The Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

  1. 40 Best White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For 2019
  2. 1. Grilled Cheese Toaster
  3. 2. 'Things I Want To Say At Work But Can't' Notebook
  4. 3. Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster
  5. 4. Hidden Alcohol Flasks
  6. 5. Mini Desktop Cornhole
  7. 6. Mini Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker
  8. 7. Pimple Popping Game
  9. 8. Poop Emoji Slippers
  10. 9. Oh The Meetings You'll Go To! Book
  11. 10. White Elephant Mug
  12. 11. Desktop Punching Bag
  13. 12. Awkward Turtle Card Game
  14. 13. Excuse Me Cartoon Book
  15. 14. Holy Mother Forking Shirtballs Adult Coloring Book
  16. 15. Classy Sassy And A Bit Smart Assy Mug
  17. 16. 'The Only Gift Worth Giving' Wine Stoppers
  18. 17. Moustache Ice Cube Tray Mold
  19. 18. Someecards Uncensored Assorted Coasters
  20. 19. Triceratops Double Taco Holder
  21. 20. Crafting with Cat Hair Book
  22. 21. Bob Ross: A Happy Little Day-to-Day 2020 Calendar
  23. 22. Maybe Swearing Will Help: Adult Coloring Book
  24. 23. Craft Cooking Kits Ugly Sweater Sugar Cookie Kit
  25. 24. “Hellraiser” Ankle Socks
  26. 25. Ninjabread Gingerbread Cookie Kit with Bonus Ninja Gingerbread Man Ornaments
  27. 26. Sloths 2020 16-Month Wall Calendar
  28. 27. Caboodles Pink Vintage Case
  29. 28. Mini PandaStapler
  30. 29. Twig Marshmallow Skewer
  31. 30. Henry Googly Eye Planter
  32. 31. Squat N Go 7” Folding Squatting Stool
  33. 32. Flapjacks Stylish Designer Laptop Keyboard Cover for Apple Magic Keyboard in Donut Pattern
  34. 33. Weiner Dog Wine Corkscrew
  35. 34. Dad Bod Fanny Pack
  36. 35. Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game
  37. 36. The Hungover Cookbook
  38. 37. Adulting Achievement Stickers
  39. 38. Dirty Word Search Book
  40. 39. World's Okayest Employee
  41. 40. Funny Kitchen Towel
  42. 36 Creative White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas – Funny White Elephant Gifts 2019
  43. 43 Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas – Best White Elephant Gifts 2019

40 Best White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For 2019

The Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

If you've seen any of The Office Christmas episodes, you know how perilous a White Elephant gift exchange can be. (Seriously, people do not play around when there's an iPod on the line!)

So, when that White Elephant exchange invite hits your inbox—and you learn there's a high-stakes game of gift grabbing in store—you might start freaking out about the perfect gift to delight your friends, horrify your family, and prank your work colleagues.

(FYI: White Elephant—a.k.a. Yankee Swap, Pirate Party, Dirty Secret Santa, etc.—is a game where everyone brings a gift, and one person starts the game by picking a present at random. From there, everyone else has the option to steal any available gifts or pick a new one.

Cue the cheerful chaos.)

Instead of wasting your precious holiday-party-prep time scouring the internet for one-of-a-kind clever gifts or trying to avoid overeager salespeople in actual stores, you could (and tbh, should) just peep this list of the 40 best White Elephant gifts. They're funny, office-appropriate (when needed), and, most important, cheap. You can snag everything for $25 or less—and a bunch for under $10.

These gifts are not only fabulously outrageous, but also practically guaranteed to score you some smiles, whether you're at your office soireé or your BFF's ugly sweater party.

1. Grilled Cheese Toaster

Nostalgia + melted cheese + carbs = the perfect White Elephant present. That's just how the math works out, mkay?

2. 'Things I Want To Say At Work But Can't' Notebook

This gift is perfect for that coworker or friend who desperately needs to speak their ~truth~ but is also low-key terrified of HR—even if that coworker/friend is you. After all, everyone could use a healthy outlet for their aggro thoughts about Karen from accounting.

3. Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

It's a '50s-inspired hot dog toaster. Need I say more?

4. Hidden Alcohol Flasks

Make your bestie's next beach day instantly better with these three hidden alcohol flasks parading as sunscreen, tanning oil, and hair gel. (Brb, gotta grab one for myself…)

5. Mini Desktop Cornhole

Okay, so you're not supposed to play drinking games at work, but it's just nice to have the option, ya know? After all, an after-hours tournament totally counts as team bonding.

6. Mini Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

What better way to show your friends, family, or work wife/hubby just how much you love them than with this mini heart-shaped waffle maker? It makes baby-sized waffles (cute!) in the shape of a heart (even cuter!), so consider this game of White Elephant won.

7. Pimple Popping Game

Got a coworker/friend who can't get enough of Dr. Pimple Popper? (Again, totally okay if that person is you.) Or got a work husband who's totally disgusted by the smallest zit? Either way, the look on their faces when they open this White Elephant gift is bound to be Instagram-worthy.

8. Poop Emoji Slippers

Finally, stepping in sh*t will make someone sigh with relief, rather than scream in horror. Best part? These won't ruin the lucky giftee's favorite pair of shoes.

9. Oh The Meetings You'll Go To! Book

A parody picture book from Dr. Suits (ha, get it?), this gift is basically guaranteed to make any office-dwelling adult bust a gut. Plus, it's a better response to those (less than) necessary evils than muttering “this could have been an email” under your breath for the millionth time.

10. White Elephant Mug

Sure, this gift might be a bit on the nose, er, truck, but you gotta admit it's super cute. Even better—it's practical and cheap (though it doesn't look it). Get ready for everyone to fight over this little guy.

11. Desktop Punching Bag

Remember that #iconic scene in The Office when Andy punches a hole in the wall? (Sorry, everything goes back to The Office…) If only he'd had this desktop punching bag to relieve his stress, things might've turned out differently. Fingers crossed your most frazzled coworker ends up with this gift when the game ends.

12. Awkward Turtle Card Game

Wanna make a whole room cringe? This purposefully awkward version of Taboo can help you do just that—no matter which friend/coworker gets stuck with it. I mean, just try describing the word moist without a shudder. Sorry, but it just can't be done!

13. Excuse Me Cartoon Book

With more than 500 cartoons from The New Yorker cartoonist Liana Fink, this book covers everything from love and dating to politics to even shyness and sadness. That means pretty much everyone (including that Angela-esque office mate) can find something ~relatable~ on its pages, making it an instant hit at a White Elephant party.

14. Holy Mother Forking Shirtballs Adult Coloring Book

Fans of The Good Place and adult coloring books a will go batshirt crazy over this forking cool coloring book. Just make sure no one acts a son of bench if the game gets heated.

15. Classy Sassy And A Bit Smart Assy Mug

This mug is so insanely tacky (I mean, that typewriter fonts they use for murders? Who thought that was a good idea?!), and thus the perfect White Elephant gift. Trust me on this—just think about Kevin from the marketing department unwrapping it…and then using it every d*mn day. Priceless.

16. 'The Only Gift Worth Giving' Wine Stoppers

Because a bottle of wine might be too on the nose (and frankly, a little boring), opt for this funny gift pack of five rubber wine-bottle toppers instead. The best part? Each comes with its own groan-worthy wine pun.

17. Moustache Ice Cube Tray Mold

Fact: You can never have enough mustache novelty items. You just can't. And, if you're lucky, the cocktail snob in the office will unwrap this White Elephant gift.

18. Someecards Uncensored Assorted Coasters

These aren't regular coasters; they're cool coasters. My personal fave: “I’d to offer moral support, but I have questionable morals.”

19. Triceratops Double Taco Holder

It's a triceratops! It's a taco holder! It's the White Elephant gift everyone will envy. Speaking of which…you should probably definitely snag one for yourself, too.

20. Crafting with Cat Hair Book

This book is a one-of-a-kind White Elephant gift that's perfect for the cat owner in your life. But it's even funnier if your dog-loving friend ends up opening it. This little gem teaches you “how to transform stray clumps of fur into soft and adorable handicrafts,” tote bags and picture frames. And yes, you can really make these.

21. Bob Ross: A Happy Little Day-to-Day 2020 Calendar

Everyone could use a little Bob Ross to brighten up their day, especially if they're artsy or just into happy little clouds. Any fan of the painter will love checking this daily calendar that alternates between Bob's best quotes and his legendary landscapes.

22. Maybe Swearing Will Help: Adult Coloring Book

This gift puts the “adult” in “adult coloring book.” So, if you and your White Elephant counterparts don't need the PG version, bring this uncensored coloring book instead (or hey, why not both?). Pro tip: Add a pack of colored pencils so the White Elephant recipient can start rage-coloring immediately.

23. Craft Cooking Kits Ugly Sweater Sugar Cookie Kit

Finally! Instead of just wearing your grannie's most heinous Christmas sweater, you can give the gift of making one everyone will **actually** enjoy.

24. “Hellraiser” Ankle Socks

Whoever said socks don't make a great gift clearly never saw these babies. I mean, who can resist this hilarious, vintage-inspired pair with a ton of 'tude?

Whether the receiver is a fan of ninjas, gingerbread, or both, they'll have a hilarious time making these kickass cookies.

26. Sloths 2020 16-Month Wall Calendar

The person at the party who considers the sloth their spirit animal will do whatever it takes (but, , in a chill way) to end up with this White Elephant gift at the end of the night.

27. Caboodles Pink Vintage Case

Remember this little guy? Any '90s child will—and will legit flip over the chance to store her makeup in one of these Caboodle cases again.

28. Mini Panda Stapler

This cute-as-can-be stapler strikes the perfect balance between functional and funny—a winning combo for a White Elephant present. And, if nothing else, it's sure to start a conversation at any party.

29. Twig Marshmallow Skewer

For the resident s'mores aficionado. You're welcome.

30. Henry Googly Eye Planter

Fingers crossed this gift gets picked by your coworker who has a literal forest on their desk. Because, how cute are these little guys?

31. Squat N Go 7” Folding Squatting Stool

People swear these stools help them go number two more comfortably. But also…lol…poop.

32. Flapjacks Stylish Designer Laptop Keyboard Cover for Apple Magic Keyboard in Donut Pattern

C'mon, if this laptop keyboard cover wasn't made for a game of workplace White Elephant, I don't know what is. The lucky recipient can put it on their office computer ASAP…but you may get blamed for their constant doughnut cravings. (Oops?)

33. Weiner Dog Wine Corkscrew

Wine night is already fun, sure, but a dachshund-shaped corkscrew will take it to the next level. This downward-facing dog wine opener is the kitchen kitsch your friend never knew they desperately needed.

34. Dad Bod Fanny Pack

Fanny packs and dad bods are having a serious moment right now, so it only makes sense to combine them, right? Right?!

35. Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Whether the recipient plays mini golf or the full-size game, everyone could use some extra putting practice. And this, ahem, handy game is such a time-saver!

36. The Hungover Cookbook

Be a local superhero with this White Elephant gift that will definitely come to the rescue the morning after your holiday party.

37. Adulting Achievement Stickers

Adulting is hard, but congratulating yourself for doing the absolute bare minimum? That's pretty easy—and fun with these hilarious stickers. Case in point: “I wore a bra today.”

38. Dirty Word Search Book

For the Stanley Hudson in your life, this word search book contains more than 50 puzzles overflowing with naughtiness. It's, uh, definitely a change of pace from your office mate Karen's daily New York Times crossword (which is what makes it even funnier when she opens the gift wrap).

39. World's Okayest Employee

This mug tells it it is—no matter which one of your coworkers receives it. Just, uh, maybe don't tell them who this White Elephant gift came from…

40. Funny Kitchen Towel

Tacos make everything better, even kitchen towels. This one is sure to put a smile on everyone's face (and probably inspire a little food envy, too).


36 Creative White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas – Funny White Elephant Gifts 2019

The Best White Elephant Gift Ideas


White elephant gift exchanges are all about the luck of the draw (and, well, steal). If you want to win over friends, family, and coworkers, or at the very least give everyone a good laugh at this year's holiday party, shop one of the Internet's best white elephant gifts.

(And yes, these gifts also work for a Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa.

) Since there are a few different ways you can approach this popular gift-giving game, these white elephant gift ideas include downright hilarious gag gifts, practical household finds, and office-friendly picks that'll cause an all-out stealing war.

But, really, the weirder (okay, more unique) the gift, the more fun the game will be. In that case, pull out all the stops by ordering one of these wacky and wonderful picks, which all come in under $30 (many fall between $10 and $20, just to be safe).

Still on the hunt for Secret Santa gifts, too? We've got you covered with these affordable, crowd-pleasing presents.

1 of 36

Office-Appropriate Gift

Pizza Blanket

Since they are what they eat, it's only fitting that they wrap themselves in a cozy throw that looks just a pizza pie. This round blanket — available in 47, 60, 71, and 80-inch diameter —is even better when paired with a hot, cheesy slice.

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Walmart Exclusive

Oreo Milkshake Set

Their next movie night just got a whole lot sweeter: This gift set comes with two milkshake-worthy ceramic cups and reusable straws, so they can slurp the Oreo shake in style. All they need is vanilla ice cream and milk to make their milkshake from scratch.

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Best Under $10

Corgi Succulent Planter

Give your coworker a new desk buddy by filling this sleepy puppy planter with real or fake greens. You can also pick a pug, schnauzer, husky, or labrador, if you're partial to a certain breed. 

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Target Exclusive

Friends: The One With the Ball Game



As they toss this replica from the iconic episode, “The One with the Ball,” players will run through a series of Friends-inspired challenges  “Monica, Monica, Have a Happy Hanukkah.” 

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Gag Gift for Friends

Custom Face Socks



Since you don't know which lucky victim — er, recipient — will pick this gift, you're better off customizing these socks with your (beautiful) face. Just submit your best photo, choose from one of 10 sock colors, and let this Etsy shop take care of the rest. 

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Funny Gift to Get a Laugh

Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Uncommon Goods


Let the sing-a-long commence: Each of these six cork coasters are engraved with incorrect lyrics to the most popular karaoke songs “Hold me closer Tony Danza.” 

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Best Under $10

Porn for Women

Hachette Books

Don't worry: This book contains zero nudity — just some steamy photos of men completing household chores. That's about as hot as it gets … just us? We didn't think so. 

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Great Find Under $20

Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster



It's always hot dog season, especially when you have one of these handy toasters in your kitchen. Go for double by cooking two hot dogs at once while toasting the buns until they're golden brown.

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Funny Gift Under $10

Slang Flashcards

Knock Knock


Even your trendiest coworker doesn't know all of the lingo of today's teens. Their slang will be straight fire after studying these 50 flash cards. It's vocabulary tests from elementary school, but gucci. 

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Gag Gift for Dad

101 So Bad, They're Good Dad Jokes

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


As if anyone in your friend group needed more material. Packed with 101 jokes that any Dad would approve of, this Amazon best-seller will make anyone with a decent sense of humor cringe.

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Top Pick on Amazon

Portable Campfire



Just light this portable campfire and watch it glow for up to five hours. It's big enough to keep everyone on the campsite nice and toasty, but still small enough to pack away between uses. 

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Funny Gift for Coworkers

Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild


They can start each day with some much-needed inspiration by their childhood hero. Once they pour hot coffee in this color-changing mug, the blank canvas transforms into one of Bob's colorful landscapes. 

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Gag Gift for Friends

Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

BigMouth Inc.

Finally, a wine glass big enough to “fit her needs.” It holds an entire bottle of her go-to Pinot, so you should buy her a fresh bottle while you're at it.

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Best Under $10

Weird Flavor Lip Balm Set



If it was acceptable to munch on pickles, bacon, and pizza all day long, everyone would do it. For a more subtle approach, they can apply these all-natural lip balms and lick their lips every now and again. 

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Funny Gift for Friends

'The Golden Girls' Shot Glasses

Just Funky


Every office, family, and friend group has a Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia, and Rose. And even if the gift recipient doesn't fully identify with one of the show's four characters, they'll have a good time playing the drinking game outlined on the shot glasses. 

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Office-Appropriate Gift

Sheet Mask Set

With nearly 4,000 rave reviews on Amazon, this pack of 16 facial sheet masks will encourage them to add more R&R into their daily routine. Perfect for your stressed-out colleague, don't ya think?

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Top Pick on Amazon

Avocado Tree Growing Kit



Once they grow their own avocados — FYI: It takes about five months for one to sprout. — their avocado toast game will be so strong. Until then, they'll feel cool watching their favorite fruit (yes, fruit!) come to life. 

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Best Under $10

Beer Soap

Swag Brewery


Scented with orange peel, crushed oats, and real hop, this artisan soap is a great way for a beer lover to satisfy their craving without, ya know, cracking open a cold one. It's not just for show: Amazon reviewers rave that it leaves their skin feeling, smelling, and looking good. 

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Under $10 Find for Foodies

Microwave Pizza Tray

Food Network™


After sticking last night's pizza on this microwaveable tray, they can say goodbye to cold, soggy leftovers. The grated, ventilated tray restores pizza to its best state: crispy, cheesy, and seriously delicious.

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Gag Gift for Anyone

Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue

By Mark & Margot

If they take pride in their garden, then this statue will be the perfect addition. Say they live in an apartment with limited (or no) outdoor space, this little guy makes a great, easy-to-care-for pet. 

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Top Pick on Amazon


Hit Products


Keep their coffee where they want it — in the mug! — with this anti-slip coaster that attaches to the side of most sofas. They can also adjust the silicone holder to better fit soda cans, water bottles, beer bottles, and other cups. 

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Funny Gift to Get a Laugh

Microwave Pasta Cooker

Fasta Pasta


With the exception of the select few who make it from scratch, most people make spaghetti because it's quick, easy, and delicious. Make dinnertime even easier with this microwave cooker, which makes al dente pasta in 7 to sixteen minutes, depending on the spaghetti type. 

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Under $10 Find for Wine Lovers

Wine Socks

The Only Gift Worth Giving


Make a starter kit of your own by pairing these socks with a fresh bottle of wine. That way they can put their socks to work as soon as they open 'em.

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Gift the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper

Turn their weekend Netflix binges into a movie theater-level experience with this at-home popcorn popper. Just before cozying up on the couch, pour popcorn kernels into the bowl, add flavorings, and let the microwave work it's popping magic.

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Best Under $10

In My Humble Opinion Journal

Knock Knock


Remember the diary that you locked away in your nightstand as a teen? This lined journal is basically the adult version. 

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Top Pick on Amazon

The Mug With A Hoop

MAX'IS Creations


Making playing with food cool again: The sports buff can shoot, score, and sip on their coffee, hot chocolate, or cereal milk with this basketball mug.

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Office-Appropriate Gift

Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat

Quirk Books

She has enough cat hair scattered around the house, so she should take advantage of it. The ideas, which range from coin purses to knit mittens, take fur balls to the next level. Gross or genius? Let them decide.

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Foodie-Approved Gift

Beer-infused Hot Sauce

Swag Brewery

These aren't just any ol' hot sauces. Nope, these three bottles are infused with American Lager, Farmhouse Ale, or American Pale Ale from Swag Brewery.

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Office-Appropriate Gift

Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit

Uncommon Goods


Gardening season might be over, but that doesn't mean you have to stop growing fresh produce altogether. To grow hearty shiitake mushrooms, soak this spore-filled log and leave it in a dark, damp place. 


43 Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas – Best White Elephant Gifts 2019

The Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

courtesy / katie buckleitner

Christmas is right around the corner, so it’s basically the time of year when you’re invited to ALL the white elephant gift exchanges. You know, that party where even the closest of friends and family members can turn against each other in the blink of an eye and snatch gifts right each other’s hands.

These parties have it all: drama, revenge, suspense! It can transform even the nicest living room into a freaking war zone.

But because there are so many kinds of gift ideas you can bring to one of these get-togethers, you might be wondering where to even start! You can pick out something quirky, random, funny, or functional or actually get a nice present. (You know everyone’s going to go after that Diptyque candle.

) It depends on the group you’re exchanging gifts with, but if you need some ideas to get the ball rollin’, say no more. Here, 43 white elephant gift ideas that’ll liven up any holiday party.

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a set of funny magnets

Cat Butt Magnets, Set of 6 Kikkerland


Hanging things on their fridge will be so much more fun with these magnetic cat butts. Trust me. 


a baby fridge

Classic Series Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer Cooluli


Whether it’s for beauty products or extra drinks, this portable lil fridge is a cute present for someone’s room. 


a unique table lamp

Winthrop 2.5 Ibs Salt Lamp World Menagerie


This baby is a salt lamp and mini zen garden in one. It glows, but you can also rake the salt into mesmerizing patterns. Genius. 


a sequin Danny DeVito pillow

Magic Reversible Throw Pillow

Danny DeVito, I love your work! Give your friend the ultimate surprise with a sequin pillow that reveals the actor’s face when you brush the fabric up.


a trivia game

Things They Don’t Teach You in School Party Trivia Game Hygge Games


Everyone loves a good game of trivia! This game has tons of useless facts you’ll (hopefully) remember. 


a pink waffle bowl maker

Waffle Bowl Maker

A. Mini. Waffle. Bowl. Maker. That’s it. That’s the caption.


a problem-solving flowchart book

The Best Damn Answers to Life’s Hardest Questions: A Flowchart Book By Tess Koman

Tess Koman’s debut book can answer all your burning questions—, “Should I wear a bra?” and “Should I cancel my plans?”—all while making you laugh and say, “OMG, yep, that’s exactly what I should do.”


cozy narwhal slippers

Unicorn Animal Slippers Fuzzy House Slippers

Whoever is lucky enough to receive fluffy animal slippers will have the priceless gift of warm feet all winter long.


a mermaid blanket

Mermaid Tail Blanket LAGHCAT


There’s always one item that everyone steals in these gift exchanges, and you already know that a mermaid-tail throw blanket is totally THAT present.


an insulated shower beer holder

Shower Beer Holder Shakoolie


They’ll stay in the shower even longer with a fun suction-cup beer holder, so they can drink and get themselves clean at the same time.


a cute herb garden

Windowsill Herb Garden Starter Kit Urban Leaf


Someone will definitely appreciate a colorful set of bottles that comes with herbs and edible plants. Their kitchen will look so pretty and the plants will come in handy when cooking.


a mini desk humidifier

Mini Humidifier LEMBO DIRECT


Their desk (or car or anywhere this fits, really) will be so relaxing with a baby humidifier, especially as the weather gets drier outside.


a cheesy holiday sweater

Christmas Reindeer Snowflakes Sweater Pullover

It’s not a white elephant gift exchange without at least one Christmas sweater, and this classic line from Home Alone does just the trick.


a soda-top PopSocket

PopGrip, Crack a Cold One PopSockets


A realistic image of the top of a soda can will add a cool look to their phone with the convenience of a good grip.


a set of colorful shot glasses

Color Changing Mood Plastic Shot Glass

These shot glasses change colors depending on the temperature of whatever alcohol is put inside them. a mood ring, but, you know, for adults. 


cute star clips

Vintage Shooting Star Clip Set Urban Renewal


Accessory lovers will love a set of star-shaped clips in these pastel shades.  


a love spell book

Cosmopolitan Love Spells: Rituals and Incantations for Getting the Relationship You Want Cosmopolitan


For those who are a bit unlucky in love, this book is a lighthearted gift that looks cute on a coffee table but also has unique rituals to snag a bae.


a peppermint coffee scrub

Coffee Body Scrub Mini Frank Body


The lucky recipient of this scrub will have their skin revitalized thanks to the cooling feel of peppermint mixed with the benefits of exfoliation.


a super-teeny-tiny cactus

Mini Cactus Kit – Pink Spalted Home


They’ll be obsessed with the tiniest cactus anyone’s ever seen in this pink vase. So smol!


a set of pavé rings

The Pavé Peace Ring Set – Gold CosmoStyle


They can stack these rings on one finger or wear them separately for a versatile jewelry set.


a chic pair of studs

Willow Earring in Gold & CZ Five and Two


No, you’re not required to get a gag gift (although some ARE funny). Everyone would want to be the lucky person to unwrap these starry gold earrings.


tarot cards

Everyday Tarot Mini Tarot Card Deck Urban Outfitters


Even if you don’t know how to read ’em, they sure are pretty! You can go around the room and get *real* deep with your friends.


Drunk Elephant minis

Rise + Glow™ Brightening Duo Drunk Elephant


Mini skincare items are great if you don’t want to drop a ton on the full-size versions. This serum duo from Drunk Elephant will def be a popular present to swipe.


soft hair scrunchies

Satin Hair Scrunchies

Scrunchies are really having a MOMENT. Plus, they are super functional and don’t leave hair dents.


a pretty nail polish set

Mini Nail Polish Set Nicole Miller New York


If your friends never go without their nails painted, they need this gorge set of shimmery, bold polishes.


a fancy drinking game

PROSE-PONG Prosecco Pong Bachelorette Party Drinking Game Talking Tables


Who wants to play beer pong Solo cups when you can be sophisticated and drink prosecco mini champagne coupes? The game even comes with little pink ping-pong balls!


a throwback Caboodle case

Cosmetic Connection Makeup Case Caboodles


This is a crowd-pleasing, nostalgic gift for the people who can’t live without their Caboodle cases.


a multicolor corkscrew

Double-Hinged Corkscrew, Mirage

Bringing a corkscrew to a white elephant gift exchange is never a bad idea. Plus, the colors on this one will definitely make it a hot-ticket item.


a drink bell

Coffee/Cocktails Ding Ding Bell Knock Knock


Be careful of which person ends up with this bell, because they might ring it constantly—once for coffee and two times for cocktails.


a bingo game for cat lovers

Cat Bingo Marcel George

A *purrfect* present for a cat-loving crowd, this bingo game features 64 breeds from all over the world.


an umbrella with a play on words

Raining Men Clear Bubble Dome Umbrella

Whoever receives this white elephant gift will be singing “It’s raining men!” All. Night. Long. And it’ll come in handy when it actually does rain.


a book of punny cocktail recipes

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails With a Literary Twist By Tim Federle

Whether or not you’re obsessed with the classics, everyone can appreciate the genius of these literary cocktail puns and recipes—and they’ll also love the fact that the book is in an adorable mini size.


a super-cute piggy bank

Cute Stealing Coin Cat Money Box Peradix


Out with the traditional piggy banks and in with cat ones that pop out and grab your coins. Saving money has never been so cute.


a double-sided zodiac puzzle

Birthstones & the Zodiac 2-Sided 500-Piece Puzzle Galison

All the astrology fans at the party will totally love a two-sided puzzle that features all the zodiac signs and their coordinating birthstones.


cheeky socks

Rosé All Day CosmoStyle


If someone in your family loves rosé, these striped socks are right up their alley.


a doughnut-shaped cookie jar

Doughnuts Ceramic Cookie Jar

Whether you fill this jar with doughnuts or cookies, it’s as great a gift as any—especially for someone with a serious sweet tooth.


a fun key tag

Not Today Satan Motel Key Tag FLODANCER

This mantra will get anyone through a particularly rough day.


a not-so-scary T. rex plant holder

The Rex With Air Plant Urban Stems


A gold T. rex that fits an easy-to-care-for air plant on its back is a surprisingly chic and unique gift.


a glass for *that* person

Wine Snob Stemless 11 oz Wine Glass

Can your friend or relative tell the difference between a cab and a merlot? Or better yet, can they tell which region their wine is from? They’ll LOVE a glass that makes sure everyone’s aware of how much more they know than you.


a candle everyone will fight over

Noisetier Mini Candle Diptyque


There’s always at least ONE nice (and maybe a little pricey) gift at these exchanges, and this Diptyque candle is totally it.


a straightener for on-the-go touch-ups

Mini Styler

Not all white elephant gifts have to be quirky and weird—although it might be a little more fun that way! If you’re unsure of what to get, plenty of people will vie for a purple mini straightener.


pizza BFF necklaces

Yellow Pizza Slice Chain Necklace Lux Accessories


Give someone a pizza your heart with a golden slice of pepperoni they can wear around their neck at all times. You guys can even match!


a retro phone case

Silicone iPhone Case, Disposable Camera

Whoever ends up with this gift will love to snap even more pics with this disposable camera case.