6 Minimalist Tile Ideas That Will Inspire You to Renovate

  1. New & Exciting Small Bathroom Design Ideas
  2. 1. You don’t need as much bathroom storage as you think
  3. 2. Instead of adding storage, add function
  4. 3. Small bathrooms mean you can splurge on finishes
  5. 4. Add a seamless glass shower door to your small bathroom
  6. 5. Go crazy with texture and pattern in your small bathroom
  7. 6. Wall-mount everything and throw away the doors
  8. 7. Cubbies aren’t only for toddlers
  9. 8. Mirrors instead of walls
  10. 9. Add more black to your white
  11. 60+ Best Bathroom Designs – Photos of Beautiful Bathroom Ideas to Try
  12. Creative Bathroom Tile Design Ideas – Tiles for Floor, Showers and Walls in Bathrooms
  13. 10 best interior design books
  14. 2. Farrow & Ball: How to Decorate by Joa Studholme & Charlotte Cosby: £30, Octopus
  15. 3. The Perfect Bath by Barbara Sallick: £35, Rizzoli International Publications
  16. 4. New York Living: Re-Inventing Home by Paul Gunther: £42.50, Rizzoli International Publications
  17. 5. The Scandinavian Home: Interiors Inspired by Light by Niki Brantmark: £19.99, Ryland, Peters & Small
  18. 6. Home Décor Cheat Sheets: Need-To-Know Stuff For Stylish Living by Jessica Probus & Alice Mongkongllite: £11.99, Ulysses Press
  19. 7. The Maker: Beyond Decorating: Crafting A Unique Space: £18.99, Murdoch Books
  20. 8. Decorate for a Party: Creative Styling Ideas for Gatherings: £20, Jacqui Small
  21. 9. Terrariums & Kokedama: Stylish ideas for low-maintenance indoor planting by Alyson Mowat: £12.99, Kyle Books
  22. 10. Simple Decorating: 50 Ways to Inspire Your Home by Melissa Michaels: £11.56, Harvest House Publishers
  23. The Verdict: Interior design books
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  26. 6 Simple Minimalist Tile Ideas That Could Lead to the Bathroom of Your Dreams

New & Exciting Small Bathroom Design Ideas

6 Minimalist Tile Ideas That Will Inspire You to Renovate

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Tired of your small, dark and uninspiring bathroom? Are you ready to finally give it an overhaul? Well, there’s no better time to give your small bathroom a fresh look. Small bathroom design is finally stepping the cookie-cutter bathtub, sink cabinet, mirror and toilet combination.

The latest small bathroom design ideas are fresh and revolutionary, rethinking what we all expect a bathroom design to look . Wall-mounted toilets and sinks defy gravity. Cabinet doors are gone. Bold texture and patterns take over a small bathroom space. Get ready to break some rules and open your mind to what your small bathroom should look with the following nine concepts.

1. You don’t need as much bathroom storage as you think

The first small bathroom design idea for 2017 is a big one: you really don’t need more storage, just a more minimalist attitude! Think about this one for a minute.

Those large vanities with the deep cabinet space under the sink are really an inefficient use of space. Things get lost at the back of the cabinet.

And the scale takes up so much real estate in your small bathroom design that your bathroom ends up looking smaller. So how do you solve the issue?

  • Get rid of clutter and unnecessary items. How many towels, cosmetics and hotel toiletries do you really need?
  • Replace the clunky bathroom vanity with a floating sink or cabinet or narrow open shelves. You’ll be less tempted to clutter your bathroom when the stuff is on display. And you’ll open a lot more visual space in your bathroom. this bathroom image:

2. Instead of adding storage, add function

Collect this ideamarkobe – stock.adobe.com

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Once you clear clutter and replace the oversized bathroom vanity with something more minimalist, think of all the useful things you can do with the space. adding an all-in-one washer and dryer. Or creating a vanity space.

3. Small bathrooms mean you can splurge on finishes

Collect this ideaDariusz Jarzabek – stock.adobe.com

Shop These Products Now: Towel Bar – Sink Faucet – Mirror

Some of the most expensive items in a bathroom design are the fixtures, tile and finishes. Since you’re working with a smaller space, you need less. It’s time to break thinking that a small bathroom isn’t worth the money. It’s time to splurge on making your small bathroom design look a million bucks! Some ways to add more luxury on a little less budget include:

  • Choosing quality accent lighting fixtures
  • Tiling a stripe (or the upper half of your bathroom) in a more expensive tile or marble
  • Adding a towel warmer that doubles as a towel rack
  • Swapping your toilet for a new floating style
  • Upgrading to a glass shower door, which is the next small bathroom design idea

4. Add a seamless glass shower door to your small bathroom

Here’s a small bathroom design tip that may not sit well with traditionalists: tear out the bathtub and add a modern walk-in shower surrounded by seamless glass.

It’s a great way to save tons of space in your small bathroom. A seamless glass door may be more expensive than a shower curtain, but will definitely be more durable.

Not to mention, it will open up the space and add value to your home.

Not ready to give up on the bathtub? You can still add a seamless glass shower or tub enclosure.

5. Go crazy with texture and pattern in your small bathroom

Collect this ideaGetty Images/Johner RF

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Most designers tell you that dark colors or busy patterns are not a good idea in a small space. Think again. Strong patterns and textures add depth and play to a space, creating the illusion of more size and life.

Here are some of our favorite tile patterns and textures for your small bathroom

6. Wall-mount everything and throw away the doors

Collect this ideaGetty Images/Johner RF

Shop These Products Now: Towel Bar – Wall Mount Shelf – Towel Holder

The small bathroom design keyword for 2017 and beyond is: floating. Float everything, including the toilet, from your walls. It’s a great way to make cleaning easier, when you can access the floor below.

Not to mention the space looks bigger, because our eye tends to judge space by analyzing the floor area. You also maximize valuable wall space, which is often left bare.

And let’s be honest, it looks pretty fresh and cool!

7. Cubbies aren’t only for toddlers

It’s time to tear up the walls (or add new ones) for cubbies. The inset wall cubby is an ingenious way to add integrated storage to a small bathroom without sacrificing space. It’s also known as an alcove, niche or recessed niche.

Behind bathroom walls, between the studs, is just enough of a gap to create a useful cubby. And nowadays, you can even buy a DIY tile-ready niche at Lowe’s.

Don’t want to tear up the walls? Find new ways to add cubbies to your small bathroom, by adding a shelf, wall mounting a floating cubby shelf or choosing a cabinet with open shelves to store extra items, the bathroom below.

8. Mirrors instead of walls

Mirrors do an incredible job at creating the illusion of more space. Want to add more space to your small bathroom design? Then add more mirrors, the inspiration images above.

9. Add more black to your white

An all-white bathroom does feel brighter and lighter, but it can look a little cold or lack the depth your eye registers as space. Adding black to your bathroom, in the form of black walls or a black-and-white tile design or a black ceiling adds the “POW!” your small bathroom is begging for.

Which one of these new small bathroom design trends are you ready to try?

Source: https://freshome.com/bathroom/small-bathroom-design/

60+ Best Bathroom Designs – Photos of Beautiful Bathroom Ideas to Try

6 Minimalist Tile Ideas That Will Inspire You to Renovate

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Make It a Spa

Analisse Taft-Gersten calls her morning bath at her Connecticut weekend home the best part of her day—and it's easy to see why. The serene space was inspired by spas at her favorite hotels.

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Don't Be Afraid of Wallpaper

Designer Jessica Geller of Toledo Geller has a passion for prints—and bathrooms are no exception. She covered the walls in the powder room of her own New Jersey home with a playful pattern by Hygge & West. Proper ventilation ensures it won't peel off.


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Bridge Two Spaces

Speaking of pattern-happy: This bathroom by Charlotte Barnes is a blue-and-white dream, and continuing the same Quadrille pattern into the adjacent room makes for a satisfying visual.

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Bridge Inside and out

When you have a home that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, you want to make the most of it—even in the bathroom. Eric Olsen added this glass door (which leads to an outdoor shower!) off the master bath of his California home.

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Get a Copper Tub

Once you see this copper tub situation designed by Leanne Ford, you can't unsee it. Your farmhouse bathroom dreams just got a little bit fancier.

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Stick to One Color

If you have a favorite color, why veer away from it? Plus, sticking to a one-tone color scheme will make things a lot easier during the design process. We also love how 2LG Studio magnifies this space and makes the awkward corner into something awesome with a custom vanity and mirror.

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Go Rustic

In this castle-inspired home by Lisa Tharp, the designer continued the rustic French country theme into the bathroom with two wooden chests in lieu of traditional sink vanities and a painted tile wall for added texture.

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Pay Attention to Architectural Bones

Commune Design enhanced the Spanish style of this Los Angeles home by focusing attention on the archways leading to the curved balcony door in the bedroom and laying eye-catching Mediterranean tiles. The thoughtful layout is unique and special, but it still feels livable and comfortable.

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Forgo the Mirror

Small twist, revolutionary impact: Instead of hanging a mirror above the sink, consider displaying artwork instead as Hecker Guthrie did in this bathroom. Then put your hand soap and lotion on a small elevated shelf above the sink and hang a single slim pendant light instead of going the typical symmetrical route and flanking a sink area with sconces.

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Hang a Gallery Wall

Sure, it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think bathroom decor, but what else are you going to do with that otherwise-unused space above your shower? Designer Alexander Reid shows how it adds some much-needed texture to an all-white bathroom (P.S. This is a great design choice for rentals!).

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Expose Natural Materials

When your home is blessed with gorgeous natural bones, keep them exposed. Materials brick and stone add so much dimension. Add color with accessories and sense of polish with fancy soaps, as done in this space by design firm Arent & Pyke.

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Take It Outside

Outdoor showers can dramatically increase the value of your home—according to a 2018 report from Realtor.com, homes with outdoor showers tend to list for nearly double the asking price of other homes! That, along with this rustic but show-stopping outdoor shower designed by Akin Atelier, is all the convincing we need.

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Add a Little Trompe l'Oeil

Bathroom lacking architectural details? Fake it with a trompe l'oeil wallpaper, this one by Flat Vernacular.


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Animate the Corner

Add a tree in the corner for a low-lift update that has a ton of transformative power. As seen in this bathroom designed by 2LG Studio, the palm leaf tree truly brings it to life.

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Design Around a Wallpaper

In the bathroom of their Tennessee Home, the couple behind The Happy Tudor opted for a scenic Gracie Wallpaper—which made designing the rest of the bathroom simple. They went for classic whites with brass accents so as not to distract from the wall.

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Give Classic Design New Twists

From the floor tiles to the so the sconce, marble vanity, and even the romantic bathrobe, this bathroom designed by Studio DB has strong Art Deco roots. Though it's retro-inspired, each detail boasts a fresh, modern interpretation. And who needs a giant mirror when you can have a seriously cool sconce to look at instead?

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Go Graphic

In her bathroom at the Kips Bay show house, designer Young Huh created an artful statement using her AKDO tiles in green and white plus a black-and-white mirror and sculptural black sink. Oh, and a bouquet of flowers never hurts!

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Choose an Alternative Tub

Who said a bathtub had to be porcelain? At her Sag Harbor home, Alison Babcock chose a concrete tub to anchor the master bath.

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Focus on the Space Itself

Designed by Studio DB, this bathtub moment is a serious stunner. Make those bubble baths even more relaxing by keeping decor minimalist and focusing on the beauty of the surrounding space (a phenomenal view doesn't hurt either).

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Mix Your Styles

A little bit modern, a little bit industrial—we're all about this warm, light-filled bathroom designed by Black Lacquer Design. For added texture and color, bring in plush area rug, this one.

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Use an Etagere for Extra Storage

Another great way to introduce a ton of storage room without having to drill into your walls for custom cabinetry and shelving is by sliding in a etagere, as done in this bathroom designed by Elizabeth Roberts. And since they're exposed, you can also display some extra decor.

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Install Floor-to-Ceiling Cubbies

These floor-to-ceiling cubbies provide ample room for storage in a Robson Rak-designed bathroom. Put things toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other bulk items behind closed doors, then show off your décor and towels on the open shelves. I love how these tonal towels reflect the wood grains of the storage unit itself.

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Embrace Quirky Layouts

With hanging eucalyptus, an up cycled turquoise sink and fresh linens, this farmhouse bathroom designed by Leanne Ford is beyond dreamy. It also proves that awkwardly-shaped bathrooms can be beautiful with clever layouts.

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Focus on Shape and Materials

If you want a fashionably fancy bathroom, take note from this space by Hecker Guthrie. Though it's sophisticated, formal, and undeniably chic, nothing about it feels too showy or ostentatious. Rather than bringing in flashy gold mirrors, they stacked two frameless round ones for a unique design.

Similarly, they chose artful, modern lighting instead of over-the-top chandeliers. This allows us to focus on the real statement: that sculptural metallic and red marble sink.

The dark wood details and wall paneling also bring in a down-to-earth, nature-inspired sense of grit without dressing the entire space down.

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Go Big in a Tiny Space

Don't let tiny rooms deter you from going big. Interior designer Shaun Smith's New Orleans home is a treasure trove of beautiful and clever design solutions. If your bathroom is too small for shelves with a lot of depth, add extra storage by placing a tray over the hamper. Keep your hand towels and florals there to brighten up the room. And most importantly, have fun with color.

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Bring the Outdoors In

Just because you can't invest in an outdoor shower doesn't mean you can't make your bathroom feel it's outside.

Play up garden views with modern glass doors and windows (and let the light pour in), and introduce some greenery in the shower. Plants help rid the air of chemicals left behind by cleaning and beauty products.

Plus—they instantly add life to any bathroom. Then add some curtains for privacy, as design firm Hecker Guthrie did here.

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Enhance Privacy

This wall partition in a Commune-designed bathroom makes a world of difference, both functionally and style-wise. The cream-colored screen soften the space and adds a contemporary feel while speaking to the Art Deco shape of the mirror. And best of all, it adds a touch more privacy. A folding screen could also work as a temporary option.

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Spotlight a Fresh Color

From the minty green wall tiles to the freestanding sinks, matte finishes, terrazzo vanity, and hairpin legs, it's pretty hard not fall in love with bathroom designed by 2LG Studio. The Art Deco-inspired floor tiles in fan formation lay the perfect foundation for a refreshing bathroom.

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Lean Your Artwork

Rather than hanging fine art on the walls, simply lean it on the counter for an effortlessly cool elegance, as done in this moody bathroom designed by Arent & Pyke.

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Paint the Ceiling

In this master bathroom designed by Julie Rootes Interiors, the white marble shower, walls, and vanity set the tone for a luxe, cohesive look.

The gallery-esque floor lamp doubles as modern art, which contrasts nicely with the traditional elements throughout. And the high-gloss ceiling feels both contemporary and fresh while the timeless, neutral color keeps the space classic.

(Pro tip: The higher the paint sheen, the easier to clean and maintain—especially in high-moisture areas, a bathroom).

Source: https://www.housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/bathrooms/tips/g626/designer-bathrooms/

Creative Bathroom Tile Design Ideas – Tiles for Floor, Showers and Walls in Bathrooms

6 Minimalist Tile Ideas That Will Inspire You to Renovate

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Dimensional Decor

Bring your bathroom to another dimension with a set of textured tiles. For this Lincoln Park-based bathroom, interior design firm Studio Gild sticks to a muted metallic color palette but adds some visual interest with ribbed subway tiles.

Design by Studio Gild

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Think Pink

As this childhood bathroom proves, a black and white color palette doesn't have to be boring. Studio Gild revitalized the contrasted tiles in this girl's bathroom with a coat of light pink paint, creating a space that feels equal parts feminine and sophisticated.

Design by Studio Gild

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Petite Penny Tiles

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Minimalist Marvel

As Sophia Bush's bathroom proves, minimalist design doesn't have to feel sterile. Interior designer revitalized the sleek style by wrapping a curved shower in small, blush tiles. The bathroom receives a final pop of color with rich, terra-cotta-colored walls.

Design by Jake Arnold and Orie Prince

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Double Duty Design

Why settle for one tile idea when you can enjoy two? This modern D.C. bathroom reimagines the same Waterworks tile into two patterns: A straight-edge subway and eye-catching chevron. The shower area is peppered with a leafy green plant and gold hardware, also from Waterworks.

Design by Zoe Feldman

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Tonal Meets Texture

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Green and Glossy

In this Newport home, designer Shannon McLaren Wilkins covered a wall with glossy square tiles to bring some of the space's oceanic surroundings inside. The rich green hue is offset by a red and white-printed floor.

Design by Prairie Home Styling.

11 of 48

Green Subway Tiles

A bathroom in Joyann King's Millbrook, New York, home is brought to life with a vibrant green palette. Glossy green subway tiles are paired with a green chinoiserie parrot print wallpaper for a touch of elegance.

Design by Gregory Shano

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Earthy Slate

Reclaimed slate tiles and mahogany flooring play up the earthy feel of this Hamptons master bath, which includes a Waterworks tub with fittings by Boffi.

Design by Damon Liss and Paul Masi

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Graphic Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon marble tiles to add visual interest to a black and white master bathroom, featuring shower fixtures by Dornbracht and classic glass and metal shower doors.

Design by Michelle Gerson

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Oversized Marble

Large floor-to-ceiling marble tiles add to this master bathroom's sophisticated air. The luxurious space, which is in Alan Faena’s Miami Beach home, also includes a Louis XV mirror, Philippe Starck chair, and a candelabra sculpture by Peter Tunney.

Design by Alan Faena

16 of 48

Geometric & Reflective

The geometric tiled floors lend a traditional look, while the reflective wall tiles provide a modern accent, reflecting all of the beautiful colors in the room.

Design by Dina Bandman Interiors

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Red Tile Explosion

This eclectic bathroom uses non-uniform red tiles that add wonderful movement to the space.

Design by Pepe Calderin Design

18 of 48

A Wooden Effect

The glossy brown tiles in this luxurious bathroom imitates the appearance of wood, while retaining the lustrous qualities of tiling.

Design by Inspired Interiors

19 of 48

Ultra White

This beautifully minimalist bathroom is covered in small, crisp white tiles, creating a sleek modern space that is elevated with small pops of color.

Design by Touch Interiors

20 of 48

Harmonious Shades Of Green

Create a subtle geometric effect on your bathroom wall by paring jade-green tiles with pale blue.

Design by Laurel & Wolf

21 of 48

Navy And White Motif

22 of 48

Clean in Lime Green

23 of 48

Soft, Warm Pastels

These pale tiles, in shades of pink and blue, pick up the mellow, relaxed mood in this sauna-equipped bathroom.

Design by Minna Parikka

24 of 48

Patterned Blue Tiles

For this serene master bathroom, cement tile in shades of blue add to spa- feel of the room.

Design by Katie Hackworth

25 of 48

Navy Bordered In White

This strong navy shade, with a distinctive white border, makes a statement against the cream paint on the walls and the plain subway tile of the shower.

Design by Taylor Anne Interiors

26 of 48

Vivid Multi-Colored Graphics

Perfect for any art enthusiast, a quirky paint splatter wall meets classic striped tiles for the ultimate pattern clash.

Design by Eberlein Design

27 of 48

Ocean Ombre Accent Wall

This blue-green shower shimmer tile is the perfect dose of understated glamour.

Design by Elza B Design, Inc.

28 of 48

Mustard And Liberty Blue Floors

Marble floors are a thing of the past: these stunning geometric patterned tiles are a surefire fix for a dull bathroom.

Design by Fearins | Welch Interior Design; Architecture by CWB Architects

29 of 48

Cheerful Mint Green

Go for a stellar 70s vibe with these serene green tiles.

Design by Tim Barber Ltd

Source: https://www.elledecor.com/design-decorate/room-ideas/g10213582/bathroom-tile-ideas/

10 best interior design books

6 Minimalist Tile Ideas That Will Inspire You to Renovate

Whether you’ve just bought your first house, are looking to refurbish your home or just want to add some spark to your study, there are countless reasons why you may be in need of some interior design inspiration.

We’ve compiled a selection of inspiring and useful books here, all recently published, taking care to cover a range of styles, cultures and budgets. They're written by some of the brightest minds in interior designs, from creative professionals to hugely popular bloggers.

This dreamy volume will take you on a trip around the world, allowing you to discover the décor of 15 distinct destinations, which range as far as Normandy, Scandinavia, Brooklyn, Italy, Hollywood, Paris and Miami.

Wildly popular lifestyle blogger Will Taylor, of the site Bright Bazaar, aims to help readers understand what type of decorating style is best for them through the use of evocative travel photographs and snapshots of characterful homes around the world.

Buy now

2. Farrow & Ball: How to Decorate by Joa Studholme & Charlotte Cosby: £30, Octopus

This is a beautiful volume by paint and wallpaper specialist Farrow & Ball, written by in-house colour guru Joa Studholme and head of creative Charlotte Cosby. The book features inspiring shots of beautiful houses around the world, encompassing a wide range of different decorating styles.

We thought it was particularly useful how it offers an in-depth look at all the different shades of the colour wheel and their effect on interiors, alongside helpful tips for how to work with paint, primers and undercoats, and suggested colour combinations.

It also provides interesting insight into how painting floors and stairs can really transform a home.

Buy now

3. The Perfect Bath by Barbara Sallick: £35, Rizzoli International Publications

You may not think of your bathroom as the most glamorous room in your house, but this escapist volume by Barbara Sallick will make you start dreaming of all the design potential of your own lavatory.

The exhaustive book showcases many different styles, from gilded sinks to marble showers, and covers everything from bathroom accessories to materials and furnishings. It also includes information about the different types of bathtubs, showerheads, washstands, sinks and toilets.

Barbara Sallick is co-founder of Waterworks, a luxury brand of bath fittings, fixtures, furniture, and accessories.

Buy now

4. New York Living: Re-Inventing Home by Paul Gunther: £42.50, Rizzoli International Publications

We may think we know a lot about New York thanks to all those binge-worthy TV shows, but have you ever wondered what it’s inside a real home? Now you can find out, thanks to this interesting volume by Paul Gunther, director of the Gracie Mansion Conservancy.

This book takes a look at all the different types of homes in New York, including everything from cosy bedrooms and glamorous kitchens to antique-filled dining rooms, sumptuous hallways, ultra-modern bathrooms and book-rammed libraries, and even gardens and terraces.

Gunther provides great insight into all the different areas, such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx, giving the reader a thorough knowledge of the wide variety of homes in the Big Apple.

Buy now

5. The Scandinavian Home: Interiors Inspired by Light by Niki Brantmark: £19.99, Ryland, Peters & Small

Flicking through this book is as soothing as a trip to Scandinavia. Niki Brantmark, founder of popular interior design blog My Scandinavian Home, has curated gorgeous photographs of homes across Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

This book focuses on how Scandinavian interiors are naturally inspired by light: given the abundance of light in the summer and its scarcity in winter, houses are designed to maximise the amount of natural light in the winter, and to allow the inhabitants to enjoy being outdoors during the summer.

The book covers a wide range of different types of homes, from minimalist urban spaces to country homes, mountain cabins, beach houses and summer cottages, offering a wealth of Scandi inspiration.

Buy now

6. Home Décor Cheat Sheets: Need-To-Know Stuff For Stylish Living by Jessica Probus & Alice Mongkongllite: £11.99, Ulysses Press

We love this colourful little book, which features over 300 user-friendly illustrations for DIY interior design ideas. The comprehensive guide includes a glossary on different types of sofas, coffee tables, beds, tile patterns, doors and cabinet knobs.

Writer, editor and designer Jessica Probus and graphic designer and illustrator Alice Mongkongllite will guide you through the various aspects of arranging a well-coordinated space in your home, covering everything from matching furniture styles, arranging wall art and fitting a rug, to how you can make use of throw pillows to add elegance.

Buy now

7. The Maker: Beyond Decorating: Crafting A Unique Space: £18.99, Murdoch Books

If you’re going to deck out your new home, you’ll most ly want to add some personal touches. We love this book by popular designer Tamara Maynes, which will inspire you to get to work crafting your own decorative pieces for your house.

Maynes encourages readers to be creative and to think about creating their own projects such as wall art, textiles, ceramics, lighting and furniture.

There’s also a helpful section that gives a thorough run-down on a variety of materials, featuring useful tips for preparing cane for weaving and explanations of different types of clay.

Buy now

8. Decorate for a Party: Creative Styling Ideas for Gatherings: £20, Jacqui Small

We love this innovative book by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring of blogs decor8 and A Creative Mint.

If you’ve got a nice, newly furnished home, you’ll want to throw a party to show it off! And what better way to decide how to decorate by for the occasion by flicking through this playful and practical book, which features 100 ideas with easy, step-by-step instructions.

It’s divided into sections that cover a range of different colour palettes, moods styles such as “festive + fun”, “warm + cosy”, “playful + sweet” or “new + romantic”.

 We reckon there are enough themes to cover all types of gatherings, including children’s birthday parties, sophisticated dinner parties and summery picnics. And all the ideas are budget-friendly too, as Becker and Shewring show you how you can make clever use of materials you’ll most ly already have on hand to transform your home for a special celebration.

Buy now

9. Terrariums & Kokedama: Stylish ideas for low-maintenance indoor planting by Alyson Mowat: £12.99, Kyle Books

Terrariums, aeriums and kokedama (which is the Japanese for “moss ball”) may not sound terribly exciting, but this book will really make you see them in a different light. Alyson Mowat, who hosts popular indoor gardening workshops in London, shows how you can use greenery to create atmosphere in your home or workspace.

The book features 20 projects (with quirky names such as “It’s A Concrete Jungle Out There” and “Plant-O-Saurus”), to help you plant and take care of your own botanical creations, and includes helpful gardening tips, as well as advice about how to choose the best plants for the space and for your abilities.

All projects include step-by-step instructions and helpful illustrations.

Pre-order now

10. Simple Decorating: 50 Ways to Inspire Your Home by Melissa Michaels: £11.56, Harvest House Publishers

Melissa Michaels, from the popular decorating blog The Inspired Room, urges readers of Simple Decorating to “forget the renovation – just add inspiration”. This wonderful book features wallet-friendly ideas for how you can spruce up your home without needing to spend too much time or effort.

We especially love Michaels’ friendly and empathetic tone: “Do you ever find yourself in a decorating slump or just plain ol’ STUCK?” she asks. If this is you, you can look forward to discovering the 50 different ways in which you can transform your home.

Michaels will help you add personality through the use of different patterns and completely transform a space with simple furniture choices, among many other tips.

Buy now

The Verdict: Interior design books

We really How to Decorate and Home Décor Cheat Sheets for their exhaustive nature, while Decorate for a Party and Simple Decorating get a thumbs-up for their focus on budget-friendly ideas. However, our absolute favourite for the beautiful inspiration and wide scope of many different cultures and styles, is Dream Décor.

All listed prices are RRP

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IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.

Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/extras/indybest/arts-books/non-fiction-books/best-interior-design-books-for-beginners-2017-2016-uk-students-2354904.html

13 Clever Kitchen Makeovers – Kitchen Renovation Ideas

6 Minimalist Tile Ideas That Will Inspire You to Renovate

1 of 27

BEFORE: Vinyl Flooring

Kim and Scott Vargo of Yellow Brick Home had a common problem: The kitchen had good bones but was covered in dated decor.

2 of 27

AFTER: Scandinavian Haven

In a lucky break, Kim and Scott discovered original 1930s Douglas Fir flooring under the vinyl and worked to refinish it to its earlier glory. The gray tile, wooden shelving, and modern tools make the rest of the kitchen a minimalist dream.

See more at Yellow Brick Home »

3 of 27

BEFORE: Yellow, Yellow Everywhere

Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess fell in love with her home the second she saw it, but knew the kitchen would need some TLC to become a bright and functional space.

4 of 27

AFTER: Clean and Modern

Elsie swapped out the dated cabinets for sleek open shelving and went with a mostly neutral color palette. The best part? The gorgeous mint green oven adds the perfect amount of fun to a bright white space.

See more at A Beautiful Mess »

5 of 27

BEFORE: Halaked Accent

Alysha Findley, blogger behind Old House New Tricks, thought her kitchen's red wall was an eyesore and craved a more cozy room for her family.

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AFTER: Updated Paneling

A breakfast nook and island now fill out room that once had little counter space. Alysha covered the red wall in paneling that's much easier on the eyes.

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AFTER: Sprawling Floor Plan

Knocking down walls — including one behind the stove — made the entire floor more airy, not to mention family-friendly. A new island with cabinets on both sides helps keep clutter at bay.

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BEFORE: Awkward Storage Space

Tanya — the blogger behind Dans le Lakehouse — described her kitchen cabinets as “small and awkward.”

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AFTER: Open Shelving

Open shelving isn't a risky choice when you have all that great bakeware to show off. “The lower cabinets were painted turquoise (to match my Pyrex collection, naturally),” Tanya wrote about the renovation.

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BEFORE: Dark and Outdated

Abby of Just a Girl and Her Blog had her work cut out for her when redesigning this kitchen. First things to go? The tiled backsplash and brown cabinets.

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AFTER: Bright and Functional

Abby swapped out the white tile for a gray backsplash and chose white cabinets to brighten up the space. She even added a desk by the window — perfect for combing through recipes!

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AFTER: Breathing Room

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BEFORE: Dated Space

When Jen — the blogger behind Tatertots & Jello — bought a cute 1905 cottage, she knew she'd need big plans for its tiny kitchen.

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BEFORE: Harsh Lighting

Blogger Kaylor Little of Fisherman's Wife Furniture was stuck in a kitchen with builder-grade cabinets, simple laminate countertops, and not-so-soothing lighting.

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BEFORE: Unwelcoming Space

Christina (the blogger behind Christina's Adventures) was determined to make her dark, cramped, and seriously dated kitchen lovely again.

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BEFORE: Stuck in the '90s

When Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals saw this kitchen, she had a laundry list of things that needed to go, most importantly the dark oak cabinets and drop ceiling.

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AFTER: Open Concept Heaven

After tearing down the wall between the kitchen and the living room, Mandi had plenty of room to create a dream kitchen. Dark countertops and colored grout contrast perfectly with stark white cabinets and subway tile.

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BEFORE: Plain White

Melissa George, blogger behind Polished Habitat, felt her kitchen needed some more pizzazz and personality.

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AFTER: Full of Personality

Little tweaks can make a big impact. Melissa kept her cabinets neutral but switched out the hardware for a more modern look. She also painted her island a dusty blue, swapped in new stools, and replaced the overhead fixtures.

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BEFORE: Windowless Room

A kitchen without sunlight is just plain depressing — especially if you spend the majority of your day in it. This is what Cami, the blogger behind Tidbits, faced when she moved into her new home.

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WATCH: This Living Room Makeover Gave a Nurse Her Own “Zen” Space

Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/decorating-ideas/g2640/best-kitchen-makeovers/

6 Simple Minimalist Tile Ideas That Could Lead to the Bathroom of Your Dreams

6 Minimalist Tile Ideas That Will Inspire You to Renovate

Renovating your bathroom (or your kitchen) is one of the most surefire ways to increase the value of your home while also improving your day-to-day living space. It's a win-win, really.

But the increase in value is directly related to whether you can create a design that will entice potential buyers once you decide to sell.

While there are a ton of decisions to be made during the renovating process—vanities, faucets, shower drains, and more—one of the most consequential decisions is the tile. 

Whether you're planning to tile only the floor and wet areas or you want to cover your entire walls in it, tiles are impactful in large part because of the surface area they cover.

And while a highly ornate tile might be your personal preference, chances are it might not translate to any potential future buyer.

If you're looking for minimalist ideas to inspire your next bathroom tile renovation or backsplash upgrade, we rounded up some of our favorite options. Just pick your favorite and get tiling.

Courtesy of Kip & Co

Hexagon Tiles

Large hexagon tiles can bring an airy sophistication to any bathroom or kitchen—and the colorway is up to you. Add some life to your space by choosing a bold moss green or go with a classic stark black. Brands Clé Tile have a variety of hues to choose from.

Clé TileSolid Hex Tiles$18

Shop Courtesy of Amber Interior Design

Brickwork Tiles

In the bathroom or the kitchen, swap a classic subway tile with a slightly more elevated brickworks tile—which has a subtle rustic texture that will give your space depth and character without breaking from the minimal aesthetic.

WaterworksGrove Brickworks Field Tile$26

Shop Courtesy of Kip & Co

Stacked Square Tiles

If you're a minimalist who enjoys a bold statement, try the '90s-approved stacked square tile in a smaller one- or two-size. Choose any color, from a simple black or white to a bubblegum pink or navy blue to give your space some punch. Just remember to bring this tile all the way up to the ceiling. 

Tile GiantVictorian Blue$1

Shop Courtesy of Studio DB

Zellige Tiles

For a soft texture and instant sophistication, try the increasingly popular Moroccan Zellige tile in a soft tone blue-gray or greige. This highly textured glazed terra-cotta tile will give your space patina and visual interest while still feeling minimal enough for pared-back spaces.

Clé TileTarnished Silver Zellige Tile$23$19

Shop Courtesy of Ashe + Leandro

Penny Round Tiles

Want to revive an old classic? Do as designers Ashe + Leandro did in the bathroom above, and opt for a floor made of penny round tiles. A stark black tile paired with black marble is an easy way to make your space feel luxe and elegant. What you'll save on this affordable tile choice you can later splurge on marble and vintage brass accents.

Clé TileBlack Penny Round Tile$9

Shop Courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

Stacked Subway Tiles

Take a note from Sarah Sherman Samuel's playbook, and try colored vertically stacked subway tile— the designer installed in Mandy Moore's master bath. By displaying the tile differently and choosing a color other than white, the subway tile has an entirely updated and polished look. 

Clé TileVintage Jade Solid Encaustic Cement Tile$18


Next up: All organized people have this in their bathrooms—do you?

Source: https://www.mydomaine.com/minimalist-tile-ideas