The Most Beautifully Styled IKEA Beds

50 IKEA Bedrooms That Look Nothing but Charming

The Most Beautifully Styled IKEA Beds

How many times have you run over to IKEA to find a quick fix for your decorating dilemma only to be taken in by the sleek Scandinavian design? For many, it is the one-stop-shop for all their decor needs, while others tend to couple those affordable IKEA pieces with other statement additions and a few timeless furnishings to create a balanced and beautiful home. No matter which category you fall into, today’s special story dedicated to the 50 best IKEA bedroom sets will leave you spellbound and probably heading for your nearest IKEA store when you are done flipping through the endless inspiration!

Create your own dream bedroom in an affordable way with IKEA finds

While most of these bedrooms use exclusively IKEA products, others cleverly add those Swedish design sensations to their existing framework to create a truly exceptional, cozy ambiance.

The bedroom is a personal haven where many of us spend a third of our life. It is only natural then that you should turn this into a space that reflects your style and choices in a curated fashion.

These gorgeous bedrooms surely accomplish that and a whole lot more!

1. Gorgeous Bed Frames

At the heart of every stunning bedroom is a bed that sets the tone and mood of the room and becomes the central focus of the area.

Some of the gorgeous bed frames offered by IKEA range from the sleek and minimal to the rustic and Scandinavian, giving you a wide range of styles to choose from.

While many homeowners concentrate on other accessories and decor in the bedroom a touch too much, they forget that at the end of the day it is indeed all about the comfy, relaxing bed that meets your specific design and ergonomic needs.

Curated and creative chaos is inspired by chic, colorful trendsBedroom with Scandinavian beauty with smart BREIM wardrobeNYPONROS bed frame stands in contrast to the dark backdrop and sideboardFabulous NORNAS bed frame is perfect for the modern minimalist

Whether it is trundle beds and those with slide-out drawers that help in tucking away the unnecessary or large double beds that serve the needs of a modern couple, you have models that fit in with almost any style that you can imagine.

Many of the fabulous bed frames from the 2015 catalog go a step further and allow you to customize the headboard as well.

In fact, those looking for a plush headboard with additional storage can bring home the lovely BRIMNES headboard without splurging on a brand new bed frame.

2. Small IKEA Bedroom Designs

These are perennial favorites across the world – from small attic and studio apartments to dorm rooms all over the globe. Just because you are short on space and wish to maximize the square footage does not mean that you need to sacrifice style, and these ingenious IKEA bedroom compositions showcase precisely that.

Loft bed frames can be used to turn that tiny dorm room into a living room, bedroom and kitchen at the same time, while smart storage units, cabinets and side tables ensure that you can keep this common space a lot more organized.

When it comes to small bedroom designs, versatile IKEA solutions and their smart Scandinavian form is truly top notch.

MALM Storage Bed gives you design flexibility in the small bedroomMaximize your small bedroom and turn it into your home workspace as well!Picture ledge and smart lighting for the small bedroomTurn that small nook into a dashing bedroomSpace-saving STORA Loft Bed saves up on precious space

3. Trendy Wardrobes & Bedroom Storage

Bedroom furniture design is not just about the bed alone, and for those who tend to splurge on a fashionable clothes collection, the need for a versatile, convenient and ample storage space is a must.

Be it sorting out and arranging a truckload of clothes and shoes or displaying your small collection with panache, the wide range of cabinets, chests with drawers, and open units with clothes storage systems and hangers get it all done.

Standalone dressing tables and wall-mounted shelves make it even more convenient to expand your bedroom storage without much fuss.

Lovely IKEA nightstand and linen cabinet in pastel greenBudget bedroom wardrobe and bed storage ideas from IKEAShowcase your style proudly with the ALGOT systemVersatile and refined PAX Wardrobe to complete your bedroom storage needs

4. Cozy Bedding and More

Moving on from storage options and bed frames, it is the turn of duvets, pillows, cushions and comforters to steal the spotlight. This is a section of the IKEA Bedroom Zone that we absolutely adore, as a simple change in bedding can alter the entire appeal of your bedroom in an instant.

You need not spend an inordinate amount of time or cash to get this done, and you can simply switch out these new additions whenever you get bored.

Adding excitement, color, geometric pattern and sometimes tranquil calm to the bedroom, the range of bedding and textiles from IKEA offers endless skins for your hip bedroom.

SISSELA Duvet cover adds contemporary playfulness to the bedroom in graySÖTBLOMSTER Duvet Cover and Pillowcases bring paisley panache into the bedroomUpcycled rugs and energy-saving lights used to create an eco-friendly bedroomBedding in black and white wit pops of yellow

5. Setting the Mood!

Never forget the little details when it comes to shaping the perfect bedroom! IKEA is indeed the perfect place to find these fascinating finishing touches that will transform the bedroom from a very good one to something that is truly one of a kind and full of personality.

A couple of sconces instead of the traditional bedside lamps, a sparkling floor lamp for a personalized reading nook in the corner, or gorgeous pendants that usher in a transcendental aura; take your pick at your nearest IKEA store and revel in the radiance! Plush rugs and snazzy mirrors add that final oomph that your tasteful, peaceful bedroom needs.

Lantern-style lighting, understated bed and exquisite cabinets create a tranquil personal havenElegant wooden bakdrop and TISDAG floor lamp create a refined ambiance in this small bedroom setupFeminine bedroom with pretty pendants and geometric wall motifTARVA Series of nighstands and chests brings warmth of wood to the bedroom

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IKEA Bed Frame Reviews: 2020 Beds Ranked (Buy or Avoid?)

The Most Beautifully Styled IKEA Beds

IKEA's bed frame offerings include those with and without storage offerings. If you are interested in bed frames with storage, see our IKEA storage bed review guide. In either case, their prices are very competitive and their offerings focus on self-assembled options.

However, their styles are sometimes basic and leave some customers wishing for more.

For sleepers that are looking for something stylish and long term, see our list of beds and bed frames for competitive options.

Below we'll go through each of their designs and discuss which offerings get the best reports from sleepers.

IKEA focuses on providing easy-to-assemble products with high value for their low pricepoints.

When it comes to their bed frames, their highest value is in their 'bare bones' metal options, which have reports of simple set up and overall sturdiness from most.

However, those that are looking for platform designs with more style, there are some mixed reviews about some of these options — especially concerning issues with durability.

IKEA offers one all-metal frame, which is ideal for those that are looking for a concealed, lifted look for their boxspring mattress combo.

Here are the details for the all-metal Feiring:

This bed frame is a simple construction to the get the mattress off the floor. It is best for use with a box spring that will sit above this layer as there are no slats to entirely support a mattress. Customers report easy set up overall, with some rare complaints of quality issues.

For those looking for something with more style, IKEA offers multiple bed frames specific to the twin sized mattress. These come in both a unfinished or a painted look.

For those looking for a premium look, here is what's inside the Hemnes Twin Bed Frame:

The Hemnes bed frame is a wooden option that comes in multiple color options — black-brown, dark gray, and white. It comes in twin-size only, which makes it ideal for children or solo adults. Overall, customers their Himnes bed frames, but some had issues with the durability and quality of the design.

The last twin sized option from IKEA is the Songesand Bed Frame:

The Songesand bed frame is a great option for those that are looking for something simple but with a traditional style element. It comes in two colors — brown and white. A to the others, there are some that had issues with assembly and construction, which was a common painpoint for some shoppers.

IKEA also makes bed frames for larger mattress sizes, queens and kings. With both unfishinished and premium looks, IKEA's value proposition is about bringing the lowest prices with simple assembly.

For those looking for a simple design, but with upholstering, here is what's inside the Slattum Bed Frame:

The Slattum is a grey upholstered bed that offers a full or queen size option for those that are for a low price point. Underneath the upholstering, there is a metal frame that holds everything together. Overall, most folks these bed frames but there are some quality concerns around frame strength and squeakiness for some sleepers.

The next option is an untreated wood frame. Here is what's inside the Tarva Bed Frame:

The Tarva bed frame is completely untreated and isn't finished with paint. This raw look fits into traditional scandinavian decorations and room designs. However, there are some mixed reviews for this particular bed frame. Specifically, some have described issues with durability and bed frame breakdowns.

For those looking for a similar look and slightly better reviews, here is what's inside the Neiden Bed Frame:

The Neiden is another untreated wooden option with a simple design. It features slats and pre-drilled holes for simple assembly. Most sleepers report finding assembly straight forward, but there were some issues when it came to fitting the nuts and bolts. Others had issues with durability and movement of the frame at night.

The next bed frame that they offer is a stained wooden style. Here is what's inside the Trysil Bed Frame:

The Trysil bed frame offers a sleek, stained wood design that offers a high, angled headboard. It comes with or without slats and features particle-board along the sides with metal frame. Customers have mixed reviews about these frames, with some complaints about the quality and durability of the slats with some describing breaks.

Lastly, the most expensive and regal option comes with added upholstering. Here is what's inside the Kvalfjord Bed Frame:

The Kvalfjord comes with a large upholstered headboard that comes in grey. In addition to the grey upholstering, there are four wooden feet that are untreated. These bed frames come in both king and queen sizes and is the highest priced IKEA bed frame. Overall it is a higher end piece without many reviews due to its high price.

IKEA bed frames are ideal for those that are looking for economical choices with standard designs. For those looking for more style and design options, see our List of Top Rated Beds for great alternatives.


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The Most Beautifully Styled IKEA Beds

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