How to Cut a Watermelon in 5 Easy Steps

How To Cut A Watermelon For Party 6 Easy Ideas

How to Cut a Watermelon in 5 Easy Steps

      I thought I knew all the methods how to cut watermelon. Just recently I saw an online video in Russian how we can cut with the heart inside, I didn’t believe how simple this method! Most important no waste of watermelon meat and easy to eat fruit for guests. In the original video person made heart without any pattern, just cut and it is super easy.

In my opinion, when we use pattern it will be so much nicer look. I tried without and know I personally need a pattern. Of course, if you have excellent knife skills and cut perfect heart shape without any pattern it will be much easier. This is one of methtods how to cut a large watermelon because we making design inside.

I am going to share cutting watermelon trick, so we can make any design on the middle.

     I tried to make a flower in the middle instead of heart and it looks cute and easy too. Look at the photo below. To cut watermelon in shape of the flower I use a cookie cutter in the shape of a flower. The center of the flower I made from a melon.

      We can make more different watermelon cut out shapes. The best way to cut watermelon for themed party because we can choose the design inside from super simple to more detailed. Just simple round shape inside for polka dots party theme as the example. Fun by using cookie cutters as a guide for other themes as well.

The key is to use so simple pattern without many details on it. For example, I cut watermelon with a butterfly in the middle and it took just a few minutes longer than usual when we cut watermelon in wedges. I didn’t really have time to take photos, so I took the plate outside and took the photo with a grass background.

Really a great technique how to cut watermelon for picnic or garden party!

Large watermelon

Knife with a narrow and long blade

Pattern (I used a bowl in shape of a heart)

1. Cut the watermelon in half.

3. I place the pattern (bowl in shape of a heart) on the top of the watermelon. Stick in 2 skewers on the top and on the bottom of the heart. This way I can see where to place my heart when I turn watermelon upside down.

4. Turn watermelon upside down. Place the heart between the skewers and cut around the bowl. Keep the knife as straight as possible.

5. Cut watermelon into wedges around the heart.

6. Slice the watermelon heart horizontally into a few slices, so it will be easy to eat for guests.

Enjoy! Seedless watermelon much better look as you can see on the photo below!

        A great way to display watermelon slices is to arrange watermelon slices a little different way. This easy method to serve a festive way watermelon for summer events I saw on Instagram. Super simple but just a small change makes the presentation so nice and also easy to eat for guests what is important too.

This technique gives as more possibilities to decorate our watermelon. I used a simple flower from a lemon on the center but you can use other decors as well. When I saw on Instagram, they don’t have anything on the center and to my taste, it is something missing.

This is most simplest way I know how to cut watermelon for a crowd fancy.

       I always was wondering why chefs using lemon on fruit platters. And just recently found the answer. One of the chefs on explained. Lemon brightens up the flavors of fruits and even nobody going to eat it, lemon is appropriate to add to the fruit platter.

        Check out the technique, it is so easy but impressive and different! Great way cutting watermelon fast and fancy in the same time!

Watermelon Any size

Chef knife

1. Cut the watermelon in half vertically. Cut off the top.

2. Make marks before the cuts, so each wedge will be the same size and even number of the pieces. Cut the watermelon into wedges.

3. Here is the difference than I did usually before. Instead, open on the side each wedge, open every second wedge and first leave as is.

Between wedges, I place mint.

      Great way to slice watermelon for the table with limited space! Maybe it is not how to properly to cut watermelon for every day or to serve for party but very interesting technique to try.

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1. We need half of watermelon for one serving.

2. Make cut out on the top in conus shape.

3. Slice the watermelon under the angle. This way the flower holds the shape well.

*Watch in the video below how well the watermelon flower holds shape.

4. Gradually spread the slices the center. The opening on the center depends what you going to place on the middle.

5. Remove small pieces of watermelon on the middle and dry watermelon juice with paper towel.

6. Place the empty glass on the middle.

7. I decorated the glass with tangerine wedges. Cut the skin on the half and now it looks petals on the glass.

8. Fill the glass with cherries and my watermelon platter is ready to serve.

      I this way to cut watermelon in fancy wedges because it is easy to eat and unusual interesting shape of the wedges. Some artistic person can make different varieties of the skin shape I have left, to me, it already looks fish without any intention to make it.

However, it is not the only reasons I this watermelon cutting technique. The wedges look much prettier on the plate for another simple reason, we see more red on the plate visually and it makes much more attractive the fruit platter.

I place on the fruit plate simple watermelon triangles instead of my fancy watermelon wedges to compare, so we can easy to see the difference.

To me, the photo of fruit platter with watermelon above much more fun and festive looks than just simple watermelon triangles! This is the same direction as for the technique of how to cut watermelon in triangles just with one extra step to remove some of the rind.

Watermelon Any size

Chef knife

1. Cut the watermelon in half horizontally.

2. Cut off both ends where is skin and white part of the watermelon. Nobody is going to eat it and no reason to leave on the plate.

3. Make 2 cuts 1 inch deep on the skin of the watermelon as I show on the photo.

I divided in 3 even parts but we can be more creative with this part our design.

4. I cut off watermelon skin under 2 sides. Marked A and C on the photo. Remove any white part left on the sides.

5. I cut the watermelon into fancy wedges. I use the knife blade to transfer the watermelon slices on the plate. Just slide the knife blade under the wedges, secure with other hand watermelon on the top and place it on the platter.

One more way how to cut watermelon without seeds or with seeds for a party!

       A fun way to serve watermelon wedge for kids on a stick. Kids love ice cream and this serving idea is ice cream serving just with a small difference, instead of ice cream we have watermelon wedge on a stick. Cold watermelon is a nice dessert choice for kids summer party!

      Wodden treat sticks are inexpensive and can be found in most grocery stores. We can buy in craft stores wooden sticks as well, even colorful ones.

However, I personally won’t use sticks for craft on my food, simply because they not design especially for food items and food safe. In my tutorial photos I use whole stick in each wedge but on my fancy watermelon plate I use halfs.

I both ways but to use half of the stick is more ecanomical and maybe more easy to eat for people with small hands.

Watermelon any size

Wooden treat sticks

Chef knife

1. Cut the watermelon in half horizontally. Cut sides off for convenience to eat. Mark the direction with knife where will be wedges cut.

2. Make in the center of each wedge cut with a knife, so the stick going easy in.

3. Stick in the wooden sticks but try don’t go in the watermelon edible part.

4. I decorated my watermelon with simple flowers from lemon around and butterflies from watermelon. Green leaves are mint.

To make the butterflies cut outs from watermelon I use small cookie cutter. Read more ⇒ Cookie Cutters I Use to Make Garnishes

I put back watermelon sides to make watermelon looks complited and another reason to do so is to prevent from drying out sides of the fruit.

Or we can serve as a dessert individually on a plate!

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  1. I choose the prettiest side of the watermelon for the top of the basket, so sides and handle look good and doesn’t have light spots. Mark the basket handle with scotch tape where I am going to cut the watermelon.

I make the zigzag design cut 1 inch above the middle of the watermelon.

2. Cut the thin layer of skin on the bottom watermelon for stability.

3. Cut out 2 wedges on the sides of the basket handle.

4. Cut the watermelon pulp under the handle.

5. Mark the bottom of the future zigzag design with tape. Make zigzag approximately 1 inch deep.

6. Make the vertical cut besides zigzag.

7. Remove triangles and make the same design on the other side.

8. To make a perfect shape ball I deep the melon baller into the pulp of watermelon as deep as possible and rotate it.

 Check more detailed direction and photos how to make watermelon balls here → How To Use Melon Baller 13 Ideas With Photos

9. I to make the balls by layers. On the photo, I have done with the first layer.

10. I removed watermelon pieces where we can’t able to make the balls anymore. Continue with another layer the same way. I had a total of 2 layers.

The exsess of watermelon we can use to make different drinks.

11. Remove the excess of the pulp and smooth out inside the basket. My watermelon basket is ready!

*I so much the OXO ice scoop because it has sharp edges. I use it for so many tasks.

Read more about the useful tool →  OXO Lever Ice Cream Scoop 4 Uses In My Kitchen

12. I filled my watermelon basket with watermelon balls and decorate with butterflies and flowers.

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