These 6 Destination Wine Spas Blend Your Two Favorite Things

The Best Spas, Retreats, and Wellness Resorts For Detoxing

These 6 Destination Wine Spas Blend Your Two Favorite Things

Courtesy of Lanserhof Tegernsee

Now that the holidays have ended, it’s time to start thinking about cleansing all those glasses of wine, mashed potatoes, and slices of pie away. And where better to start than at a spa—or even better, a full-on wellness resort? After all, we’re living in the age of cryotherapy, infared sauanas, and sensory deprivation tanks, when there are more options available than ever to begin your New Year in a way that is totally customizable.

To help get you started, we’ve put together a list of the best spas, resorts, and treatments to help start 2017 off right. From hiking retreats in Vermont to medical centers in Germany, there’s something on this list for everyone.

Karyn Millet/Courtesy of Chablé

Early in 2016, Chablé Resort opened in Yucatan, Mexico.

The lush spa, which blends holistic, Mayan traditions and modern techniques, is the main attraction here—it’s built around cenote, which are natural wells, or swimming holes.

Just a quick Google Image search of the resort will almost assuredly have you adding this property to the very top of your bucket list, or even booking a stay right then and there.



Courtesy of Lanserhof Tegernsee

In the mountains of Bavaria, overlooking the Tegernesee Lake, you’ll find Lanserhof Tegernesee, a wellness resort that refers to itself as a “modern health center.

” They use the LANS Med Concept, which is basically an all-encompassing health plan that guests create with their on-site physician to suit their own personal health needs (anti-aging, weight loss, better eating habits, quitting smoking—you get the picture).

If spa retreats are “too 2016” for you, head here to take detoxing to a whole new level.

Boston Globe/Getty Images

This hiking-focused wellness spa claimed the title of Number One Destination Spa in our 2016 World’s Best Awards. The general consensus—according to our readers, who vote each year—is that, East Coaster or not, this place is worth a visit. At New Life, you’ll want to hike, thanks to the beautiful backdrop of the state’s Green Mountains.

Mornings and afternoons can also be spent having massages, doing yoga, or participating in healthy cooking workshops. It’s worth noting that New Life offers a Weight Loss Retreat as well, which focuses on motivation through exercising in natural environments (a.k.a.

, not your dreary, clinical gym) and eating wholesome, local foods rather than dieting.


Courtesy of Santani

Situated within the Sri Lankan jungle, this wellness resort offers a tri-level spa—the first ever, in the country, to use hydrotherapy facilities. Do yourself a favor and visit Santani for a longer-than-average stay so you can fully experience their comprehensive approach to health and relaxation.

Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images

The gorgeous, red rock backdrop of Mii Amo could easily be mistaken for Mars; alas, it’s actually in Sedona, which may be less exotic, but no less mesmerizing.

Here, you can customize your visit length and what you want to gain your stay, whether it’s a fresh beginning, spiritual exploration, or healthy body. The rooms and suites are distinctly Southwestern and meticulous; many have fireplaces, whirlpools, outdoor showers, and patios.

While this is a great place for couples, friends, and groups, it’s an even better destination for solo travelers looking to clear their mind.

Courtesy of Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort at Kaplankaya

Canyon Ranch chose Bodrum, Turkey, as the location for their first international property which may not have been as surprising as a choice were it not 2017 (it opened less than a year ago).

But this is perhaps exactly what both the country and its tourists needed: a reminder that venturing outside of one’s comfort zone is part of what makes travel so thrilling, intriguing, and most importantly—stimulating.

But upon checking in at Canyon Ranch Kaplankaya, all thoughts of personal and political turmoil seemingly melt away.

The gorgeous property sits on the Turkish Riviera and offers a variety of wellness packages (including a Smoking Cessation Package) and world-class spa, but our favorite amenity has to be the service allowance, which is included in every guests stay to apply towards the programs and activities of their choice.



Courtesy of Susanne Kaufmann & Hotel Post Bezau

If you’re not familiar with Susanne Kaufmann’s natural, luxury line of skincare products, you should be—they’re fabulous (we’re particularly big fans of her bath formulas). The line is made with ingredients associated with Alpine habitats, the Bregenzerwald Forest, where she makes her products.

This is also the location of the Hotel Post Bezau, which is home to the Susanne Kaufmann Spa is and where only the foremost medical estheticians and skincare specialists are hired. And, as you can imagine, the outdoor activities—whether it’s spring or fall—are endless.

We recommend making a trip during winter, however, when the Alps are the most magical.

Courtesy of Higher Dose

Founded by two female entrepreneurs, HigherDOSE is the perfect quick fix for New Yorkers eager to detox (and, who don’t mind a bit of sweat). Their various locations focus on infrared therapy through the use of saunas and body wraps.

The technology benefits both the way you look and feel; infrared stimulates the circulatory system, purges the skin of toxins, and seriously helps with joint pain (the latter of which is a great aid for those who suffer from arthritis or Lyme Disease).

Courtesy of Aman

For those traveling to Japan, a visit to Amanemu is a must.

The standout feature of this completely tranquil, modern-Eastern oasis is its onsens (Japanese hot spring baths) that are in each of the resort’s 24 suites and villas; there are two onsen pavilions in the spa, which boasts stunning panoramic views, as well. Located in Ise Shima National Park, you can hike UNESCO World Heritage trails, feast on local seafood, and soak in mineral rich waters whilst there.


Courtesy of The Well

The Well is a brand new, multi-level monster bathhouse nestled in the forests outside Oslo; it now holds the title as the Nordic region’s largest spa.

The Well offers a wide array of treatments influenced by Eastern and Western cultures, from Turkish hammams to Roman-style baths and Japanese onsens (there are traditional Nordic therapies to be experienced, too).

So go, now, before the word gets out, and immerse yourself in what’s sure to be one of Scandinavia’s next hottest destinations.

Courtesy of Miraval Resort & Spa

You can never wrong with a trip to Miraval, Arizona’s long renowned resort and spa. Situated in Tucson’s Santa Cataline Mountains, Miraval’s got options for just about every type of guest.

There’s horseback riding, fine arts classes, cooking workshops, zip lining, outdoor activities (did anyone say zip lining?) and even bee keeping.

And its award-winning Life in Balance Spa ain’t bad, neither, with offerings as vast as Shamanic healing ceremonies and outdoor, nighttime massages.

Courtesy of Mountain Trek

For lovers of both fitness and nature, Mountain Trek offers retreats set amongst the beautiful lakes and mountains of British Columbia.

Their all-inclusive packages, which include healthy meals, classes ( Yoga and spinning), and massages, can be booked on a weekly basis. For families or groups of friend looking to detox—both physically and digitally—Mountain Trek hosts groups of up to 16 people.

Past visitors have reported genuine changes after leaving the resort, such as weight loss and better sleeping and eating habits.


Andrew Day/Aire Ancient Baths NY

One of New Yorkers’ favorite places to unwind at is at Aire Ancient Baths, a luxury bathhouse and spa in SoHo.

This year, Aire is taking things to a whole new level with their Red Wine Experience, which includes the usual 90 minutes of thermal bath time—but what comes before that is truly heavenly.

The ritual starts with a half-hour soak (with a simultaneous scalp and facial massage) in a private tub filled with a concentrate of tempranillo grapes; watch as they pour the leftover red wine you’re served into the bath.

Next, you’re led into an adjoining room for an hour massage, where masseuses use nourishing grape seed oil. After, enjoy your hour-and-a-half as you wish, whether that means floating in the “dead sea bath,” relaxing in the eucalyptus-infused steam room, or sipping tea on slabs of heated marble.

Courtesy of Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Retreat

Located in the Arenal Volcanic Region, this breathtaking property is well known for being home to Costa Rica’s largest network of natural thermal springs; non-guests can acquire day passes to experience them, but the resort, which is situated within a lush rainforest, is spectacular and most certainly worth a stay. In addition to the spa and thermal waters, there are the Shangri-La Gardens, an adults only, open-air rainforest lounge, where there are cocktail serving butlers standing guard. The hotel is also committed to environmental sustainability, as if we needed another reason to encourage guests to visit.

Courtesy of Westglow Resort & Spa

Situated in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, this charming resort, which is housed in a historic Greek Revival mansion, combines old school American charm and modern luxury.

A Relais & Chateaux property, you can customize your health plan, combining the fitness classes and spa treatments that meet your individual needs.

And the options seem endless: there are health food grocery store tours, Vichy rain treatments, and massages of all forms. This is a perfect destination for a girl’s getaway or solo retreat.


Courtesy of Maya Tulum Spa Resort

This beachfront property is Tulum’s original yoga retreat. A secluded paradise set on the Riviera Maya, the resort takes pride in honoring ancient Mayan culture, particularly their healing techniques and therapeutic treatments.

Instead of rooms, guests stay in light and airy thatched-roof cabanas (no two are a), all in close proximity to the beach.

It’s also a perfect destination for those with an adventurous or nature loving side; experiences include snorkeling, watching turtles hatch their eggs, and the exploration of Mayan ruins. And, of course, yoga classes, which are also open to non-guests as well.

Courtesy of The BodyHoliday

On the Caribbean island of St. Lucia lies the all-inclusive BodyHoliday Resort, which specializes in wellbeing. The complete experience at BodyHoliday revolves around wellness and pampering; daily, complimentary spa treatments are part of each guest’s stay (spa activities can be scheduled in advance, if one wishes).

The resort also has its own program—BodyScience.

Certified MDs consult with each client before, during, and after the program, which, according to its website, “uses non-invasive, state-of-the-art technology and Ayurvedic principles to analyze a range of physiological and biochemical information from each guest, which make it possible for our doctors to assess a variety of factors–including nutrient, hormone and stress levels, heart health and circulation–to establish the best course to better living.” In shorter words? You’ll be well taken care of, and just not while you’re on-site. The resort offers quite the plethora of activities, too, from cricket to scuba diving, and wakeboarding and sailing.

Courtesy of The Ranch

By this day and age, The Ranch is quite well known for its celebrity guests. Hollywood A-listers have been coming to The Ranch Malibu, (and now, The Ranch 4.0 at the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village) for years to detox, de-stress, and shape up for (or, unwind from) demanding roles.

But you don’t have to be famous to visit, of course—the locations just happen to be in close proximity to La La Land. The Ranch offers various programs, all of which are highly physical and results-driven. If you’re looking for a few days off to shed a few pounds, gain some mental clarity, or just escape the daily stresses of life, head for a shorter stay at The Ranch 4.

0 (this location also offers daily “Integrative Lifestyle Physicals” that end with a deep tissue massage). For those who are interested in longer-term stays, there’s the signature 7-day program, or The Ranch 10.0 (which, you guessed it, consists of 10 days). Both incorporate a specialty diet and medical testing, alongside daily hikes, massages, fitness classes, and naps.

To top it all off, The Ranch offers a daily meal plan program, which is delivered to the front doors of customers who live nearby.



South Coast Winery Resort & Spa

These 6 Destination Wine Spas Blend Your Two Favorite Things

Rosé wine and the perfect pairing of cheese and fruit

Rosé all day. Yes way rosé. Stopand smell the rosé. You’ve probably heard them all, or seen them whilescrolling through your Instagram feed, usually accompanied by gorgeous pics ofglasses brimming with baby pink liquid being sipped by glamorous folks withdesigner shades and trendy outfits. The bottom line is that rosé is on the risein a big, big way. 

“’Rosé All Day’ is not just ahashtag, it’s a cultural movement sparked by Instagram,” notes Alpana Singh,Master Sommelier in Business Insider. And the numbers don’t lie. In 2017 rosésales were up 53% in the U.S., according to Nielsen,while wine sales overall increased by just 4%.

The pink stuff is here to stay,which is a good thing. Rosé is incredibly versatile, coming in a full spectrumof hues from barely-kissed blush to deep raspberry and everything in between, aswell varying levels of dryness and a diverse range of flavor profiles fromcrisp and clean to luscious and mixed-berry-driven.

It’s remarkably foodfriendly, a happy in-the-middle option with the ability to pair well withthings that go with whites and reds. It’s also fun.

While there seems tobe a distinct rosé season – late Spring to early fall – the increased demand fordrinking pink has opened up rosé for year-round drinking, with many retailersoffering full sections dedicated to dozens of different selections.

We in Southern California feelright at home sipping rosé any day from January to December. It’s a drink thatmarries well with sunny days and a laid back SoCal spirit.

Happily, TemeculaValley Southern California Wine Country produces some truly outstanding bottlesand has been doing so for quite some time.

In fact, in 2001, in an articleabout the importance of supporting local wineries, the Wall Street Journal describedTemecula Valley’s Hart Winery, saying they “Make one of America’s best rosé.”

When we asked Jim Hart what makesTemecula Valley rosé so special, he explained that, “It’s because it’s notproduced as an afterthought. It’s produced to be a rosé. That’s why it’s sogood.

It doesn’t actually make sense to make rosé in Temecula because our fruitis too expensive to not go toward making reds. So when we take that highquality fruit and intentionally make a rosé with it, the result isamazing.

” Jim says they pick their fruit early and then treat and ferment thewine a white, which results in deeply expressive, high quality wines.

Here are a few of our favoriteTemecula Valley picks for this rosé season and beyond.

HartWinery Rosé of Sangiovese

Sangiovese is one of Italy’s flagship wine grapes and shines just as brightly in Temecula Valley. It is also a delight when used to produce rosé.

To make this award-winning wine, Hart used a cold pre-soak followed by pressing, and a low-temperature white wine fermentation.

The result is a lightly pink, near-dry, delicately scented and flavored rosé, bursting with strawberry and watermelon notes on an elegant, floral backdrop. Excellent with a wide range of foods, and a great summer sipper.

SouthCoast Winery Rosé of Tempranillo

Multi-award-winning and the onlyAmerican rosé to earn a Double Gold at this year’s 50 Best rosé tasting, thiswine is made from a blend of two different Iberian Peninsula clonal selections ofTempranillo (one Spanish and one Portuguese).

Some of the fruit was machineharvested and quickly drained and pressed, while a portion was hand-picked andwhole cluster pressed. The two lots were then blended prior to fermentation. Theresult is a wine with beautiful extraction and color, youthful acidity andgreat structure, offering ripe strawberry, sweet blackberry and watermelonnotes.

It is a wine with focus, finesse and elegance, showing wonderfulvarietal characters while remaining fresh and enjoyable.

2018Robert Renzoni Vineyards Lyric Rose, $29

This is one of those amazinglyquaffable wines that you could drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Balletslipper pink and perfectly dry, this summer sipper is made from 100% Syrah.

Itboasts delicate notes of Ranier cherries, fleshy white peach and rose petalsthat give way to rich flavors of guava and melon.

A delightful aperitif wine,meant for sipping by the pool or as you stroll Temecula Valley vineyards.

2018 AkashWinery Parlez Vous Rosé, $35

This intensely hued rosé,packaged in a stand-out, uniquely shaped bottle, is impossible to miss. Madefrom Temecula Valley newcomer, Akash Winery, this is a complex rosé thatdemands attention.

A massive onslaught of aromas burst from the glass,displaying crushed raspberry, cranberry and strawberry notes, followed bywatermelon Jolly Rancher and kaffir lime leaves. But don’t let the sweet, ripebouquet fool you.

On the palate, this rosé is completely dry, with a plush,almost grippy mouthfeel and an endless finish, making it a truly versatile foodwine, capable of standing up to heartier fare and meat-based dishes. 

2018 PontePas Doux, $28

“Pas Doux” translates to “not sweet,” a descriptorthat lets the drinker know this wine, made from old vine Sangiovese, wasintentionally made in a classic, dry, Provençal style.

The grapes were harvestedat sunrise rather than in the dawn twilight in order to select the lightestclusters.  The light juice was then full-cluster pressed directly to tank,and briefly cold-stored in stainless steel to retain and develop the structureand brightness.

 The Rhône yeast used for fermentation achieved warmertemperatures than expected, resulting in a rich, round palate andultra-tropical ripeness.  In the bottle, this juicy rosé is a dynamic, rich, dry andcomplex yet focused wine.

  The crisp acidity makes it a match for lightfare, poultry, seafood and salad, but it can also stand up to hard, robustcheese and dried fruits.

2018 WiensFamily Cellars Rosé of Barbera, $26

We can’t get enough of the softpeach color of this elegant rosé, made from 100% Barbera, a grape that trulylends itself to rosé -making thanks to its ability to retain bright acidity. Atonly 11.

5% alcohol it’s a great poolside or picnic sipper, but equally at homepaired with an elegantly prepared dinner.

Notes of ripe pink grapefruit, wetriver stones, key lime and rose petal give way to mouthwatering peach andnectarine and a dry, lingering finish. 

2018 South Coast Winery Vineyard Rosé Sparkling Wine

It’stough to talk about Temecula Valley rosé without mentioning bubbly. This wine, a blend of 52%Zinfandel 38% Tempranillo and 10% Merlot, captures the seductive fruit aromasand flavors from the three red varietals used in its creation.

The estate growngrapes were specifically selected for their inherent red berry fruit characterand their ability to work together in a blend. Each lot of fruit was wholecluster pressed and fermented separately prior to blending and secondaryfermentation. Strawberry, raspberry and cherry rise the glass with eachtiny bubble, making this wine a real “Jolly Rancher” treat.

Finished as a Brutstyle, this wine has a very clean, bright acidity which makes it balanced,refreshing and inherently drinkable. 

Find all of these selections online or get them straightfrom the winery.

With plenty to do, from wine tastings to concerts, festivals,hot air ballooning and more, you are sure to find enough to fill several daysin Southern California Wine Country this Summer.

Find out more about what’sgoing on all season long in the region Wine Enthusiast Magazine named one ofthe world’s Top Ten Wine Travel Destinations HERE.


Winery | Canton, OH

These 6 Destination Wine Spas Blend Your Two Favorite Things

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