7 Beautiful Bohemian Dining Rooms We Love

40 Dining Rooms With Boho Interior Design

7 Beautiful Bohemian Dining Rooms We Love

by Rosie Hatch

With its earthy and relaxed vibe, it’s no wonder that the bohemian way of life never seems to go style. In the dining room, choosing a boho look is a great choice because of its versatility.

You can choose between calming neutrals, or bright colorful patterns and anything in between depending on your own personal style.

So whether you’re a surf babe, a worldly traveler, (or just a fan of boho!), here are 40 inspirational dining rooms to help you achieve this effortless chic look.

A flowy table runner and a freshly picked flowers make this dining table come to life. Imagine yourself here with friends on a warm summer night. *swoon*


Getting creative with seating is a perfect way to create chic imperfection in your dining room. Add some sheepskins on the seats for good measure, and you have a space that’s both cozy and intriguing.


Wood elements scattered throughout the room instantly boosts the earthy appeal. Add plenty of succulents and greenery and voila, a bohemian paradise.


Yes, there’s a thing called modern boho, and this is it.


For the DIY boho babes, you can make a similar macramé wall hanging for your space.  This wall décor paired with playful, layered rugs is a winning combo.

Photography by BRIT + CO

Don’t be afraid of using bold colors. Here is a dining space with a perfect balance of color, natural woods and unique and personal wall art.

Photography by DANAE HORST

With a light-filled room this one, it’s easy to use that to your advantage. Incorporate some soft pastels and vibrant plants for a welcoming and unpretentious gathering space.

Photography by DECOIST

Subtle boho details in this dining room lend a complimentary vibe to the mature leather seating and dark moody walls.

Photography by DECOIST

Raw, natural elements flow together well in this effortlessly chic dining space. We can see ourselves here, chatting with close friends over tea.

Photography by DECOR 8 BLOG

Artsy, colorful prints are used as a creative background to this artsy space.

Photography by EVAN JOSEPH

Now THIS is a statement wall! With this as a backdrop, all you really need is some beautiful wood pieces and plenty of guests to “ohh and ahh” over your one-of-a-kind, exotic dining room.

Photography by GRAEME WYLLIE

Loft lovers rejoice! Welcome guests to eat in this funky space complete with a gorgeous blue accent wall and we bet they won’t want to leave.

Photography by HISTORISKA HEM

When in doubt, go for dynamic wall art for boho style. Choose a few floral prints and you are well on your way to taking an ordinary dining room to a chic and relaxed paradise.

Photography by HOME MAJESTIC

So airy and beautiful, this is boho done right! This room is proof that you don’t need a bunch of colors or patterns to give off that carefree vibe.

Photography by HOMEPOLISH

With natural lighting this good, it’s no wonder that the base color of this room is white. That allows the pink boho-print pillows to really be the creative focus in this breakfast nookPhotography by HOUSE AND GARDEN

This feminine print wallpaper makes a colorful background to the simple design elements in this dining room.

Photography by HOUZZ

Moroccan flair is a great way to achieve that boho look. Beautiful silhouette pendant lights and playful, colorful patterns help transport this dining room to a whole new world.

Photography by JAMES STOKES

This farm table in the Netherlands epitomizes relaxed and natural-both of which are very bohemian. Those oversized pendant lights make this space.

Photography by JEREMIAH BRENT

If colorful isn’t necessary your thing, why not opt for a chic white template for your dining room? Just look to light fixtures and wall art for a great boho touch.

Photography by JOE SCHMELZER

Here’s a boho look that’s all grown up! Sophisticated dark colors paired with a vintage cowhide creates a mature dining area that proves that even small spaces can boast some major style.

Photography by LAUREY W. GLENN

We love the playful combination of the acrylic chairs and the earthy appeal in this space. Oh, and those antlers? True boho appeal!


Rustic leather seating and a vintage rug come together in this open space. We love the view into the open shelving in the kitchen to prove that even mix-matched dishes, can truly be chic!

Photography by MAISON HAND

Somewhere between scandinavian style and Bohemian style, is this peaceful dining nook. Simple whites, and elegant wood details with a dash of statement lighting is a winning combination.

Photography by MANYARA HOME

When your dining chairs are an art all by themselves, then you have major shoes to fill for the rest of the room. The articulate wood detail in these chairs look lovely paired with romantic lighting and a Moroccan inspired mirror.

Photography by MARYAM MONTAGUE

Colorful baskets are one way to add major style cred to your dining room. Incorporate similar prints in seat cushions and a Persian rug and you instantly create an exotic focal point to this space.


Pairing this table, plenty of roses and dark walls just oozes romance. Perfect for a special candlelight dinner for the earthy, boho couple.

Photography by NEW DARLINGS BLOG

We love the idea of placing a cowhide rug under a dining table. Here, the simple round table and surrounding earthy décor keeps this room cozy and easygoing.

Photography by ONE KINDESIGN

There’s no such thing as a cluttered room in the gypsy mindset. This bright space uses plenty of décor to keep it relaxed and effortless. Plus that mirror wall? We are stealing that idea!

Photography by ONE KINGS LANE

Keeping a room interesting doesn’t mean you need a lot of color. Sometimes the style is in the details. Here, beautiful wood bowls and candlesticks sit atop a gorgeous wooden table creating a calming place for friends and family a.


This calming dining set-up is actually inside a hotel in Mykonos. The raw edge table and low-to-the-floor seating can easily be done at home and you can take this vacation with you.

Photography by PLANETE DECO

Boho doesn’t need to be limited to beach or desert! This snowy oasis stays calm with neutrals and sheepskins. Plus, when you got a view this good, it’s not difficult to make this space dreamy.

Photography by REFINERY29

One great thing about boho dining rooms? They can be pretty much anywhere. Add a bevy of pillows for comfy seating, string lights and plenty of friends.

Photography by ROSIE HATCH

A room perfect for entertaining, this cozy dining nook is epitome of mixing old with new. Recycled hats adorn the accent wall, and the African mudcloth print seating is a great addition to boost the worldly appeal.


An outdoor dining room surrounded by nature is one way to achieve an earthy atmosphere. Check out that drool-worthy tile!


Make your morning routine better with a fresh cup of coffee, and this breakfast nook. The best part of having booth- seating is the chic pillow possibilities.


With a simple white color palette, and plenty of natural wood, it’s hard not to adore this space.


If there’s a way to combine boho chic and modern, this is it. Incorporating mod lighting and contemporary chairs against natural elements surprisingly works in this space. Add a suroard and some greens and it will feel you are on a permanent vacation to the Islands!

Photography by VENEER DESIGNS

This room is the perfect example of a little boho going a long way. The tribal rug is a great size to really define the room, and the beachy art print gives a perfect amount of wanderlust to the space.

Source: https://www.domino.com/content/40-dining-rooms-with-boho-interior-design/

Simple Boho Chic Spring Dining Room & Tablescape

7 Beautiful Bohemian Dining Rooms We Love

The light!

That’s the thing I look forward to most about springtime.

The light.

After a very dark and dreary few months paired with moving and then immediately launching into painting/renovating;  I have to admit I am feeling more than ready for some joy and light filled days.

Days where I get to play around and have fun again with simple styling, crafting, organizing, and decorating projects.

So even though we are about to tear down the wall between this dining room and the adjoining kitchen, it was almost cathartic to get it ready for today’s spring tablescape tour, hosted by my friend Bre of Rooms for Rent. Don’t forget to check out all the gorgeous inspiration at the bottom of today’s post!

I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy styling and “easy” decorating – it was such a great change from all the DIY we’ve been doing lately.

And I’m loving the cheerful, relaxed vibe of this boho chic styled eating space.

I even made some printable bohemian watercolour place cards that would be perfect for using at Easter, or any other spring meal occasion! I’ll be sharing them with you in the next few days.

Since we sold most of our dining furniture with our previous home, we were able to head in a slightly different direction in this space. It’s also a smaller footprint then our previous dining room, so the shorter table and works much better.

Did you ever see it before? The previous owners used it as a TV room…

And now…

I went with simple, modern chairs to contrast the rustic wood and x-leg metal table. The vintage pew, layered boho rugs, white walls, grey linen drapery, and a giant moose skull finish this room off.

The red cabinet and end chairs beside them (on the right hand wall) will be relocated once we start the kitchen reno, and the whole dining room will probably get a bit of a matching makeover.

But for the time being it is a simple, short term fix-up that we can all enjoy living in.

I kinda feel the only thing you really need for a great spring tablescape is flowers. I paired mountains of tulips stuffed into simple faux marble vases (from my local Dollarama), with my everyday placemats (Ikea!), as well as our everyday dishes.

I grounded the place settings with three turkish towels (that I actually ordered for the main bathroom makeover), and then threw in some adorable colourful boho mugs.

Add my printable bohemian chic place cards, and I think it’s perfect for an Easter brunch…

The dining room is at the back of the house and if you stand at this end you can look straight through to our big picture windows in the living room. I’m looking forward to sharing the rest of our “finished” space with you this coming Monday in my spring home tour!

It’s those mugs and my rug were designed by the same person!

Can you believe that the giant moose skull is actually the one thing my husband picked out for our new house? We saw it at Urban Barn when we were out furniture shopping, and he loved it so much I had to go with it. What do you think? I’m not sure if it will stay here when we do the kitchen/dining renovation, or whether it may find another home.

Perhaps a home where it doesn’t threaten to stab you if you walk by it too closely.

Are you as ready for spring as I am?

Some of my uber-talented blogging friends are sharing their spring tablescapes today, as well! Hop around to take in all this gorgeous inspiration!

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Source: https://thehappyhousie.porch.com/simple-boho-chic-spring-dining-room-tablescape/

Bohemian Interior Design: 7 Best Tips For Creating Seamless Boho Style

7 Beautiful Bohemian Dining Rooms We Love

Let’s just say what we all know: bohemian interior design is a continuous hot and trending style. You just need to peruse Instagram feeds, design shows, and coffee table books to agree.

The free-spirit animal of Interior Design Styles, bohemian design unleashes color, texture, and pattern in a way that offers a relaxed and unique aesthetic. It is eclectic, no doubt, with a nod towards global influence and an appeal to anyone who wants to give their home a personal touch.

No wonder it’s all the hype! Get cozy and keep reading as we share our 7 Best Tips For Bohemian Interior Design. 

What is Bohemian Interior Design?

Bohemian living room design by Decorilla interior designer, Gwendolyn G.

To achieve this look would seem as simple as throwing down a fuzzy rug, getting wicker furniture and covering it with an insane amount of throw pillows. This would be a great place to start.

The thing to remember about bohemian interior design is that it’s an unruly style. Coloring outside the lines is encouraged.

Without hard and fast rules, what is random, colorful, and full of personality is a clear indication that you’re well on your way to a boho interior design home.

Boho living room design by Decorilla interior designer, Marcy G.

Still, there’s an art to creating this style seamlessly. Part of having a boho interior design home comes from understanding the roots of the style. A French word bohémien refers to a group of people (gypsies) who traveled from a region in the Czech Republic, Bohemia.

Later, this term broadened to include the artist, writer, actor, or musician, often poor, who led a nomadic lifestyle making stops at major European cities. After gaining renewed popularity in the 60s and 70s, today bohemian is commonly used as an adjective to describe qualities people of generations past inspired: carefree, unconventional, natural, traveled.

Translated into a bohemian interior, the style embraces elements layered textures, vintage pieces, and natural finishes.

Bohemian living room design inspiration

Bohemian design is, in essence, a rule bender, but it does have some themes that are helpful to use as guides. Whether seeking to have your space take in a pure representation of bohemian design or are wanting to integrate aspects of the style with other interior design styles, use this as your guide to creating the ultimate seamless bohemian interior.

1. Go heavy on mixing + layering in bohemian interiors

Bohemian living room design by Decorilla interior designer, Aldrin C.

One of the keys to the heart of a bohemian interior is making combinations. Un the minimalist style, a boho room is unapologetic in both mixing finishes and layering elements of decor textiles, art, and accents. Due to its playful nature, bohemian interior design fuses styles together with a casual tone.

It’s a modern sofa with a handwoven macrame art piece above and kilim pillows to adorn in the living room. A brightly palm printed wallpaper with mid-century table lamps and a Moroccan wedding blanket in the bedroom. It’s a rustic table with mismatched chairs and African baskets across the wall in the dining room.

Similar to eclectic spaces, each interior of a boho interior design home is unique. What makes it lean more into boho, however, is intentional layering.

Layering patterns is a simple and cost-effective way to introduce bohemian style into your space. And, the exercise of contrasting patterns hits the mark beautifully.

Textiles rugs, cushions, and throws are fun to mix and match using different patterns, shapes, and scales. If consistency is desired, have a color theme in mind. This also works with art. You can never have enough prints or paintings.

A healthy wall gallery with mixed frames and sizes and mediums fits right in with the bohemian interior profile.

2. Bohemian design bold: don’t shy away from rich pattern + color

Bohemian living room design by Decorilla interior designer, Gwendolyn G.

While there are no rules in bohemian interior design style, bold patterns and colors are readily welcomed. Jewel tones amethyst purple, ruby red, and emerald green often have a place in a boho room. For walls, darker, deep hues offer an instant luxurious feel while more daring colors a bright blue orange invite a bazaar- look, especially when peppered with other rich colors and patterns.

Colorful bohemian living room design

Not a fan of overly saturated color? Not a problem! Spaces with white walls can also embrace the bohemian design vibe with pattern.

Global textiles Suzanis from Uzbekistan and Berber pieces from Morocco offer a riot of color and interesting patterns in the form of diamonds, stripes, and medallions. Ikat and Shibori patterns whose dyeing techniques give a more blurred effect.

In the form of accent pillows, throws, and wall hangings, these soft furnishings accomplish bringing in splashes of color and pattern to a boho room.

Modern boho living room design by Decorilla interior designer, Gwendolyn G.

And then there are rugs. Oh, the rugs! This is a bohemian interior design must! Typically, high pile or shag, the obvious reasons are that they provide a soft underfoot and comfort.

Other options are kilims, ornate Persian styles, and geometric South Western-influenced rugs that do their thing with beautiful patterns.

However you decide to introduce color and pattern into your bohemian interior, the more is more way of thinking definitely applies.

3. Fill up on storytelling trinkets

Bohemian office design by Decorilla interior designer, Gwendolyn G.

If any design style tells a story it’s bohemian design. Reflecting a nomadic lifestyle, the boho space has a collection of trinkets from varied placed traveled that often have a tale of where they came from. Art, books, sculptures, pillows, lamps all function in making the boho space feel inviting, cozy and a conversation starter.

Bohemian living room design

How do you get started? Select objects that vary in color and form. Bring in family heirlooms, handcrafted pieces, and memoirs from your travels. No need to go lightly here. Fill every physical space in your bohemian interior. There is no magic number of vintage brass plates you bought at the flea market that should go together.

There’s no right place for that beaded bowl you brought back from Mexico. Things don’t have to match; in fact, they shouldn’t! Pieces bordering on kitsch are also a go. Little porcelain animal figurines for tabletops or floral canisters for the kitchen can bring in an element of levity and humor. Play around with placement and clustering.

This is your chance to display your life on a shelf so to speak.

Glamorous bohemian living room design

With a tendency towards being eclectic, bohemian design can also have a chic and glam side. Bring that out with an ornate mirror or shiny chandelier. The only rule is that every item in the room should tell a tale.

4. Lean into handmade + natural

Bohemian bedroom design by Decorilla interior designer, Emma R.

Inspired by artists, bohemian design makes a point to highlight handmade items, unique creations that speak to individuality. This could be found in things paintings, sculptures, and wall hangings.

Handmade decor also supports local artisans and small entrepreneurs so it’s a win-win! There are several platforms that serve the crafty artisan. Etsy is a great place to search for handmade boho pillows.

Boho inspired living room design

Along with handmade, the bohemian interior design style champions natural elements. The most important of these is wood. Whether found in furniture or accents, wood brings in instant warmth and comfort, both key in boho spaces. A woven pendant lamp over the dining table or rustic wood headboard in the bedroom are core pieces that lead into bohemian design.

And then, there’s wicker. Showcasing beautiful weaves, wicker is ornate offering texture to a boho space. Wicker side tables and divider screens are a great way to introduce a little of this material in your boho home. For a little whimsy, create a cozy reading corner with a hanging wicker chair.

Natural touches can also show up leather poufs, cowhide rugs, and of course, let’s not forget…plants!

5. Bohemian interiors are botanical happy

Cozy bohemian lounge design by Decorilla interior designer, Drea D.

Bohemian design falls a bit flat without the presence of plants…lots of them! The role of botanicals is an important one. Not only do they bring the natural world indoors, a key element of boho style, but they also improve air quality adding an energetic quality to any room. The presence of greenery, too, is uplifting and offers the connection to nature that a bohemian interior inspires.

Pretty much, the rule for plants in bohemian design is anything goes. Succulents that vary in shape and texture are very forgiving and give a sculptural artsy look to a room. With a little sun and occasional watering, these plants are happy. Snake plants and dracaenas are easy-care houseplants and some of the best that purify the air.

In woven, terra-cotta, or patterned ceramic planters, these are yet another decor item to fill up space. Add levels with plant stands to offer visual interest. Create height with cascading leaves from a devil’s ivy or spider plant which you can drape over wall shelves or on the tops of cabinets.

Bonus: use a knotted macrame hanging planter for added boho-chic charm.

Bohemian-inspired living room design

Going over-the-top with plants is totally boho. Take it from the queen of #jungalowstyle herself, designer Justina Blakeney. “Adding plants is also an instantaneous way to make a home feel more relaxed, colorful, and full of life,” Blakeney says. “It looks good, it’s good for the spirit, and it’s good for the planet.”

 6. Go ahead, embellish a little!

Bohemian inspired bedroom decor by Decorilla interior designer, Michelle B.

Gypsy style conjures up images of beads, tassels, fringes, sequined fabrics, canopies; blatant adornment that is typical in bohemian interior design. Decorative embellishments offer that wow factor that sets this interior design style apart from the rest. Impulses should be unrestrained with a goal to bring together pieces in an effortless way.

Modern bohemian living area

How to do this? First, tap into your flirty and spontaneous side. Make a selection of random pieces that enhance the bohemian design you’re going for.

Whether you’re leaning towards Western or a more European boho, make sure there are overstatements here and there. Decorate your space with travel trinkets, feathers or other natural collections, bejeweled frames, and lace.

For these smaller items, simply: throw them together, tweak placements a bit, and allow for a little perfectly imperfect look.

Boho inspired bedroom design by Decorilla interior designer, Tiara M.

Go bigger with statement pieces large patterned wallpaper (florals and Navajo patterns work), an oversized tasseled pendant lamp, even a massive cactus plant! In terms of furniture, this could be a lacy indoor hammock strung in the living room or a hanging chair in the bedroom. And, if you really want to be effortless in embellishing bohemian interior design, go on the hunt for the grand peacock chair.

An iconic piece of pop culture in the 60s and 70s, the peacock chair is a representation of bohemian style (thank you, Stevie Nicks). It’s curly, braided, and woven designs are enough to make you swoon at its craftsmanship. Hourglass in shape and unusual in size, this chair definitely makes for an eye-catching bohemian interior design accent.

7. Add in bohemian style with vintage flair

Vintage-inspired bohemian living room design

Along with mixing styles, a simple way to jump into bohemian design is by contrasting old and new. Vintage or gently worn second-hand pieces offer a soulful element to bohemian design. They have history and soul.

Placed next to something modern makes each item pop in an interesting way.  A sleek-lined sofa could be draped with a fringed throw or a large round mirror could welcome guests at the entry with a patterned kilim runner.

The point is that there is no need to be matchy-matchy; a nonchalant approach is encouraged here.

Older pieces this that lend to bohemian interior design can be found in antique, consignment or vintage shops. You can also hit up an estate or garage sales for unique finds.

Consider a plush daybed or chaise, a French-style side table, an old record player, or a distressed mirror as added pieces that will give a classic vintage touch.

This element is commonly found in bohemian interior design lending to the storytelling and cultural value of the style.

Now that you know our top bohemian interior design decorating tips and ideas, we hope you’re ready to start on your way and we’re here to help! Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or Schedule a Free Consultation with A Decorilla Interior Designer today and get started with your affordable farmhouse interior design project today!

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Source: https://www.decorilla.com/online-decorating/bohemian-interior-design/

Everything You Need To Know About Bohemian Design – What Is Bohemian Design

7 Beautiful Bohemian Dining Rooms We Love

When you hear the word “boho,” if your mind immediately jumps to the perfectly undone (yet totally done) rooms inside an Anthropologie catalog, you wouldn't be wrong. But you also wouldn't have the whole picture.

Bohemian design is something that everyone thinks they know the back of their hand, and while you're probably right about what, exactly, it looks , there's a lot about the design's backstory that most people aren't so familiar with.

Bohemian Design Started Out On The Fringe.

You can walk into just about any home store these days and find elements of or an entire section devoted to bohemian-style decor.

It's become pretty mainstream and super easy to execute, meaning, the design style pops up everywhere from your favorite cafe to your favorite clothing store.

Hell, even your 7-year-old niece probably has boho style nailed at this point. But it definitely did not start as something so conventional.

Bohemian design is generally inspired by those who lead a free-spirited, norm-defying life, travelers, writers, artists, etc.

“What we now understand as 'bohemianism' from a design perspective emerged from early nineteenth century France, when artists moved into the lower-rent Romani (gypsy) areas of Paris, in order to seek alternatives to bourgeois expectations.

This convergence of cultures gave rise to a kind of vagabond lifestyle, where the pursuit of wealth was abandoned in the search for a creative life and alternative ideals of beauty,” says designer Justina Blakeney.

Bohemian design today is about incorporating many different things from different philosophies, parts of the world, and ways of life. The result is an eclectic style that's as diverse as the people who inspire it.

“It's a free-spirited aesthetic rooted in cultural mixing and an artistic sensibility,” Blakeney says.

Courtesy of Old Brand New

See more at Old Brand New.

You Need To Think Outside The Floor Plan

Throw your design rulebook out the window. If you're following a formula to achieve bohemian design, you're probably not succeeding.

Bohemian design thinks outside the box—it's random, eclectic, and devoid of structure and order.

That often results in a room that's bright, colorful, and patterned, but those aren't tenants you must follow in order to achieve a boho aesthetic. Make sense?

“What I love about boho design is that anything can work—there is no 'should.'”

What You Know Is True: Bold Color & Pattern Dominate

But with that being said, you'll be hard-pressed to find a bohemian room that doesn't incorporate bold color and pattern. The palette leans heavily on earthy tones: think browns and greens, jewel tones, and metallics. Pattern is also key, as many bohemian textiles come from exotic places around the world, Persian rugs and Ikat from Southeast Asia.

But bohemian design isn't just about incorporating these elements—it's about not being afraid to mix and layer them. Colors and patterns don't necessarily have to “go” together; what makes it unique is how they are combined and unconventional ways they are used, such as hanging a rug in addition to using one on the floor.

“A colorful cloth can instantly transform a sofa, table, or chair. It can be a beautiful wall tapestry, and can inform the colors and textures to add more personality to the home,” Blakeney says.

Textiles Are Slightly Worn

Don't get me wrong, you don't want to intentionally damage your fabrics or buy something that's battered and dirty, but on the whole, bohemian textiles feel worn. Fringe, crochet, macramé, burlap—you want to mix these lived-in, cozier fabrics with the higher end silks and chenille.

Bohemian Furniture Is Usually Vintage

While you can find bohemian-style furniture just about anywhere, true bohemian furniture isn't usually found on an online ecommerce site. Pieces are collected over time and are usually vintage, secondhand, or bought from local artisans.

The best place to go to if you're furniture shopping for a bohemian home is a vintage shop. Chairs and couches tend to be plush and comfortable, inviting a sit back and lounge around kind of vibe.

You'll also find chaises, daybeds, or hanging chairs.

Courtesy of Old Brand New

See more at Old Brand New.

A facet of bohemian design is the juxtaposition between old and new. These vintage, second-hand pieces can be placed next to something totally modern.

A sleek table could hold a lamp with a beaded shade, or a clean-lined chair could have a fringed, patterned throw draped over it.

The idea is that not everything needs to go perfectly together, but rather, should follow a laissez-faire approach.

More Is More

You know that obsessive restraint you exercise in minimalism? Not so when it comes to anything bohemian.

Most every space is filled to help create a room that's saturated in color and pattern, feels cozy and inviting, and contains plenty of items that have some sort of value to you and tell a story.

Art, books, sculptures, pillows, lamps—anything is fair game. “What I love about boho design is that anything can work—there is no 'should,'” Blakeney says.

Bohemian Design Embraces The Natural & Handmade

Because bohemian design is inspired by artists and it emphasizes the unique, you'll usually find various handmade items in a boho space. These could be textiles, sculptures, or paintings, each helping to foster individuality.

In addition to the handmade, you'll also find plenty of natural elements. This comes in the form of fabrics, burlap and sisal, as well as plants.

Filling a room with potted plants, hanging plants, succulents, and ferns help bring the outdoors in and creates a calming aesthetic in your space.

“Adding plants is also an instantaneous way to make a home feel more relaxed, colorful, and full of life,” Blakeney says. “It looks good, it's good for the spirit, and it's good for the planet.”

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Source: https://www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/a23748087/what-is-bohemian-design-style/