Learn About the Very Latest in Home Décor Trends and How to Shop Them

Learn About the Very Latest in Home Décor Trends and How to Shop Them


If there's one perfect moment to update your home, it's at the start of a new decade.

After 10 years of the same old, same old, now is the time to roll on one of the top paint colors, refresh the heart of your home with one of our favorite kitchen ideas, or simply add a new piece of art to your gallery wall.

And if you want to make a serious statement this year, then try incorporating one of the hottest home decor trends of 2020.

To find the home ideas that are about to be everywhere, we went straight to our favorite interior design pros.

From navy paint and floral wallpaper to colored cabinets and free-standing tubs, these are the 2020 home decor trends that experts can't wait to see.

Whether you love trends or will typically go to great lengths to avoid them, there are bound to be a few ideas on our list that you'll adore (and will continue to adore into the next decade).

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1 Vintage Accents

What goes around comes around — especially when it comes to home decor trends. “One thing we're starting to see is more of a nod to vintage and traditional detailing — things spooled legs, spindles, and other things we saw in furnishings from the 1800s and early 1900s,” says interior designer Bria Hammel, CEO of Bria Hammel Interiors.

But don't expect to see all vintage everywhere. This time around, designers are incorporating just one or two statement pieces.

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2 Navy Blue

The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue (a navy shade), which means you can expect to see a lot of the color in the new year. Fortunately, it's totally versatile and sophisticated.

“Navy blue provides the perfect amount of contrast for interiors and exteriors in both traditional and modern home styles,” says interior designer Kerrie Kelly, founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab.

“Whether a kitchen island gets a quick upgrade or a room gets a dramatic new look with contrasting white trim and woodwork, the shade provides a stately look without going completely black,” she says.

3 Floral Wallpaper

If the thought of flower-power wallpaper makes you flinch, then 2020 might just be the year you change your tune. “Floral wallpaper has been around for years and you will continue to see the pretty pattern but with a much more modern update,” says interior designer Abbe Fenimore, founder of Studio Ten 25. “Large scale, bold color, and even metallic versions are here to stay.”

Fenimore says they're a particularly good choice in powder bathrooms and foyers. Plus, there are tons of stick-on options if you're not ready to fully commit.

4 High-Contrast Decor

High-contrast designs are currently having a moment — which means if you've always wanted to paint your home black, now is the time to give it a whirl (in moderation, of course).

“For a long time, it was white, white, white,” Hammel says. “But now, for example, maybe we'd see a chair with black fabric and a white frame. Or a console table in a dark stained wood with light-colored hardware.”

5 Non-White Kitchens

If there was one defining design trend of the 2010s, it was the all-white kitchen. But in 2020, designers predict there'll be a shift toward spaces that go beyond just white. For example, Hammel expects to see more natural wood cabinets, islands, and shelves — all of which allow homeowners to keep a bright and airy vibe without restricting themselves to all-white-everything.

6 Color-Pop Cabinets

If you really want to leave the all-white kitchen trend behind, opt for another 2020 home decor trend: colored cabinets. According to the experts at Modiani Kitchens, “the trend in 2020 is to choose one or several elements, the kitchen island, kitchen wall cabinets, or base cabinets in daring colors, dark red, bright yellow, green or navy blue.”

7 Canopy Beds

Now is the time to make all of your regal canopy bed dreams come true. “Canopy beds no longer need to be draped in heavy fabrics and chunky headboards,” says Fenimore. “Modern versions made with acrylic, metal, and sleek upholstered frames are making a comeback.”

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8 Patina Accents

“One of the emerging design trends is an appreciation of patina and age,” says interior designer Breeze Giannasio. In addition to more vintage furniture, expect to see this played out in color trends such as clay and terracotta, as well as decorative items such as earthenware and ceramics.

9 Olive Trees

West Elm westelm.com

If 2019 was the year of the dramatic fiddle leaf fig, then Hammel expects 2020 will be the year of the much subtler olive tree. Instead of blooming bright green, these trees are a more sophisticated sage. 

10 Antique Art

Make 2020 the year you start — or continue to grow — your art collection. “If any type of antique is making a comeback, it's art,” says Hammel. “People love that it looks aged and that it has a story to it.”

11 Kitchen Art

While you're collecting those pieces of art, be sure to scout some for the kitchen. “There's always a focus on making the kitchen a room in the house and not a machine for cooking,” says Giannasio. That can be accomplished by hanging art in the kitchen, or using open shelves to display items that show off your personality, she says.

12 Curved Sofas

Interlude Home horchow.com

This 2020 home decor trend will transport you back to another decade. “We'll see some '60s and '70s throwbacks with a modern twist and a focus on line and curve,” says Giannasio. 

13 Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Nope, these materials don't need to be relegated to the back deck. “Rattan/wicker is having a resurgence,” interior designer Nicole Fuller told Elle Decor. “It warmly reminds me of my childhood and has evolved in fresh and exciting ways whether in chairs, tables, or lighting. It is the perfect layer to balance modern and traditional style.”

14 Free-Standing Tubs

Need a fresh master bathroom idea? Try a luxurious soaking tub. According to the 2019 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, 38% of homeowners added or replaced a bathtub as part of their master bathroom project, and 50% of those folks chose a freestanding flat-bottom tub shape; another 9% chose a free-standing claw-foot tub.

15 Cozy Fabrics

Fortunately for everyone who loves to cozy up with a good book, Giannasio says comfy fabrics will be everywhere in the new year. “Instead of luxe grand velvet, we'll see shearling, imperfect leathers, and soft textured mohairs.” Count us in.

Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/decorating-ideas/g29849170/home-decor-trends-2020/

Learn About the Very Latest in Home Décor Trends and How to Shop Them

Douglas Friedman/Laurey Glenn Photograph

Oh, the joys of the new year. As we honor Earth’s revolution around the sun, we create new resolutions, set new goals, and of course, seek out new trends. While our personal lives may need a bit of refreshing, our homes deserve the same kind of attention too.

Infusing your spaces with what’s au courant can be tricky, but in 2020 we’ve got you covered.

To help us make sense of it all, we spoke with some of our favorite designers, decorators, and architects about the home trends they predict will be IN and OUT in 2020, from color palettes to furniture, even landscape design and beyond.

Get a started on your New Year's resolutions with 25 trends that will be IN and OUT in 2020.

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IN: Grandmillennial Style

“As evidenced by the recent viral House Beautiful article, ‘Grandmillenial style’ is having its moment. The look is traditional design with a twist: blending elements of classic design chinoiserie, scallops, natural fiber rugs, topiaries, and more, with a contemporary edge (think: modern art and clean lined furniture).” — Ariel Okin of Ariel Okin Interiors

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OUT: Grey on Grey

“So much of the late 2010's was saturated in varying hues of grey—lately we're seeing a demand for warmer toned palettes and rich accent colors.” — Ariel Okin of Ariel Okin Interiors

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IN: Bold Monochromatics

“Monochromatic does not have to be pale. Colors Cobalt Blue, Kelly Green, or even Aubergine can evoke monochromatic in a daring way, that’s full of personality and elegance.” — Jonathan Rachman of Decorist

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OUT: Pale Monochromatics

“The pale-colored monochromatic rooms (all in taupe or gray or white) with all the furniture, walls, floors and fabrics in the same pale color palette will be out in 2020. There’s something called ‘too safe,’ and while it may be soothing or calm, it can lack personality and excitement.” — Jonathan Rachman of Decorist

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IN: Layering Old and New

“Our clients are over the ‘one-stop-shop’ design resources and are taking the design of their homes to the next level by getting comfortable with mixing and matching old and new and even purchasing locally made souvenirs while on their travels to help tell the story of who they are.” — Lauren Buxbaum Gordon of Nate Berkus Associates

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OUT: Perfection

“People are opting toward living with pieces that are worn and have patina and don’t mind small scratches on 100-year-old stone. It makes them feel more at ease with how they function in their own homes because nothing is too precious.” — Lauren Buxbaum Gordon of Nate Berkus Associates

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IN: Dark Painted Doors

“Painting an interior door in a rich color adds warmth and character to the space.Paired with great hardware, a dark door can provide an artistic element for the room. The personality exemplified by the color can be as fun as the stories of the people who walk through the door!” — Courtney Hill Fertitta of Courtney Hill Interiors

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OUT: Standard White Doors and Trim

“Interior doors are typically painted in the standard white trim color, all matching. With this approach, we are missing an opportunity for a dramatic statement.” — Courtney Hill Fertitta of Courtney Hill Interiors

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IN: Single Print Drama

“What could be more simple, yet incite more drama and style, than a room covered in the same print from floor to ceiling? Inspired by some of the overtly glamorous—and timelessly chic—spaces brought to life by design icons such as Gloria Vanderbilt and Lee Radziwill, today's bolder design enthusiasts are turning ‘Why didn't I think of that?’ into ‘I want to DO that!’” — Scot Meacham Wood of Decorist

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OUT: Industrial Design

“The world is harsh and cold enough these days, so people are looking for spaces that nurture and envelope them. They want rooms that let them sink into the important things in life, and that doesn’t necessarily include Edison bulbs!” — Scot Meacham Wood of Decorist

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IN: Antiqued Landscape Tapestries

“Tapestries are perfect as a focal point for a room. These beautiful Belgian verdure tapestries are inspired by idyllic landscapes and bring the beautiful colors of the outdoors to the inside of a home. Their muted palette of greens blues and neutrals provide the inspiration for the colors and textures of the entire room.” — Brooke & Steve Giannetti of Giannetti Home

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OUT: Traditional Dining Table in The Kitchen

“These have been replaced by comfortable upholstered chairs and lower tables that are more conducive to hanging out. Reading lamps and a warm fire create a cozy space for family and friends.” — Brooke & Steve Giannetti of Giannetti Home

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IN: Earth Tones

“Say goodbye to the cool tones that have ruled for so many years. Shades of chocolate brown, wine, olive green, and yellow ochre are all taking over in homes. We love substituting these warm, natural colors for a neutral on the sofa or walls.” — Marika Meyer of Meyer Interiors

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OUT: Cool Tones

“Whether it's in the textile choices, paint colors or natural materials, cool tones are out in favor of warmth and saturated color. Colors gray can lend an institutional feeling and just don't mix well with the desire to create a layered space with plenty of personality.” — Marika Meyer of Meyer Interiors

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IN: Fun Bathroom Design

“Bathrooms are a great place to experiment and have fun with color, materials, and/or wallpaper.” — Bailey Austin of Bailey Austin Design

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OUT: Open Shelving

“Open shelving is out because practical is in. People don’t want to spend all their time accessorizing and want to keep their kitchens tidy.” — Bailey Austin of Bailey Austin Design

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IN: Washing a Room in One Paint Color

“When you’re contending with lots of millwork, coating the walls, ceiling and trim all in the same shade makes the room feel chic and enveloping.” — Julie Massucco Kleiner and Melissa Warner Rothblum of Massucco Warner

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OUT: Accent Walls

“Our motto is go big or go home! If you love a color or pattern enough to cover a whole wall in it, be bold and just paint the whole room.” — Julie Massucco Kleiner and Melissa Warner Rothblum of Massucco Warner

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IN: Performance Fabrics

“Performance fabrics are a must—they have changed the way we live by making every room functional for the entire family. They could be used in the messiest of family rooms, but also in luxurious living and dining rooms while maintaining a fashionable aesthetic.” — Lonni Paul of Lonni Paul Design

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OUT: Granite Countertops

“Granite countertops are a thing of the past. Quartz is a great alternative to granite or marble because of its durability and ease of maintenance. The new styles of quartz often mimic marble so well that for some it's hard to distinguish one from the other.” — Lonni Paul of Lonni Paul Design

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IN: Bold Black and White

“High contrast black and white is such a dynamic duo. While versatile, I prefer a bold pattern, Art Deco ziggurat tile, for a little drama. The emotional response is immediate and the look remains timeless.” — Laura Umansky of Laura U Interior Design

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OUT: Monochromatic Palettes

“I hate to say that any trend is out because, as we all know, everything is cyclical. But I would say tonal gray rooms won’t be making a comeback any time soon. I’m seeing bolder interiors that don’t play it safe with color or pattern.” — Laura Umansky of Laura U Interior Design

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IN: Classicism

“Classicism is back! Busts and Grecian details add the perfect perspective to any contemporary vignette. Embrace these time-honored elements without taking them too seriously—playfulness is the perfect final touch.” — Rayman Boozer of Apartment 48

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OUT: Mirrored Furniture

“Mirrored furniture kicked off the millennium in a glitzy blaze, but has since fallen favor. For a more current translucent finish, look to lucite: side tables, lamps, and accessories are all good options.” — Rayman Boozer of Apartment 48

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IN: Real Plants

“Going green with nice, real indoor plants helps give personality and another layer to a space.” — Linda Hayslett of L.H. Designs

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OUT: Faux Plants

“I can always spot a faux plant in a design. It may be great initially, but the character of a plant comes from how it organically grows. And faux plants will always remain the same and eventually get dusty.” — Linda Hayslett of L.H. Designs

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IN: Furniture With European-Inspired Details

“Furniture with European-inspired detailing is trending. German and Italian influences can be found in the sloping arms of couches, knife-edge welts, metal legs, and more. I am even seeing traditional furniture brands embracing the trend, offering European silhouettes and features for the first time.” – Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors

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OUT: Mosaic

“Lately, mosaic tiles are looking and feeling dated. I’m employing sleek alternatives slab backsplashes and wide-cut marble tile.” – Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors

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IN: Quality Bedding

“Splurge on your bed, mattress, and a nice set of sheets this year. You spend half your life in bed, so why wouldn’t you invest in these items!” — Darla Bankston May of Bankston May Associates

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OUT: Over-The-Range Microwaves

“Why would you want to install a microwave in a space that is one of the main focal points in your kitchen? Find a space for your microwave that is tucked away, but still accessible.” — Darla Bankston May of Bankston May Associates

Source: https://www.elledecor.com/design-decorate/trends/g29859422/design-trends-2020/

Learn About the Very Latest in Home Décor Trends and How to Shop Them

The 2020s are here to bring us back to nature.

Whether it’s color inspired by the sunrise or the “infinite night sky,” or new ways to bring the outside in (hello, garden rooms!), many home design trendsetters and spotters are in the same space when it comes to predicting what’s in and upcoming for the new decade. And that space is being at one with the environment. 

Four predominant trends overlap to create bold takes on that theme: the use of extensive color after years of neutrals; indoor gardens and the use of plants as essential household elements; furniture and décor made of natural, woven materials, and animal prints popping up in sometimes unexpected places.

A survey of 2020 trend reports across social media, online retailers, furniture industry leaders, interior designer blogs, online communities and more reveals ways to freshen up your space as you take on a fresh decade. 

Benjamin Moore’s color of the year, First Light, is meant to conjure visions of the sky at sunrise.Credit: Benjamin Moore

Trend No. 1: A Color Explosion 

Zillow, in its 2020 predictions report, foresees a shift toward playful, creative design featuring bold colors after years of the Scandinavian modern aesthetic, neutrals, minimalism and clutter-free, Marie Kondo-esque living.

High Point Market, the popular furnishings trade show that draws more than 75,000 people to North Carolina two times a year, noted in a report that all of its “style spotters” found that use of “color is on the uptrend” for 2020.

Speaking of hue, with a new year comes new “colors of the year” as determined by design and paint industry leaders, and the themes of a new decade, revitalization and nature is strong throughout the choices.

Pantone’s choice of Classic Blue comes with a nod to the changing decade, explaining that “this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”

Also going with a blue for its color of the year is Sherwin-Williams, which chose Naval, a rich, deep blue.

The paint company says that while navy has been done before, this is a “confident” tone that “gives a nod to Art Deco influences” fused with the “awe-inspiring power of nature – from the infinite night sky to the mysterious depths of the sea – bringing navy its comfort zone to usher in an empowering new year and fresh decade of change.”

Also for 2020, Benjamin Moore picks First Light, a soft, rosy hue reminiscent of the sky at sunrise, which it describes as “brimming with potential” and “the backdrop for a bright new decade.” And Behr’s choice is Back to Nature, a “restorative and revitalizing” green, noting, “As we enter the next decade, we strive for vibrancy in life and shape it how we choose.”

One place in the home that isn’t seeing an increase in the use of color: the bathroom. According to the most recent 2019 U.S.

Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, neutrals lead the way in countertops, flooring, shower materials and walls, with homeowners preferring whites, grays and beiges over anything bolder.

Even on accent walls, more than a third prefer a neutral gray or white, with blue and multi-colored coming in at 16% of responses each.

Trend No. 2: The green theme 

“Garden rooms” (or “green rooms”) are drawing lots of attention as urban dwellers look for ways to put something healthy into their surroundings.

In the “Pinterest 100” for 2020, searches for garden rooms are up 104%, and the digital plant community GrowIt! found that 30% of all plant uploads in 2019 were houseplants, continuing an uptick trend.

GrowIt! includes a list of the seven most popular houseplants: pothos, aloe (houseplant), succulent (general), snake plant, spider plant, philodendron and echeveria.

Hayneedle also makes note of the popularity of houseplants and flowers in its “Home Décor Trends: What’s Hot for 2020,” saying, “Not only does plant life add color and vibrancy, but floral arrangements and potted plants are also ideal for infusing a space with natural beauty and earthy charm.”

You can take your garden room a step beyond with your own indoor pond, fountain or waterfall; the Pinterest 100 trend report found searches for indoor water fountains are up 917%.

Pinterest’s report also mentions the ongoing popularity of bringing the outside in with floor-to-ceiling windows, sunrooms and more ways to let the sun in.

So a garden room filled with plant life that gets plenty of sunlight and features a nice burbling fountain is the type of Zen experience we’re looking for in our homes.

Trend No. 3: Woven wonders

The caning or weaving of flexible natural materials rattan, wicker and bamboo was noted on materials throughout the most recent High Point Market event.

While usually associated with outdoor and more coastal aesthetics, “this time the caning or weaving on pieces was found on more modern urban projects,” Style Spotter Cynthia Ferguson noted.

Fellow Style Spotter Laura Thurman got even more specific, noting a wide range of rattan products that really showcased “unique color combinations … and overall evoked a more modern and fresher vibe.”

Hayneedle notes the use of rattan, wicker and bamboo as part of a larger trend of earthy bohemian accents. The key takeaway is creating a space “that’s both eclectic and serene, with an emphasis on sustainably sourced and natural materials.”

Trend No. 4: Into the wild

At High Point Market, Style Spotter Eric Haydel saw animal prints, textures and inspiration being interpreted in new ways, while ensuring the safety of animals and “remaining sustainability conscious.” From an alligator-patterned chest from Bernhardt Furniture to Julian Chichester’s Dakota dining tops in multiple animal- motifs, it gives new meaning to creature comforts.

And Hayneedle, in its 2020 trends report, gets more specific, dubbing jungle style, an exotic twist on animal-inspired home décor, as one of “the most wildly popular interior design trends.” It points out: “Instead of cowhide, faux fur and black-and-white nature photography, we’re seeing bold decorative accents inspired by the jungles of India and Africa.”

Source: https://www.ocregister.com/these-are-the-2020-home-decor-trends-experts-say-to-expect-in-the-new-decade

Learn About the Very Latest in Home Décor Trends and How to Shop Them


From fashion to design, color, and more, it seems trends come in and style before we get a chance to enjoy them. And while fads may be fleeting, they are a marker for great style, often living out—to some degree—longer than their time in the spotlight. January 1st has come and gone, but there’s still plenty of time to indulge in new looks.

To help you make sense of the year’s best design crazes, we asked some of our favorite designers to share the trends that are IN—and OUT—this year.

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IN: Bouclé

“We are seeing this pop up more and more in great upholstered pieces and from our favorite fabric showrooms. This great fabric adds a dramatic texture and turns a drab piece into something a little more exciting. Also, it is so cozy!” —Allison Petty of Hyphen & Co.

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OUT: Leather

“We will always love the LOOK of leather, but we are leaning more and more towards more sustainable options. Phil Doux is a fantastic company that creates a sustainable vinyl alternative that looks and feels leather (we swear).”—Allison Petty of Hyphen & Co.

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IN: Palm Imagery

“Whether embroidered on a pillow, perched askew in a vase, or replicated on wallpaper, palm imagery is a major trend right now. The look is lush, natural, warm, and most importantly, versatile. With palms, your surrounding design can be opulent and raised to the heavens or more down to earth, an organic oasis.”
—Rayman Boozer of Apartment48

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OUT: Hygge

“Hygge, the Danish word defined as 'a quality of coziness that causes a feeling of well-being' has been used and abused the past two years.

While the idea is a beautiful element of Danish culture, it was never intended to be a trend or obsession.

The proper way to embrace the idea is to explore what elements of design genuinely inspire and relax, because simply throwing an alpaca fur on a chair will not suddenly induce a peaceful way of life.”—Rayman Boozer of Apartment48

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IN: Layered Landscapes

“A layered landscape in the scale and height of our furnishings is in in 2019.

We look for a standard 18” seat height in key seating pieces and try to provide accompanying accent tables and lighting that are scaled appropriately.

Lamps that are tall enough to cast light over a shoulder and taller cocktail tables add to a heightened and more refined environment.” —Janie Molster of Janie Molster Designs

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OUT: Low-Profile Furniture

“It's time to get off of the floor. We have had our moment with low slung mid-century seating (too many bad knock-offs) and groovy shaggy rugs. Lower seating heights create the need for squatty side tables and lamps.” —Janie Molster of Janie Molster Designs

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IN: Curved Sofas

“We're noticing more and more living rooms with non-traditional sofa shapes that are designed for conversation and hosting guests—and we are loving it!” —Caroline Grant of Dekar Design

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OUT: Living Rooms Focused Around a TV

“We've noticed that living rooms that are designed with traditional sofas that are spatially focused around a TV are out in 2019.”—Caroline Grant of Dekar Design

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IN: Experiential Design

“Not all clients know exactly what they want until they experience it. Elevating the experience of design for our clients where we invite them to explore all senses is definitely IN this year, and will be here to stay.

We want our clients to truly 'feel' the design they love and yearn for when they come home after a long day’s work, which ultimately helps them decompress and truly enjoy being home that much more quickly.

Hitting all the senses is the way to do this, and augmenting the design process to be experiential is how you get there.” —Becky Shea of Becky Shea Designs

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OUT: Funky Patterns

“We get it: There’s something fun about bringing back very out there designs from the days of yore. However, there’s a reason those design styles (ex. heavy repeating print wallpaper, bright and wild colors) fell favor and were retired. Stick to timeless design in neutral tones and you’ll thank yourself a decade—or three—from now.” —Becky Shea of Becky Shea Designs

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IN: Natural Textiles

“I suggest using wools, cotton, linen, alpaca, or leather in your design scheme. These materials are healthy, cleanable, breathable and they age beautifully.” —Liz Caan of Liz Caan & Co.

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OUT: Industrial Materials

“I think the trend to use outdoor and indestructible materials is not always the best for interiors. Frankly, houses and materials should patina and show signs of life. Nothing is more cleanable and resilient than natural fibers.”—Liz Caan of Liz Caan & Co.

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IN: Custom Oversized Nighstands

“Custom oversized nightstands are a new trend we're seeing make a comeback, especially as they complement some of the larger headboards that are popular. Oversized bedside tables help create balance with the dominating headboards and has the added bonus of providing extra storage.” —Wendy Hammerman of WLH Interiors

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OUT: Gallery Walls

“In terms of design elements we’re seeing a lot less of, I think gallery walls have given way to using a large-scale piece of art, hung or otherwise, that helps make a statement.

While gallery walls added a personal touch to a space, they also introduce a sense of clutter and scattered images.

A single design element, a striking, tall painting is what we’re seeing replacing gallery and accent walls.”—Wendy Hammerman of WLH Interiors

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IN: Tester Canopies

“Traditional design elements are back in a big way, along with plenty of fabric and texture. A tester canopy adds drama to a bedroom and is one more opportunity to add layers of fabric.”
—Marika Meyer of Marika Meyer Interiors

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OUT: Hotel Suite-Style Master

“The master bedroom that feels a hotel suite is definitely out in 2019. Everyone used to ask for the neutral bedroom with white hotel bedding so they could feel they were in a luxury hotel suite. Now those rooms feel devoid of character and color. In fact, hotels are on to this trend and are making their best suites feel more residential.” —Marika Meyer of Marika Meyer Interiors

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IN: Biophilia

“For 2019, there is greater interest in biophilia–emphasizing the relationship between humankind and nature, and the connections between the two.

Natural, organic materials–such as wood floors, stone, and daylight and plant life–remind us of the exterior and brings the outside and nature, in.

We are machine- and technology-driven society, but nostalgic about past processes and handiwork, so opportunities for custom millwork and crafted materials are very important.”—Angie Lee of FXCollaborative

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OUT: Gendered Rooms

“For me, an out trend is gendered traits assigned to motifs and concepts in design. For instance, insecurities about girly versus macho color palettes, textures, and shapes tend to dampen creative potential and reinforce hidden biases.

I love that Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019 is Living Coral, because its choice trumpets universal emotional responses to nature, while being unapologetically joyous about a traditionally feminine hue.

”—Angie Lee of FXCollaborative

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IN: Memphis Design

“The Memphis movement is overtaking midcentury modern as the furnishing and color selection du jour. Primary colors and graphic shapes haven’t seen this much action since the eighties. Also in our space planning we are turning away from straight, rigid furniture lines and choosing enveloping tub chairs and Vladimir Kagan-esque curved sofas.”—Carolyn Pressly of Carolyn Pressly Interiors

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OUT: The L.A. Cafe Look

“Blush walls, brass pendant lights, and concrete accent flooring are all great—just not all at once please. This look was so widely circulated—the pitfalls of Pinterest!—that it is past overdone.” —Carolyn Pressly of Carolyn Pressly Interiors

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IN: Feminine Tones

“Colors I see in for 2019 are blush, dusty pink, and bronze. Warm colors and feminine tones for on the walls and dashes of soft pinks to break up expanses of taupe or neutrals will instantly update a tired room.”—Katharine Pooley of Katharine Pooley London

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OUT: Statement Upholstery

“Statement single piece upholstery–especially in jewel colors–will be out this year. Finishes should completely envelop the space and generally be textural rather than patterned for a chic modern look.”—Katharine Pooley of Katharine Pooley London

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IN: Maximalist Art

“The dominance of minimalism and Scandinavian design, which is characterized by neutral colors and simple materials, is finally declining. In its place, bright colors and graphic patterns are becoming more prevalent in the home.

Don’t be afraid to mix colors, patterns, and textures. Take a gallery wall to the next level by having it cover an entire wall, or add a dramatic, large-scale piece to your space. In this case, more is more.”—Sandra Chandler of Art.


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OUT: Minimalist Art

“ gray, consumers are getting bored of sterile, minimalist spaces. The clean edges and uniformity of Scandinavian design are making way for more organic shapes and bolder colors.

The direct response to this is maximalism, which is the infusion of personality into a space.

Instead of worrying whether your art matches your furniture and your wall color, try thinking about what you really love and hanging that your room.”—Sandra Chandler of Art.com

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IN: Floral fabrics and wallpapers

“The traditional beauty of floral patterns, either abstracted or straight up chintz, will be the pattern to use.” — Erin Gates of Erin Gates Design

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OUT: Ikat and trellis patterns

“The reproduced to death geometric trellis patterns and ikats will make your room look dated.” — Erin Gates of Erin Gates Design

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IN: Rich jewel tones with an edge

“Right now, I am loving deep, rich jewel tones with an edge. Bold indigo, hunter and emerald green, and dark teal all feel ready to have a moment outside of the kitchen. We’re layering living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms with paints, fabrics, accessories, and rugs in these colors to create drama against a backdrop of white architectural elements.” — Jeff Andrews of Jeff Andrews Design

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OUT: Cool Grays

“I’m moving away from the cooler, gray tone neutrals right now in favor of stark white and warmer neutrals.” — Jeff Andrews of Jeff Andrews Design

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IN: boldly patterned backsplashes

“Simple, monochromatic kitchens have had a good long run, so we will be gravitating toward making a little more impact in their kitchens, whether that's with bolder color choices or graphic tiles. Either way, I predict we will be seeing more pop and punch in kitchens!” — Amy Sklar of Sklar Design

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OUT: Terrazzo Tile

“I would tread lightly with the terrazzo trend. It is a lot of look, and if you tire of it, it's not an easy fix (especially floors!).” — Amy Sklar of Sklar Design

Source: https://www.elledecor.com/design-decorate/trends/g23550602/design-trends-2019/

Learn About the Very Latest in Home Décor Trends and How to Shop Them

The new decade is officially here, the holidays are behind us and our new year's resolutions were made! To beat the post-holiday blues, take on a new and exciting project, just refreshing your home! Wondering how to keep your home on trend for 2020?

Well, interior trends in 2020 will be all about comfort and sustainability. At the same time, with all the modern technologies and smart homes, the art deco will create a perfect contrast between home design and decor trends.

So let’s discover these 7 interior decor trends for 2020!

Good Lighting in Interior

Lighting in the home is one of the easiest ways to make your home look trendy in 2020. When choosing the lighting, look for well-made antique pieces that aren't flimsy. Also, look for light that illuminates the room and one which fits within your design aesthetic.

Go for Stunning Artwork

Art is one of those interior décor trends that never go fashion and suits every home design as well. This year we'll see more large and bold prints.

You can check out the super unique and trendy artist Kaneda if you're ready to make a statement in your home! And if you're all about color, opt for new wall art in Classic Blue, the official Pantone color of the year! The best part about artworks is that you can use them in every room to make it look beautiful and trendy. 

Don’t Forget Texture

Some rooms in your home can look ‘flat’ and uninviting. This is where beautiful texture comes in, and 2020 sees a strong focus on textured rugs, tiles as well as drapes. The fiber of rugs and upholstery, often in subtle shades, give a sophisticated but cozy feel.

Layering Rugs in a Bedroom or Living Area 

Layering rugs, whether on hardwood floors or carpets, is a simple way to make any room look impressive and trendy. Layering rugs of beautiful patterns has been in fashion from previous years and will be continuing in 2020 as well. 

Modular and Multifunctional Furniture

2020 décor trends with more force will be about the modular as well as multifunctional furniture. The popularity of comfortable and trendy furniture lies in versatility, being able to offer several placement formats. Buy furniture that you can easily organize according to the use of every area of your house.

Modern Pastels Colors

Muted hues, including soft pink, powder blue, beige, white, and light gray will be the interior trend for 2020.

Whether it is upholstery, wall paint, backsplash, floor or art pieces these shades create a unique interior. You can mix the multiple pastels in artwork, furniture, and walls for a monochromatic effect.

You can paint your walls with pastel shades and can hang art pieces of different styles in similar shades on these walls. 

A Touch of Freshness in Interior

2020 décor also needs a touch of freshness in your home, and plants are an excellent option. Whether in the form of real potted plants or decorative artificial greenery, both look best in the interior. Now you can find many natural indoor or outdoor plants with flowers or opt for super easy to care for air plants!

Final Words

If you want to redecorate the spaces of your home, décor trends of 2020 are for you. Use the above mention beautiful décor ideas to make your house look stand out in 2020.

 But how can you embrace those trends with ease? You can concentrate on aspects, including color, texture, or pattern, and can use them in subtle ways to create an attractive look that’s trendy as well as livable for you.

May this be a year of beautiful colors and happy homes!

Source: https://www.elephantstock.com/blogs/inspiration/7-top-interior-decor-trends-of-2020

These Are The Biggest 2019 Interior Design Trends, According To The Pros

Learn About the Very Latest in Home Décor Trends and How to Shop Them

Believe it or not, the new year is right around the corner and with it will come some eye-catching new design trends. With that in mind, we went straight to the source and asked some top interior designers to share what styles they think will capture our interest in the coming year.

Keep reading to learn their picks for the biggest 2019 interior design trends, as well as some tips on how to incorporate these looks in your own home. By the end of this post, you should feel ready to tackle 2019 in style.

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Big, bold plants

“One trend that will be at the forefront of home interior design in 2019 is big, bold plants. A dragon tree, a rubber tree or any kind of palm tree make eye-catching statements anywhere in a home.  You can flank your sofa with one on each side or situate one in any corner.  The bigger, the better here.”

– Kenny Colvin, Designer,  Giant Squid Creative

Incorporating plant life into your decor is a bit different than taking on other 2019 interior design trends.

Here, instead of relying purely on aesthetics, you’ll want to allow the plant’s care-and-keeping instructions to dictate its placement in your home.

Be sure to check how much sunlight and water a plant needs before purchasing it to ensure that whichever plants you end up using will flourish in their ideal environment.

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Painted ceilings

“In 2019, we’ll start to see people taking advantage of the fifth wall – the ceiling has been ignored for too long! From wallpaper to molding and daring paint colors, the ceiling will be the place that people start taking chances and creating a ‘wow moment’ in their spaces.”

– Rebecca Rowland, Owner, Rebecca Rowland Interiors

Consider this look for spaces that you want to feel intimate, especially bedrooms and formal dining spaces. Here, you’ll want to keep the 10-30-60 rule in the forefront of your mind. Either continue to the ceiling with your base color, which covers 60 percent of the room, or make a strong statement by using your accent color – the last 10 percent – to add a pop of visual interest.

Collect this ideaKatarzynaBialasiewicz – Getty Images/iStockphoto

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Multi-functional spaces

“With more and more people adopting the ‘Less is more’ attitude, we are seeing a shift in interior design. For 2019, I predict we will be seeing more multi-functional spaces. The murphy bed has been making a comeback and I think we’ll see even more modernized versions.”

– Alexis Kokolias, Owner, Lexi Interiors

Multi-functional furniture doesn’t just have to be for small apartments anymore. Think about incorporating it into any multi-use spaces, such as an office that pulls double-duty as a guest room. On a smaller scale, you could also think about incorporating an ottoman that doubles as added storage. The key here is to start thinking outside the box when it comes to functionality.

Collect this ideaGetty Images/iStockphoto

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Bold colors

“In 2019, bold colors are going to explode even more than they already have. Think navy blue, deep red, and burnt orange to really bring some excitement into the room.”

– Shea Nikkel, Owner, Blue Charlotte Lifestyle

Bringing bold colors into a room is all about creating balance. Make sure to pair your bold shade with calmer, neutral hues white or gray. Use your bold color sparingly, either as a statement piece or an accent.

Collect this ideaMartin Deja – Getty Images

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Mission-style details

“Recently, I’ve seen a lot of the modern looks that photograph well, but feel very cold and clinical in-person. 2019 will be about adding warmth to modern spaces through mission-style details. You’ll see things patterned tile in a kitchen backsplash, texture on walls or terra cotta colors. It’s all about finding ways to inject more character into the room.”

– Anna Dunn, Owner, Paper Cranes Designs

Successfully paying homage to a certain style is about incorporating small touches of it into a room, rather than trying to copy the look in its entirety. Take Anna’s advice here and stick to adding mission-style touches into your existing design.

Source: https://freshome.com/inspiration/these-are-the-biggest-2019-interior-design-trends-according-to-the-pros/