8 Hanging Chairs for Bedrooms That Feel Like a Mini Vacation

21 Best She Sheds Ever – Ideas & Plans for Cute She Sheds

8 Hanging Chairs for Bedrooms That Feel Like a Mini Vacation

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A Dreamy Entrance

First impressions are everything, right? Add white curtains for an ethereal, romantic entrance.

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SHOP CURTAINS White Curtains, $9

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A Garden Oasis

This might go down in history as the greatest wedding gift ever: One woman's husband updated their existing structure (which sits amongst grapevines and a vegetable garden) as a spot for her to escape for alone time.

SHOP GRAY PAINT Touch of Grey Eggshell Paint, $16

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A Moroccan-Inspired Retreat

Designer Cathy Kincaid devised the perfect space where her client could paint and have coffee with friends. A vintage Moroccan screen that Kincaid painted white acts as the room's focal point.

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SHOP MOROCCAN SCREENS Moroccan Wood Screen, $330

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A Cozy Cocoa Hideout

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White and Wood Details

The exposed wood beams make it feel a French country house. Plus, the stacks of books add a lovely touch.

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SHOP WHITE CHANDELIERS Mini White Chandelier, $68

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A Modern Look

Opt for a modern style she shed if you're into a more clean cut look. This one looks it was a room that was cut off from the actual house!

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SHOP DESKS Zane Desk, $359

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A Resourceful Renovation

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A Winter Hideout

The light yellow paint makes this she shed a bright spot in the winter. Bonus: The snow-covered roof makes it that much more atmospheric.

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SHOP YELLOW PAINT Natural Light Yellow Paint, $20

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Cottage Inspiration

Vintage floral pillows, white-painted furniture, and glass chandeliers give this she shed a shabby chic feel. It's the perfect space for sharing a nice cup of tea.

SHOP FLORAL PILLOWS Floral Pillow Covers, $8

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A Dining Shed

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A Bright Reading Nook

This space features a ceiling lined with book pages, tulle as drapes, full bookshelf, and patterned rug. The mix of color and texture makes for an exciting space to spend time in.

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A Coastal Retreat

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A String-Lit Escape

Hang string lights on the outside of your cozy she shed to create a dreamy, nighttime vibe. Who said your she shed has to be confined to the inside space?

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A Mint Getaway

It's a tiny, mint-colored gingerbread house. It's almost this one was ripped a storybook and plopped into reality. It's too cute!

SHOP MINT PAINT Light Mint Paint, $30

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Nautical Vibes

Planked walls, lots of sea shells, and relaxing candles make this shed's interior a nautical dream. The blue crab pillow also makes for a fitting accent.

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SHOP COUCHES Wicker Couch, $320

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A Functional Space

The simple furniture and decor inside make this space ideal for work or arts and crafts for your kiddos. You can never go wrong with the basics!

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SHOP CHAIRS Mint Green Chairs, $143

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An Inviting Exterior

A soft grey exterior with a patio large enough for a table and chairs makes for a welcoming entrance. If you work in your she shed, this is the perfect setup for when you take breaks.

SHOP GRAY PAINT Distant Ocean Grey, $16

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An Artist's Studio

Turn your she shed into an art studio. Hang paints and buckets of brushes so you can easily access all of your tools.

SHOP EASELS Wood Easel, $60

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A Burst of Pink

If you're a fan of pink, make that the theme of your she shed. Add brass accents and plants, and you'll be all set.

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SHOP PINK PAINT Princess Pink, $16

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An Entertaining Area

Set up a hanging chair or two to make the space even more fun. A touch of rattan along with white and navy patterned accents make this she shed super welcoming.

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SHOP HANGING CHAIRS Hanging Rattan Chair, $498

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