13 Dining Room Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space

27 Different Types of Dining Room Lighting Ideas

13 Dining Room Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space

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When you're lingering over meals with family and friends, the right dining room lighting is the key to creating an intimate, dramatic atmosphere.

Lighting is important especially to the dining room because this is where you gather with family and friends during the evenings. When you’re talking with your kids over dinner or they’re doing their homework at the dining table, you want to have brighter lights. But when you’re drinking wine with friends, you’d to encourage an intimate atmosphere with a low-level warm light.

This kind of lighting is also flattering and makes everyone look prettier. Aside from setting the mood, you’d also want to invest on the lighting fixture in your dining room for visual appeal. A lighting fixture can demarcate a dining area to an open concept space as well as serve as a statement piece.

See All Different Kinds of Lighting Here


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One popular type of light to include in your dining room is a light that is fixed to the ceiling. These can hang down, chandelier and pendant lights, or they can be flush with the ceiling itself.

Either way, using lighting in your dining room that attaches to your ceiling is a wonderful way to provide light to a large area of the room without requiring a number of different light sources.

Because there are so many types of ceiling lights to choose from, it is easy to find one that will fit not only your needs but also the décor of your home.


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Wall lighting is another popular choice for a dining room, and it is usually in the form of a scone. These lights do not provide as much light as chandeliers or pendant lights do, but they are often used to draw a person’s interest or attention to a specific area in the room.

They are great when installed on either side of a piece of artwork, as this will encourage people to look at the art. They can also be placed around a plant or near the window.

It’s important that you do not rely on these lights as your main source of illumination in your dining room.


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Lamps are the final way to light your dining room, and they are great for filling in the gaps when your ceiling lights do not provide enough illumination.

Lamps come in a variety of different styles and sizes, with the most common being either table lamps, which are significantly smaller and can rest on a piece of furniture, or floor lamps. Floor lamps generally will release significantly more light than a table lamp will, but they do require more space.

Being able to quickly and easily change the lamp shades on your lamps makes it very easy to update your dining room lighting without overspending.

Shaded Chandelier

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Shaded chandeliers are very attractive and will usually have an even number of bulbs. Each bulb will have a small shade that fits over it, which helps direct the light downward and also ensures that a person does not hurt his or her eyes when looking at the chandelier.

Because you can easily find shades in different sizes, colors, and designs, it is easy to update your chandelier without having to replace the whole fixture when you change the décor of your dining room.

These chandeliers are very popular because they are both classy and timeless, and they will look great in almost any dining room space.

Candle-Style Chandelier

Source: https://www.homestratosphere.com/types-of-dining-room-lighting/

20 Small Dining Room Lighting Designs

13 Dining Room Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space

Walk into a dining room full of beautifully dressed furnishings, luxurious window treatment, stunning pool of light highlighting a meticulously set table and tell me what will you feel? How about walking into a dining area filled with pretty furnishings, best crockery, sparkling glasses but no stunning light to greet you? Yes, it might be the most luxurious dining room you have seen but it is also flat. No scene to look forward to and keep you lingering in the dining table you are in. So yes, lighting is really a vital element in getting that cozy ambiance for your dining room.

A great deal of thought should be given to your dining area in getting a good lighting. It is important in setting the atmosphere you want to feel.

Notice how restaurants get dazzling light fixtures and mirrors everywhere to reflect the light around and exude the scene they wanted their customers to experience. It creates the mood from formal to casual in an instant may it be in a big or small dining space.

So for those who have a not-so-spacious dining area and are looking for inspirations in getting the best light fittings, this list of 20 Small Dining Room Lighting Designs will help you.

1. The Family Dining Room


A small dining room needs an ample amount of light when you want it to be a place where you can do different activities with your family. The bare window let the natural light in while creating a bright space for a more casual atmosphere. The wooden tables give warmth while the white pendant light adds interest and mod-vibe in this dining space.

2. A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess

Black ceiling and walls bring drama to the white dining room design. White chairs with stripes in vivid colors makes this dining room refreshing while the beautiful light fixture above adds luxury and softness.

3. Neutral Dining Nook

Better Homes And Gardens

Neutral colors from the wicker chairs, table and mirror add warmth and texture to this dining room. The sconces on the other hand matches the simple corner banquette, brings elegance.

4. Orchard Dining Room

Michael Abrams Limited

A large-scale mirror on the wall that framed the dining area gives depth and dimension creating a more spacious feel. The crystal–geometric lighting fixture adds elegance to this contemporary dining space.

5. A Zest Of Citron

Maria DeGange

A hint of citron in giclee art, mirror and floor glass bottles adding a touch of fun in this transitional dining space. The gorgeous chandelier in chrome, bring glamour and extravagance to the contemporary appeal of the white chairs and rich, deep wooden color of the table.

6. Eclectic Dining Room

House To Home

The white wall canvas highlights the color of the old mahogany chairs that adds warmth to this dining room. A stylish pendant light and wall arts bring and up-to-the-minute look to this old-new mix.

7. Breakfast Area


A high-back, cushioned bench takes the center stage in this whimsical breakfast nook. A chic mirror reflects the light in style and the two globe, pendant lights add interest and more brightness to this cozy space.

8. Jayson Home

Jayson Home

Chairs in chrome bring an industrial touch as the natural color of the table adds warmth and coziness to the room. A striking pendant light grabs the attention keeping the dining space modern and elegant.

9. Monticello Drive

V Fine Homes

A classic chandelier illuminates this traditional dining area exuding sophistication. Bare windows extends the view to the outdoors, creating a more roomy feel.

10. Riverside Drive, NYC Residence

Willey Design LLC

A cluster of pendant lights in different shapes and sizes, is arranged strategically to create an appealing impact in a dining room.

11. Charming Cottage

Seattle Staged to Sell and Design LLC

Beige walls makes a good backdrop for the red chairs and a simple light fixture creates a cozy mood in this small dining room.

12. Chic Dining Room

BIA Parade of Homes

An interesting rope chandelier hangs over a round salvaged wooden table giving a rustic appeal to the sleek white wingback dining chairs.

13. Piedmont Perfect

EJ Interior Design, Eugenia Jesberg

Recessed lightings installed on the ceiling and the shelving illuminates this chic dining space..

14. Brooks & Falotico

Brooks & Falotico

A cluster of small crystal light pendants accentuates the vaulted ceiling, drawing the attention of the eyes upward, making the room feel taller.

15. Twist To A Traditional Dining Area

Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

Avocado-green, armless dining sofa matches the colors on the chairs’ pads to get a cohesive look. The mix of different vintage finds (table and chairs) and contemporary accessories this elegant pendant lamp, keep this dining space comfortably cozy and modern.

16. Historic Bungalow Renovation-Dining Room

Susan Brunstrum of SWEET PEAS DESIGN INC

The colors on the dining furniture continues to the window treatment creating a unified look that makes this dining space cozy. An oversized pendant light draws attention to the space bringing modern elegance.

17. Capitol Lighting

1-800 Lighting

The warm, rich colors of the dining table and chairs balance the sweet and cool muted green walls. The beautiful cluster of lantern-style light fixture adds personality as it pulls a cohesive look with the dining chairs and table lamp.

18. World Travelers Abode

Katie Leede

The white loop back chairs lighten the mood of the dark wood dining table. A blue area rug in stripes enliven the space of this traditional dining room while the white pendant light ties the look together.

19. Park Hill House

Robert A.M. Stern Architects, Gary Brewer

The muted colors of blue for the ceiling, green for the window trims and pots, buttery yellow bring a sweet and dainty look in this small dining space. A simple, white pendant light adds a contemporary touch to this traditional space.

20. Moscow Flat

Olga Kulikovskaia Design and Decor

This gorgeous small dining room’s mix patterns and textures, bring personality. Mirrors on both side reflect the light coming from the luxurious chandelier enough to illuminate the space giving its elegant and cozy feel.

There are a lot of exciting light fixtures to choose from. Picking the perfect light fittings is of course your personal taste and style. I love using big statements and ornaments in a small dining room. It brings character and interest to the space.

However, layering the light in your dining area is another way of creating multiple moods. Consider adding more than one chandelier or pendant lights, adding wall lights or sconces and dimmer lights will allow you to have bright light for family dinners or soft lights for romantic ones.

I hope our list of 20 small dining room lighting designs help inspire you today.

Source: https://homedesignlover.com/dining-room-designs/small-dining-lights/