of suspension systems that are used in Chesterfield sofas, including coiled spring units, high-grade Elastobelt webbing, and serpentine springs.


The material that your Chesterfield is upholstered in is also hugely indicative of the quality of the sofa. Not only does the upholstery affect the piece’s visual appeal, but it also has an impact on the comfort and lifespan.


The detailing on a Chesterfield is what sets it apart from regular sofas and gives it the distinctive look that has been so popular for so long. Deep buttoning, attractive studding, and rolled arms are all hallmarks of this classic design, so it makes sense that a lot of care needs to go into their creation.

Sofas by Saxon quality

Here at Sofas by Saxon, we are one of the longest-established sofa manufacturers in the UK, where we have been producing bespoke, hand-built Chesterfields for over 30 years.

Over this period of time, our staff have been able to build up an unparalleled level of experience when it comes to putting together a Chesterfield, and it’s also given us an insight on the many corners that can be cut to produce a sofa at a knockdown price.

Because of this, we can safely say that you will struggle to find a Chesterfield couch of a finer quality than the ones we build in our Lancashire workshop. Every member of our team possesses a fine level of expertise, and has been trained in each area of production. Why not head over to our meet the team page to discover the passionate craftspeople behind our furniture?

In addition to our sofas, we also make Chesterfield chairs, corner sofas, sofa beds, and footstools, which means you can enjoy this timeless style no matter what type of furniture you require. 

Furthermore, each piece of furniture that we produce has been created with premium materials that have been sourced from the finest tanneries, mills, and manufacturers.

Plus, if you're looking for a green, white, or grey Chesterfield sofa (or another colour) you'll be happy to know our materials are available in a variety of shades.

  Find out more about our leather and fabric collections, or order a sample to help you decide on which you prefer for your sofa.

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Top 10 Best Chesterfield Sofas in 2020

The Coolest Chesterfield Sofas to Shop

A well-furnished living room will with no doubts appear decent and classic. For instant upgrade of your room, we have the different chesterfield sofa. Chesterfield sofas are designed with enough sizes to make it comfortable. The fabrics have been padded with the cushion to withstand the weight.

The large size plus the cushioning impact will make it comfortable for you. The chesterfield sofas are available in different styles and finishes. A room with the perfect designed furniture no doubt appears classic and elegant. The leather used also makes the room to be quality.

Some of the sofas are made from solid hardwood and good fabric adopted ensures you will sit on the sofas for an extended period of time.

These sofas will make it comfortable for you when you are relaxing. Additionally, the different finishes and styles used will make your room more beautiful and desirable.

The great construction and the solid hardwood will ensure you use the sofa for an extended period of time. Choosing an ideal chesterfield for your uses can be very difficult. This is because of the many sofas made of poor material and won’t give you the desired comfort.

Use this review below when you want to buy one as it contains the best-listed sofas with their attributes.

What to consider?

  • Style: the sofas come in different styles. You have to choose the style that you as not everyone will be impressed with your style. With the many styles, it can be difficult choosing the style that impresses everyone at home.
  • Leather type: the sofas are made of different leathers that you have to be on a lookout for. The leather types are all grain leather, top grain leather, aniline leather and the antiqued leather. All the leather types are great but all grain is preferred as it remains natural with different characteristics.
  • Size of sofa: you have to buy the size of a sofa that fits the space in your room. A very large room will require you go for the large sizes sofa. The different sofa varies with measurement and dimensions.
  • Price: you will always get the type of chesterfield sofa you want depending on your budget. The cheaper sofas are made of poor material and won’t last for long. If you go for a durable high-quality sofa you will have to cough up little more pennies.
  • 10. Divano Roma Furniture, Fabric Scroll Arm Tufted Button Chesterfield Style Loveseat Couch
  • 9. Coaster Home Furnishings, Roy Modern Traditional Rolled Arm Tufted Stationary Sofa
  • 8. American Furniture Classics, Sierra Lodge Sleeper Sofa
  • 7. Stone & Beam, Lauren Down Filled Overstuffed Sofa
  • 6. Homelegance, St. Claire Traditional Style Sofa
  • 5. Elle Decor, Amery Tufted Sofa
  • 4. Divano Roma Furniture, Classic Velvet Chesterfield Scroll Arm Large Living Room Sofa
  • 3. The Original Chesterfield, Full Real Hand Washed Leather Sofa
  • 2. FOA, Antoinette Collection Premium Fabric Upholstered Crystal Sofa
  • 1. Stone & Beam, Bradbury Chesterfield Tufted Sofa
  • To sum up

10. Divano Roma Furniture, Fabric Scroll Arm Tufted Button Chesterfield Style Loveseat Couch

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By: Divano Roma Furniture

You don’t have to worry about the price but the comfort that it comes with. This product is surely a product of that will add value to your life. Other than comfort its tufted design offers it a classic and extraordinary look.

For extra comfort, it has the linen fabric upholstery together with arms and backrests that are overstuffed. The seat cushions can be easily removed and have been attached with a Velcro to avoid sliding. Furthermore, the Victorian wooden legs make them appear elegant.

With a size of 64’’ width, 33’’ depth and 29 heights this is enough comfort for you and your guests. For better comfort at your home buy this product.

Extra features:

  • The arms and backrests are overstuffed for more comfort.

9. Coaster Home Furnishings, Roy Modern Traditional Rolled Arm Tufted Stationary Sofa

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By: Coaster Home Furnishings

Are looking for a perfect set to complement your room? This modern sofa is all that you need. With dimensions of 67 widths, 37.5 depth, and 33.5 heights this will fit 3 people. The sofa uses solid wood legs and frames to make it more durable. Furthermore, the solid construction makes the sofa stable for heavy use.

This sofa has the button tufted with the arms and back both rolled to make it more beautiful. Additionally, the spring base gives time room for the sturdy construction. The sofa leather matches and is attached to the rolled the back and seat cushions.

Finally, this seat has ultra-plush pockets that you can be used to store your valuables.

Extra features:

  • The seat has ultra-plush pockets coil seat to store your items.
  • The spring base allows for a steady and sleek construction.

8. American Furniture Classics, Sierra Lodge Sleeper Sofa

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By: American Furniture Classics

This classic style sofa comes in a very beautiful cushion that filled with high-density foam and a layer of fiber wrap. It features a brightful burgundy colour with the printed-tapestry upholstery pairs beautifully with nailhead accents for a rustic appeal in this sleeper sofa. The great materials used in making it this will last a lifetime.

Extra features:

  • The seat cushions are removable.
  • The sofa is not very soft and quite heavy.

7. Stone & Beam, Lauren Down Filled Overstuffed Sofa

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By: Stone & Beam

Get the comfort you have been craving for with this classically designed sofa. Boasting of a clean and simple silhouette this will be a great addition to your living room. With a size of 73.6” w x 44.9”d x 37.4”h, this will cover enough space for you to relax comfortably.

In addition, the solid hardwood together with the moisture repellant stain-free fabric will ensure it remains the same for a long time. Other than that the fabric is a high performance to resist the wear and tear. It also has removable cushions with a reversible cover that serves to prolong its life.

For maintenance, you can easily clean it with a damp piece of cloth. You should have no doubt of its quality as this sofa is backed by a 3-year warranty.

Extra features:

  • Both the back and seat cushions are removable and the cover is reversible to prolong its life.
  • The stain repellant fabric will remain in the steady state for long periods.

6. Homelegance, St. Claire Traditional Style Sofa

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By: Homelegance

Make your stay extra comfortable with this quality sofa set. It is made of traditional tufted sofa thus it is well designed. The polyester, rayon used serves to make it last for long. Moreover, the fabric is 100% polyester made. These sofas set size is normally large to offer the great support required.

Besides this the sofa has blight light grey finish that will probably add décor to your room. To make it more beautiful the fabric has neutral light almond Herrington pattern. This sofa large size will definitely make your stay more comfortable. All these reasons are enough for you to get this quality sofa.

Extra features:

  • The fabric has a neutral almond herring tone pattern that makes it beautiful.
  • The fabric is 100% polyester made.

5. Elle Decor, Amery Tufted Sofa

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By: Elle Décor

Relax the style you want with this sofa. The rolled arms and the elegant finish make it appear decent. Besides that the arms are tufted for additional cushioning. With these sofas, you have to choose the fabric that meets the interior.

For cushioning the bonded leather is reliable. Moreover, the great material used makes it a long-lasting product. There is no doubt this sofa offers a great balance of both personality and comfort.

So don’t waste times hurry and grab yours when the product lasts.

Extra features:

  • The rolled arms offer additional cushioning.
  • You can choose the fabric that best fits your interior.

4. Divano Roma Furniture, Classic Velvet Chesterfield Scroll Arm Large Living Room Sofa

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By: Divano Roma Furniture

This red classic yet modern scroll arm chesterfield style sofa would make a blast to your room. It comes with a soft velvet fabric featuring a nailhead trip around arm rests for a more elegant look. It features 2-piece sofa with loose back cushions, and a plush seat cushion curbed frame to bring a traditional style to any living room.

Extra features:

  • Made from velvet fabric making it firm and comfortable.

3. The Original Chesterfield, Full Real Hand Washed Leather Sofa

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By: The Original Chesterfield

Upgrade your living room with this great sofa. Its design makes it a perfect fit for any interior. The use of semi-aniline leather affords it an elegant look. Perhaps the natural structure on top of each leather makes the sofa appear unique.

With it being available in antique, brown, red and green colors you surely have plenty of options to choose from. In addition, this sofa is usually handmade by professionals who have passion in the field.

The frame is made of hardwood that makes it both durable and strength to resist the stress through the solid suspension. Boasting of 100% leather used there is no doubt this product is of great quality. This sofa quality and its durability nature make it a product of value.

Besides that it comes with a certificate of authenticity. You should have no doubts about this product as it is backed by a 12 year frame warranty and further 5 year on leather.

Extra features:

  • The sofa is normally handmade by professionals who have a passion for their task.
  • The leather is 100% material makes it be a quality product.

2. FOA, Antoinette Collection Premium Fabric Upholstered Crystal Sofa

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For those with limited space, this 2 pieces sofa will be great for their rooms. With sofa size of 100x38x36 height and seat measures 75x38x36 height this is enough space for a small family. The purple fabric upholstered crystal button style will add great décor to your room.

Moreover, it has a reverse camelback design that makes it appear unique and fashionable. The sofa also has acrylic tufted button and arms that enclosed the cushion. Besides this, the cushion is made of great leather to make it more comfortable for you.

For great comfort at your home get this excellent cushion.

Extra features:

  • It comes with 2 pieces a sofa and a love seat thus covers little space.
  • The reverse camelback design gives it a great appearance.

1. Stone & Beam, Bradbury Chesterfield Tufted Sofa

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By: Stone & Beam

A comfortable sofa is all you need for your home. This tufted sofa is both comfortable and eye-catching. Additionally, the performance upholstery combined with sturdy nature will boost its durability. With a perfect size of 92.9”wx39”D and 30.3H, this will fit at least three people.

Buoyed by the strong solid hardwood used this will last long periods. Furthermore, the cushions are made of polyester and nylon fabric. For the legs, they can be easily attached. There is no doubt that this seat offers an extra-large sitting space.

It is further backed by a 3-year warranty with a possibility of a 30-day return if found with defects.

Extra features:

  • The strong design and performance upholstery make it last for long.
  • The legs are easily attached.

To sum up

The quality and styles are very important attributes of a Chesterfield sofa. All the sofas here are good quality and will offer the desired comfort. your choice and preference you can choose any here and make great changes to your living room.


10 Best Chesterfield Sofas to Buy in 2020 – Chesterfield Couch Reviews

The Coolest Chesterfield Sofas to Shop

Even in the most laid-back living space, chesterfield sofas add an air of stateliness and sophistication.

They’re characterized by their button-tufted upholstery, which gives them an overstuffed look, as well as their curved or “rolled” arms, which are equal in height to the back of the sofa.

Traditionally, these seats are made of leather and are studded with nailheads along their lower frame, but can now be found in a wide range of materials, with the nailheads becoming more of a stylistic flourish.

The origins of the chesterfield sofa are surprisingly hazy, though it has roots in 18th-century design.

Legend has it that the British diplomat Philip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, commissioned the deep-set, button-tufted seat so that he could sit up straight while also not wrinkling his clothes.

Despite its royalty-adjacent beginnings, the chesterfield style has endured over time, and when situated amongst the gallery walls and sleek silhouettes of a contemporary space, its posh presence looks as fresh and intriguing as ever.

We found the best chesterfield sofas for budgets big and small, so you can embellish your own interiors with statement seating. These are our favorite styles:

  • Best Color Options: Anthropologie Lyre Chesterfield Two-Cushion Sofa
  • Best Chesterfield Chair: Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield
  • The Crowd Favorite: Greyleigh Quitaque Chesterfield Sofa
  • Best Linen Upholstery: HDC Gordon Tufted Chesterfield Sofa
  • Best Velvet Upholstery: Martha Stewart Collection Saybridge Sofa
  • Best for Families: World Market Quentin Chesterfield Sofa
  • Best Material Options: Pottery Barn Chesterfield Upholstered Sofa
  • Best Leather Upholstery: Massoud Davidson Chesterfield Sofa
  • Best Chesterfield Sectional: Article Sven Velvet Sectional
  • Best Modern Chesterfield: Willa Arlo Interiors Harcourt Sofa

Read on to learn more about these posh picks!

Best Color Options

This model from Anthropologie is the epitome of an updated silhouette. It’s a made-to-order piece, in which every component, from the couch width, to the material type and color, to the leg and nailhead finish, can be customized.

Select on the site from a rainbow of options in velvet, slub velvet, wool, leather, or basketweave and Belgian linen to create your perfect centerpiece seat.

The sofa is available in either a 7- or 8-foot-long silhouette, and it features generous button tufting along the back, arms, and front. Users adore its luxe look and sturdy build.

The sofa's delivery fee is $149, and it comes with white-glove delivery and assembly service.

Best Chesterfield Chair

Complete your reading nook with this chesterfield armchair, with its low arms perfect for propping up your elbows with a book or a beverage.

The dapper upholstery is 100% leather, which only gets better with regular use, and users comment that the seat is actually quite cushy — a departure from other rigidly tailored models.

The legs are the only pieces that users have to be concerned with assembling, and though this model is available in love seat, sofa, and even ottoman forms, we're partial to the chair version for small-space dwellers. It's also eligible for free shipping.

The Crowd Favorite

This poly-linen blend Chesterfield sofa features all-over button tufting, bun-style feet, and three supportive seat cushions. Its heathered upholstery is available in gray, beige, charcoal, and burgundy. Notably, over 64% of its current 1,394 reviewers give it a five-star rating, citing its luxe look, comfortable feel, and easy assembly as major plusses.

It is a lower profile couch, so it may feel too shallow for those who are very tall — make sure you measure it before you buy! This sofa comes in a number of different styles on Wayfair's site, such as an armchair, loveseat, and a sectional size, and is also eligible for free shipping.

Best Linen Upholstery

This three-seater chesterfield sofa is an unexpected decor chameleon, thanks to its exceptional construction and crisp tailoring. It showcases nailhead trim on its rolled arms, as well as bun-style couch feet that are outfitted with casters.

The sofa weighs just over 110 pounds, but the casters allow for easy position-shifting as needed. Its crosshatched linen upholstery comes in five shades, and is also impressively durable.

It's also very easy to assemble, only needing the legs screwed on.

This sofa is part of a larger “Gordon” collection, which also includes a matching ottoman, an armchair, and even a sleigh-style bed frame, if you’re interested in getting a coordinating set. The shipping from Home Depot ranges from $55 to $115 for this item, depending on whether you want it left on your doorstep or brought into your living room.

Best Velvet Upholstery

This may be one of the more understated chesterfields out there — it eschews nailheads and sculpted couch feet — but it’s certainly not lacking in coziness. Users love its plush seat cushions, saying they’re very comfortable to lounge on, and also that they’re conveniently detachable and reversible.

The tufted arms and back are noted as being a little firmer, but still not too hard. This chesterfield sofa comes in 12 colors, ranging from traditional beige and blue, to more bold aqua and red hues.

Macy’s in-home delivery and assembly costs $99, so try to buy during one of the store’s frequent furniture sales to take advantage of extra savings!

Best for Families

This “fancy” sofa for the family home doesn't feel totally untouchable.

It's clad in heathered polyester, complete with rolled arms and shaped rubberwood legs, but un other picks, this one rings in at less than $800 — a total bargain for a new couch.

Though it’s available in only one color and size, users love its stylistic versatility, its deep-set seat, and its easy assembly. Just note that the sofa's shipping costs an additional $75.

Best Material Options

This pick, with its low-profile back and button-tufting, makes it a luxurious home base for all living room-centric activities. Choose from a 6-, 7-, or 8-foot-long design, with numerous color and material combinations available.

The upholstery materials range from twill, velvet, Sunbrella, organic cotton, linen, and even denim — but we especially love that many are available as performance-grade materials, which are easier to clean and more practical for bustling households.

(Fabric swatches are available for free!)

Though it arrives quite firm, the foam in the sofa cushions will soften up over time, but their innerspring construction will ensure that they won’t sag. Though the sofa's shipping fee is upwards of $100 (exact costs are determined by ZIP code), Pottery Barn does offer white-glove delivery and in-home assembly.

Best Leather Upholstery

A pick befitting a home library of Beauty and the Beast proportions, the antiqued-brass nailheads that dot the arms and base of this chesterfield beautifully complement the sheen of the buttery leather upholstery.

Available in 6-, 8-, and 10-foot widths, its fixed, button-tufted seat cushions can comfortably fit numerous sitters at once. This sofa also comes in dark gray, deep teal, oxblood red, chocolate, and saddle brown.

White-glove shipping and in-home assembly are included in the $150 shipping cost.

Best Chesterfield Sectional

Kick back and stay a while on this roomy chesterfield sectional sofa from Interior Define. Featuring a button-tufted back and seat, fluted details, and shaped legs, this artfully tailored seat is a total statement piece.

This sectional is a standout, because buyers can actually choose between a standard 63-inch or extra-long 73-inch chaise, along with customizing the sofa size, the leg silhouette, and the upholstery material.

This made-to-order piece also takes up to 12 weeks for delivery and has a $129 shipping and assembly fee.

Best Modern Chesterfield

When you want a little more of an edge in your space, opt for a modern, tuxedo-style sofa over a traditional chesterfield.

This 7-foot-long, velvet-upholstered couch gets near-perfect marks from reviewers for its soft, yet supportive feel and “exceptional” quality.

It comes in four different colors and includes two round bolster pillows as accents. Opt to add on full-service delivery and assembly for $120 more.

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