The 32 Best Birthday Gifts for Her of 2020

20 Stylish Birthday Gifts The Woman In Your Life Will Love

The 32 Best Birthday Gifts for Her of 2020

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that nothing quite takes the edge off growing yet another year older than receiving a stonkingly good birthday present. Even the birthday naysayers who to ignore their own special day are secretly happy when presented with a thoughtful gift.

Which is why we have trawled the shops to bring you the best birthday presents in the land for the woman in your life, guaranteed to score you some serious brownie points. From fashion to foodstuffs, there’s something to suit even the fussiest of birthday girls. Now all you have to do is master the wrapping up.

A Blouse Top

Remember cult London label Antipodium? Nope, well you can bet that the fashionista recipient of this gift will. And so she’ll be thrilled to receive something – anything – from Creative Director Geoffrey J Finch’s latest project.

Initially launched exclusively at MatchesFashion, the power of Blouse – AKA deconstructed shirts and printed tops – can now be felt at Selfridges, too.

With his tongue firmly in his cheek, Finch’s references run from Keeping Up Appearances’ hilarious Hyacinth Bucket to Shania Twain and RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Alyssa Edwards (natch), and he splashes them across the front and back of his perfect – and mindfully manufactured – cotton tees. Safe to say, if her sense of humour is as strong as her sartorial nous, she’ll be into it.

Buy Now: £65.00

Lingerie That She’ll Love

For far too long the lingerie market was dominated by designers that catered more to the male gaze than to the woman who would be wearing the damn underwear.

But not any more; there is now a slew of brands creating undies that women will actually want to wear.

So wave goodbye to cheap red lace and nasty crotchless knickers, and instead gift her pretty (and comfortable) silk pants, delicate bras in unexpected colour combos and bold bodysuits that are so achingly cool she’ll want to wear them as outerwear.

Basically, if it could get her accused of solicitation, take it your basket.

Buy Now: £45.00

A Cult Gaia Bag

If there was a bag that owned the past 12 months it was the bamboo ‘Ark’ clutch from LA-based brand Cult Gaia. We’re not sure how you didn’t notice – it was all over Instagram, cluttering up your feed. Just large enough to carry an emergency Mexican chicken wrap in it (pro-tip: this is an important requirement for a lot of women), it has a vintage feel while remaining lady.

While the OG is still relevant, designer Jasmin Larian has expanded her portfolio, introducing the kind of new shapes and materials that will ensure the brand isn’t a one-hit wonder.

Buy Now: £300.00

A Dainty Ring

Contrary to popular belief, women aren’t just hanging around desperate for a hunk of glass to be put on their finger – they other jewellery too. Especially if it’s a sleek, Scandinavian-style piece that’ll fit in with the rest of her magpie haul.

Of course, the only thing to be careful of when it comes to ring shopping is the size. If you have access to her jewellery box then try one of her rings on your little finger and see how far down it goes, or if she doesn’t notice when things go missing, take a ring to the jewellery shop with you.

If you prefer to do your shopping from the comfort of the sofa, go for a pared-back design that would look good on any finger.

Buy Now: £109.99

A Pair of Shoes

Flats, heels or mules, nothing says, “I actually listen to you and pay attention to your style” as an on-trend pair of shoes.

And with fast fashion ever-increasing in speed, Topman’s big sister brand Topshop is never a bad place to start.

One of the best high street stores to translate pieces from the catwalk into something altogether more affordable, you can count on them to have her well-shod.

Buy Now: £56.00

A Silky Shirt

By its very nature fashion is transient, but while trends come and go there are some things – a Chanel handbag – that will always be appreciated. Yet they don’t have to be bank-breakingly expensive.

Eternally relevant, a silk shirt (or even just a silk-feel shirt) will always have a place in a stylish woman’s wardrobe. Smartened up for work or paired with jeans at the weekend, it’s the chameleon of the closet. Right now, pyjama-style shirts are having a bit of a moment and it’s not hard to see why. After all, given half the chance who wouldn’t want to wear their PJs all day?

Buy Now: £29.99

A Bottle Of Gin

Un its Scottish cousin, whisky, which has to be matured for an age, gin doesn’t take very long to make, which is partly why there has been such an explosion in the gin market. It’s not just being manufactured in the UK and US either; from Japan to Norway, new gin producers are emerging across the globe.

It’s the ease of manufacture which lends itself to independent, craft booze makers, so now you can probably pick up a bottle that’s been made within a five mile radius of your house. Supporting the local economy never tasted so good.

Buy Now: £30.00


Similarly to underwear, when shopping for pyjamas you have to think about what she’d want to wear and not what you think looks good. Comfort is absolutely key. But that doesn’t mean nightwear has to invoke the spirit of Wayne and Waynetta Slob; from silk pyjamas that cost hundreds to breathable cotton designs on the high street, there are plenty of options to pick from.

River Island is currently offering an excellent collection of embroidered PJs – we’re particularly into this nightshirt, which proves they’re not just for Scrooge.

Buy Now: £26.00

Charlotte Tilbury Products

British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury has worked her magic on a number of famous faces, with Kate Moss and Kim Kardashian both benefiting from her skills. Having worked in the industry for over 25 years, she launched her eponymous makeup and skincare range in Selfridges in 2013, and it was an instant success.

As prettily packaged as it is effective, we’re convinced that most women would be happy to receive something from the Charlotte Tilbury range – in fact, she’ll probably be impressed that you even know who she is.

Buy Now: £60.00

Champagne Bowls

The design of the Champagne saucer has been variously attributed to both Marie Antoinette, the last Queen of France, and Madame de Pompadour, the chief-mistress of King Louis XV. Although neither of them deserve the honour as the glass was in fact invented in England, a good while before either of them were born.

While they’re not quite as practical as flutes – which were developed to maintain the bubbles – we think that it feels far more luxurious to drink fizz from a cope glass.

Buy Now: £32.00

A Silk Pillowcase

If there’s anyone with a Netflix account who isn’t currently obsessing over Queer Eye’s fab five, then we’ve yet to meet them. While everyone might argue over who their favourite is, there’s one thing we can all agree on: the majesty of grooming expert Jonathan’s glorious mane.

Apparently he keeps his locks looking so smooth and shiny by sleeping on a silk pillowcase, much this one. Additional benefits include protecting and hydrating the skin, while also preventing split ends. Best. Gift. Ever.

Buy Now: £79.00

A Simple Tee

We’ve said it for a good while now, but Japanese brand Uniqlo really has nailed the art of the basics. But while its menswear offering has always been on point, its fairer sex collections have sometimes erred on the side of frumpy.

No longer. Since Christophe Lemaire took the reins as artistic director, Uniqlo’s womenswear offering has improved exponentially and it’s now a great place for artfully simple tops, T-shirts and jumpers. Head there for a birthday present that will put on a smile on her face but won’t have you weeping into your wallet.

Buy Now: £12.90

A Sleek Watch

There are so many things to consider when buying a watch for yourself, but when shopping for someone else it’s best to set all of the technical stuff to one side. Play it safe and opt for something that’s unobtrusive; a cool, minimal timepiece that will fit in with her style, whatever that may be.

And make sure you take a look at her jewellery collection before you pull the trigger – people can be quite particular about mixing metals, so if she only wears silver then get a silver watch; if she’s a gold type of girl… you get the drift.

Buy Now: £255.00

Simple Summer Sandals

Footwear brand Ancient Greeks takes its inspiration from Greek mythology and legend, meaning its sandals are the very essence of classic – meaning they’ll be on her shoe rack for years to come.

This season, the label has collaborated with Italian designer Fabrizio Viti, who has added a hint of feminine prettiness with his daisy decorations. If you’re feeling extra generous, book her in for a pre-sandal-wearing pedicure, too.

Buy Now: £195.00

MAC Makeup

With its ever more frequent – and always interesting – collaborations, MAC will always be a great go-to option for birthday presents. Always first with fresh new colours, its impressive archive is full of classics, too. There are few women who haven’t pledged allegiance to a MAC lipstick shade.

It has recently brought out collections with designer Nicopanda, makeup artist Patrick Starrr and cartoon Betty Boop, while an Aaliyah-inspired range is also promised, proving that even death is no obstacle to a good collaboration.

Buy Now: £19.50

A Gin Serving Set

What to buy for the gin-loving lady who has it all? A serving set dedicated entirely to that clear liquid, of course.

Gin’s popularity over the last few years means that ever more ingenious ways of serving it are being found, while drinkers are becoming more particular about the sort of gins they will and will not drink.

Then there’s the perfect garnish; from peppercorns and lavender to the humble cucumber, gin is served numerous ways and deserves something to do it justice.

This handsome kit from Polish glassware company LSA should to the trick.

Buy Now: £300.00

A Go-To Bottle Of Perfume

We know, buying a bottle of perfume as a birthday gift doesn’t exactly constitute thinking outside of the box, but when bought correctly, there can be few presents that are quite as thoughtful.

If you know what her favourite scent is, then just buy her a top up and watch the brownie points come rolling in. If you’re not sure or she doesn’t already have one, then we recommend going with something new to impress her. And if you’re really stumped, go for a well-designed bottle that’ll look nice on the shelf – she’ll think of you every time she sees it.

Buy Now: £72.00

A Sleek Coffee Table Book

Buying a novel for someone can be fraught with difficulty. Books are so incredibly personal that unless you know the recipient incredibly well – and specifically what type of literature they’re into – it’s best to steer clear.

However, coffee table books exist more on the surface level – as long as it’s beautiful to look at and her interest then you should be on safe ground. This stunning tome from Italian fashion legend Anna Dello Russo is designed a keepsake box and should make even the snarliest of fashionistas smile.

Buy Now: £97.50

SAD Light

If you’re shopping for someone who lives in the Northern Hemisphere, there really is no more thoughtful gift than a SAD lamp. Proven to help alleviate the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder in just seven days, it encourages the brain to reduce the production of melatonin – the hormone that makes you feel sleepy – while encouraging the production of feel-good hormone serotonin.

All this means is that even on the darkest, most dreary of winter days, she’ll spring cheerily up bed. Probably.

Buy Now: £90.00

Designer Sunglasses

When it comes to shopping for designer sunglasses, there are a couple of things to think about. First of all is face shape – if you’re unsure what hers is exactly, opt for a classic frame cat eyes or Wayfarers, which suit most mugs.

Secondly, and rather boringly, is full UV protection. They’re not just there to accessorise her face, they have to protect her eyes too. Which is why we’re big fans of New York eyewear brand Moscot, which has been producing sleek frames since 1915.

Buy Now: £265.00


47 Best Gifts for Women 2020 – Unique Gift Ideas for Her

The 32 Best Birthday Gifts for Her of 2020

courtesy / john francis

You already know this, but it needs to be said: You don't necessarily *need* a special occasion to get the woman in your life a present! But just in case her birthday or an anniversary is coming up, you might wanna take a look at this list stat. Whether you’re her coworker, S.O.

, or BFF, you can sometimes draw a blank trying to think of a unique gift to give that she's hasn't already received. But it's going to be OK! We’ve rounded up a bunch of hella cute presents, including faux-fur coats, diffusers, and, yes, AirPods, that she'd love to unwrap—trust.

Here, 47 gift ideas for women to give her on a specific occasion or to surprise her with just because.

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this bright knit

Rory Sweater Line + Dot


It's almost spring so swap out her black sweaters for one on the bolder end of the color spectrum. A style with cute stitching adds texture and makes it extra cozy. 


this relaxing essential oil

Unwind – Essential Oil Blend Paddywax


If she's feeling a little high strung, she can wind down and de-stress by rubbing this essential oil on her wrists and breathe in, or she can use it in a diffuser. 


this cute lil diffuser

Ranger Essential Oil Diffuser SERENE HOUSE


Speaking of diffusers, her bedroom/living area/desk will be so much more cozy with a sleek one that's easy to use and is in a portable size. 


this smooth eyeliner

Deep Brown Liquid Eyeliner Haus Laboratories


This ultra slick liquid liner from Lady Gaga's beauty brand will make her eyes pop and give them extra dimension. 


these all-weather boots

Original Short Insulated Pac Boots: Black/Galvanize Hunter


The waterproof material and insulated lining of these booties will keep her feet dry AND warm when the temps are quite literally freezing outside. 


this festive bouquet

Ravishing The Bouqs Co.


A great no-fuss gift is a simple bouquet that she can display in a vase in any room. 


this statement headband

Rosa Headband Avenue the Label


If she's on top of all the trends, she'll be obsessed with this hair accessory. This style even comes in four other bright hues. 


this oversize zip-up

Fuzzy Faux-Shearling Zipper Jacket ECOWISH


As temperatures slowly begin to drop with fall approaching, she will definitely appreciate a warm jacket in a soft faux-shearling material.


this chic gold charger

Ultra Slim Marble Power Bank Battery Backup

No more dead phone, TG. This marble-patterned charging hub with gold accents will simplify her life while adding a touch of design to her countertop.


these wireless headphones

Apple AirPods with Charging Case

If she doesn’t already have AirPods, she definitely needs a pair. These wireless earbuds connect automatically and offer more than 24 hours listening time.


this cute mask

Silk Adjustable Sleep Mask Tim & Tina


Beauty sleep never looked so good. She’ll love this silk bedtime accessory with an artsy Van Gogh print.


this boxy crossbody

Leah Camera Bag Italic


A simple logo-free crossbody is one she'll have forever. This camera bag shape comes in a bunch of colors and it's just the right size. 


these pocket crystals

Personal Power Pocket Crystals

Listen, either you’re into crystals or you aren’t, but there’s no denying these are pretty, whether she uses them as decor or for their special powers.


this cute neon sign

LED Neon Blue “Dream” Wall Sign Isaac Jacobs


A lil neon sign she can easily install on any wall will make her room super chic (and Instagrammable).


this simple chain necklace

Flat Chain

Chain necklaces are all the rage this fall, so she’ll definitely feel on trend walking around in this pretty gift. It's subtle on its own, or she can layer it with her other gold pieces. 


this pastel polaroid

Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera Fujifilm


A Polaroid camera is useful to document your friendship with. She can take it on trips, and it’s easy to travel with thanks to its smaller size and handy wrist strap.


this hair travel set

Neon Halo R + Co


A hair set with shampoo, conditioner, shine cream, dry shampoo, and texture spray will be her most prized products, especially with the cute packaging. 


these croc-embossed boots

Winona Western Boot, Modern Ivory Sam Edelman


Time to say yee-effing-haw and get her these stylish boots that lean way into the Western trend you’re seeing everywhere.


this velvet-y liquid shadow

Suede Shade Eyeshadow STILA


Her eyelids will look killer with any of this spring-worthy periwinkle, but this easy-to-use product is also available in seven other hues. 


these tie-dye socks

Women's Lightweight Quarter Sock 4-Pack

There’s nothing wearing a pair of soft, cozy socks when it's cold out. She’ll want to wear these fun ones around the house and with cute colorful outfits to show ’em off.


these silk hair ties

6-Pack Slipsilk™ Skinny Hair Ties SLIP FOR BEAUTY SLEEP


Hair dents are SO annoying, but thankfully, she can avoid them with gentle silk hair ties that are strong enough to hold any ponytail without damaging her strands.


this fuzzy pillow

Mila Faux-Fur Throw Pillow Urban Outfitters


Her apartment is her sanctuary, so get her a faux-fur pillow that makes her bed or couch instantly more homey. This one comes in tons of colors that will match any decor.


these unique studs

Mini Dash Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are a staple, but these ones curve right against your lobe in a cool teardrop shape that stands out from the others. 


this sleek exfoliator

Dermaplaning Exfoliation Device DERMAFLASH


If she’s all about skincare and new beauty gadgets, a DIY dermaplaning tool will easily be incorporated into her nighttime routine. Yes, it’s a splurge, but she deserves it!


this sleeved day dress

Emilie Dress Valencia & Vine


More dresses should be made with sleeves, and this is my swan song. But at least this pretty one already has ’em and is perfect for work or date night!


this box-chain ring

Eliza Thick Ring Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry


If you wanna lean into that chain theme a bit, get her a matching ring.


this fancy number

Runaway Dress Keepsake


Anyone would appreciate getting such a fun, stylish dress! This one’s off-the-shoulder neckline, puff sleeves, and funky floral pattern make it a head turner that will get her all the compliments.


this bougie candle

Itaewon 565 Candle SOOHYANG


Wow, this scent is all kinds of heavenly. With notes of green floral, her space will be transformed into an amazing-smelling garden. 


these navy sneakers

Vegan Suede and Mesh Sneakers Veja


If she’s more of a casual kicks type of gal, these navy-blue-and-pink ones by Veja will be right at the top of her wish list.


these stylish shades

Air Heart 51mm Sunglasses LE SPECS


A pair of trendy Le Specs sunglasses is sure to be a hit. These bold frames accentuate the retro allure of full-coverage sunnies without feeling heavy.


this artsy bath mat

Talking Rocks Bathmat need supply company


This cute-ass mat features a modern abstract design that’s the perfect addition to any bathroom. Plus, its no-slip latex backing makes it a smart choice for post-shower safety.


this pillowcase fit for a royal

Slip Queen Pillowcase Slip


Bedhead, be gone! A long-fiber, mulberry silk pillowcase promises a gentle sleeping surface for her skin and hair.


this cozy Sunday situation

Spa Set Snowe


Looks self-care Sunday is about to get even better. She’ll love wrapping herself in a soft robe while lighting a scented candle for a feeling of absolute serenity.


this wine set

Tempt Canned Wine Tempt


She’ll thank you for introducing her to this canned wine. It’s a great grab-and-go product for her next picnic or the perfect single serving so she doesn’t have to open a full bottle!


this personalized journal

Classic Monogrammable Journal Mark & Graham


If she’s the journaling type, this customizable vegan leather journal is a special place for her to jot down anything that comes to mind—and it fits right in her purse.


this luxe polish set

Beautiful Dreamer Gel Lab Pro Nail Color Set DEBORAH LIPPMANN


If she’s known to sport a different nail color every week, get her a pretty polish set that has a range of neutral and pastel shades suited for all occasions.


this life-changing organizer

Lip Gloss Holder Organizer hblife

If she’s the kind of woman who loves herself some lipstick (or lipgloss!), she’ll enjoy keeping her collection from scattering all over her bathroom drawers with this 24-compartment tray.


this silver signet ring

Bonito Zeus Star Ring Bonito


This timeless oval-shaped ring is super chic but also supports a great cause. For every $100 spent at Bonito, the company donates a backpack filled with supplies to a child in need.


this luxe facial experience

La Vie en Rose Face Roller Angela Caglia Skincare


A face roller made of real rose quartz can help de-puff, boost circulation, and improve elasticity.


this OTT candle set

Voluspa Macaron Collection VOLUSPA


The next best thing to tasting a delectable macaron is smelling one. This five-piece candle set features delicious scents of the famed French cookie in adorable cases shaped to look one too.


this graphic phone case

Blush Quartz, iPhone Sonix


If her phone is an appendage, it better have good skin. This marbled iPhone cover features gorgeous colorful swirls of pink and teal that'll make it the star of any mirror selfie. 


this ladies-only skincare product

Muff Masque Muff Masque


For the beauty lover who has all sorts of masks, she’ll definitely want to try this plant-based option for her most intimate area that’s designed to bring some extra pampering into her self-care routine. Users say this is great for after shaving to avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs.


this amazing-smelling spray

Côte d’Azur Hair Refresher ORIBE


Her locks will feel instantly refreshed with light perfume spray that also happens to cut down on static. If you need proof of how good this smells, Côte d’Azur is such a popular fragrance that the brand even made it into its own perfume.


this eco-friendly yoga mat

Recycled Yoga Mat sugamat


Shopping for a yogi? She’ll definitely this 5-mm mat suitable for all yoga activities. Bonus points for the fact that it’s made from repurposed wetsuits.


this versatile lipstick palette

Smashbox Be Legendary Pucker Up Lip Palette Neutral

With the array of vivid shades this palette offers, you can’t go wrong. From a dusty mauve to deep burgundy, she’ll for sure one (if not all of them!).


this luxe-AF hair dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The best kind of day is a good hair day. That’s why a quiet hair dryer with ultra-fast drying technology would be a great gift.