Inspiring Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Design Ideas

20 Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Ideas (Photos)

Inspiring Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Design Ideas

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Welcome to our mid-century dining room collection showcasing many dining room ideas of all types. The era of mid-century modern was not long, but it sure made an impact in design. See what it's all about for dining rooms.

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This is our main midcentury dining room design gallery where you can browse many examples below.


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See entire home here. Source: Redfin

Decorative dining room with playful art pieces, rectangular table for six, upholstered gray chairs, a fluffy gray rug, and a huge window that gives a relaxing view of the garden.

See the rest of this home here. Source: Redfin

White themed dining room with a striking pendant light, glass table for six, upholstered white chairs, a fireplace, tiled floors.

View entire home here. Via: Redfin

A charming dining area with a circular marble table, modern white chairs, a simple orange pendant light, and white tiles.

See entire home here. Source: Redfin

Elegant dining space with an artistic blue wall, direct access to the pool through sliding glass doors, circular glass table for four, and a statement glass pendant light.

See the rest of this home here. Source: Redfin


Dining in Style: Neutral Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Decor

Inspiring Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Design Ideas

Hello again! Dawn here, from AD Aesthetic, and I’m back with another mood board for your decoration inspiration.

This month, I had fun putting together a dining room mood board in my all time favorite decorating style: Mid Century Modern. Here’s what I came up with:

Mid Century Modern Dining Room Mood Board Sources

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Table  |  Rug  |  Planters  |  Wall Hanging
Macrame Plant Hanger  |  Dining Chairs  |  Chandelier
Brass Bird Wall hanging  |  Mirror  |  Small succulent
Crystal Geode  |  Buffet

As mentioned mid century style is my absolute favorite, so this month’s moodboard was a fun one for me. Usually, I’m big on bright colors and patterns, but this time, I challenged myself to keep the design more neutral, giving the mid century decor a decidedly more modern vibe. Here are some tips on how to pull this look off if you enjoy the style too:

Clean Lines: Mid century style isn’t big on ornamental details, trending instead towards symmetry and sleek shapes. Look for furniture with simple, tapered legs, and pieces that utilize basic shapes, circles, to pull the room together.

Natural Elements: Using natural elements and textures, the woven rug and macrame decor in my moodboard above, can help to keep the room from feeling too cool or impersonal with all those sleek lines and simple shapes. It gives the decor some warmth and visual interest at the same time.

Warm Metals: Brass and gold finishes look great with mid century style, and add a little glamor to the space. Try it in a light fixture, curtain rod, or decorative objects around the room to add that sparkle.

Wood Tones: A staple of mid century decor is wood tones. Natural, or walnut stained wood looks great with this style, but in general it’s better to steer clear of anything too red or too dark, as it won’t ring true to the style you’re going for.

If you the moodboard I put together, here are a few more Mid Century dining room inspiration ideas that I’ve gathered up for you!

Neutral Mid Century Modern Dining Room Inspiration

Image Source: Delightfull 

Image Source: Nordic Interiors | Photo Credit: Erik Lefvander 

Image Source: Studio McGee 

Image Source: My Domaine | Photo Credit: Jacqueline Marque 

Image Source: New Darlings 

Image Source: Danks & Honey 

Image Source: Architectural Digest | Photo Credit: Aubrie Pick 

Image Source: LivinKing 

As always, thank you to Cassity and the Remodelaholic team for having me back each month. I’d love for you to visit me over on my site,, or follow me on , Pinterest, or Instagram for more updates and inspiration. Have a great day, friends!


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