The 12 Best Pendant Lights of 2020

  1. The 9 Best Pendant Lights of 2020
  2. 12 Best Kitchen Design Trends in 2020
  3. 1. Crafty & Concealed Storage
  4. 12 Pendant Lights That Will Add Major Personality to Any Space
  5. The Brightest Trends for Lighting in 2020
  6. The Empire and the Cone
  7. The Black Lamp Shade Trend
  8. The Opaque Brass Lamp Shade Trend
  9. The Mushroom Lamp Trend
  10. The Alabaster Lighting Trend
  11. The Refined Details Lighting Trend
  12. The Rattan Shade Lighting Trend
  13. The takeaway on lighting trends for 2020? Go big. Go bold
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  15. Top 10 Best Ceiling Mounted Lights in 2020 Reviews
  16. #10. AFSEMOS 18W 300K Warm White Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling Lamp for Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen
  17. #9. Ganeed 12-Inch LED 18W 6500 Cool White Ceiling Lighting Fixture Round Hollow Room (White)
  18. #8. VICNIE 12-Inch 15W 1100 Lumens Dimmable 3000K Warm White Flush Mount Light Fixture
  19. #7. DINGLILIGHTING 48W Dimmable LED 20-Inch 3000k-6000k Color Changeable Ceiling Mounted Light
  20. #6. Neporal 30W 3 Color Temperature Adjustable 16-Inch Modern LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light
  21. #5. Hykolity 13-Inch 1365LM 180W Incandescent CR190 Oil Bronze LED Round Ceiling Light Fixture
  22. #4. Kira Home Walker 15-Inch Mid-Century White Fabric Shade 3-Light Ceiling Mounted Light
  23. #3. Airand 5000K LED 24W 12.6-Inch No Flicker Ceiling Mounted Light 2050LM IP44 (Daylight white)
  24. #2. Royal Pearl Modern Flower LED Pendant Chandelier Ceiling Light for Living Room Bedroom
  25. #1. Royal Pearl Jasmine Chandelier 4000LM 40W 6000k LED Ceiling Mounted Light Livingroom Bedroom
  26. Beam angle
  27. Light Intensity
  28. Bulb color
  29. Conclusion
  30. Best Modern Pendant Lighting Trends for 2020
  31. 2. Nuvo Lighting Warehouse
  32. 3. 3-Light Vintage Pendant
  33. 4. Conical Drum Pendant
  34. 5. Linea di Liara Primo –Industrial Pendant Light
  35. 6. Globe Electric Angelica- Plug-in Pendant
  36. Final Thoughts

The 9 Best Pendant Lights of 2020

The 12 Best Pendant Lights of 2020

  • Buy on AmazonBuy on Walmart The most versatile light will work for a variety of spaces, whether it’s above a kitchen island, hung from a breakfast nook or tucked into a powder room. The best pendant light for multiple spaces will send light down and outward, too, not directly down toward a single task, to work as both surface lighting and ambient lighting. And style-wise, the best pendant light for most folks will have a design that plays nicely with many decorating styles, including farmhouse, modern and industrial.That’s why our pick for the best overall pendant light comes in a classic warehouse-style shape, a popular style that you can make your own through slight variations in shape, finish and size. This one has clean lines and comes in six different finishes — including kelly green and cherry red, alongside the classic neutral colors — to match just about any space.
  • Buy on Amazon While some pendant lights can spend upwards of several hundred dollars, there’s no reason to pay that much — especially if you anticipate buying multiple pendant lights to work over a larger area, above a kitchen island or to hang over a dining table. In that case, look for less-expensive lights that add up to what you’re willing to spend.One way retailers make that easy: by selling pendant lights in packs of three or more to save on shipping costs and, therefore, your overall costs. This set of three clear glass lamps will display popular Edison-style bulbs, and you can space them as close together or far apart as you need to do get the lighting coverage you’re looking for.
  • Courtesy of Home DepotBuy on Home DepotBuy on AmazonBuy on Walmart In the kitchen, you need pendant lights not to just deliver on style, but to work as targeted surface lights for everything from cutting vegetables to paying bills at night. Because kitchen islands are typically long, wide areas, you will probably need more than just one light. Two large ones can typically do the trick, or a set of three or more smaller ones will work well, also. These can each be individually hung, or can all hang from one track to keep them perfectly aligned. Make sure the lights hang at least 28 to 34 inches above the countertop so that you have space to work​ and consider going slightly higher if you’re a taller person or have kids who might think those swinging lights are toys.This 3-light set combines classic farmhouse style with clear glass shades and is height adjustable up to 45 inches. It comes in a 4-light version, too, for larger kitchen islands.The 8 Best Kitchen Lights of 2020
  • Buy on AmazonBuy on Walmart While many kitchen sinks have a window above them, many of us do our dishes in the dark after dinner instead of while the sun is shining. Enter the pendant light, an easy solution for adding illumination just where you need it without wasting the energy of having a whole roomful of lights on.Typically, the pendant light you choose to go above your kitchen sink will work with other lighting in the kitchen, if you have statement-making lights over the island or a breakfast nook, but it doesn’t have to match exactly! While you make want to keep some elements the same, the general style or the metallic finish you’re using, it can also be an opportunity for contrast or drama. Generally, a smaller-scale pendant will do, and especially if your sink is in front of a window, consider a light with a clear glass shade that won’t interfere with the view during the day. This small, clear globe comes in three metal finishes to seamlessly work with your other lighting and hardware.Continue to 5 of 9 below.
  • Buy on Rejuvenation If you are looking to add some design elements to your space a pendant light is a great place to do that. Rejuvenation has a plethora of lighting that feels contemporary and on trend.This conical drum pendant comes in six different shades and finishes as well as three different sizes, so you are bound to find something to suit your aesthetic. Hang it above your dining table, in the center of your living room, or even use it as a bedside light. Whatever your needs you're sure to fall in love with this design-forward piece for years to come.
  • Courtesy of WayfairBuy on Whether you have a two-story-high foyer or a simple vestibule, a well-chosen pendant light can set the tone for your home from the moment your guests walk into the door. Unless you’re working with a very small space, this is the place for drama: Use a larger-scale pendant light than you would elsewhere to create a statement. Often, lantern-style pendant lights are used in entryways since they cast light outward instead of downward to bathe the room in an overall glow, rather than pointing the light at a specific task.This unique star-shaped pendant is a new twist on the classic lantern shape that will work with a variety of decorating schemes. The popular pendant is on the smaller side for moderately-sized entryways and has more than 2,000 positive reviews on Wayfair. One key with entryway lights is to make sure you leave enough space beneath them for your guests to safely walk into your home, so make sure the one you choose can comfortably hang at least seven feet from the ground.
  • Buy on AmazonBuy on Home DepotBuy on Walmart Layers of lighting are key in the bedroom, where you want it to get dim at nighttime as you wind down — but not so dim that you can’t read a book in bed. Pendant lights are a fresh alternative to bedside lamps. Because they hang from the ceiling, they don’t take up nightstand space the way a tabletop lamp would, and especially in a small bedroom, can offer lighting even if you don’t have space for a bedside table. They can also a sense of structure and symmetry to the bed to make it a beautiful focal point. Depending on the style you choose, it can change the feel of the room:A bare bulb hanging from a peg on the wall can lend a boho, industrial look, while a ceiling-hung crystal fixture adds a layer of romance. This sparkly pendant can be plugged right into your existing outlet and has an in-line on-off switch so you don’t have to get bed to turn off the lights.
  • Buy on Amazon Hung above the sink, a fabulous pendant can add a hint of glamour to a small space, and use the help of the vanity mirror to reflect light through the room. It’s a good alternative or supplement to vanity lighting, with fewer restrictions space-wise to choose a style you love. Especially in a powder room, where you don’t need bright light for everyday tasks shaving or putting on makeup, pendant lighting is a guest-friendly way to light the room without being garishly bright. It can also be a place to play with a fun lighting style, this vintage-inspired cage light with Art Deco roots.Continue to 9 of 9 below.
  • Buy on Amazon Did you know you can turn just about anything into a pendant? A tin can, outdated globe and kitchen colander are just a few of the surprising objects that can be transformed with a simple pendant light kit. And before you worry that this is too big a project for a lay crafter, know that all you really need to know how to do is to drill a hole in whatever object you’re transforming, then screw it onto the lighting kit— it’s easy! This can be a great way to turn a memento into a decorative object or to give a space a truly unique look. The only real consideration is that the object you use not be too heavy (to pull the ceiling) or flammable (should the bulb get warm). Other than that, you’re imagination’s the limit! This pendant light kit is a simple plug-in option and has 14 different cord options to make a real style statement.


The 12 Best Pendant Lights of 2020

With the new year just beginning, we're on the lookout for the hottest interior design trends to keep our homes stylish and up-to-date. From small accents to bigger kitchen makeovers, these are the 12 best kitchen design trends of 2020.

1. Crafty & Concealed Storage

Forget showcasing cute little cookie jars and fruit bowls, our first kitchen design trend is minimalistic with concealed storage. Not only is your kitchenware sight, but the storage spots are cleverly hidden within sleek cabinet doors that blend into the space.

If concealed storage isn’t your favorite, this kitchen design style is meant for you. It focuses on contrast and practicality by incorporating open shelving against your backsplash.

While the contrasting element is great for drawing attention to your backsplash, this trend also allows for more storage and decor.

Bowls, pictures, or plants are just a few items you can use to fill up the shelves.

While bright colors may seem an intimidating kitchen design trend to try, 2020 is your time to shine. Pops of color are a great way to brighten up your kitchen and give it some personality. Start with a couple of colorful chairs for the island and once you feel comfortable, purchase vibrant appliances too.

Wood is another popular kitchen design style we’ll be seeing this year, as it truly is a timeless trend. This material is perfect for those that want to feel in tune with nature as it creates a calm and light environment.

While rectangular subway tiles are the usual go-to for a backsplash, it’s time to branch out with unique patterns and shapes. Hexagon, herrington, and floral designs are just some ideas that can make your kitchen transform from ordinary to distinctive.

Many kitchen design trends require a substantial budget and time frame, but this kitchen design style is a much simpler option that goes a long way. Swapping out your light fixtures or installing under-cabinet lighting can modernize your kitchen in a flash. In 2020, statement light fixtures hanging pendants will be something to look out for.

Although this kitchen design trend is on the list for 2020, you can’t ever go wrong with more counter space and seating areas. Having two islands helps make your kitchen more functional. You can use one island for meal preparation and the other for serving and gathering. Add in sinks on both and washing the dishes just got a whole lot easier!

Instead of cold and metallic, think warm and natural for this kitchen design style. By decorating your space with soft-colored countertops ( honed quartz), tumbled stone floors, and wood cabinetry, you’ll create a warm kitchen you’ll want to spend more time in.

As we start the new decade, technology remains king and that means in your kitchen as well. If you’re lucky enough to have a high budget, jumpstart your kitchen into the digital age with this kitchen design trend. You can invest in Wifi-enabled espresso machines and modern wine fridges that excel in efficiency and convenience.

Larder cupboards (also known as pantry cupboards) have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and in 2020, they are a must-have item.

This kitchen design style is not only trendy and modern, it’s also a smart way to organize your food in one place. You can skip the extra wall cabinets and enjoy more free wall space to do whatever you want with.

Why not put up a bold backsplash or hang your favorite art piece!

When you walk into a kitchen, you see the islands, cabinets, and big appliances first, but 2020 is all about paying attention to the smaller details. Sinks and taps are coming into focus this year and we’re going crazy for gold. Gold sinks and matching taps are the kitchen addition that will elevate your design into a stylish and modern statement.

Much Trend #1, this kitchen design style follows the minimalist theme with handleless cabinets and cupboards.

Push-open cabinets are the next best thing because they help create a seamless, flowing space that appears sleek and modern. If you’re not ready to say goodbye to handles, an easy alternative is recessed handles.

They have the same sleek style and you can even choose materials and colors to create a striking contrast.

And that’s a wrap on the 12 best kitchen design trends of 2020! Whether you want subtle, modern touches or a complete kitchen overhaul, these kitchen design styles are your ticket to transforming your space into a magazine-worthy masterpiece. After you tackle the kitchen, check out New Year, New Room: Hit Refresh on Your Living Room.

February 25, 2020/ Anna Curtis/


12 Pendant Lights That Will Add Major Personality to Any Space

The 12 Best Pendant Lights of 2020

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

When it comes to a living space, ambiance is everything, which makes lighting a key component in creating a comfortable vibe.

Overhead lights cast the greatest glow, but are often a woefully overlooked component when it comes to aesthetics and decor.

Luckily, the pendant light not only illuminates a room from above, it also serves as a design element that brings together form and function, adding to the overall look and feel of a room.

Pendant lights pack a lot of visual appeal. Often the centerpiece of a space, they are key to setting the mood both in terms of lighting and design. Fortunately, there’s a style for every room. Whether you’re craving a high impact statement piece or something more modest and refined, options abound. Here, pendant lights to suit any space!

Designed by Poul Henningsen in 1958 for Louis Poulsen Lighting, the PH5 Pendant Lamp remains an iconic contemporary light fixture. The lamp features a shade with layers of varying sizes and shapes to direct light both horizontally and vertically, casting the perfect glow. It comes in a range of chic color and finish options, each with a unique ambiance.

An elegant silhouette with an industrial edge defines this vintage schoolhouse-inspired pendant lamp. It's perfect for a kitchen, bathroom, or pantry space and is compatible with a dimmer switch, allowing for that just right glow. The clear glass dome means light will radiate out around a room, not just down onto the area it hangs over.

Natural wood and bold color work together make a perfect modern lighting fixture in the Scandinavian-chic Nordic Wood Pendant Lights. The handmade lights are incredibly customizable to your space, available in a range of contemporary hues, lamp sizes, and cord colors.

Modern, inviting, and architectural are all words to describe this beautifully handcrafted pendant lamp. Constructed of ash wood veneer, this fixture's simple shape and intricate detailing come together in a piece that is as much a sculpture as it is a pendant lamp.

Metallic and glittering, the Strada 20 Light Pendant is definitely a light for making a statement. The gilt-finished pendant lamp has a mod, retro silhouette that is mid-century in feel, but can streamline perfectly into a more traditional setting if it's used as the only statement piece in the room.

 Courtesy of Ballard Designs

With a striking silhouette that's a little bit the box, the Moravian Star Pendant is contemporary in shape and would look great as a glam element in an industrial space. The radiant geometric form comes in two finishes—mercury glass with black metal framing and clear glass with brass framing.

 Courtesy of Ballard Designs

The Franklin Glass Pendant is a refined take on a classic industrial design.

A glass bell with brass detailing hangs from a black fabric-covered cord for a vintage feel that would be at home alongside a range of design styles.

The pendant comes in three silhouettes—tall cone, bell, and jug—that would look wonderful mixed and matched over a kitchen island or as standalone pieces in a dining room.

Courtesy of Finnish Design Shop

Though it was inspired by peace and love in the age of flower power, the Flowerpot VP1 Pendant doesn't express the boho vibes or maximalism you may expect from its origin.

Five decades after its launch, the lamp remains a contemporary classic thanks to its sleek, minimalist appearance.

Its dome-shaped hood and globe light create a monochrome, double-hemisphere silhouette that come in a variety of finishes ranging from classic metals to poppy colors.

This pick from All Modern is a beautifully simple lighting fixture that instantly brings any space into the current moment. Hip and stylish, the two-toned globe pendant comes in a chic matte black finish with a choice of clear or frosted shades that would look perfect in a home office, bathroom, or living room.

Most pendant lights hang alone at the end of the cord from the ceiling, but this pick performs a balancing act, with two globes that point out from a brass rod in opposite directions. Whether hung alone as a single statement piece or in a pair for symmetry, it brings chic simplicity and plenty of dispersed light into any room.

Courtesy of Restoration Hardware

True to its name, this piece from Restoration Hardware channels the Victorian period, with its beautiful metal work and enclosed candelabra. Available in three finishes—polished nickel, antiqued brass, and bronze—the metallics would fit right in at a home with a more traditional decor scheme, or pick the black finish for a cool, modern-industrial look.

Rattan weaving on a metal frame forms the funky, sculptural shape of this large, hanging pendant lamp. Modern and organic, it’s the perfect piece to bring into a room for a relaxed and casual feel or instant beach vacation vibes.


The 12 Best Pendant Lights of 2020

The biggest and brightest trends for lighting in 2020 are here! Changing out a lamp, pendant or chandelier can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of any room so we’re coveting all the beautiful new trending shapes and materials in lighting.

Just as we turn back the clocks and the days get a little shorter, I’m back with a special post dedicated to all the lighting trends Kristy and I discovered at High Point Market.

Make sure you catch my earlier posts, reporting directly from our trip to High Point Market a few weeks ago: Top 2020 Colour Trends from Fall High Point Market and The Biggest Wall Art Trends from High Point 2020

Tricia and Kristy unwinding at an end of day market party

The Empire and the Cone

I’ve mentioned the empire shade stepping back into the spotlight before. You know, the one from your grandma’s 80s living room decor. And wow, it was definitely the IT and NOW shape of market.

Along with dynamic cone shaped shades in a myriad of angles from tall horn shades to wide umbrella ones. From what we could see, coquettish angled shades are apparently conspiring for world domination.

Does this mean you need to replace all the the straight drum or the more gentle taper lamp shades in your home?

No. They are still classic shapes that aren’t going anywhere soon. However the hottest shape, the one that looks savvy and new, is the empire and the cone. And lighting is a great place to indulge in a trend. Maria recently installed cone pendants in her kitchen refresh here.

Related post:

Large white and brass cone pendants at Vanguard

Also at Vanguard

Highland House

And speaking of trends, there was oodles of fringe. It was incorporated into upholstery and light shades, this dramatic and oversized cone-shaped fabric pendant above (notice too, the empire shades on the pillar lamps).

Larry Laslo for Chaddock

The Black Lamp Shade Trend

Nothing says glam a black shade. You can see one on the chest in the image above. Most often paired with brass bases, we spotted the restrained glow of black shades everywhere on lamps, chandeliers and sconces.

Black and brass lamp at Vanguard

Black empire shade and geometric art at Kravet

Sconce with black shade in the Powder room by Elissa Grayer for the Aspire Show House

The Opaque Brass Lamp Shade Trend

Closely related to the sultry black shade (and also trending) is the solid brass shade. It’s a lovely piece of jewelry for your living room.

Lamp with brass shade at Chaddock

Library Chic brass wall sconces at Wesley Hall Furniture

The Mushroom Lamp Trend

One more lamp trend I have been seeing everywhere lately, and that was well-represented in the showrooms, is the sleek retro mushroom lamp.

Brass Mushroom Lamp at Century

Alabaster mushroom lamps by Kelly Wearstler for Visual Comfort

Brass, as you can see, is still a mainstay finish for lighting. This trend isn’t going anywhere soon. But it’s not really news anymore.

The Alabaster Lighting Trend

Alabaster lamps at Highland House

Lighting is best with soft shades, or frosted bulbs and glass. I am so happy to see the bald and glaring bare bulb trend going away in favour of more flattering lighting. Alabaster makes a very pretty shade for light fixtures with its creamy translucent white and natural veining patterns.

Kelly Wearstler had an expansive line of alabaster lighting at the Visual Comfort showroom. We also saw alabaster lighting in many vignettes, including the pretty lamps on the credenza in this charming dining room above.

The Refined Details Lighting Trend

There were many chandeliers and sconces with really beautiful, delicate and whimsical details. Especially floral motifs – this pretty filigree sconce by Miranda Kerr below.

Miranda Kerr for Universal

This sparkling brass chandelier with a bird motif below is also by Miranda Kerr.

Miranda Kerr for Universal

The Rattan Shade Lighting Trend

And for the SoCal and coastal lovers, there were plenty of striking rattan fixtures. Most were theatrically large in scale.

Oversized rattan pendant at Hickory Chair

A collection of large rattan pendants at Hudson Valley Lighting

Aside from the shapes and materials that caught our eye at market this year, we noticed that all lighting had one major feature in common. It was BIG and BOLD. Lamps and lighting took up space, a lot of space. They commanded attention. And I love that. It always feels a missed opportunity when pendants and lamps are too small and timid.

There is a place for more delicately scaled task lamps such as pharmacy lights and mini lamps that illuminate a mantel or shelf to be sure, but over a table or island, or at the centre of the room, go big and bold.

Changing out a lamp, pendant or chandelier can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of any room. So have fun exploring some new lighting options.

Here are a few of our favourite sources:

Hudson Valley Lighting

Circa Lighting

Currey and Company


We would love to hear what you think. Have you been seduced by the new conical look of shades? The easiest way to update a lamp of course is to put on a new shade in a new shape.

Will you set the mood with an opaque shade in black or bass? Or does the airy sparkle of a chandelier inspired by flora and fauna appeal to you more?

Have you been noticing other new lighting trends that I didn’t cover here?

Thanks Tricia and Kristy for this fabulous lamp update!

PS. Maria Killam Inc. is hiring a full-time Personal Administrative Assistant to cover a one year maternity leave. See the full job description here.

3 Ways to Love Your Home Again: Before & After

What every Lighting Obsessed Gal (or Guy) Should Know

Top 2020 Colour Trends from Fall High Point Market


Top 10 Best Ceiling Mounted Lights in 2020 Reviews

The 12 Best Pendant Lights of 2020

Of course, doing one or two upgrades in your house isn’t a bad idea given that it doesn’t pain your pocket. As a fact, it enables you to relax and breathe with easy after a tiring day.

So, how about taking your house ceiling lights to a notch-higher? Ceiling mounted lights are changing the lives of millions of homeowners and you should also be on this boat.

The lights don’t not only make your house to look glamorous but also, bring the ambiance and a feeling of joy in the home.

These ceiling-mounted lights don’t cost much, yet creating a sense of elegance inside your living space or any other room. Also, they come in various designs, energy consumption, and sizes.

Picking the lighting that suits your house, shouldn’t be an issue, but whichever the case, we have decided to set things right for you. We have reviewed the best 10 Ceiling Mounted Lights after cumbersome research.

So, here are our findings.

#10. AFSEMOS 18W 300K Warm White Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling Lamp for Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen

See Price on Amazon

AFSEMOS ceiling mounted lights are the first unit on this list. The light has a low profile design to suit ceiling applications. Having a 160 degrees beam angle with 1250 lumens, it offers high performance lighting up to the dark corners of a room.

This collection is the best replacement for the traditional incandescent lights for hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, and other home areas. The construction is unique and phenomenal. For instance, the housing is stainless steel with an acrylic diffuser having a sliver ring race.

It is also worth noting that this light is a non-dimmable ceiling unit. Be ready to get 50,000 hours of lifetime usage with no flickers.

  • The 50,000 hours lifetime use offer extensive lighting service to your home
  • This light is the most stylish and fashionable to use in a house
  • The light emits super-bright light to illuminate the house
  • It uses LED technology that saves you a lot of energy
  • Safe and healthy for home use
  • The light is not dimmable for sensitive eyes

#9. Ganeed 12-Inch LED 18W 6500 Cool White Ceiling Lighting Fixture Round Hollow Room (White)

See Price on Amazon

You should have lighting from professional brands Ganeed ceiling lighting. The light uses a dedicated paint with square design to deliver generous and strong light transmission to the whole room. The light it emits is soft and comfortable to the eye.

Also, the sleek design will make you rarely notice this ceiling mount, but you can see the lighting coming out. If your room is a bit small, then this is the right light to go for. Besides, it emits a cool white color using a voltage of 110V. This stylish ceiling light is non-dimmable and meets all the modern needs.

The body is made of iron and PVC materials that are durable and high-quality. Pick this favorite choice now!

  • Emits light with an eye protection design
  • The light is super bright with soft and wider illumination
  • Manufactured using environmentally-friendly materials
  • It is the easiest light to install and use
  • It is not as bright as you may expect

#8. VICNIE 12-Inch 15W 1100 Lumens Dimmable 3000K Warm White Flush Mount Light Fixture

See Price on Amazon

If you need the ceiling mounted light that can add magical modernity to your house, then you need this dimmable flush mount by VICNIE. With a metal body framed with white finish steel, you can rest assured to get a sleek silhouette.

Besides, this exceptional design comes with energy-saving warm white LED lights. You’ll get a stunning look inside your house if you embrace this contemporary unit. Installation procedures are simple and easy without the need for an electrician. The light is best suited for hallways, kitchen, laundry room, and attic.

This light is the best you can acquire at an affordable price

  • This unit is a good replacement of the 100W incandescent lights to save you more energy
  • It produces a more vivid and accurate light than other lighting alternatives
  • It is versatile light for kitchen, bedrooms, stairwells, basements, etc.
  • Produces dimmable and brighter light throughout your room
  • Easier to install and it is ETL listed
  • The light is a great deal, no cons at the moment

#7. DINGLILIGHTING 48W Dimmable LED 20-Inch 3000k-6000k Color Changeable Ceiling Mounted Light

See Price on Amazon

Are you looking for an eye-caring, dimmable, energy-efficient and controlled remotely modern ceiling light? Look no further than DINGLILIGHTING ceiling mounted light. This modern light offers super-bright lighting to your home effortlessly. Made from high-quality PC materials and diffuser.

Moreover, the unique double-layer design of silver and black color brings a stylish and fashionable design of the house. The color-changing feature will also blow your mind because they emit appealing lights seamlessly. What’s more, you can adjust the light brightness to night mode to enable you to sleep comfortably without being affected by the bright light.

It suits your bedroom, dining room, living room and more.

  • It is dimmable and colors changeable to suit various needs
  • Has a simple and stylish look for your home atmosphere
  • Energy-saving with prolonged use without bulb replacement
  • The ceiling light is economical and affordable
  • Doesn’t hold the color you set once switched off/on

#6. Neporal 30W 3 Color Temperature Adjustable 16-Inch Modern LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

See Price on Amazon

If contemporary lifestyle and stylish look are what you are looking in a ceiling-mounted light, then Neporal flush mount ceiling light is your best choice. It emits a bright and soft light that brings a romantic and hospitable atmosphere to your room. Because it is 16-inch suing 30 watts, this light is best suitable for your living space, study room, and bedroom.

Moreover, it uses a secure LED chip, to offer you the most secure and safe environment for your home. The light is for sure your dream come true. In addition to that, it comes with three colors that are adjustable to meet various needs. The modern and simple design will grant you more years to live.

What’s more, this lighting is environmentally-friendly, no led, no mercury, and other pollutants.

  • It is environmentally friendly since it has no pollutant elements
  • Built with a modern and simple design to offer great ambiance
  • Comes with three adjustable colors for various needs
  • Safe to use with no flickers, no radiation or flash
  • It cannot lock in a specific color

#5. Hykolity 13-Inch 1365LM 180W Incandescent CR190 Oil Bronze LED Round Ceiling Light Fixture

See Price on Amazon

Hykolity oil rubbed bronze ceiling mounted lights are the best choice for the washroom, eaves, aisle, kitchen, bedroom, living rooms, etc. You’ll get bright and soft light this interesting lighting source. If you decide to fix this light in your home, you can be ready to enjoy a glamorous add in your house.

Since it is made from high-quality materials, this unit lasts longer offers incredible service. Installation is a breeze because the offered brackets will make it done quickly and perfectly. Built with selectable color temp feature that enables you to pick your preferred color including warm, white, nature or daylight.

That said, purchase this light for attractive and appealing lighting in your home.

  • It is a perfect choice for closets, kitchen, stairwells, basements, dining rooms, etc.
  • It saves you 80% of energy over the traditional incandescent bulbs
  • Dimmable and color-changing to suits a wide variety of needs
  • Offer high performance with maintenance-free operation
  • After a while, it tends to flicker and dim on its own

#4. Kira Home Walker 15-Inch Mid-Century White Fabric Shade 3-Light Ceiling Mounted Light

See Price on Amazon

You can live with elegance without breaking the bank if you get a great ceiling mounted light for your home. Yes, that is possible if try this unit- Kira Home Walker ceiling mounted light. It features a frosted glass diffuser, a white fabric shade, and a nickel finish.

With its clean and modern design, this light can be mounted in several spaces. Also, these contemporary fixtures use 3 LEDs or that goes up to 40W traditional incandescent medium bulb. You get soft illumination this unit to give your room the ambiance and warmth it requires.

The sleek brush nickel will add your space a classy accent to any of your space.

  • Easy and quick to install this ceiling mount to your house
  • Offers unmatched quality and customer care
  • Adds a classy ambiance to your living space
  • It is UL listed for guaranteed safety
  • Installation is not a person job

#3. Airand 5000K LED 24W 12.6-Inch No Flicker Ceiling Mounted Light 2050LM IP44 (Daylight white)

See Price on Amazon

Airand LED ceiling mounted lights illuminate all corners of your house, thus adding your living space a brighter and warm living. You can rest assured to save more money using this light since it only uses 24W compared to the 180W of the traditional incandescent bulbs.

Additionally, it is super bright hence offering the best lighting ever in your room with no glares or flickers. The mercury-free light and white plastic housing will ensure it emits eye-protective light. The installation also is easy and simple, un the traditional bulbs.

What’s more, this unit is IPP44 rated for waterproof feature, enabling you to use these lights in your bedroom or any area that experience water splashing.

  • Waterproof features make these lights suitable for bathroom and splashy area
  • The light emitted is mercury-free thus keeping your eyes protected
  • Has extremely long life that reduces lamp replacements
  • Saves your almost 85% of electricity bills
  • Installation is a hassle-free job
  • Installation and instructions require some minor improvements

#2. Royal Pearl Modern Flower LED Pendant Chandelier Ceiling Light for Living Room Bedroom

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Our runners up choice is Royal Pearl Modern Flower ceiling mounted light. The light offers you the best way to lighting up your room. Also, it emits a cool white light that is quite bright to brighten every corner of your house.

Besides, the smooth aluminum surface enhances the light effect in your house hence bringing an artistic feeling. The thoughtful-designed items will always leave you amazed with stylish light emission.

The flower- design makes this light ideal for the living room, indoor use, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and much other living space. For safety purposes, this model has been listed with UL safety standards.

  • The body is made with high-quality aluminum and acrylic finish for enhanced durability
  • The best light suitable for the dining room, kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.
  • Dimmable to meet various individuals needs and fits any standard switch
  • The two-layer design makes the unit more stereoscopic and unique
  • Installation is a bit challenging for a first user

#1. Royal Pearl Jasmine Chandelier 4000LM 40W 6000k LED Ceiling Mounted Light Livingroom Bedroom

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If we were to suggest to the best of the best selection, then we would offer you this brand by Royal Pearl Jasmine ceiling mounted light. Made with high-quality acrylic materials for good performance. The light is ideal for any indoor use and it doesn’t hurt your eyes.

Installation is quite easy and suitable for a tea room, living room, bedroom, master room, etc. The unique with chic flower design will bring an opulence atmosphere to your living space. Also with that, the white lighting is so admirable and nice that it brings more brightness to your space.

Also, the double-deck design makes it more stereoscopic than other alternative flat ceiling light.

  • The ceiling ring is 90-degrees adjustable for you to make multiple lighting shapes
  • Has two layers that make this light look glamorous and nice
  • It is UL listed for guaranteed safety and effective working
  • It is dimmable which makes it ideal for indoor use
  • The ceiling-mounted light is pricier

The initial thing to consider when purchasing this light is power consumption or power rated. Most LED ceiling lights e have reviewed don’t consume a lot of power, which is friendlier to you. Besides, alighting with brighter and soothing light is a great choice. Consider also a dimmable light to save electricity bills.

Beam angle

The next thing to consider is the beam angle. This defines the coverage from the lighting source over the whole illuminated area.

We recommend that you choose a beam angle of 60 degrees for living rooms, offices or bedrooms and consider a 90 degrees beam angle for the balcony to get extended illumination.

Besides, if you need ceiling accent lighting, then it great option to consider a narrower beam angle.

Light Intensity

The number of lumens will determine the light intensity. That means, the higher the value of lumen, the higher the light intensity. Simple! So, always consider the room where the light will be mounted. If it’s in a bedroom, then preferably you can go for the one with a low number of lumen for average light intensity.

Bulb color

Ceiling mounted lights are featured in different colors. These can include white, orange, red, Yellow, Neutral, etc. Consider the color that you best fit your needs. Your bedroom can have less bright and lovely colors while your living room should have bright and auspicious colors.


In summary, we believe we have offered you the best Ceiling Mounted Lights that have undergone a thorough test, certification, and approval for quality assurance. Hopefully, you’ll come across the lighting that meets all your preferences.

We’ve ensured to include everything that you might want to know about these lights. And before you know, you’ll come in contact with the lighting that you’ve searched for decades. The tailored list has budget-friendly ceiling lights, which makes the most popular selection because of affordability.

Grab one now to get magnificent lighting in your house!



The 12 Best Pendant Lights of 2020

Many pendant lights in the market typically demand that you spend over a hundred dollars on them. Why should you when you can choose from something more practical, affordable and stylish?

When you need lighting over a larger area, a dining table or kitchen island, you generally need to buy multiple pendant lights. Consequently, you must look for pendant lights that come in packs of three or even more.

You can find them as a modern clear-glass lamp set of three, which is quite a popular style in 2020.

These mini glass pendant lights display the famous Edison-style bulbs, and you can space them as far apart or as close together as you require for your choice of lighting coverage.

2. Nuvo Lighting Warehouse

The best pendant lights are ones that work in multiple spaces, send light outwards, and direct it downwards too. They do not stream down on a particular task but work as both, ambient and surface lighting.

The warehouse shade of Nuvo Lighting is the most versatile kind of pendant light. It works well in a variety of spaces, be it over your kitchen island, tucked into your powder room, or even hanging from your breakfast nook.

Over the past few years, we have seen homeowners showing a great preference for pendant lights with a versatile design. It needs to be able to play well with several décor styles, such as industrial, modern and farmhouse. This is why classic warehouse-style pendant lights came into being. It is a popular design that allows you to make variations in size, finish and shape.

You can find classic warehouse-style pendant lights in six types of finishing, including cherry red and Kelly green. The other choices remain between neutral colors that can match with just about anything in your space.

3. 3-Light Vintage Pendant

This style is especially popular for kitchen areas. You can use pendant lights in your kitchen for multiple purposes. From adding a stylish element to working as targeting surface lights, pendant lights help you complete tasks such as chopping vegetables, reading, and enjoying a cup of coffee.

Kitchen islands are generally long and wide areas, so you need at least two big pendant lights or three smaller ones when possible. These vintage lights are hitting the market in 2020 and come in a set of three. You can hang them individually, or you can hang all three from a single track for perfect alignment.

This set of vintage 3-lights is a great combination of the classic farmhouse look with clear shades of glass and an adjustable height. For a larger kitchen, you can even find these in sets of four.

4. Conical Drum Pendant

If you wish to incorporate an element of design into your space, the best way to do it is with pendant lights. Conical drum pendants are a popular choice for 2020. You can find these in six different finishes and shades, as well as three different sizes. With so many options, you will certainly find a conical drum pendant light that’s perfect for your needs.

You can hang these pendant lights in the middle of your living room, over your dining table and even as your bedside light. This is a futuristic light design that will serve you faithfully for years to come, regardless of where you hang it.

5. Linea di Liara Primo –Industrial Pendant Light

While many of us have a window above our kitchen sinks, most of us put off doing the dishes until after dark. In this case, a pendant light is a convenient solution to light up your kitchen just where you need it.

This industrial light is a clear, small globe that comes in three metal finishes. You can incorporate it in contrast to your kitchen, by matching it with your décor or use it as a dramatic statement piece. This is a great design to match seamlessly with other hardware and lighting you have.

6. Globe Electric Angelica- Plug-in Pendant

Bedside lamps are quickly becoming a thing of the past with these new, plug-in pendant styles of 2020. We all need layers of good lighting in our bedroom, but they need to be the sort we can dim when winding down but still bright enough to allow us to read in bed.

These pendants by Globe Electric Angelica are a refreshing alternative that hangs from the ceiling and save your nightstand the space a lamp would consume. These pendant lights also add symmetry and a feeling of structure to your bed, while making it a focal point.

For a boho-type look, you can hang a bare bulb from a peg on your wall. On the other hand, a crystal fixture hanging from your ceiling adds a touch of romance. You can plug in this sparkly pendant to your current outlet. It comes with an on-off switch that makes it easier to operate.

Final Thoughts

From mini glass pendant lights to basket pendant lights, the market is ripe with pendant lighting fixtures of 2020. These styles make sure you lighten and liven your space up without needing to invest much into it. With a good taste in decor and plenty of careful choosing, you can add tons of character, style, modernity, and light to your space.