Farmhouse Bathroom Designs We Adore

  1. 20 Best Farmhouse Bathrooms to Get That Fixer Upper Style!
  2. You can go vintage and farmhouse, or modern and farmhouse. Even traditional and a little bit of farmhouse work well together.
  3. There are so many different kind of pendant lights and lanterns that you can find that would look incredible in a farmhouse bathroom.
  4. 20 Best Farmhouse Bathrooms:
  5. The gorgeous shiplap and vintage style sconces add texture and a sense of farmhouse charm
  6. Search for a piece this at a flea market, garage sales and even on Craigslist
  7. What a great way to add some extra storage to a small space and bring in that farmhouse touch
  8. Look at vintage pieces in new ways for a truly whimsical look. 
  9. What a glamorous look to a rustic style!
  10. What a unique way to use sconces in this bathroom as well, hanging them from the ceiling!
  11. But using a vintage piece of furniture for the sink cabinet makes this farmhouse bathroom come together
  12. We’re especially loving the colored shiplap walls which are fast becoming a trend these days
  13. It pairs rustic antique pieces the vanity with more modern accents the floating shelves. 
  14. The feature that gives this farmhouse flare though is the modern shiplap walls. 
  15. This bathroom screams modern farmhouse style!
  16. The contrast ceiling with the walls gives this farmhouse bathroom a more rustic look
  17. Another great example of a vintage farmhouse bathroom style
  18. The different wood tones really aid the all-white look
  19. Adding a tall mirror this really makes a room feel bigger. 
  20. This is yet another great example of using pieces in new ways to get a farmhouse look. 
  21. farmhouse bathroom remodel + sources
  22. The 15 Most Beautiful Bathrooms on Pinterest
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  36. 20 Best Farmhouse Bathroom Design Ideas – Farmhouse Bathroom Decor
  37. 21 Modern Farmhouse Style Bathrooms for a Rustic Shabby Chic Look
  38. 21 Modern Farmhouse Style Bathrooms and Powder Rooms
  39. 21 Modern Farmhouse Style Bathrooms for a Rustic Shabby Chic look

20 Best Farmhouse Bathrooms to Get That Fixer Upper Style!

Farmhouse Bathroom Designs We Adore

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Oh you are going to love today’s post on farmhouse bathrooms!

It is amazing how you can mix and match different styles in a bathroom.

You can go vintage and farmhouse, or modern and farmhouse. Even traditional and a little bit of farmhouse work well together.

Think about adding shiplap to your walls, or even doing the floors in a wood shiplap.

There are so many different kind of pendant lights and lanterns that you can find that would look incredible in a farmhouse bathroom.

And don’t just stop there! Your vanity/bathroom countertop can have that farmhouse look as well.

Check out our picks for the 20 Best Farmhouse Bathrooms.

20 Best Farmhouse Bathrooms:

The addition of the towel ladder, open wood vanity and sconces lend to the farmhouse style in a more traditional look.

The gorgeous shiplap and vintage style sconces add texture and a sense of farmhouse charm

{via 12 Oaks Blog }

We love how they used salvaged barnwood as a valance for the soft lace curtains in front of the clawfoot tub!

Search for a piece this at a flea market, garage sales and even on Craigslist

{via Cedar Hill }

We absolutely love the metal and wood open shelves above the toilet and that pendant light.

What a great way to add some extra storage to a small space and bring in that farmhouse touch

{via Cherished Bliss }

An old table and horse trough was transformed into the perfect farmhouse style sink for this cabin bathroom.

When designing a bathroom in this style, think outside of the box and use item’s not originally intended for that purpose.

Look at vintage pieces in new ways for a truly whimsical look. 

{via Country Living }

This bathroom is proof you can create a little farmhouse style with IKEA products!

From shelving to decor accessories, with the right pieces, this can be an inexpensive project.

{via Design Dazzle }

Those crystal knobs on the rustic vanity drawers make the farmhouse cabinet just beautiful.

{via Eclectically Vintage }

Okay – I WANT this bathroom with the reclaimed wood walls, beams, and that chandelier, please.

What a glamorous look to a rustic style!

{via Home Bunch }

Gorgeous modern wallpaper pairs really amazing with the gray wainscoting and pendant lights. It is a fun modern pattern that gives this a more industrial farmhouse look.

What a unique way to use sconces in this bathroom as well, hanging them from the ceiling!

{via Jaimee Rose Interiors }

Mirrors, open wood shelving, farmhouse sinks, shiplap walls, lantern sconces.. this one has it all!

But using a vintage piece of furniture for the sink cabinet makes this farmhouse bathroom come together

{via Making it in the Mountains }

This cottage bathroom has fabulous touches such as the reclaimed wood vanity for the shower, a rustic sink, and a ladder shelf.

We’re especially loving the colored shiplap walls which are fast becoming a trend these days

{via One of a Kind Design }

A rustic vanity adds to the farmhouse charm in this bathroom and the gorgeous transoms are show stopping.

{via Savor Home }

This is a true farmhouse style bathroom with the vanity, lights, and open shelving on the shiplap walls.

It pairs rustic antique pieces the vanity with more modern accents the floating shelves. 

{via Shades of Blue Interiors }

Those lanterns are incredible and visually draw the eye up.

The feature that gives this farmhouse flare though is the modern shiplap walls. 

The vintage pattern style floor tile give this a fun twist and ground the design.

{via Studio McGee }

This bathroom screams modern farmhouse style!

The dark painted shiplap walls provide contrast but the sconces lend themselves to a more traditional farmhouse look.

{via Studio McGee }

Now, this is one amazing bathroom with that gorgeous tub sink and brick floors.

The contrast ceiling with the walls gives this farmhouse bathroom a more rustic look

We are just in love with those gorgeous brick floors too!

{via The Inspired Room }

Another great example of a vintage farmhouse bathroom style

The accents the metal basket for towels and the use of a frame around the antlers are such fun farmhouse decor touches.

{via The Pink Tumbleweed }

This whole bathroom is incredible.

Note the tin ceiling tiles, wow!

The different wood tones really aid the all-white look

{via Tidbits }

We love how they paired those lanterns on the shiplap walls with that modern mirror!

Adding a tall mirror this really makes a room feel bigger. 

{via Decor Pad }

This gorgeous antique mirror looks fabulous with the shiplap walls and hardwood ceiling.

The different plank sizes really give dimension to this all-white space.

{via Crush Cul de Sac }

What a brilliant idea reusing galvanized tubs as a sink!

This is yet another great example of using pieces in new ways to get a farmhouse look. 

{via Pinterest, HGTV }

I hope that these 20 Best Farmhouse Bathrooms have inspired you to go off and dream about redoing your own bathroom with a rustic farmhouse style!

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farmhouse bathroom remodel + sources

Farmhouse Bathroom Designs We Adore

We’ve been working hard on this bathroom renovation for MONTHS. We gutted it down to the cement and drywall then tore out the old bathtub/shower combo that was original to the house in the 70’s.

We decided on a walkout shower in this bathroom since it’ll be the boy’s bathroom in the future (as soon as the next bathroom is done this year for the girls).

A walkout shower makes for easy cleanup plus when we’re old and fragile, we can wheel ourselves into this open space.

Sounds weird maybe but we never plan on moving again and just experienced our grandfather’s hospice experience in our parent’s house next door and his walkout shower was pretty and convenient so it’s the best of both worlds: design + functionality. Check out my little bathroom tour and check out all the sources at the end! Enjoy!

I found this shower head on Amazon for several hundred dollars cheaper than I could find in-store. The handheld sprayer is super convenient for washing Miss Hannah and for quickly cleaning the floors. Honestly, I just spray and rinse, can’t get any easier than that!

I’m a big believer in not having to baby your home. I chose tile baseboard in here so there won’t be any damage to the new shiplap. If it ever runs onto the vinyl flooring in the hallway, that’s waterproof as well!

I’m loving the honeycomb tile inset in the built-in shelves from the floor with the bright white subway tile and matching gray grout. It was a simple way to tie the tile patterns together.

I filled the shelves with these pretty amber bottles (following Almost Makes Perfect‘s diy) and vinyl from our shop. (I forgot the body wash was in there while taking pictures but we’re pretty obsessed with our monthly shipments of Mrs.

Meyers from Grove, see more details here.)

I love this cozy little space behind the bathroom door. It’s not seen a lot but I love the layers of molding and all the textures going on.

I’m going to replace the kids’ towel since these are nearing two years old and I’m also creating a new sign for this space.

It’ll be a play on showering since ‘save water shower naked’ seems a little inappropriate considering it’s the kids’ bathroom, lol!

I looooove this old door. It’s around 100 years old, solid wood and in amazing condition. When I had my handyman install it, he was so confused. He said, “Don’t you want to sand it down and paint it?” I laughed and told him I actually did sand away any existing lead paint then sealed it so it’s safe. He didn’t get it.

Again, I’m not sure what to add in this blank space. My kids still love the idea of mason jar toothbrush holders for organization so I may create a little display or just set them in the pharmacy mirror. Still deciding.

I didn’t realize I bought a matching faucet to the shower but it’s the same brand and again, super affordable by at least $100 compared to the name brand faucets. I love the little x shapes on the handles.

My first plan with the “backsplash” piece on the vanity was to not include it. But after thinking through how unaware children are with water, we decided to add it on last minute to protect the shiplap. We added a bead of gray silicone caulk to seal it then used white caulk along the top of it to blend it into the wall for a seamless finish.

We scored this dresser for a couple hundred dollars at an antique mall then added a marble undermount vanity top (including the built in drop sink) for a few hundred dollars more.

The cheapest vanity I could find online (that seemed solid wood/sturdy) was anywhere from $800-2000+. There was no way I was going to pay that much for a simple guest bathroom so when I found the perfect dresser size, I was determined to create a vanity from it.

Check out the full how-to on transforming a dresser into a vanity, it’s easier than it looks!

That space above the toilet…I’m thinking I’ll add some shelves?

Or should I hang the old cabinet that was there before? Decisions, decisions!

This may sound weird but I love this decorative toilet tank handle. It’s the little things that make your home feel cozy. I told my husband I don’t want a big house (ours is around 2500 sq ft) but I do want all the charm we can stuff into our modest home.

That’s as far as I got for now. I have a few things to finish (the shelves above the toilet and a toothbrush storage solution) then we’ll call lit good and move onto the next room. Below are all the sources for this space.

I read that the average bathroom remodel costs $16,000 which is absurd to me! We spent half that (a lot going to our tile installer since the walkout shower was over our head, no pun intended) so if you shop around, you can find good deals.

For example, while researching tile, I drove to Home Depot and Lowe’s to a couple of local tile companies then went online then drove to back Home Depot and Lowe’s about 6 more times each. I was determined to find pretty tile without spending several thousand dollars.

Mel pointed out to me that the big box stores are often cheapest as they buy so much in bulk and she was correct. Lowe’s had a bigger selection of the farmhouse tiles. Anyway, hope these little tips help you save a ton of money. I truly believe you don’t have to spend top dollar to spruce up your space!

Check out how to install peel and stick shiplap on the wall, such an easy wall treatment option!

Want to save more money? DIY your vintage dresser turned bathroom vanity tutorial. Lots of tips and questions answered.

UPDATE: Visit our updated bathroom with the added barn light bathroom vanity and DIY turnbuckle shelves!

So whatcha think? How do you our bathroom remodel?


The 15 Most Beautiful Bathrooms on Pinterest

Farmhouse Bathroom Designs We Adore

This charming farmhouse bath is simplicity at its best.  I love the shiplap walls mixed with the white painted floor and vintage farm sink.  This is my inspiration photo for the remodel of the 1890’s homestead house on our ranch. 



I am a huge fan of Restoration Hardware.  I have used their bathroom vanities in several different baths and always refer to their designs for inspiration and details.  This is the perfect example of what I love about their designs…classic vanity mixed with clean modern mirrors and lighting. I also love the warm tone of the cabinet with the white marble counter.  Perfection..



Isn’t this just stunning!? I adore the way the free-standing bathtub creates separation between the two vanities and becomes the focal point of this bathroom. This layout is a great solution for space challenges.  The patterned floor adds the perfect touch of color and pattern without being too overwhelming.



When I was looking for inspiration for the new cabin we are building on the ranch, this bathroom stopped me in my tracks!  I am a huge fan of barn wood and in a rustic cabin bath, nothing works better.

 The stone wall behind the vanity creates a perfect contrast to the barn wood and adds a beautiful texture.

 I don’t know that I could ever replicate the vintage bathtub and pump handle faucet, but I love the way it looks in this gorgeous bath.



This stunning bath was designed by Courtney at French Country Cottage and is one of my absolute favorites!  No one does French country better than Courtney, in fact her first book was just released.  This beautiful vanity with the oval sinks is so unique and when mixed with the classic brass faucets, it is country perfection!



This is the epitome of a timeless traditional bathroom.  The marble basketweave tile flooring and the freestanding tube are tried and true classics.  When coupled with the intricate wood moldings and clean white color palette this bathroom will stand the test of time. 



There is something about this bathroom that makes me think of a beautiful painting.  The dark palette, claw foot tub and herringbone marble floor are all classics.  I also love this freestanding vanity with the beveled glass mirror and art deco style sconces.  All of this combined gives this bath a classic european feel that I adore!



I know this bathroom may not appeal to everyone, but I just love the drama of this space.  The bold look of black and white throughout is truly stunning. Placing the tub in the center of the room with the gorgeous exposed plumbing is a throwback to a a forgotten time that makes you want to jump in for a long soak.



If you have read my blog or follow me on social media, you know that modern is not necessarily my vibe, but this beauty stopped me in my tracks.  I cannot get over the amazing tile wall and floors.  I love the soft color palette and that tub is just stunning!! If I were ever to move toward a more modern look, this would be my inspiration!



When you choose a bathtub this beautiful, it should be the centerpiece of your bathroom.  I adore all of the textures in this space.  The mix of stone and tile on the walls with the pebble flooring is genius.  Add to it a copper bathtub inside a wet room and I’m a fan!



Check out the gorgeous white marble tile in this bathroom!  Such a classic, and yet the glam accessories take this space to a whole different place.  The Venetian glass mirror, faux fur bench and mercury glass candlesticks add a dash of sophistication to this classic bath and change it from ordinary to extraordinary.



Okay, I’m drooling over this gorgeous bathroom!  The soft colors, the beautiful tile wall, and those mirrors…stunning!!  To me this is the perfect shade of blue for a bathroom vanity.  Everything just comes together perfectly in this pale blue beauty!



Isn’t this just yummy!  I adore the rich woods contrasted with the white marble countertops and flooring. I also love the modern round mirrors above the vanity with the ornate traditional mirror in the background.  This is the perfect mix of traditional meets modern and is a great example of how a modern bath can still feel warm and inviting.



If you are looking for a template for a gorgeous wall of bathroom cabinets, look no further than this stunning vanity.  This is cabinet perfection in every sense.

 The details on the doors, the cutout toe kicks, the hardware all create a timeless and classic look.

 The subtle gray cabinet paint beside the white walls adds just enough contrast to make this bathroom one of my all time favorites!


As you can see, I love all styles and types of bathrooms.  Beauty is beauty regardless of style!  So which one is you’re favorite?


20 Best Farmhouse Bathroom Design Ideas – Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Farmhouse Bathroom Designs We Adore

Courtesy of Tessa Neustadt

Of all the bathroom trends, farmhouse-inspired design is easily the most relaxed and cozy. There's just something about the sweet colors, lived-in look, and unpretentious materials that evoke simpler times and, thus, beget comfort and relaxation.

And it's not all about shiplap and rustic, weathered pieces (or romantic ones, if the space is leaning in the shabby-chic direction). In fact, farmhouse-style bathrooms can be full of modern, industrial, or polished twists—though we're also definitely on board for sticking to the classics.

So whether you live in the remote countryside, a suburban town, or in the center of a metropolis, these twenty farmhouse bathrooms will inspire you to bring the trend home.

1 of 20

Highlight Preexisting Quirks

In this farmhouse-chic bathroom, the rustic mirrored cabinet blends in effortlessly and adds extra storage, since built-ins weren't the best option (they may interfere with the preexisting foundations of the space, which would downplay the worn and weathered beauty).

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Add Some Polish

With a linen slipcovered armchair, bright white paint, and laid-back accents, this bathrooms feels both farmhouse-inspired and clean-cut traditional. Create a little jewel box but lining all the walls with mirrors (this will also make the room feel bigger than it actually is).

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Use Fresh Colors

Because the sink is right up against a wall-to-wall window in this Madcap Cottage-designed bathroom, small wall-mounted and shelf-set mirrors replace a larger one. Meanwhile, the floral skirted sink vanity and complementary painted green walls make everyday feel a fresh spring morning.

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Stay Rustic

Keep things rustic with exposed stone flooring, a worn tub and sink, and antique details, layers of hanging mirrors. Leanne Ford updated the fixtures, hung a linen robe, and placed a hamper in the corner to bring things up to the date.

5 of 20

Hang on-Theme Art

With a classic wood toilet lid, simply vanity base, stone tile floors, and a framed cow print, this bathroom has all the farmhouse staples. But then it get some more formal, modern flair. Heidi Caillier chose an unexpected shade of mauve paint, brass fixtures and lighting, and smokey marble materials for the shower.

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Be Playful

There's something about this contemporary farmhouse bathroom by Chango & Co. that feels playful and stylish yet easy going. The schoolhouse sink and red stool and sconce add an energizing pop of color while the graphic black and white stripes are decidedly contemporary.

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Add Wallpaper

This bathroom designed by Kathryn M. Ireland is happiness epitomized. She freshened up the space by upholstering the walls in her Greta Wallpaper. The slipper chair adds a nice pop that sticks to the floral theme while bringing in some new, interesting colors.

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Take It Outside

At the Carmel Valley Ranch, Nicole Hollis Studio perfectly blends luxury with approachable design. If your property allows, consider an indoor/outdoor bathroom this one that takes note from the natural surroundings and uses farmhouse-inspired touches while keeping things upscale.

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Double It Up

Double sinks are always a win, especially when they're as farmhouse chic as the ones in this space by Hecker Guthrie. The sunny yellow backsplash brightens everything up and ties in the two hanging pendant lights.

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Add Some Color

Doesn't this sweet baby blue bathroom designed by Abney Morton Interiors look it's on a charming enclosed porch? If your clawfoot tub is a fresh color, paint your floors the same color and use a corresponding area rug. Then frame a found object, a vintage poster or map.

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Customize a Vainty

It's all about layers and textures in this modern yet country-chic cabin designed by Heidi Caillier. She transformed a worn dresser into the sink vanity which is polished off with a natural stone topper for a more modern touch. The dark paint adds to the warm, cozy vibe while the scones and fixtures bring a little more contemporary refinement.

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Opt for Antiques

If you don't love the look of exposed brick or worn wood shiplap, paint everything white and then inject the warmth you'd get from the weathered materials with an area rug and a repurposed vintage storage piece, a trunk. A black clawfoot tub also adds some Victorian elegance.

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Incorporate Concrete

If you the farmhouse look but don't think it makes sense in an urban environment, incorporate more industrial elements that achieve a similar low-key mood to the farmhouse vibe. Here, Leanne Ford worked with concrete and exposed piping.

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Install a Schoolhouse Sink

Opt for a schoolhouse sink in a bathroom or powder room that gets a lot of foot traffic and use cafe curtains for a charming farmhouse feel. To break up the all white backdrop, Abney Morton Interiors used a navy blue sink. It adds contrast but still feels true to the style.

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Spotlight a Copper Tub

Once you see this copper tub situation designed by Leanne Ford, you can't unsee it. Your farmhouse bathroom dreams just got a little bit fancier.

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Tile the Floors

Wood paneling is merely the classic backdrop to this thoroughly modern space, but it also tends to darken the room. Instead, paint the walls a soft cream and then introduce wooden materials in accents the toilet cover and mirror, as Heidi Caillier did here. The geometric tiled floor makes the charming farmhouse concept feel brand new, too.

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Go Dark

When you think farmhouse, you typically think white all day, everyday, but this navy blue is a fresh way to update the design style. It's totally sophisticated but still relaxed enough for a bathroom. See more at Emily Henderson.

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Use Barn Doors

Is there anything more farmhouse than a sliding barn door? Maybe a weathered stand, but this bathroom's got that, too! Even better, these are some of the easiest doors to install yourself. See more at Shades of Blue Interiors.

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Accent With Brass

Bold brass accents, shiplap, and a neutral color palette—we're completely obsessed. Choose colorful towels to mix it up a bit. See more at Amber Interiors.

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Ditch Your Built-In Vanity


21 Modern Farmhouse Style Bathrooms for a Rustic Shabby Chic Look

Farmhouse Bathroom Designs We Adore

Farmhouse style decor has become so popular these days, and it’s so much fun to give your bathroom a makeover using rustic and shabby chic decor.

There are 3 reasons why farmhouse style works so well for bathrooms (aside from being super stylish):

1.   Farmhouse leverages a lot of white and light colors, so it works well in bathrooms since bathrooms are typically small spaces.

2.  If you love farmhouse style, but your house is already decorated, bathrooms are private sanctuaries and rooms onto themselves that can easily be given their own style.

3.  Farmhouse decor is very affordable these days.

So, I’ve gathered some of my favorite farmhouse style bathrooms, and you’ll be happy to know that if you want to mimic the look, they all have links where you can find the items that are used in the post to recreate these rooms.  Or, you can just buy that one piece you may have your heart set on (e.g. vanity, tile, lights, claw foot bathtub, etc.).

Underneath most of the pictures, I’ve included links where it says “shop this bathroom,” and if you click on those you will find the items contained in the picture.

Please note that this article contains affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

21 Modern Farmhouse Style Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

1. I love shiplap and it really gives this bathroom a farmhouse style and bright look.  And, who can resist that rustic vanity?

Shop this bathroom

2.  Soaking tubs are all the rage these days, as are the stenciled tile floors.  I love that these are gray and white (rather than black and white) as it softens up the room.  Also, if you don’t the darker grout lines for the subway tile, use a white grout.

Shop this bathroomHere

3.  Here’s another bathroom with a claw foot tub that’s to die for.  I love how the tied the black and white them together with the vanity and the flooring.

Shop this bathroom

4.  This is a great rustic bathroom with the painted shiplap walls.  I would recommend using Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (SW6204) for a slightly lighter green (but same tone).  This looks Rainwashed (SW 6211) and I this as well, but it’s often a bit dark for most bathrooms (see farmhouse paint colors).  The pale green goes really well with the rustic vanity.  The lights are a nice touch!

Shop this bathroom

5.  Check out the subway tile treatment on the wall.  This is a cobblestone pattern and adds some visual depth to the room.  I also adore the convenience of the bamboo caddy for bathtub.

Shop this bathroom

6.  Now there are several reasons that this bathroom is awesome (beside the obvious decor).  Some may not notice this on first glance, but this bathroom follows universal design principles.

  That means that it’s set up for someone to age in place (as walking may become more difficult).

  Notice how there’s no shower lip or need to step up and over?  As someone who is younger but has had the wonderful pleasure of breaking a foot, I notice these things.  And, as your parents age, you’ll notice these things, too.

This bathroom is not perfect for universal design, but it has the potential to get there (with a wider shower door, a sit in bench and maybe move the vanity).  Just something to consider if you plan on making your dream home into your forever home.  Anyway, I also love the glass shower door as it helps make this smaller space look larger.

And, the stenciled tile and rustic vanity shout farmhouse all the way.

Shop this bathroom

7.  Now this farmhouse style bathroom turns the shiplap 90 degrees for vertical boards.  Personally, I would have opted to have the boards reach up to the ceiling as it makes the space look larger, but the bathroom still works due to the rustic vanity.

Shop this bathroom

8.  Now, I absolutely love love love this farmhouse bathroom, and I’ve had my eye on it for a while.  The colors for the rustic vanity are perfect and it complements the color for the shiplap.

  I also love the mirror and the look of the floor.  (But I will tell you from experience that the pebble rocks are not comfortable on your feet regardless of whether they are in the shower or the floor.

  This project also included a sliding barn door to complete farmhouse look.

Shop this bathroom

9.  Normally I prefer lighter bathrooms, but this one just works for me.  I love the darker taupy gray vanity and walls, offset by the lighter shower curtain. If you’re going for a deeper colored comfortable or masculine bathroom, this is an excellent way to do it!

Shop this bathroom

10.  Here’s another shabby chic bathroom with painted shiplap.  Many may call this cottage country style.  Regardless of what you call it, it’s so cute and elicits great feelings of a time gone by.  I love the wicker basket and vanity for a shabby chic style.

Shop this bathroom

11.  How can you not love this clean and bright look.  Using white on white just works and makes this small space look much larger.  The shiplap and white vanity work s well together.  And, if you look closely in the mirrors, you’ll see the shower is done with a white marble.  Perfect.

Shop this bathroom

12.  The vanity and mirror in this bathroom are just awesome.  And, I the wicker baskets give it a nice farmhouse style. But, the paint color is way to dark and not the best for farmhouse decor.  I’d go for Benjamin Moore Misty Blue instead, for a nice contrast with that vanity.

Shop this bathroom

13.  I love this farmhouse bathroom for the ceiling and creative use of space.  This looks someone converted their 3rd floor attic space into a bathroom, and we see use of this space here in New York in some of the older homes (i.e. those built in the 1800s).  Check out the wide plank pine flooring and shiplapped ceiling.

Now, I don’t the entrance/steps into the bathroom, but it would work fine if the area was sub divided with a hallway.  But, they really leveraged the space well painting the ceilings, dormers and paneling white.  It’s amazing how bright this space is (and I’m sure those ceiling used to be dark with untreated pine.  The mirrors by the windows really help, too.  Wow, what a difference!

Shop this bathroom

14.  Here’s another shabby chic bathroom that makes good use of it’s space. It also looks it’s on the 3rd floor.  The white makes it work and I love the wood beams and rustic wood vanity for an authentic look.

Shop this bathroom

15.  I chose this one because I love the wide plank tile floors and the tile design behind the tub.  That stenciled picture frame is such a clever and stylish idea.  It goes so well with the marble tile on the walls and makes the whole room super special.

Shop this bathroom

16. Here’s another clean and crisp farmhouse bathroom done in white.  I love the vanity with the open shelf at the bottom.  And, the accent wall with white shiplap just works.

Shop this bathroom

17.  I love this rustic farmhouse vanity.  And, the paint color is perfectly coordinated.  I love the matching mirrors, too.

Shop this bathroom

18.  This bathroom is a bit dark for me, so it doesn’t quite look a farmhouse style bathroom yet for me.  But, it’s simple to adapt.  I would choose either a white or light gray vanity and then either paint the paneling with a pale gray or white.   Oh, and I love the criss cross black and white mosaic tile.

Shop this bathroom

19.  This is a bright and cool toned farmhouse style bathroom.  The super light gray paint works with the mosaic floor, and I love the matching vanity and white mirror.  The orchid is a nice touch (and yes, you can even buy the orchid and wicker basket shown in this picture.

Shop this bathroom

20.  I love this white on white bathroom.  With the white floors and white shiplap walls, it’s a great farmhouse look.  I would probably chose a different white vanity and a soaking tub that’s a bit easier to climb into/, but the look is fresh and modern.

Shop this bathroom

21.  I chose this last one due to the unique sink (made from a singer sewing machine stand) and copper plated claw foot tub.  One of the things I love about farmhouse style is the re-use and upcycling of classic items in unexpected ways.

Shop this bathroom

So there you have it.  21 modern farmhouse style bathrooms.  As I mentioned before, if you have na interest in any of the items shown above, click the “shop this bathroom” links so  you can learn more.  Which farmhouse bathroom is your favorite?

21 Modern Farmhouse Style Bathrooms for a Rustic Shabby Chic look