14 Gender-Neutral Bedrooms We Love

Gender Neutral Master Bedroom

14 Gender-Neutral Bedrooms We Love

Designing a new home from the outside in is so exciting, but decorating a gender neutral master bedroom can be quite a challenge! When we first got the house I had so many ideas in mind for decorating, but as the process began I started to realize that those ideas would remain ideas (sigh) and you have to compromise when sharing your living space with the opposite sex. This is when we decided that I could take the decor reigns on the office, spare bedroom (that’s being turned into a closet room), guest bedroom, kitchen, and dining room. Kyle’s two areas of interest were the living room and our master bedroom. His only requests were NOTHING FEMININE & NO CLUTTER. Easy enough…right?! Well…not quite, because it turns out Kyle (aka KAREN) has opinions about everything and wants to have a hand in the entire decorating process of these two spaces. Typical man, right?! (ha no…hence the name KAREN)

For me, this actually ended up being a good thing because I tend to be on the hoarder side and needed a good purge. Prior to buying the house, we had both accumulated a random mix of furniture/decor over the years from college or hand-me-downs. So the idea of a neutral, clean, minimal space forced us to get rid of so much junk and basically start over from scratch.

However, starting from scratch takes money and after shelling out a bunch of cash to buy the new house KAREN wasn’t down for a trip to Restoration. Challenge #2: budget.

I grabbed a few things last fall from Urban Outfitters home section (in this post) and knew they had a great (gender neutral) selection of accents we could add to our bedroom to help pull the space together.



Our first priority was upgrading from a queen to a king size mattress. Secondly, we needed a new comforter for our king size bed. I was on the hunt for a washed cotton/linen looking duvet cover and originally picked out white but I LOVED this light grey color and couldn’t resist.

The combination of a dark charcoal grey headboard with a light grey comforter gave the room a little bit more dimension.

You can’t beat the price point on the comforter and the quality is SOO incredibly soft! Ever since we got it, Kyle and I can’t stop saying that our bed feels a cloud! Next, we needed throw pillows and other small accents because all of our previous ones were too colorful and just didn’t work.

I love the fun selection Urban Outfitters has because they’re not your ordinary items you find at a local home decor retailer. The grey knot pillow and the brass table lamp (on sale) are my favorite!

At first thought, I was afraid a gender neutral bedroom would look extremely boring but after diving into it I’m actually quite pleased with how our master is coming along!  We still have some work to do and additions to be made, as expected…because when are you ever actually done decorating your home?



Source: http://sosageblog.com/gender-neutral-master-bedroom/

Inspired By This 8 ways to celebrate Earth Day in Quarantine

14 Gender-Neutral Bedrooms We Love

If you haven’t noticed already – no holiday is too small for us to celebrate over here. If this time has taught us anything, it is that life is so short, and any reason to celebrate is a good reason to us.

So, when April 22nd rolls around, you know, we will be yelling from the rooftop that the Earth is worth celebrating. Traditionally we would spend the day outside on a hike or planting a tree, but the current conditions make those ideas a little difficult to execute.

But, not to worry, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate Earth Day in quarantine.

photo via @kristinmadeinc

.01 – Gift someone a plant they can use in their garden

During such a lonely time it is a great idea to let your friends or family know you are thinking about them and send them a plant that they can replant into their garden. Bonus points if you send a plant to your grandparents, they will absolutely love it! Our favorite place to get plants delivered is The Sill.

.02 – Plant a tree in your backyard

This one is an Earth day tradition for many, for good reason. There is no better way to support the earth than to plant a tree, just be sure you are aware of what would thrive best for the environment you live in.

.03 – Go through your old clothes and donate whatever you don’t wear

Recycling old clothes is a great way to help the environment. We love to donate through ThredUp, and they will even pay for some of the items if they are good enough to resell. This option is great because they ship you a bag you fill it up with your old clothes and post-man picks it up, simple as that!

image via kristinmade

.04 – Mail seed packets to your friends to let them know you are thinking of them

How cute is this idea? Our friends are our support system so they deserve to feel loved as much as possible. We love the adorable seed packets sold by Kristin Made. They are so modern and have such chic packaging.

.05 – Throw a potting class via Zoom with all your besties

Okay, does this sound a great time or what?! No explanation needed here, just gather (virtually) grab a pot, and a plant and get potting. Disclaimer: this is even better when wine is involved.

.06 – Make your and your boo cocktails with your favorite herbs

If you have any herbs growing in your garden or just old herbs in your fridge from that one recipe than this one is for you! Our favorite herb cocktail recipe at the moment are these Rosemary Mezcal Slushie

image via @hanwestby

.07 –  Propagate old plants to make new ones

If you already have plants around the house than this option is great. There are so many great videos online about how to propagate plants properly.

.08 – Throw a picnic in your backyard

Now, this is just so much fun anyways! We love this idea for any reason, if you want to have your lunch break somewhere fun and different this is the move!

Source: http://www.inspiredbythis.com/dwell/8-ways-to-celebrate-earth-day-in-quarantine/