See How 4 Game of Thrones Characters Would Decorate Their Homes

The Best Home Decor Ideas for Game of Thrones Fans!

See How 4 Game of Thrones Characters Would Decorate Their Homes

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Ever since HBO began screening the Game of Thrones in 2011 the world has not been the same. Garnering a cult following in its wake, this acclaimed series has left people wanting more of it in every way possible.

Are you one of them? Do you dream of being as cool as Daenerys or wish or as loyal as Jon Snow?

If you are one of those die-hard fans of the Game of Thrones, then what better way to get more of it than by including little pieces of it in your home! The sets are rich in detail, and there are so many ways in which you can incorporate your favourite characters or accessories into your house.

Here, we give you our ideas on GoT-inspired home decor themes that can perhaps finally satisfy the fan in you.

Designing your house

We start with the very basics. If you have got hooked on to GoT even as you are drawing up plans for your new home, then there is hope. Lots of it. Now, you have the option of adding small touches to the very design of your house so that it resembles the Red Keep or Harrenhal. Or if you cannot make up your mind, then why not bring in a sweet amalgamation to get a generic GoT feel?

Arches were a common feature of all buildings during ancient times, and GoT has incorporated plenty of those in all its castles and houses.

How about having a wide bricked archway towards the hall to give it a certain majestic splendour? Or if you have a lengthy balcony, you could have short-pillared rounded arches incorporated with the railing.

An Islamic style ogee arch might reflect more of the Targaryen charm while Tudor style wide stone arches might be more Winterfell.

If possible, creating small levels in your house could be another way to incorporate the GoT feel.

Make your drawing room slightly higher than the dining room or allow a short descent into the back garden. Wherever possible, making these level changes will not only make your house more interesting but also give it a very medieval feel.

Have a backyard or plenty of place on the terrace?

Convert it to a Westeros-inspired garden with lots of vines and plants adorning it. Add a table, and some chairs and you have a mini dining area outside too for nice evenings out.

Colour schemes

Now that the construction is done, you can bring the unique colours of GoT into your home. As a big fan, no doubt, you have already chosen your favourite house too.

How about choosing a colour palette from its banner? If you the Lannister swag, then reds and yellows would be your predominant colours. Although it sounds a bold and brave combination, don’t be put off.

There are plenty of muted reds and light yellows that you can consider, which will still reflect the colours of House Lannister.

If you just want to incorporate a few palettes from the show, then perhaps the elegant blacks and golds of the Baratheons or the deep blues, greys, and greens of the Greyjoys could be the perfect shades.

Don’t forget the rich and ornate wallpapers in all the castles. Beautiful patterns meld with gorgeous colours to form stupendous backdrops for many a room in all the castles, and you could consider the same. If you don’t feel wallpapering your entire home, you could pick a big wall and choose a wallpaper to contrast with the rest of the decor.


GoT is all about luxe leathers and faux furs and wool giving an air of opulence, rustic beauty, and stately grace all at the same time.

Replicate that GoT atmosphere with some shaggy carpets, sweeping embroidered curtains, rough-hewn wooden tables or wrought iron chairs.

If you eclectic things, then follow the House Martell style of all things exotic and appealing. Rich textures and mysticism are what you would be looking at here.

If simple yet stunning is your choice, follow the Starks. They are all about rugged textures, so you could think of exposed brick walls with silky curtains or granite kitchen tops.

Pair these with appropriate cutlery made of ceramics or cast iron.

Wall decorations and lighting

This is probably the easiest part as there is an abundance of GoT memorabilia available. How about getting a map of Westeros and using it as your study table cover? Or perhaps a replica of Arya Stark’s sword, Needle, to hang in your room?

If you want to create more of a GoT atmosphere, you could get pewter or copper mugs and other small cutlery to go with it. Put up some wall sconces or candelabras for added style, and you have a regular GoT room right there.

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12 Game of Thrones CHARACTERS FACES Double-sided Images Cupcake Picks Cake Topper

See How 4 Game of Thrones Characters Would Decorate Their Homes

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Game of Thrones Gifts And Decor For Your Home

See How 4 Game of Thrones Characters Would Decorate Their Homes

Whether you're looking for awesomely geeky gifts or just want to add to your ice and fire decor theme, you'll definitely want to check out this mega-list of houseware and decorations inspired by the Game of Thrones.

Suspense, passion, greed, and treachery – the struggle for the Iron Throne has captivated fantasy enthusiasts since the release of the first book in 1996 and its passionate fan base has only grown after the television debut in 2011.

With every new season comes a new surge of collectibles, so now's the time to start stocking up just in case your favorite character meets the misfortune of exile or demise.

7″ Iron Throne: This amazingly detailed Iron Throne figure stands exactly the same height as the Blu-ray and DVD cases so it’s perfect for display on a shelf alongside your collection. If you have any action figures lying around, get ready for some hilarious mashups.
Dragonclaw Goblet: A replica of the goblet shared by Maester Cressen and Melisandre at Dragonstone, this chalice is faithfully sculpted from resin and a 12-ounce amber glass bowl. Just be sure not to drop any spoilers around dinner guests who haven’t gotten around to starting the series yet!
Dragon Goblet Mug: With the bowl being small and coming with a “for display only” label, it’s not exactly a wine glass but it would make a fun display for snacks or shots of liquor. The overall figure stands at almost 10 inches to capture attention on a shelf.
Hand of the King Bottle Opener: Very similar to the brooches and pendants worn by the second most powerful in the Seven Kingdoms, this bottle opener makes it easy to demonstrate the wielder’s might against even the sturdiest ale with just the flick of the wrist. Love bottle openers? Do check out our post on unique bottle openers then!
GoT Letter Openers: There isn’t an envelope in the world that can withstand Valyrian steel! There are plenty of Game of Thrones inspired letter openers out there; the ones pictured here are faithful reproductions of Longclaw and Ice. Each one is roughly 1/6 scale in case you were thinking of accessorizing any articulated Jon Snow or Eddard Stark figures you’ve found.
Officially Licensed Swords: With the weight and feel of a real sword, you’ll feel you can take on any rebellion or invasion. Even the White Walkers aren’t safe from these gorgeous replicas.
Dinner Is Coming Cutting Board: A great housewarming or wedding gift for the Game of Thrones fan in your life, this bamboo cutting board is sure to become a talking point of the occasion. Or gift yourself and use as a clever snack tray at your next epic dinner party.
Map Marker Spice Shakers: Take a strategic approach to dinner with these Stark and Lannister salt and pepper shakers, an indispensable addition to any Kitchen of Ice and Fire.
Game of Thrones Coasters: Let your guests choose their house with this licensed house sigil coaster set. You just might be surprised to find a rival in your midst.
Wax Seal Coasters: Here’s another set of coasters, this time made from flexible silicone. The set includes all six houses shown and comes with a tin canister for easy and attractive storage. If coasters are your thing, don’t forget to check out our post on unique drink coasters.
Game of Thrones Keychains: These sigil keychains would make a nice party favor or inexpensive gift for your favorite Game of Thrones geek. Or you can buy one for yourself to show off your house pride!
Dragon Ear Cuff: Do you remember Daenerys Targaryen’s gorgeous dragon necklaces in the show? Now the Khaleesi in your life can look as fierce as the Mother of Dragons with this adjustable dragon ear cuff. Don’t worry – the part that goes through the ear is as thin as any other earring for those who aren’t interested in gauges. If dragons are your thing, don’t forget to check out our post on dragon home decor.
Game of Thrones Calendar: Show off your Game of Thrones enthusiasm at the office, home, or business with this awesome calendar. Every month sports a different character. The pages are a little too dark to write on, but the backgrounds are attractive for display.
Adult Coloring Book: Combining two rapidly growing trends, this adult coloring book is sure to keep Game of Thrones fans occupied while waiting for the next season or episode. Each one-sided page boasts brilliant detail for the advanced colorist. Remove pages with a sharp blade and add a frame for home decoration.
Game of Thrones Monopoly: On-theme and beautifully made, this MONOPOLY: Collector’s Edition set is sure to become a treasured addition to any fan’s board game collection. The tokens are cast in weighty zinc, the instructions are printed on a scroll, and any game of Monopoly it will fire up rivalries that make Game of Thrones feel tame in comparison.
Playing Cards: Planning a game night after a big Game of Thrones viewing party? Consider picking up a pack of these themed playing cards. The face cards have full-color pictures of the characters, while the number cards feature sigils from the four main houses from season 1 – Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, and Baratheon.
Classic Style Cards: Here’s another playing card set Game of Thrones, this time with a clever classic style. Characters include Robb Stark as the King of Spades, Robb’s mother as the Queen, Joffrey Baratheon as the King of Diamonds, with Cersei Lannister as the queen, and so on. The jokers are Littlefinger and Varys.
House Targaryen Laptop Sticker: Represent either House Targaryen or House Blackfyre anywhere you go with this neat vinyl laptop sticker. It comes in a matte black finish and is easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue behind. It would work just as well for vehicles, mirrors, or any other flat and smooth surface.

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