27 Ways to Maximize Your Mudroom

Entryway Cabinets that Take Your Mudroom Design from Messy to Magnificent

27 Ways to Maximize Your Mudroom

There are shoes all over the floor and no place to hang the jackets.

That’s a sure sign that a new mudroom design is in order! Mudrooms are also great places to store cleaning supplies, and if you have space for a utility sink, then you can do the big cleanup jobs here to keep the mess the rest of the house.

Even if you don’t have a dedicated mudroom, some entryway cabinets can fill a lot of these needs, giving you and the kids a place to put boots, shoes, backpacks and outerwear.

But enough with the reasons why you need a mudroom remodel! Let’s get on to the storage solutions that you can put to work yourself.

1. Create a Vertical Mudroom Design

Maximizing storage means building upward. Use cabinets Decora’s Ensemble Tall Cabinet to give yourself vertical spaces for coats, with cubbies or drawers on the bottom for shoes, and upper storage spaces for text books, purses and other necessities. If you have the space, install one cabinet for each family member to eliminate the inevitable fights over who gets to
use which spaces!

2. Get a Storage Bench

Storage benches are an invaluable part of a mudroom design — and they’ll give you much needed space by the entryway if you don’t have a mudroom. They come in a variety of designs, with drawers, sliding doors or lifting lids.

The benefits are twofold: You’ll have a great place to sit down and pull of your shoes without tracking mud further into the house. Then you can clean those shoes off and store them in the bench so that you’re not tripping over them later.

Benches are also a great place to set down shopping bags or your briefcase while you take off and hang up your jacket.

3. Organizing in Small Spaces

Don’t have enough room to install a vertical cabinet for each family member? Instead, just install one vertical cabinet for coat storage — something Decora’s Utility Cabinet, with or without the bottom shelves depending on coat length. Then devote the rest of your limited space to cubbies. You can make the cubbies just large enough to fit a pair of shoes, or make them larger, to fit shoes and a backpack or purse.

4. No Mudroom? No Problem!

Finally, if you don’t have a mudroom at all, then what you need is entryway cabinets. These cabinets are made to fit along the wall near your home’s main entry, and they will give you most of the functionality and storage space that a regular mudroom offers.

Entryway cabinets are often designed a wardrobe — except far more useful, usually featuring lower drawers, cubbies and spots to hang coats in the center, and cabinets on top. If your family loves to kick off their shoes right inside the front door, then these cabinets are the perfect solution.

Check out the Decora Entry Way Cabinets to see what we mean.

In addition to entry cabinets, you can also add multipurpose furniture to your living space. For instance, an upholstered storage bench gives you both storage and an ottoman, while boxy cubby-style shelves can be bookshelves on top and shoe storage on the bottom.

Whether you have a large or small mudroom — or no mudroom at all — there are lots of storage options available to you. It all starts with cleverly designed cabinetry, and maybe a storage bench or two.

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Mudroom Makeover! – Sterilite Corporation

27 Ways to Maximize Your Mudroom
The mudroom can be an under-appreciated, high-traffic area of the home. With children and other family members entering and leaving through this room, it can easily become a mess and make it harder to get your family ready.

When scrambling to get the kids ready for school or practice, having a mudroom tailored to your family's needs can make a world of difference in getting everyone out the door on time.

When well organized, it can also be instrumental in maintaining order in the rest of the home by providing places to effortlessly store belongings after a long day. One critical function of a mudroom is storing items that are used on a daily basis.

Jackets, shoes, hats, and more are easy to grab on the way out the door. This also helps the rest of the house stay clean. Dirty shoes and dripping jackets will not enter the house and will not track dirt and water.

Customize Your Storage Solutions

Stacking Drawers allow you to create a custom solution for your family's storage needs. With three sizes that stack, it is easy to create a storage unit that perfectly fits in the available space. The 6 Quart Stacking Drawer is a great size for shoes, while the 16 Quart Stacking Drawer and 27 Quart Stacking Drawer offer solutions for larger items. Designate a drawer for each family member or for each type of item, hats or umbrellas, so that items are easy to find and put away. Swapping these items out seasonally can also help to maximize space in small mudrooms. In the summer, organize the flip-flops and rain gear; as winter approaches switch them out for scarves and gloves.

Keep Mess Out

The mudroom is also an ideal place to store outdoor goods. Sporting gear will be easy to grab when rushing out the door to practice, and kids will not trek through the house with their dirty, smelly gear when they return home. Having a designated and easily-accessible area for storing these things will also encourage children to put them away when they finish practicing in the backyard. To maximize storage, use a shelf the Sterilite 4 Shelf Unit to make use of vertical space. For families with a pool, the mudroom is also a great place to store a few spare towels. Children can lack the foresight to bring a towel when they are excited to go swimming. Having a few towels on the shelf that they can easily grab will prevent them from making puddles as they walk through the house searching for a towel.

Set Up Organization Systems

Setting up a mail sorting station in the mudroom can also help to keep your home organized. When you first walk through the door after a long day, mail is thrown on the countertop or table where it creates clutter and can even get lost. Having a basket or even a file box will encourage family members to sort and safely store the mail when they first return home. In combination with a mail sorting station, establishing a recycling center can help keep the house clean. Place a wastebasket or tote in the mudroom so that you can immediately put the junk mail or cardboard boxes from packages straight into the recycling before they ever make it into the house.

While the mudroom is not top of mind when thinking about organizing, taking some small steps can make a world of difference. The key to success is reflecting on the needs of your family and making smart storage choices. With the appropriate storage solutions, the mudroom will not only serve your family but also help keep the rest of the house clean.

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