Shop 14 Stylish Small Dining Room Furniture Picks

120 Budget Furniture Picks for An Affordable But Stylish Dining Room

Shop 14 Stylish Small Dining Room Furniture Picks
photo by zeke ruelas | from: ginny’s dining room reveal

A few weeks ago, Arlyn graced the internet with this post containing over 130 budget living room furniture picks and you guys, rightfully so, were very into it.

Then Laurren, one of our contributors, lent us her market expertise with the outdoor furniture post and because, many of you, we never tire of a good budget roundup, the team happily decided to keep them coming.

You guys asked us (begged us?) for a dining roundup, so here we are. I’ll admit, I was a little startled and afraid when this was assigned to me. What I know about dining rooms is minimal, and what I know about decorating/styling them is even less.

My experience has been more of trial and error, or perhaps more accurately it is a story of neglect.  [/caption]

photo by tessa neustadt | from: brady’s kitchen & breakfast nook reveal

When I started putting together my apartment, my dining area was put on the hold for a handful of reasons. One was that I had a blank slate (meaning I had zero furniture), so to assemble a room on a small budget was going to be tricky.

I also did not want to repeat the mistakes of apartments past where rooms became a hodgepodge of furniture thrown together with no direction. Some of you might remember in one of my last appearances, I mentioned my apartment was lacking a dining table for over 6 months and it was for this very reason. Let’s call it design-block (that has to be a thing right?).

Or, could it also be because my boyfriend and I somewhat shamefully enjoy many a’meals on our couch while watching Jeopardy? Maybe. (And yes, I watch Jeopardy. I am essentially 24 going on 50). In any case, I focused energy (and $$) on other parts of my apartment (living room, bedroom, etc.) because those were spaces I felt were more exciting to style and play around with.

The dining room was my ugly step-child and received no attention. Then, I had an awakening, as you do when contemplating design decisions. The thing that occurred to me first is this: eating is an everyday occurrence so why not do it in a space that you love? There is certainly something to be said about sitting at a table, TV off, and enjoying a meal (and company).

Am I an adult?? Yes, yes I am. And second, I realized it’s the place where you get to spend the most time with people you love, and should be apt to entertain (if you are into that sort of thing). I at least figured it’d certainly be nice to have a space where guests can actually sit and (ideally) enjoy a home cooked meal by yours truly.

So, all of that is to say that I am happy to announce this girl is the owner of a dining table and SIX chairs (4 of which were bought for under $2 each at Goodwill, and yes I am bragging). 

photo by tessa neustadt | from: sylvia’s dining room makeover

I think we can agree that I am not an expert on dining rooms by any means, but I am well versed in starter/budget apartment-ing. So, once again we have a budget room roundup that is secretly helping me chip away at outfitting my apartment. Let’s get into it:

We always gab around the office (and on the blog) about finding the vintage pieces that really make a room, so we snuck in a few vintage/thrifted picks in each of the sections you are about to see, even if only to inspire some online scouring.

As we all know, EHD rule #1 is no room is complete without a little vintage sprinkled in. But first, a word to the wise if I may be so bold: if you have apprehensions when buying online, try contacting the seller directly and ask for clarification, or more photos.

Most of the time they are happy to oblige because selling to a REALLY interested customer makes for an easier transaction (on both ends).

1. Byfield Pedestal Dining Table | 2. 44″ Maston Dining Table | 3. 28″ Chaptico Marble Bistro Dining Table | 4. Tripod Dining Table | 5. Wynonna Mid-Century Modern Round Dining Table | 6. 28″ Emmond Mid-Century Dining Table | 7. Vintage Mid-Century Pink Faux Goat Skin Dining Table | 8. Docksta Table | 9. 42″ Clarksburg Cross Leg Wood Dining Table | 10.

Bjursta Extendable Table | 11. Tamsin Dining Table | 12. Vintage Mid-Century Dining Room Table by Stanley | 13. Antique Mahogany Duncan Phyfe Style Dining Table | 14. Round Natural Dining Table | 15. Carson Carrington Klemens Round Dining Table | 16. Slahult Table | 17. West Line Dining Table | 18. Norraker Table | 19. Hernwood Dining Table | 20.

Lisabo Table | 21. Ypperlig Table | 22. Dunlin Wood Rectangular Dining Table 72″ | 23. Brimfield Metal Base Dining Table | 24. Carissa Dining Table | 25. IKEA PS 2012 Drop-Leaf Table | 26. Stornas Extendable Table | 27. GreenForest Rectangle Dining Table | 28. Zinus Jen Mid-Century Modern Wood Dining Table | 29. Candela Plank Metal & Wood Dining Table | 30.

Bryant Dining Table

Anywho, here’s what I’ve learned while diving headfirst into designing my dining area: The dining table creates a base for the room and can act as a centerpiece to then build the rest of the room around but whatever space you are dealing with somewhat determines the dimensions of the table as well as the shape. Can you afford the space for a long rectangular table or is a square or circular one more appropriate? Are you aiming to offer place settings for 2 or 6? Will a bistro table do the trick or are you looking for a little more elbow room? Once those queries have been considered, you are undoubtedly ready to start narrowing down the usual suspects, and I am happy to say there are so many GREAT ones here. Take that IKEA farm table for instance (which is extendable by the way), or that mid-century dream (#28) for only $133.

I bought my IKEA dining table via Craigslist (you’d be surprised how many close to new steals you can find) and it’s worth the hunt if you have the time/desire to get thrifty with it. That said, if I would have had this roundup under my belt beforehand, things might’ve been different. i.e.

I may have gone for #17 or honestly could have gone the complete opposite way and snagged #13 cause I love the idea of a one-of-a-kind piece to build around (this house tour we did a while back had a similar table and the homeowner made it feel so “now”).

Hey guys, FYI, I am just a gal that just recently learned that dining areas are exciting to style so bear with me. Next up, we’ve got my personal favorite category…

1. Upholstered Blue Linen Chairs (Set of 2) | 2. Skin Chair | 3. Natural Papasan Dining Chair | 4. Vitagliano Upholstered Dining Chair | 5. Becket Metal X Back Dining Bench | 6. Vespa Side Chair | 7. Green Dylan Dining Chair | 8. Modern Dining Chair (Set of 2) | 9. GreenForest Dining Chairs (Set of 4) | 10.

Carson Carrington Mid-Century Bench | 11. Ellis Upholstered Dining Chair | 12. Postmodern Bent Plywood Metal Dining Chair | 13. Windsor Dining Chair (set of 2) | 14. Rosa Velvet Dining Chair | 15. Walnut Cafe Dining Chairs (Set of 2) | 16. Simple Living Solid Beechwood Cadiz Dining Chairs (Set of 2) | 17.

Ellis Upholstered Dining Armchair | 18. Tamsin Dining Chair | 19. Martin Chair | 20. Wheaton Dining Bench | 21. Nilsove Rattan Armchair | 22. Lexington Dining Arm Chair | 23. Ivar Chair | 24. Wantage Contemporary Side Chair | 25. Classic Cafe Lacquer Dining Chair | 26. Ypperlig Armchair | 27.

Kvell Kaptain Dining Chair

Once you have your table, you are ready to find the chairs to bring it all together. This is the REAL fun part, in my humble opinion, because you can absolutely mix and match different styles. Who knew chairs could be an adventure to shop for? Certainly not me, but it’s true.

If you have a more neutral space, maybe you want to add a pop of color with something #11 (great for renters who maybe don’t feel comfortable painting or wallpapering), or maybe a funky silhouette is more your style and you want to go for a vintage one #12.

Live your best life, as the kids say.

I will note, #2 kind of stole my heart (and at that price???) and sort of has me wishing I didn’t already have two chairs too many (funny how that works, a few months ago I had but not ONE chair…). But with that guy paired with #17, I would be one happy camper.

Then there’s #26 which has my brain going in a completely different (but equally as good) direction, and making me yearn for a more eclectic, retro style. So many possibilities, my friends. There are also a few bench options, which is a nice way of shaking things up visually.

A backless bench #20 works well to open up a space and not disturb sight lines, while the Windsor-esque #5 (which also comes in more neutral colors if pink isn’t for you) would be great with a round pedestal table and two simple chairs ( #6).

1. Natural Wicker Loren Bar Stool | 2. Adjustable Round Wood Metal Stool | 3. Industriale Bar Stool (Set of 2) | 4. Industrial Stool | 5. 29.6″ Bar Stool (Set of 2) | 6. Jute and Wood Cason Bar Stool | 7. Killiam Mixed Material Sled Bar Stool (Set of 2) | 8. Three Hands Bar Stools (Set of 2) | 9. Staffan Stool | 10.

Rhodes Metal & Wood Square Counter Stool (Set of 2) | 11. Madrid Counter Stool in Camel | 12. Campbellton 24″ Bar Stool | 13. Hamlet Faux Leather Exposed Frame Bar Stool | 14. Maren 26″ Backless Fabric Barstool (Set of 2) | 15. Bonifay Counter & Bar Stool | 16. Effezeta Rate Italian Metal & Wood Bar Stools (Set of 2) | 17.

Gold Fiona Bar Stool With Cushion (Set of 2) | 18. Theo Bar & Counter Stool | 19. Bowden Faux Leather Counter Stool | 20. Wooden Saddle Seat Bar Stool | 21. Astor Velvet Upholstered Counter Stool | 22. Banning Modern Swivel Bar Stool | 23. Maxine Modern Upholstered Faux Leather Counter Stool | 24. Copley Plastic Counter Stool | 25.

Vienna 30″ Faux Leather and Walnut Swivel Bar Stool | 26. Classic Cafe Bar Stool | 27. Saddle 26″ Counter Stool (Set of 2)

If your space calls for counter stools (whether you have both a dining room and breakfast bar or just the breakfast bar most smaller apartments come with these days), I sort of envy you (take a peek at #5 for starters) because you get to play around with more styles which is fun. Guys, chairs are FUN.

We included some with backrests and some with course, because we know that people are VERY passionate about their preferences in this area. In fact, since I am a chair enthusiasts now, I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this.

When it comes to stools, what side are you on? Is it all about comfort or does style play an important role? Inquiring minds want to know.

1. Soho Sideboard | 2. Glasgow Metal Console Table | 3. Alvin Sideboard | 4. Wellstone Console Table | 5. Hitchin Server | 6. Touraco Console Table | 7. Zane Console | 8. Conrad Console Table | 9. Weisgerber Contemporary Sideboard | 10. Ashford Bar Cabinet | 11. Silver Orchid Glam Console Table | 12.

Beem Console Table | 13. Mid-Century 3-Drawer Wood Console | 14. James Half-Round Marble Table | 15. Hannah Server | 16. Vintage Mid-Century Lane Wood Console | 17. Spradling Mid Century Server | 18. Mid-Century Console | 19. Mid-Century 6-Drawer Accent Chest | 20. Kaiser Console Table | 21.

Minsmere Caned Console Table

Now we’re entering into “cherry on top” territory. We know not everyone has the space to fit in a credenza (or bar cart, but that’s next), but if you do, they’re great for setting up a little bar if you’re into that, setting platters during a dinner party, storing linens, etc.

Something closed is better for storage, but if you’re working with a small space, keeping a more open, simple silhouette will let the room breathe more. These guys offer all the styling opportunities, plus, we said, hello storage. This is where you can add some flair and personality, even if you are aiming to keep the rest of the room minimal.

You guys know the drill: style with a vessel, a potted plant, stacked books, a collection of vintage figurines, perhaps, and BOOM. A perfectly personalized vignette.

Also of note, don’t feel you have to hold firm to what a site is saying a piece is used for. For instance, #18 is technically being called a TV console, but we say put it in your dining room and boom, it’s a whatever-you-want-to-use-it-for console. #20 is unfinished, so you can either leave it raw or have fun with a stain or paint. Oh, and #10 has a built-in bar inside, so double whammy.

Speaking of bars…

1. Rattan Bistro Bar Cart | 2. Ladner Round Frame Bar Cart | 3. Round Smoke Black Glass and Gold Bar Cart | 4. Glasgow Metal Bar Cart | 5. Wood & Glass Gold Finish Bar Cart | 6. Sunnersta Utility Cart | 7.

Vintage Mid-Century Modern Folding Wood Cart | 8. Kendra Bar Cart | 9. Jolie Bar Cart | 10. Lanford Kitchen Bar Cart | 11. Molger Cart | 12. Mota Rolling Cart | 13. Howden Metal Mirrored Bar Cart | 14. Vintage Hollywood Regency Bar Cart | 15.

Mainstays Tempered Glass and Metal Bar Cart

Ah, the infamous bar cart. It seems as if no millennial apartment is complete without it, am I right (or at least that’s what photos on the internet tell us)? You’ll notice the brass trend here, which I am always into having some hints of in a room, mainly due to this space that still makes my budding interior-design heart flutter. Something #3, for example, would add just the right amount of flair. And then we have that really funky (albeit large) vintage wood cart that caught my eye and brought to surface DIY inklings I didn’t know I had in me. I think with a little sanding and a black stain we are in business. I realize now I may have decreased my chances of actually getting it and to that I say, may the best (or quickest) buyer win.


50 Best Dining Room Ideas – Designer Dining Rooms & Decor

Shop 14 Stylish Small Dining Room Furniture Picks

David Tsay

In many homes, the dining room is often regarded as a more formal, sometimes even stuffy, space in the house.

Today's modern families tend to take a more casual approach to gathering for meals, whether it's dinner around the kitchen table, breakfast in a cozy banquette, or lunch at the kitchen island.

Dining room tables seem to be reserved for fancier occasions and holiday festivities.

However, we can learn a thing or two from world-renowned interior decorators, whose attention to the dining room speaks for itself—dining rooms are special and should be the central hub for entertaining and family gatherings.

No matter your style, there’s dining room décor to suit your taste, from timeless elegance with antiques and calmer color palettes to taking design risks with saturated hues or bold wallpaper.

Designers discover clever ways to make small spaces feel larger and continue to dream up inspiring upgrades for walls, lighting, furniture, and flooring.

Take cues from these stunning dining room ideas, all from designer homes, to update your space with elevated decor. Because a beautiful space paired with a memorable menu is sure to impress friends and family. Now, it’s time to plan your next dinner party!

1 of 50

Open Air

2 of 50

Garden Views

3 of 50

Jungle Love

Lively panoramic wallpaper (Besson) and a mischievous monkey sconce (Seletti) in this Paris dining room by Le Berre Vevaud transport guests to the middle of a flourishing jungle filled with chipping birds and native fruits. Curved chairs from Finn Juhl surround the glass table from the designers' own collection. The banquette velvet and drapery fabric are both by Pierre Frey.

4 of 50

Stripes Ahead

5 of 50

Free Spirit

As a nationally renowned hostess, Kimberly Schlegel Whitman needed her dining room to remain highly functional yet exude a personality of it's own.

Her longtime design, Jan Showers, stepped up to the challenge by allowing wild patterns and gutsy color to run free within the space.

Eye-catching copper and palm leaf artwork (Tam Van Tran) on the melon walls (Persian Melon by Benjamin Moore) draw the eye up. The drapery fabric is from Schumacher.

6 of 50

Abstract Appeal

At night, moonlight engulfs this Jean-Louis Deniot-designed dining room causing the touches of metallic paint in the mural by Florence Girette to shimmer, evoking the lights from the neighboring Tuileries. The vintage blush chairs and blue-toned rug from Galerie Diurne pop against the grisaille walls.

7 of 50

Luminous Lacquer

8 of 50

Seaside Comfort

To honor their Nova Scotia cottage's original woodwork, designer Philip Mitchell and his husband, Mark Narsansky, replaced the wainscot and trim details that had been removed in a previous renovation. The dining chairs upholstered in a Brunschwig & Fills surround a pedestal table from HH Ruseau.

9 of 50

Monochromatic Digs

In an 100-year-old Atlanta home, designer Amy Morris used a restricted color palette to honor the urban manse's unique architecture. Silken fabrics (Holland & Sherry) covering the chairs offer a soft spot for the owner's family to gather to chat about their days over dinner. The chandelier is from Casa Midy.

10 of 50

Modern Revolution

The drums used by costumed members of the Williamsburg Fife and Drums Corp inspired the pleasant blue-and-yellow palette in this dining room designer by Anthony Baratta for Colonial Williamsburg. The braided rug from Capel Rugs enhances the room's color story. The trim paint is Damask Gold and the lower wall paint is Lafayette Blue, both by Benjamin Moore.

11 of 50

An Artful Mix

Modern meets traditional in this ethereal space, where designer David Scott paired furnishings made by contemporary artisans, the Zhipeng Tan table and chandelier by master glass artist Jeff Zimmerman, with 1790s chalk-painted French armchairs.

Natural textures, such as the woven leather rug from Doris Leslie Blau and the lacquered raffia wallpaper from Phillip Jeffries, ground the space, while neutral drapery fabric and trim from Holland & Sherry and a sky blue ceiling keeps the mood light and airy.

The painting is by Larry Poons.

12 of 50

Verdant Vision

A garden view is always in bloom with a hand-painted wallcovering by Gracie. To amp up the fresh feel, designer Mark D. Sikes added other green accents such as the pendant light by Visual Comfort & Co., Quadrille dining chair fabric, and vintage majolica plates. The table is by Century.

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Polished in Pink

This sweet shade looks all grown up when paired with pedigreed antiques, the vintage Murano chandelier and 18th-century Italian commode, modern art, and a graphic, geometric rug by Doris Leslie Blau. Designer Bunny Williams covered the ceiling with a lattice and leafy wallcovering as a nod to the home’s lush Palm Beach garden.

14 of 50

Outdoors In

In this sunny breakfast room, designer Meg Braff brought in the greens of the garden for a soothing connection between indoors and outdoors. The lattice wallpaper, by Meg Braff Designs, camouflages the rooms tight quarters, while the apple-green molding, painted Sweet Daphne by Benjamin Moore, draws the eye up. The Serge Roche-style chairs are covered in Bernard Thorp botanical-print linen.

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Classic Blue & White

Sticking to a simple color palette allowed designer Phoebe Howard to play with patterns in this Palm Beach dining room. The wallcovering, inspired by a 16th-century ottoman bedcover, is by Katie Leede & Company. The whitewashed fretwork dining chairs from Dennis & Leen, along with the tole palm tree and planter from Maitland-Smith and the striped rug, are nods to the nearby beach.

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Shine On

Lacquered walls in a school-bus yellow shade set a not-so stuffy tone in this Long Island, New York, dining room from the start.

Designer Katie Ridder reinforced the playful mood by pulling up rattan chairs from Janus et Cie to the carved wood table, from The Raj Company, and by skipping a rug and instead opting for painted floors, which were inspired by a Moroccan checkerboard tile pattern. The drapery fabric is from Harbinger, and the chandelier is from Avery & Dash.

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Twist on Tradition

Elegant style takes a laidback turn in this New York City dining room designed by Ashley Whittaker. A woven rug from Serena & Lily sets a casual tone for the bold Prussian blue Gracie wallcovering and a slew of antiques, the table from Christie’s and the chandelier.

Whittaker also shook things up by upholstering the dining chairs, from John Rosselli & Associates, in two fabrics: the outside backs are covered in a floral Muriel Brandolini fabric while inside backs and seats in a plum Global Leathers leather.

Silk curtains from Scalamandre plus an antique mirror from 1stdibs play up the room’s height.

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Beachfront Beauty

In this Miami dining room designed by Sid Bergamin, a bespoke tiled wall offers a graphic, glossy backdrop to a plush, tufted banquette covered in a rosette pattern from Pierre Frey.

The dining table and chairs are from Jalan Jalan, and the chair upholstery is Raoul Textiles.

The coral prints, a nod to the nearby ocean, are from Jalan Jalan, and the diaphanous drapery fabric is Ralph Lauren.

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Peaches and Green

This Locust Valley, New York, dining room by designer Meg Braff takes its color cues from a pair of antique chinoiserie panels that flank the entrance.

A punchy table cloth by Lulu DK and the grass cloth wall covering by Meg Braff Designs provide relaxed contrast to the room’s more formal antiques, the Regency chairs from Rumi Antiques, the Baltic crystal chandelier, and other décor, such as the apple green drapery and valance, both in a fabric from Holland & Sherry. A black lacquer credenza, by Jansen, grounds the pastel space with sophisticated polish.

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Seaside Elegance

In this Palm Beach dining room designed by Bunny Williams, a custom-painted sisal rug by Stark subtly evokes the shore with an oversize wave and chain pattern.

The aqua blue walls are finished with a custom tinted Venetian plaster.

A sleek, resin-topped table stylishly coexists with antiques, such as the 18th-century Italian console and 19th-century English mahogany cabinet from Alexander Cohane. Contemporary art infuses a youthful vibe.

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Pattern in Bloom

Designer, decoupage artist, and shop-owner John Derian embraced the intimacy of the small dining room in his New York shop by cladding the walls in a large scale cabbage rose wallpaper he designed a 19th-century Currier & Ives painting.

An eclectic mix of seating, including a slipcovered sofa piled with pillows and vintage side and arm chairs, further amps up the cozy feel.

Derian set the table with his own tableware collection, which features floral images from old instructional texts.

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Serene Green

Venetian plaster tinted a custom color designer Susan Zises Green calls “lettuce green” echoes a shade found in the 1920s hand-painted ceiling and infuses this historic Palm Beach home with fresh life. The armchairs, upholstered in a Christphoer Hyland fabric, and side chairs, covered in a Clarence House velvet, are antiques. The palm frond table linens are from D. Porthault.

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Not-So-Fussy French Country

In this large dining room in Provence, designer Susan Bednar Long covered the walls, painted Wimborne White by Farrow & Ball, with collections of paintings, antique delftware and faience pottery, and a large gilt-wood mirror.

Reproduction French dining chairs in a lighter finish and upholstered in a Swedish blue check from Chelsea Textiles, plus patinaed lighting (the antique chandelier is from Antiquities Ramis and the sconces are from Jamb) fill the renovated farmhouse with a casual, old-world charm.

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Modern History

Centuries collide to yield a jewel box of a dining room in this New York City apartment designed by author Maureen Footer.

A large Aubusson tapestry from Galerie Perpitch & Bringand visually enlarges the tiny space and provides old-world contrast to the sleek Saarinen table and Brno chairs from Knoll.

The walls are clad in a Lee Jofa silk velvet, and the Louis XV-style chandelier is from Nesle Inc.

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In this dining room designed by Charles Spada, Boiserie paneling frames a collection of Creil plates. (Creil dishware and English dining table, all Antiques on 5.) The candelabra, creamware tureen, silver cups as vases, lantern, lamps, and grandfather clock are all antiques. The antique French chairs are upholstered in leather. The curtains are a Marvic Textiles cotton.

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Lustrous Leather

Red, lustrous leather chairs add a jolt of unexpected color to this dining room designed by David Netto. Antique table, Christopher Hodsoll. Chairs, John Rosselli, in Edelman Leather. Sideboard, Godson & Coles. Mirror, Alan Moss. Basket, æro. Lamp, Carole Gratale. Chandelier, Robert Kime. Wallpaper, de Gournay.

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Vintage Glamour

Swathed in a panoramic wallpaper depicting scenes of old India in grisalle and blown up in scale, this dining room by designer Ruthie Sommers exudes timeless elegance. Wallpaper, de Gournay. Custom table and chairs. Antique chandelier and mirror, N.P. Trent.

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Simply Serene

29 of 50

Jewel Box

This dining room by designer David Kleinberg sparkles with its robin's egg lacquered walls and silver foil ceiling, both of which make the tiny space appear larger. Pocket doors, painted in black high-gloss, finish the space.

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All That Glitters

Designer Veere Grenney added antiqued mirrored panels and upholstered the chairs in pale gold silk to infuse this dining room with subtle sparkle. Chairs, Cove Landing, in Claremont silk. Jansen chandelier. Linen wallcovering, custom. Art, Alexander Calder.


85 Best Dining Room Decorating Ideas – Country Dining Room Decor

Shop 14 Stylish Small Dining Room Furniture Picks

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Patterned Chairs

2 of 85

Upcycled Table

For a more casual dining table idea, find some pieces you could upcycle into a rustic table, this one made an old industrial barrel.


3 of 85

Oversized Pendant Lamp

This huge shade makes for a striking focal point in this dining area, which fits perfectly over a circular table.


4 of 85

Colorful Chairs

Use a vibrant color to make dining room chairs pop in an otherwise simple room. The bold red chairs around this table look so chic against the dark wood.


5 of 85

Bench Seating

Swap out dining room chairs for a sleek bench. It's perfect for hosting large gatherings since you can comfortably fit more people on it.


6 of 85

Plate Wall Art

Why keep your decorative plates behind glass when you can incorporate them into your room's design in an elegant way?


7 of 85

Create a Dining Nook

No room for a formal dining room? This sweet, minimalist nook looks the ideal place for a morning coffee.


8 of 85

Mix Patterns

You might think the two different patterns of this wallpaper and tablecloth would clash, but they actually work beautifully together to create a welcoming space.


9 of 85

Contrasting Tones

The light features of this table, area rug, and walls make the dark chairs really pop in this quaint room.


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Bright Upholstery

This dining area has a diner-meets-farmhouse vibe that'll look delightful in a cute, cozy home.


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DIY Dining Table

13 of 85

Trestle Table

This practical table design dates back to the Middle Ages (it can be spotted on a medieval coat of arms) when it replaced solo dining surfaces with a communal gathering spot for sharing meals.


14 of 85

Blue and White

This color combination dates back to ancient Persia and has showed up in designs from the Netherlands, England, France, China, Mexico, and India. Infuse your dining room with this universal and timeless palette with pottery, china, linens, and more.


15 of 85

DIY Prints

Liven up your space by featuring pretty prints on rugs, window treatments, pillows nad more. Block print dhurrie rugs can command a pretty penny.

To get the look for less, use a pretty wall stencil to apply a pattern to a large piece of artist canvas or drop cloth with a foam stencil brush.

For an 8' by 10' rug, you'll need about a quart of standard interior paint in a satin finish. Wash stencil every other use to keep paint from clumping and elaving unwanted marks on the rug.


16 of 85

Charcoal Hue

Once a closet, the dining nook now features a custom charcoal hue on the walls and a space-maximizing built-in window seat.


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Cozy Atmosphere

The open dining area feels homier, thanks to a large rustic dining table and chairs from Cost Plus World Market that will easily seat a family of four as well as visiting loved ones.


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Textured Touches

In this dining room, casual woven chairs from Palecek, a wooden farmhouse table, and touches of greenery add plenty of eye-catching texture.


20 of 85

Farmhouse Favorites

This long, custom-made pecky cypress trestle dining table can accommodate a crowd of 14 making it perfect for holidays and family gatherings. The pendant lights, crafted from repurposed chickenwire, and functional potbelly stove reinforce the traditional farmhouse feel.


21 of 85

Antique Finds

Old flower market containers filled with oakleaf hydrangeas make the perfect centerpiece for this antique wooden baker's table found at a garage sale.

22 of 85

Bringing the Outside In

Inspired by the lush landscape just outside the windows (which were salvaged from an old train depot!), the homeowner of this 105-year-old Victorian farmhouse filled the dining room with rustic wood elements and pops of green.

The Beech wishbone chairs, which are lacquered in an apple green, pop against the large antique hutch that stores the homeowner's collection of copper Moscow mule mugs and green and white china.

A pale pink Oriental rug with subtle hints of sky blue and chartreuse rounds out the mix.

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Pops of Color

Subtle pops of green and blue, the indigo print breakfast nook pillows, keep the dining room in this rural Connecticut farmhouse bright. The homeowner displays her collection of blue and green demijohn bottles on either side of the dining room table in built in shelves.

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Vintage Pieces

25 of 85

Layered Look

The centerpiece of the dining room in this Arizona ranch home is a giant pocket door that was salvaged from an old warehouse and trimmed with a map pennant. The scuffed-up door establishes the room's layered-over-time vibe, making the secondhand farm table, mismatched seating, and garage sale rug look cool and collected, not hodgepodge.

26 of 85

Nature-Inspired Vintage Florals

Cultivate an indoor vertical garden with a rambling vine wallpaper. The small-scale pattern provides a muted enough backdrop for bolder statement pieces, vintage metal trays featuring bold buds. A quartet of soft gray Windsor chairs and an heirloom-worthy pedestal table balance the pattern play on the walls.

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Equestrian Elegance

For the ultimate farmhouse-style breakfast room, this homeowner mixed a hefty trestle-base table with antique ladder-back and Windsor chairs and a polished nickel chandelier that evokes equestrian tack supply.

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Bold and Bright

Subtle accents, cereal bowls, a striped rug, and a painted soda crate, add a youthful, energetic kick to this colorful, Texas home.

29 of 85

Go Backless

A bench in the kitchen of this Florida home offers equal seating to a host of chairs but can be tucked under the table when not in use.

30 of 85

Pop of Color

A single chair accented in bright blue adds a pop of color and visually connects it to the adjoining blue-and-white living room of this Alberta farmhouse.


10 Tips For Small Dining Rooms (28 Pics)

Shop 14 Stylish Small Dining Room Furniture Picks

DINING ROOM IDEASNovember 3, 2014

Small dining room? No need to worry! Turn your small dining room into the focal point of your house with these 10 tips. 

1. Mirrors

Mirrors boost the perception of space. Especially if you dress up an entire wall with mirror and attach your table to the mirrored wall the outcome will be spectacular. Your 4-seater dining table will all of a sudden appears a table for 8 persons.

2. Low Height Furnishings

Select low heigh chairs for your dining space. Low Height Furniture help a space really feel airy, by not blocking visual space, also it is higher in style. A bench alternatively of chairs is another excellent concept for saving some space in a modest dining room.

3. Little Furniture

Armless chairs perform best in a tiny dining area as armchairs call for more space.

4. Table Shape

For tiny dining rooms, go with an oval table to hold the space from seeking overly crowded. Round tables aren’t for tiny spaces as it limits the way targeted traffic can flow around the area.

5. Chandelier

Chandeliers add a sense of luxury and elegance in a dining space. Whether you are choosing a chandelier or your Dining Space, it can be confusing to decide on which size is best.

 A chandelier that is too huge or bold will dominate the area and look unbalanced.

 You don’t want a chandelier that is also big or as well little,  the diameter of a chandelier should be in proportion to the size of the room.

6. Functionality

With a small dining space, it is important to maximize the use of space. Select an extension table to suit the bigger household or extend your dining space for parties and holidays.

7. Τransparency

From acrylic, plexiglass chairs to glass tables, transparent furniture pieces will undoubtedly have your interior spaces searching bigger and brighter in no time.

8 Color Pallete

Light colors and whites reflect all-natural light far better than darker colors. Small rooms have to be painted light colors but if you are a dark colors lover, you can do it by adding some vibrant accessories. Also use monochromatic colors.  Using colors that are close in tone tricks the mind into believing a area is bigger than it in fact is.

9. All-natural Lighting

When operating in small space, natural lighting takes on a critical part. The material of the curtain must be light and airy, which will permit light to enter the space for the duration of the day.

10 Go Scandinavian

Simplicity helps a small space. However, acquiring to simplicity isn’t always a simple process. Scandinavian design is recognized around the planet for its balance and simplicity. Use natural components, light colors and straight lines to make the room really feel larger and brighter.