10 Modern Bathrooms That Define What This Look Is All About

10 Stylish Modern Bathrooms Anyone Can Pull Off at Home

10 Modern Bathrooms That Define What This Look Is All About
Jeff Mindell ; DESIGN: Studio DIY

When looking to update a bathroom, most people are looking to create a “modern” space.

But what exactly does that word mean? Surely, even someone with a general idea of current interior trends knows that it hints at a sanctuary, a place to unwind from the surrounding world's pressures.

It may also infer at a hideaway that has enough storage, and natural light, and sleek features. And above all else, it has adequate water pressure and a place to admire a certain someone's reflection.

The truth is that a modern bathroom can be interpreted in a number of ways, but all have to strike a balance between luxury and convenience.

Luxury, for instance, can be accomplished with a double vanity and even a roomy tub, whereas convenience can be exemplified with easy-to-clean tiles and enough shelving for a collection of products.

Once these two must-haves are met, then a mix of timeless and colorful touches complete the look of a modern bathroom.

We found 10 instances of modern bathrooms that deserve such a title, thanks to the s of functional but stylish details that make it a cinch to relax. Because if there's anything today's homeowner wants, it's an equally modern place to get some peace of mind.

Jeff Mindell ; DESIGN: Studio DIY

If your eyebrows rose an inch or two when you caught a glimpse of this bright bathroom, you're not alone.

Its confident mix of emerald green tiles in the angular shower and pink-and-red ones on the floor make for a standout finish, and one that captures a modern taste for making a bold impact.

The colors are contained with white and beige accents as to not be overpowering, and there's enough storage to make the space functional, too. 

Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: Eye for Pretty

A mix of bold tiling and white walls are also what designates this casually blue bathroom by Eye for Pretty as “modern,” since the past few years have seen the popularity of bold floor tiling increase as a way to showcase personality. Clean, no-nonsense mirrors are also aspects of this trend because their simplicity helps to balance out those more vivid details. 

Sara Ligorria-Tramp DESIGN: Emily Henderson

White tiles are a timeless bathroom feature, but it can feel more modern depending on the finish. In this Emily Henderson-designed home, a herringbone pattern for the flooring gives this bathroom a modern edge, which is also complemented by the floor-to-ceiling blue tiles on the wall. It's also increasingly popular to stack tiles, too, as a fresh departure from more expected layouts. 

Jessica Kettle DESIGN: Studio McGee

Another clear sign of a modern bathroom is sleek black and gold accents, and this one from Studio McGee nails it. The beige double vanities add some texture to the look, but those two shades are what stand out. 

Sarah Sherman Samuel

Aside from that stacked tile look, this bathroom from designer Sarah Sherman Samuel introduces a traditional material that's recently reemerged as something modern: terrazzo flooring. Samuel created a geometric pattern on the floor that would pair well with the green tiles, and its gold grout matches the surrounding fixtures. 

Sarah Sherman Samuel

Sarah Sherman Samuel also nails the modern bathroom look in this instance, thanks once again to the gold accents and detailed tiling, but also because of the wood details. Convenience also comes into play when using a ladder as towel storage, and the floating vanity is also stunning proof of form and function. 

Nicole Franzen DESIGN: GRT Architects

Penny tiles are yet another traditional aspect of a bathroom, but they are given a modern twist in this example from GRT Architects because of their unexpected colors and fun design. For the most part, modern bathrooms are sleek with impactful but straightforward twists, and the zigzag pattern of the floor-to-ceiling tiles are just that.

Photo: Tessa Neustadt Design: Katherine Carter

Creating a bathroom that's a sanctuary is a hallmark of a modern bathroom, and that lesson is often interpreted with lush potted plants. In this design from Katherine Carter, a traditional clawfoot tub is accompanied by a bright green plant for a relaxing detail to an otherwise timeless white bathroom. 

Elizabeth Roberts

A modern bathroom has more than enough storage to retain its ultra-clean appearance, and this bathroom from Elizabeth Roberts fits the bill. As you've ly already noticed, sconces are also widely used in today's bathrooms. Here, detailed design on this sconce matches the colors in the nearby runner. 

Elizabeth Roberts

By now you've learned that black accents, bold floor tiles, clean finishes, and color are all details of a modern bathroom. And this one, which is also from Elizabeth Roberts, encapsulates that checklist. The pink vanity is an irresistible touch, and the rounded mirrors add to its overall soft, approachable look. 

Source: https://www.mydomaine.com/modern-bathrooms

10 Modern Bathrooms That Define What This Look Is All About
image source | design by decus interiors

We’re back with another 2019 trend report post, but before you get turned off by the word “trend,” let’s talk real quick.

We wanted to start this post with a little disclaimer as many of you (and understandably so) were put off by the “T” word in Monday’s kitchen post. We get it…kitchens and bathrooms aren’t spaces you just rip apart every year on a whim because of what’s “in” or “out.

” These are pretty permanent materials, fixtures and design decisions, backed by A TON OF YOUR MONEY.

So, before we continue, we just want to be clear that we by no means want anyone to ever feel their home, whether it’s newly remodeled or not, is no longer beautiful or stylish because of new “trends” we present.

This is more about presenting cool new ideas we have our eye on, that we’re seeing pop up in the design zeitgeist, because, well, it’s inspiring and fun and IF you are remodeling, we want to be a great resource for new ideas.

With that said, let’s get back to the topic at hand…bathrooms. You may have noticed that 2018 was basically The Year of the Bathroom for EHD because we designed nine…yes, NINE across the Portland Project and Mountain House. You should see our INSANE pinboards.

Needless to say, we reported on a lot of bathroom trends over the past year (you can see those all in the Trends & Inspiration section of the Rooms page).

But it’s a new year, and there are new things to talk about, so we are here today to report on what could be in your next bathroom remodel or refresh. Let’s dive in.

1. Rounded Rectangle Vanity Mirrors

image source | design by amber interiors

We’re declaring it: the rounded rectangle is king in 2019. It feels the next move from the large circle mirror that reigned supreme the last few years (which we still love very much). It’s simple and softly linear which is that happy place between thw stiff and angular rectangle and full-on circle.

image source | design by sarah sherman samuel

Another talking point here is their individual use. Where the circle tended to be overscale, the rounded rectangle works so well in a more compact size (though we also it on a much larger scale, too).

And for anyone who’s “wait, what about the medicine cabinet?” we want to know from you…are we done with medicine cabinets? How are people actually storing things? Please chime in in the comments! \

2. Floating Vanities

image source | design by nicole hollis

Floating vanities are hip you guys. It took some time for there to be some really beautiful options which is why we don’t think it’s really hit until now. In the past, they were considered too modern and lacked visual depth. However, in a beautiful material ( these wood ones), they are seamless and airy which is a nice feeling in a bathroom, no?

image source | design by sarah sherman samuel

Now, we’ve already learned this in the kitchen trends post but seamless design is the real king of 2019. These vanities are definitely in line with that idea.

Plus, they are SOO much easier to clean under which is not to be discounted. Please and thank you.

There are a few floating vanities in the mountain house and we all love them (and hopefully you will, too, when you see those reveals in the coming weeks).

3. Console Sink Vanities

image source | design by decus interiors

Now, these vanities are not super practical for a main bathroom but they are oh so beautiful.

This trendy vanity is how you can add some beautiful (even slightly ornate) detail into your bathroom with the leg design and still have it feel open and light.

This is definitely a powder room vanity though (unless you have zero products). If so, PLEASE teach us your ways.

image source | design by sarah sherman samuel

This no-storage look is a modern take on a very traditional style which makes us feel very confident of its timeless potential. But what we really love and are seeing now is that there are more modern designs coming on the market and in a variety of materials. So no matter your style, you can incorporate one of these beauties into your bathroom design.

4. Wall-Mounted Toilets

image source | design by studio ezra

The floating toilet has a similar story to the floating vanity. Until recently they were only put in super modern homes. But times are a changin’ and we predict them to be the toilet of 2019. Oh the phrases you never imagine you’ll say. Potty mouth has taken on a whole new meaning.

Source: https://stylebyemilyhenderson.com/blog/10-new-bathroom-trends-for-2019

30+ Small Bathroom Design Ideas – Small Bathroom Solutions

10 Modern Bathrooms That Define What This Look Is All About

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Use a Big Mirror

A wall-to-wall mirror is a guaranteed way to create the illusion of spaciousness. Designed by Elizabeth Cooper, the bathroom boasts an open and airy vibe despite not getting ample natural light. That's thanks to the light color scheme and sweet wallpaper.

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Use Unique Materials in Monochrome

The stone surfaces, classic striped towels, sculptural sconce, and round mirror prove that minimalism can have edge. And the easy-going, grayscale elegance is proof that taking a minimalist approach can result in a unique and quirky space without overpowering the eye.

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Hang Curtains Strategically

Try a curtain that looks more a drape than your average plastic shower curtain, and hang two from either side so you can tuck them away when you want to. Heidi Caillier opted for a soft oat-meets-blush linen shower curtain to add warmth to the cool space.

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Go Ham With a Gallery Wall

No room is too small for artwork. In fact, sometimes small spaces are the perfect places to display things on the walls since vertical space is all you have to show off your style. We love the eclectic artwork against the baby pink walls of this powder room.

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Use Tile to Your Advantage

It doesn't get much tinier than this bathroom, yet it still looks elevated and functional. The key is to use waterproof materials throughout so everything can get wet (a central drain is also a must) and then swap your shower head and secure towel racks to the walls.

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Curve Corners

By making the edge of your vanity soft and rounded, you'll gain back space and you're less ly to bang into the edge when you're in a rush (win-win!). Full of fun patterns and whimsical motifs, this powder room designed by Chango & Co. proves that small spaces can still shine.

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Make Sure Storage Is Deep Enough

Make up for a nonexistent linen closet with a strategic configuration. Whether it's a mirrored medicine cabinet or a vanity with deep enough shelving to fit towels, as Robert McKinley Studio did here. We're loving the ofeat yet neutral clay color scheme, too.

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Go Vertical

Make sure every piece has a purpose. Choose mirrors with drawers or shelves if you don't want to go for a traditional medicine cabinet, or use your wall space to build cabinets. The vibrant tangerine-painted cabinets in this bathroom designed by ETC.etera bring out the orange undertones in the pink stone vanity topper, which also ties in the pink floor tiles and area rug.

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Create Your Own Surfaces

In this modestly sized powder room designed by Corinne Mathern Studios, the tiny shelf transforms an awkward corner into something chic. It's just large enough to fit a select few cosmetics or a vase with flowers. Either keep it at the same heigh as the sink, or put it right between the sink and mirror.

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Go Dark

Interior design firm Robson Rak embraced the small size and lack of light in this powder room by making it feel snug and intimate with black tiles, mood lighting, and dark cabinets under the smoky natural stone sink. And while the mirror might be slim, its height draws the eye up and accentuates the high ceilings.

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Extend Sink Surfaces

Instead of a double sink vanity, a long design could save you serious space. The sink and countertop are all one piece and it's long enough that two people can get ready at the same time. There's also plenty of room to hang towels on this one designed by Heidi Caillier.

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Opt for Glass Shower Doors

Skip the foggy glass or dark curtain, and opt for glass doors. It'll make the shower feel livable square footage. Emil Dervish kept this industrial space clean with white graphic square tiles but added some funk with color on the upper half of the walls and ceiling.

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Keep Things Bright

Some may say its boring, but an all white bathroom makes any tucked away space feel bigger and brighter. With interesting materials— a natural stone countertop and corresponding trim, light wood cabinets, and graphic floor tiles—ensure plenty of style. And if you can, work with your designer and contractor to come up with a strategic layout that works with the odd shape of your space.

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Build Shower Niches

If you need a big tub or yours just happens to take up all the space between the two walls, then make sure you're saving space elsewhere. Incorporate built-in shelves and niches into the wall behind the bathtub for towels and products. Robert McKinley Studio used the same Heath tiles throughout so it blends right in.

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Hide your Storage

For a powder room this small, a mirror hung at an angle above a corner sink maximizes every inch (and clutter can be stashed behind the fabric skirt).

The Wedgwood plates and round accent table help counteract the boxiness, and add charm. And add a small table for your extras. Choose a small table with an open base so it doesn't close off space.

It'll give you a spot to set magazines, flowers, or candles.

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Get Creative

There's a clever small-space solution everywhere you look in interior designer Shaun Smith's New Orleans bathroom. From the extra storage created by placing a tray over the hamper to the towel bars and soap dish, this bathroom proves you can go big in a small bathroom.

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Opt for Ledges over Furniture

If your bathroom doesn't have a built-in vanity, opt for a ledge right above the sink. This will hold all your daily essentials (toothpaste, soap) but won't take up as much floor space as a big piece of furniture.

Install a floating shelf above the sink for your décor, essentials, and other small knick-knacks, as Leanne Ford Interiors did here. This is especially convenient for anyone who doesn't have a hidden cabinet behind the bathroom sink.

You could also arrange a few floating shelves above the toilet, if space is an issue.

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Choose a Fun Wallpaper

In a small powder room without much access to natural light—for example, a windowless space under the stairs—embrace the moodier, edgier atmosphere with darker tones and dim lighting. In this powder room designed by Tamsin Johnson, the concrete floors, inky marble sink and modern wallpaper by Kelly Wearstler set the right mood.

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Use Bins and Baskets

If you have open shelves, keep organized with wicker baskets and bowls. Shelves are sleek, but the lack of cabinetry cut down on storage space, but bins will do the trick. Having pretty linen towels these in a bathroom designed by Katie Hodges doesn't hurt either.

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Work Around Your Windows

No walls to hang a mirror? No problem. Just hang it in front of the window, which creates privacy with a purpose. Or, if there's a slim strip to secure an accordion mirror to between windows.

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Install a Skylight

Natural light is the key to making a small space feel bigger. Skylights are a great option for when windows aren't enough.

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Stash Bottles in Niches

You could add a bulky shower caddy, but little cubbies look so much cuter. Alcoves keep soaps and sponges within arm's reach.

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Try A Floating Basin Sink

Skip bulky cabinets and install a floating basin sink to save space. Plus, it looks incredibly chic.

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Choose A Big Mirror

Don't be afraid of large pieces in a small bathroom. A giant mirror over a tub creates the illusion of a larger space. And hanging it somewhere unconventional will earn style points, too.

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Scale Down

Inspired by showers in Europe, this is enclosed by a simple curtain and drain save serious space compared to traditional full installs.

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Get Towel Bars

Towel bars = the best way to save surface space. If you can get a washstand with towel bars, it'll look even sleeker.

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Continue Floor Tile

Run tile from the bathroom floor straight into the shower stall. It makes the room feel larger. If you change materials, it interrupts the space.

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Never Block Windows

Natural light is too important for cramped spaces to block with a dingy shower curtain. Instead, opt for clear glass doors instead. See more at Sarah Sherman Samuel .

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Use a Ladder

Lean a ladder right up against the wall behind your toilet to provide extra room for hanging linens or a shower caddy. See more at Jenna Sue Design Co.

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Add More Mirrors

Mirrors are useful for more than just touching up your makeup: Light bounces off the reflective surfaces and helps make rooms appear bigger. So even if you can only fit in a mini mirror ( the one on the hanging shelf in this bathroom) it makes a big difference. See more at Maison de Pax.

Source: https://www.housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/bathrooms/tips/g1441/small-bathrooms-ideas/