The Color You Should Paint Your Bedroom, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The One Color You Need in Your Home ( Your Zodiac Sign)

The Color You Should Paint Your Bedroom, According to Your Zodiac Sign

(May 21- June 20)

A Gemini’s eloquence and charm inevitably lands them in the center of attention, and there is nowhere else that they would rather be. Represented by twins, Geminis serve a double dose of personality with their quick-wit and sociable demeanor.

They tend to change their mind just as soon as they have made it up, which makes decorating particularly tricky.If you are an ever-evolving Gemini, you’ve ly already made some (read: a million) changes to your home this year.

If you are sniffing around for some new colorful inspiration, look no further. We present to you 2016’s freshest shade: Mint Green.

This is the missing puzzle piece guaranteed to round out the any eccentric or mismatched decor you’ve accumulated over the years. Mint is a spirited pastel that packs a serious punch of charisma, without lacking in any versatility. (Sounds somebody we know.

) Did we mention how obsessed we are with these eclectic, minty built-ins by John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino? We're willing to bet you are too.

Whether you swipe this fresh green on every wall of your home or simply splurge for a mint nick-knack, we are confident that this hue will continue to complement your fluctuating style long many years to come.

(June 21- July 22)

Cancers are celebrated as being the most loving and protective signs in the zodiac. These water signs are innately intuitive and never miss an opportunity to nurture their loved ones. If you’re a Cancer, you want a home that reflects your radiating warmth and we found just the shade to do that.

From pies, to pillows, to Bellini’s and bedspreads- Peach proves to be just as stylish as it is tasty in 2016, and the design world has taken notice.

The stars have aligned and gifted Cancers everywhere with a trend that is exudes just as much ooey-gooey-goodness and they do! A coat of this juicy color in your guest room is a sure remedy for even the gloomiest of visitors, casting any space with an encouraging glow (kind of you!) Become keen on peach, Cancer, and the results are sure to be peachy-keen!

(July 23- August 22)

David Owen Strongman/Getty Images

Ah, lion-hearted Leos, the kings (and queens) of the jungle! This fire sign plays host to nature’s broadest minds and most creative spirits. If you are a Leo, others admire your quiet confidence and adventurous lifestyle. That said, gallivanting is no excuse for a dusty and dated den.

Luckily for you, Marigold is one of the trendiest colors of 2016 and it basically screams “effortlessly cool Leo”. This impressive honey hue is an ultimate display of stylish flair that mirrors your golden heart (and mane).

Coat your walls for a regal statement, or use accent pieces to create warmth in a sea of neutrals. Love It or List It, Too used marigold on this vanity and yielded stunning results worthy of any Leo.

However you choose to incorporate it, marigold is as strong as it is stylish and it is sure to give your guests something new to admire.

(August 23- September 22)

Virgo are the meticulous, yet modest, perfectionists of the zodiac. Their intelligence is only surpassed by their diligence and they pride themselves on both practicality and reliability.

If you are a Virgo, listen up: the stars have spoken.

While we respect the sensibility of your sensible decor, sensible is not synonymous with boring! It’s time for you to kick those gr-eige walls up a notch.

Now don’t worry, we know you expect nothing short of perfection and 2016’s blush trend will not disappoint. This muted, rosy-peach hue is equal parts posh and practical, shrouding master suites and mudrooms a with a sense of understated opulence.

We love how Coddington Design used blush to create this cohesive (and completely swoon-worthy) living space. Our suggestion for you? Use blush accent pieces in tandem with those grey or beige walls.

Together they create a crisp look assured to dazzle Virgo and their guests a!

(September 23- October 22)

Libras are the diplomats of the zodiac. Symbolized by scales, these air signs spend their days seeking a balanced and harmonious life. As a Libra, you shine brightest when paired with others, and your peers love to be in your easy-going company. You are praised for your open mind, so it should take little convincing for you to reimagine your home with 2016’s dreamiest trend: Powder Blue!

We believe your space should reflect your peaceful disposition, and this ethereal blue is the pigment representation of your soothing spirit! A grown-up take on baby blue, this shade expertly ties contrasting statement pieces together and enhances underwhelming neutrals with ease. We love how Chango and Co. balance this dreamy space with twin, powder blue chairs. Whether you hang some pretty powder wallpaper or invest in twin chairs of your own, this hue will bestow balance and brightness anywhere it goes (just you!)

(October 23- November 21)

Scorpio boasts the most passionate and magnetic personalities of the zodiac. With defining characteristics ranging from determined to emotional, powerful to sometimes forceful, Scorpios are truly in a league all their own.  If you are an ever-impressive Scorpio, your space should reflect that and neutral palettes with dated decor simply won’t do. Enter 2016’s striking color trend: Indigo.

This year we are seeing an explosion of indigo in design and we can’t get enough of it. SuzAnn Kletzien's stunning living room shows how this deep hue instantly gratifies any space with mystery and over-spill of allure.

This pigment works for you because it delivers an impact nearly as just as powerful as your personality. Pair indigo with metallic accents for a magnetic space that draws the eye and has depth that forces complete and undivided attention.

For a home as beguiling as you, dear Scorpio, we suggest pouring this liquid-intrigue into a paint tray and put your renowned determination to good use.

(November 22- December 21)

Allison Corona Photography

Sagittarians are jovial by nature, offering the world infectious optimism you won’t find anywhere else. If you are a Sagittarius, you are unapologetic and straightforward about who you are. You elect to live a liberal and indulgent life, and we love that about you. In fact, we think you should draw inspiration for geodes to create a space that rocks just as much as you do!

We are seeing a ton of gemstone and geode inspiration in 2016 and Malachite is a design favorite.  Malachite is a saturated green that offers a boldness reflective of any daring Sagittarius.  This kelly green delivers a space impact and drama, while working beautifully with neutral pallets.

For you, we recommend taking inspiration from this gorgeously green living space by Judith Balis. Pair this jewel tone with deep teals or coblat blue and incorporate geometric patterns for a look as big as your personality.

However you use it, Malachite guarantees a striking look that incites optimism in a way that only a Sagittarius could!

(December 22- January 19)

Courtesy of Thibaut, Image Courtesy of Thibaut

Capricorns are the pillar of practicality and ambition in the zodiac world. These earth signs are new-year-babies, known for their reserved and hardworking nature.

If you’re a Capricorn, you ly prefer the traditional lifestyle and are not tempted to take a walk on the wild side.

We took note of your practical preferences and paired you with the freshest (and oh-so-glamorous), neutral of the 2016.

Rather than knocking you off your equilibrium with a shocking orange or fanciful fuchsia, we think you need to incorporate the simplistic and stunning shade of pearl white into your space! This delicate hue delivers the elegant face-lift your space has been waiting for and works swimmingly with your traditional decor. You can paint this versatile neutral on every wall you can reach and we especially love the way a pearly white back-splash can brighten a kitchen.

(January 20- February 18)

Aquarians are the most entrancing and eccentric among the zodiac. If you are an Aquarius, you often impress others with your intelligence and inventive abilities.

Your most compelling characteristic, though, is undoubtedly your originality. You live life by your own rule book (or by none at all) and you have no qualms about it.

With such an exciting personality, we can’t help but think your space deserves to be equally vivacious! The 2016 color meant for you? Raspberry.

Raspberry is a bubbly fuchsia, but a grown up fuchsia all the same. This shade of pink it sure to spark conversation and inspire the space it’s in. Just you, Aquarius, this color is a stand-out original. We love Rachel Reider Interiors' use of a raspberry geometric wallpaper.

If wallpaper is too big of a commitment, we think a in graphic print or even a punchy pink sofa make for equally fitting additions to any Aquarian space.

This glamorous hue works with pastels, brights and neutrals a to deliver Aquarians a space that is as interesting and unique as they are.

(February 19- March 20)

Pisces are renowned for their selflessness and compassion.  This water sign possess innate intuition and as result, are highly attune to their surroundings.

If you are a Pisces, you act in with kindness and easily sympathize with others.

Pisces, we appreciate your attention but we think it’s time to show some compassion for your distressed dining room, listless living room and crestfallen kitchen. Lucky for you, we found the hue to do just that!

Amethyst is another gemstone inspired hue that is completely saturating the design world in 2016. It works for Pisces because this purple is as soothing as it is pretty. If you want to elevate your space’s spirits, try incorporating this lilac hue in your life.

Whether you match it with mocha browns or pale greys, this shade will add a touch of trendy sophistication to any space in your home. Designer Jennifer Dyer proves here that you can even layer varying shades of amethyst together for an ultra-stylish look.

Our tip? Search around for ultra-luxe amethyst bedding, throw blankets or pillows to cultivate a space that is just as comforting as you are.

(March 21- April 19)

Aries are known for their unwavering confidence, dynamic personality and unmatched enthusiasm. These fire signs are nature’s daredevils and they thrive in bold environments. This year, designers and homeowners a are flocking to a hue that is both bold and beautiful—fire-engine red. If you’re an Aries, you are always itching to make a statement and this fiery hue is sure to deliver.  

This bright take on a classic primary is perfect for you, Aries, because it is just as blaring as your personality. We love how designer Cecilia Dupire incorporates this vivacious hue as a surprising pop of color in an otherwise neutral space.

 Feeling extra spirited this year? Let fire-engine red completely steal the show as a focal point in your home. We say give into your impulsive nature, Aries. Paint the town (or at the very least, an accent wall) this fiery hue of red.

 We promise you won’t regret it. 

(April 20- May 20)

Taureans are as reliable as a morning coffee, offering those around them an encouraging buzz to get through a long day. These earth signs are intrinsically grounded, find comfort in stability and aren’t known to steer far off course.

If you are a classic Taurus, chances are you don’t think your home needs a fresh look at all. In fact, you’re probably perfectly happy with the living room you threw together circa 2007.

  Let us help you get your design rut and move you into the posh pallet of 2016.

Our suggestion? Take inspiration from your reliable and warm personality and you can’t go wrong. This year we are seeing a creamy, earthy brown emerge in homes that leave us feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

This sophisticated shade works for you because it pairs it perfectly with the traditional decor you already have and brings your space up to speed with the latest trends. We can't get enough of the luxe-latte wallpaper designer Kristen Forgione selected for this space.

Whether you emulate Kristen's look with creamy wallpaper or simply commit to a couple of accent pillows, latte brown is the color for you. Change is good for the soul, Taurus. Trust the experts!


The Best Color To Paint Your Bedroom, According To Your Zodiac Sign

The Color You Should Paint Your Bedroom, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Committing to a bedroom color is no easy task. After all, your bedroom is a sacred space — and even if you live with the best roommates, this still holds true. Your bedroom is a sanctuary, a place to unwind after a long day of work, catch much-needed z’s, and share intimate moments.

So how do you decide which color to paint your bedroom? Should your bedroom be a calming and cool shade of blue, or a robust and energizing orange rust? We looked to several sources, including the stars, to see what color fits best for each zodiac sign.

Of course, as any astrology buff knows, it’s not just your sun sign that plays into your personality. You have to consider your whole chart, along with personal preferences, to find the ideal color for your space.

In order to find the perfect bedroom color for each zodiac sign, we turned to Sherwin-Williams’ ColorSnap ID quiz. While this quiz doesn’t ask your sign, it does delve into design and energy preferences, which is just as important to consider. After answering a handful of questions, ColorSnap ID provided us with our own personal color palette and style.

Once you take the quiz and find out if you’re a naturalist, dreamer, or anything in between, see if your personal style matches up with your astrological style. When you have narrowed your paint choices down, head to your local Sherwin-Williams store to have your paint custom mixed.

Aries: Sand Dune

As the infant of the zodiac, you sure do love to be bold and outspoken. Your tastes tend to be just as loud, with bright colors and intense energy.

This warm neutral shade, Sand Dune, brings out your fiery side, but is still muted enough to not send your brain into overdrive every time you try to go to sleep.

Other color families to explore for the home: robust reds, mustard yellow, and other fiery colors.

Colors to avoid: pure black and whites, soft pinks.

Taurus: Julep

As an Earth sign, you take pleasure in creature comforts. Luxury might as well be your middle name, Taurus, and to reflect that abundance, try out a lush-but-subdued shade of green, Julep.

Other color families to explore for the home: soft mauves and pinks, forest green, and pastels.

Colors to avoid: over-saturated reds and purples.

Gemini: Banana Cream

The Twins get a notoriously bad rap, but anyone close to you knows that you’re soft and vulnerable at your core. Bring out the trademark Gemini charm and optimism with Banana Cream.

Other color families to explore for the home: light greens and soft pinks.

Colors to avoid: over-powering oranges, brown neutrals.

Cancer: Sensitive Tint

We swear we didn’t pick this one out for the name only, sweet Crab. As a Cancer, you often need to recharge after large social outings or events, which is why it is so important that your room is a color that allows that rest.

Retreat and recharge in a space that is soft and welcoming. Keep textures soft and plush to add to the healing ambiance.

Other color families to explore for the home: sophisticated silvers and grays, sea foam green.

Colors to avoid: burgundy and deep, dark purples.

Leo: Purple Passage

Dramatic, scene-stealing Leo: you know that fortune favors the brave, which is why a daring and regal hue Purple Passage is perfect for you.

This shade of purple is still vibrant enough for fiery Leo, but it is not too overpowering for a restful area a bedroom.

Other color families to explore for the home: golds and fiery tones, shades of purple.

Colors to avoid: blue and pink pastels, stark whites.

Virgo: Zircon

This Earth sign tends to be analytical, meticulous, and something of a perfectionist. You love a good routine and set of order, dear Virgo, which is why a sophisticated shade Zircon would be great for your bedroom.

Other color families to explore for the home: natural greens, grays, and lighter blues

Colors to avoid: neons, bright reds, and oranges.

Libra: Rosebud

Libra is nothing if not a social butterfly. Ruled by Venus, this Air sign loves anything that is luxurious and beautiful. Keep your bedroom sophisticated but welcoming with Rosebud.

Other color families to explore for the home: mauves, light blues.

Colors to avoid: neons, loud greens.

Scorpio: Rockwood Dark Red

We know, Scorpios are often written off as intense and dramatic, but we say own it. Dive deep into your intense watery vibes in your room with Rockwood Dark Red. If it feels too much, you can always use it as an accent wall.

Other color families to explore for the home: deep violets, oranges, and blacks.

Colors to avoid: pastel pinks and whites.

Sagittarius: Cavern Clay

Even though the Archer is a Fire sign, Sags are truly people of the Earth. You love to travel and explore, and your bedroom color should reflect that wanderlust without being too overstimulating. Sherwin-Williams named Cavern Clay its 2019 Color of the Year, and a true Sag can appreciate why.

Other color families to explore for the home: warm reds and browns, cornflower blue.

Colors to avoid: intense greens, pastel pinks.

Capricorn: Moonmist

How many times have people called you “no-nonsense,” dear Sea Goat? You may not hate the moniker, but it can get tedious being prescribed “no-nonsense” colors without personality to match your zodiac sign — but we’ve got you covered.

Since you are a task and goal-oriented person, you tend to create long to-do lists — and you intend to complete them. Your room needs to be a calming color, the dreamy Moonmist, so you can recharge and continue to conquer the world day after day.

Other color families to explore for the home: subdued greens, browns, and blues.

Colors to avoid: neon hues, yellows.

Aquarius: Ash Violet

Is there any esoteric subject you haven’t spent hours exploring? You are an intellectual and a trail-blazer, but you’re also not a showy person.

This is why Ash Violet is the perfect Aquarius shade. It is has a touch of color to appeal to your worldly view, but it also allows you to decorate your space with bright, eccentric pieces — your favorite.

Other color families to explore for the home: dreamy and futuristic blues, and stunning silvers.

Colors to avoid: black, bright and overpowering oranges.

Pisces: Reflecting Pool 

Is there any sign dreamier than you, Pisces? Turn your bedroom into a fantasy oasis with HGTV Home’s 2019 color of the year, Reflecting Pool. This beachy hue is ideal for any water sign looking to retreat into daydreams before drifting off to sleep.

Other color families to explore for the home: greens and blues, soft shades of lavender.

Colors to avoid: red, navy blue, bright yellow.

You can find your nearest Sherwin-Williams store here


Which Color to Paint According to Your Zodiac Sign

The Color You Should Paint Your Bedroom, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Some people put a lot of trust in their horoscope– and it’s true, a horoscope can be a great way to bolster your confidence.“Hey” you may think “my fortunes are really going to be looking up this week!”Thanks positive horoscope!

Even if you think horoscopes are bologna, it can be agreat way to help narrow down a color for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom orwhatever you may be painting next! Horoscopes are tied to certaincharacteristics and moods – colors are too! You don’t have to stick to yourastrological sign but browse through and pick which mood, which attributes, youwant to bring to your home with 360° Painting.

Aquarius: The Water Bearer (Jan. 20- Feb. 18)

Aquarius is a winter sign that originates from the Greekmyth of the young Ganymede who, chosen by Zeus, becomes the cupbearer to thegods. This is a creative sign, represented by life-giving and form-shiftingwater. Additionally, Aquarius tends to be philanthropic and eager to buildcommunity, often around shared ideals and always in creative ways. Aquariusthinks outside the box.

Think way outside the box with the Pantone 2018 Color of the Year, Ultra Violet is an out-of-this-world cosmic purple that inspire creativity and innovation. There is no limit with Ultra Violet.

Pisces: The Fish (Feb. 19-March 20)

The Greek myth behind the Pisces symbol is connected to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, which influences all those born under this sign.

In the story, Aphrodite and her son Eros (also known as Cupid), turned into fish in order to avoid the monster Typhon.

The astrological sign of the two fish, connected by a cord and swimming in opposite directions, symbolize emotion, intuition, imagination, escapism, romance, and impressionism.

To bring the Pisces spirit to your home, combine the romantic and ocean-inspired elements with a monochromatic color scheme this dreamy room from Behr.

Aries: The Ram (March 21-Apr. 19)

Aries is the first astrological sign, making those bornunder Aries leaders. Represented by the ram, Aries is also one of the three firesigns of the astrological calendar. Aries can be stubborn and headstrong butthis also means that they are less inclined to follow fads and opt for classiccolors.

Be a headstrong Aries and stand by a classic color that has been reinvigorated by Farrow & Ball. Beige is not demonized in this updated color, Jitney. True Aries folks stick by tried-and-true colors this one.

Farrow & Ball “Jitney”

Taurus: The Bull (Apr 20-May 20)

The Bull of Heaven was first named by the ancientMesopotamians because it coincided with the vernal equinox. Cults to sacredbulls arose during the Age of Taurus in the 4th and 5thcenturies BCE. Taurus folks are either content and steady or plowing ahead atfull steam. This sign represents steady, constructive work toward realizing afinal goal.

Taurus folks should opt for any shade of blue that sparks joy for them. Blue is a proven color that boosts productivity which is perfect for a Taurus focused on accomplishment.

Courtesy of Homepolish

Gemini: The Twins (May 21-Jun 20)

Drawn from the Greek myth of twins who share immortality,Gemini circulate energy in a frenetic way. Because it is the twins whogive this sign its name, Gemini are by nature charismatic, communicative socialpeople who enjoy being with others. Gemini are chatty people!

Gemini folks! Focus on creating an open, bubbly environment to welcome more friends and family and to engender better conversations and longer dinner parties! Get inspired by this bright kitchen re-do from Dunn-Edward Paints as the perfect way to bring people together. 

Dunn-Edward Paints

Cancer: The Crab (June 21-July 22)

Folks born under the Cancer sign have the rare ability tomake their homes wherever they go because, the crab carrying its shell,these people carry their homes (metaphorically and literally!) with them. Theymay seem hard on the outside but once given some time, the Cancer sign revealsits vulnerable side.

To channel the Cancer spirit choose a color with adouble-edge, both tough and vulnerable. This Farrow & Ball color, SulkingRoom Pink, is the perfect example. The name comes from the origin of a lady’s boudoir,“bouder” which means “to sulk”. Both the delicate pink and the mysteriousconnotations of the word boudoir make this the perfect color for Cancer.

Farrow & Ball “Sulking Room Pink”

Leo: The Lion (July 23-Aug 22)

the lion, Leos are proud and fierce people, willing andeager to share their opinions and to defend their friends. Leos are all abouttheir wild emotions which can translate to bright, bold colors.

Be brave a Leo in choosing your home colors! Caliente by Benjamin Moore is a bold, outrageous and personality-filled color that will really make a statement in a brave Leo home.

Benjamin Moore “Caliente”

Virgo: The Virgin (Aug. 23-Sep.22)

Virgos are associated with young maidens and a time offertility and harvest. Virgos are rule-abiding and love organization –systematizing things brings out the beauty! Virgos would choose anuncomplicated, clean and orderly color scheme.

To choose your Virgo-inspired color-palette, opt for life-giving yellows and golds that are reminiscent of the golden-light in the harvest month of October.

Courtesy of Homepolish

Libra: The Scales (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Libra, represented by the celestial scales, is all aboutbeing balanced and finding harmony. Colors chosen by Libra would bewell-coordinated and balanced. Color-blocking, with both its symmetrical andcolor coordination would be a great idea for a Libra-inspired home.

The trick to choosing colors for color-blocking is to balanceboth bold and neutral shades. This Homepolishhome is definitely a Libra haven with this perfect combination of seafoam blueand white.

Courtesy of Homepolish

Scorpio: The Scorpion (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Scorpios are mysterious and unknown. The scorpion is atricky and not-widely-seen creature which gives its nature to Scorpios. Behindthe hidden façade, the Scorpio is courageous and unique. Scorpio colors wouldbe bold, brave and unique colors, not ly to be found in other homes.

For a Scorpio mood, opt for one of the new Farrow &Ball colors. These brand-new colors were revealed in the last-half of 2018.Choosing one of these newborn colors ensures that you’ll be a totaltrailblazer. Preference Red and Treron are two absolutely uniquecolors that resist classification.

Farrow & Ball “Preference Red” Farrow & Ball “Treron”

Sagittarius: The Archer (Nov. 22-Dec 21)

Sagittarius is the half-man half-horse centaur of ancientmythology who is also a learned healer. Because Sagittarius “always hits themark” this sign is also associated with fortune-telling and the power ofprophecy – historically it was understood that seers and prophets were bornunder this sign.

Translate the prophetic powers of Sagittarius by choosing one of the 2019 Color Predictions for your home. Benjamin Moore Metropolitan and PPG Night Watch offer two different but both equally up-and-coming colors, one pastel and one bold.

Benjamin Moore “Metropolitan” PPG “Nightwatch”

Capricorn: The Goat (Dec 22-Jan 19)

The celestial Goat is stubborn and goal-oriented. Capricornis a strong symbol with an iron-will that is determined to reach its goals andfinish what it started. Capricorns should consider finding an equally stubborncolor, one that sticks around and finds success.

Grey is a color that’s gotten a lot of flak in the past (no one looks forward to a grey day!) but in the past couple years its patience and sheer tenacity has paid off as grey has become a go-to neutral. Partially thanks to the upsurge in Nordic minimalism, grey has enjoyed a resurgence that is not just a trend but rather the result of years of hard-work.

Courtesy of Homepolish