The 12 Best Luxury Gadgets of 2020

13 High-End Luxury Gadgets That You Must Have

The 12 Best Luxury Gadgets of 2020

With technology changing so rapidly, gadgets and gizmos are being invented that change the way we perform mundane tasks making the ordinary extraordinary. Then there are luxury gadgets that add a little (or a lot) of flair that test the bounds of innovation and become must-have items for those with the means to afford them.

Advancements in technology have allowed for gadgets at home, in the workplace and those used for leisure activities to push the boundaries of usability, function and are just downright jaw-dropping. From the largest outdoor TV to a smart working station to an engine-propelled jet board, here are the top luxury gadgets you must have.

Apriori Extraordinary Diamond Editions

New to the Apriori, innovators in the oral care sphere, is their Extraordinary Diamond Edition ($19,000) toothbrush. Available in both white and black ceramic versions, both inlaid in pure, silver-white rhodium-treated stainless steel, these unique products are the most luxurious toothbrushes on the market.

Both versions feature 512 diamonds in a classic pave setting, which takes 18 hours of finishing, engraving, and assembly after the manufacturing process by their skilled craftsman.

Both styles come in their own elegantly designed travel case, a toothbrush holder, and two spare heads, one medium, and one soft along with an exquisite toothbrush stand and carries a one-year warranty covering all manufacturing defects. Photo credit Apriori

C SEED 201

C SEED Entertainment Systems is the maker of the world’s largest outdoor TV, the C SEED 201 ($775.000,00 including installation and Project management).

Created by Porsche Design Studio, the streamline aesthetics of the TV features durable high-grade materials and impeccable workmanship and is pure simplicity of form.

Hidden underground in its storage casing, waiting for activation by a simple push of a button on the remote control, the TV takes column takes 15 seconds to achieve its full height of 15ft. Once the column is fully erect, seven LED panels unfold equally soundlessly within the next 25 seconds.

Upon its final install, the TV is a massive 201″ across and wraps ultra-powerful technology (each of the over 2.220,640 LEDs processes image data up to 100.000 times per second enabling the C SEED 201 to display 281 trillion radiant colors) and 12 broadband speakers for the left and right audio channels and three subwoofers. Photo credit C Seed.

SmartDesk by Cemtrex

The SmartDesk by Cemtrex ($4,499) welcomes the modern worker to a workstation completely reimagined in a sleek, seamlessly integrated sit/stand desk.

This cleaner, more effective solution comes with three 24-inch touchscreens along with a keyboard, trackpad, and even a gesture control module so you can control content with the wave of your hand.

Their proprietary touch interface combined with the Stark gesture control gives you complete control of your workstation allowing users to accelerate their job functions with ease. The fully motorized sit/stand desk can range from 38.9” to 64.

4” and comes with a built-in document scanner, fast-charging wireless phone charger, and Bluetooth desk phone earpiece connection. Powered by Intel i7-8700 and Windows 10 Pro, take on your biggest and most complex task with ease. Photo credit Cemtrex

WineStation Cellar™

As the No.1 wine dispensing system in North America, Napa Technology debuted the WineStation Cellar™ ($5,999) in August 2018 designed for the serious wine connoisseur. The two-in-one solution combines an 80-bottle commercial-grade wine cooler with the company’s premier intelligent dispensing system.

With the ability to store wine in the ideal temperature-controlled environment and dispense three pour size options – taste, half and a full glass (.25 – 9oz) – the WineStation Cellar™ has been engineered for optimal wine preservation and dispensing.

Inclusive of seven slide-out wooden wine racks and the automated WineStation 3.0 dispensing system, it features customizable LCD screens showcase wine information and pricing.

Designed for four-bottle configuration, the argon gas preservation system includes 60-day wine preservation within the unit and patented Clean-Pour dispensing heads keep the wine fresh and allows for swift bottle changes. Photo credit Napa Technology

Expedition by Turtleback Trailers

Today’s outdoor enthusiast wants to do more and has modern amenities during their stay in the wilderness. Thanks to the Expedition ($26,995), the company’s flagship camper and the largest in the Turtleback Trailer family, it is the ultimate off-road trailer for a group.

Designed and tested for the toughest of trails in North America, the trailer comes with all of the company’s customizable options and modular add-ons (other options include solar systems, tents and awnings, refrigerators and more) to allow for a longer and easier stay in the wilderness.

The trailer supports between two and six people and features a 42-gallon water tank, 6-gallon water heater, electronics package and over 52 cubic feet of storage, the trailer also comes with a shower and slide-out kitchen.

From durable Baltic birch cabinetry, solid maple countertop, slide-out pantry drawers two-burner partner steel stove and cover and more features, become a gourmet cook in the middle of nowhere. Photo credit Turtleback Trailers.

SEABOB F5 SR with camera

The SEABOB F5 SR with a camera ($17,045) is the most powerful water toy in the Cayago SEABOB F5 series. With a top speed of 14 mph over water and 12 mph underwater, the SEABOB has an operating time of 70 minutes at maximum power level. Average playtime is two to three hours.

Accumulators charge from zero to 100% in eight hours, with the add-on quick charger even in 90 minutes. With a maximum thrust of 745 newtons, the power is controlled in seven power levels and this model comes with several extras as standard.

Cruise through the water at a relaxed pace in a low gear or propel yourself at maximum speed; with two integrated cameras, a built-in 64GB memory and a Wi-Fi transmission module. The SEABOB F5 SR has two rear fins for driving stability which improve the end-user experience and emphasize its sporty design.

Weighing 77 lbs and just under 20 lbs buoyancy weight in water, this luxury sea toy is available in 12 colors and many special editions designed with the most luxurious global yacht manufacturers. Photo credit CAYAGO AG, Germany


JURA Inc. is an innovation leader in the automatic coffee machine industry with over 20 home and professional products. The Jura Z8 ($4,399) features a 4.3″, high-resolution touchscreen color display which allows for one-touch crafting of the end user’s favorite coffee beverage.

In fact, it is the world’s first automatic coffee machine for the home with one-touch Americano function which results in a full-bodied drink. Expanding on the home coffee machine, this smart system features 16 different specialties can be selected simply by touching the start screen, and a total of 21 beverages are available via the Rotary Selection.

It’s AromaG3 grinder and making use of the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) allows for superb speeds of crafting and optimum extraction time along with creating milk and milk foam. For those that want even more functionality, the Z8 is equipped with JURA’s Smart Connect for use with JURA’s exclusive app, J.O.E., allowing the user to control the Z8 from a smartphone or tablet.

The CLEARYL water filter is detected automatically through RFID technology. Available at Sur La Table. Photo credit JURA

Jabra Evolve 65t

Engineered to be the world’s first UC-certified true wireless earbuds, the Jabra Evolve 65t ($329) deliver professional-grade sound and superior call quality for business use.

Built for on-the-go professionals, the earbuds block out disruptive background noise with a small, medium and large fit, providing a snug in-ear fit and giving Passive Noise Cancellation to help enhance concentration.

Featuring four-microphone technology and Skype for Business Certified, the Jabra Evolve 65t lasts up to five hours on a single charge and 15 hours with the included pocket-friendly charging case.

The Jabra Evolve 65t can connect to two devices simultaneously so users can seamlessly move between their laptop and phone and with one-touch access to voice assistant devices (Amazon Alexa, Siri®, or Google Assistant™), you always stay connected. Users can also personalize their music and call experience with a customizable equalizer in the Jabra Sound+ app. Photo courtesy of Jabra

Mako Slingshot Jetboard

The Mako Slingshot Jetboard ($9,979) is the next generation of the jet board – a motorized suroard – that is compact, lightweight and playful so that everyone can enjoy. Offering maximum maneuverability and control recreating the true experience of surfing, the jet board is fun to ride and easy to use.

With a 90-minute cruise time reaching up to speeds of 34mph, the Mako Slingshot combines advanced hydrodynamics, premium composite materials, and aerospace manufacturing technology.

The ergonomic handheld throttle puts all the control right in the palm of your hand allowing users to start and stop the engine at the touch of the conveniently placed button and accelerate in a matter of seconds.

Featuring a tool-less fin system, versatile foot straps, ergonomic carry handles, traction pads by Seadek, plug and play battery pack and a rapid-fill fuel tank, the jet board’s XT100 2-stroke engine makes it ideal for every water-based adventure, from a short trip around the lake to a full day of family fun out on the ocean. Photo courtesy of Moss Photography


Gone are the days of it taking hours to make your own nut milk and butter as now with the NutraMilk ($449.95), users can make up to two liters of their favorite nut milk, or up to five cups of nuts or up to three cups of alternative butter, in less than 12 minutes.

No longer do home-cooks need to soak nuts for hours overnight and use additives or other fancy equipment to make homemade nut milk and butter.

Thanks to NutraMilk’s patented process, crafting your favorite milk or butter is simple as all you need to do is pour any nut into the machine, add any flavors desired and then add water, mix and dispense.

With virtually no pulp leftover and no wastage, make everything from nut butter to milk, smoothies, dips and more, a must-buy for the general health-conscious consumers. Dishwasher safe, the system comes with a book of 200 versatile recipes and can be purchased on Amazon or their website. Photo credit NutraMilk


Omigo is the Japanese-inspired electronic bidet seat designed for the modern American bathroom. Featuring a heated seat, warm air dryer, customizable warm water washes, and even a cool blue nightlight, Omigo easily replaces your existing toilet seat while introducing a superior level of comfort and hygiene to your restroom routine.

With its intuitive one-touch remote, users are able to easily customize water temp, pressure, and position during invigorating warm water washes.

There are even three heated seat settings, four warm air dryer temperatures, and a built-in deodorizer to provide a touch-free experience, all while saving you money on inefficient toilet paper or wasteful wet wipes. Omigo connects to your freshwater supply and plugs into your nearest GFCI outlet, for a quick and easy DIY install.

Get your Omigo ($499 for the Omigo SL and $749 for the Omigo) and enjoy 20% OFF your first-time purchase, use code: ULMX020. Upgrade to a more comfortable, healthier, and smarter routine with Omigo. Photo credit Omigo.

Beosound Edge

Global luxury lifestyle brand Bang & Olufsen has pushed the boundaries of audio technology since 1925 and their release of the Beosound Edge ($3,500) in 2018 is their latest masterpiece.

Created in collaboration with globally acclaimed designer Michael Anastassiades the speaker reimagines how we live with sound at home. Its circular shape allows it to be placed on the floor or table as a centerpiece or on the wall as a gravity-defying statement that divides spaces in the home.

With a huge 10” woofer bass driver on one side and proximity sensors detect when you get close to the speaker, discreetly illuminating the aluminum touch interface, the speaker delivers the first patent-pending Active Bass Port.

With 360-degree room-filling sound from both sides of the speaker and the new Directional Sound Control, the speaker allows you to connect to all smart home devices. Photo credit Bang & Olufsen


After launching the first-ever immersive in-home connected fitness system MIRROR, the fitness technology company poised to revolutionize in-home workouts announced that it has closed $38 million in financing.

Available for purchase on MIRROR‘s website ($1,495 with a monthly content subscription of $39), MIRROR’s connected fitness system combines a sleek, responsive display with best-in-class content to bring the boutique studio experience in-home.

Combining decades of experience in the boutique fitness space by Brynn Putnam, the MIRROR features cutting-edge and responsive software, as the all-in-one, a responsive display is comprised of an LCD panel, a camera with a lens cap for privacy, stereo speakers, microphone and a one-way mirror to create a truly immersive fitness experience.

Ranging from beginner to expert personalize your workout and join the community of yogis, boxers and others using the system and join other users who are making use of the nearly invisible interactive home gym. Photo courtesy MIRROR.

ili Translator

Optimized for one-way translation, the ili Translator ($199 plus shipping) allows for quick communication and helps you dine, navigate and shop. Currently, the device supports three languages, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish, and users can change the output language by simply pressing the side button.

With the ability to translate your words in as little as 0.2 seconds without any internet connection, the portable and wearable ili Translator is easy for all to use when following three easy steps.

Simply press the button, hold and speak into the microphone after hearing the beep sound and release the button after you finish speaking. It also comes with a translation library for covering: transportation, sightseeing, dining, and shopping making it easy for travelers on the go to find what they need quickly.

With a battery life that lasts three days with a charge time of only three hours, the ili Translator will soon be available in Korean this Spring. Photo credit ili Translator


11 Cool Tech Gadgets 2020 – Best New Tech Products Coming Out in 2020

The 12 Best Luxury Gadgets of 2020


Exactly one decade ago, 4G was the hot new thing, TVs were ugly, and everyone's cell phones slid open. Just imagine what the next ten years will bring.

If we really live up to our innovational potential, it'll be a slew of technologies that'll successfully yank our planet away from the precarious edge it is teetering upon.

You know, the one where we're about to plunge into irreversible climate disaster. A dark reality! Let's reign in the doom and gloom for a second though and focus on the now.

At the beginning of January, a huge consumer electronics trade show called CES is held in Las Vegas, where companies big and small reveal all the cool new stuff that they've been working on. Much of this stuff is nowhere near being ready to actually sell to actual consumers, because it's too outlandish or futuristic or high-concept or all of the above.

Still, it's fun to look at. Whereas much of the ready-for-market stuff comes across almost as boring in comparison, but in fact will make our lives more efficient in some neat way or another when it releases. These gadgets below, the 10 most-notable of CES 2020 (according to us), veer into both territories—wacky and useful.

Here's a taste of what this year and years after will have to offer.

And if you're looking for the cool kind of tech that you can buy right now, head this way for our favorites gadgets—from earbuds to high-tech jean jackets—of the past year.

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Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR

There is no way in hell this machine will be hitting asphalt in 2020. It might never hit asphalt. Nevertheless, it is both insane and earth-friendly, so therefore important.

To create the AVTR, Mercedes-Benz teamed up with James Cameron and the Avatar team, hence the name, to brainstorm just how a vehicle can become one with its environment without actually being a plant—and merge with its driver without any prerequisite tail connecting.

The answer is the advanced, conceptual technology of AVTR that Mercedes-Benz showcased at CES, ranging from autonomous driving (there's no steering wheel) and a wildly efficient electric battery to neurons that flow around the vehicle to sense passengers' energy. Sure! And the description of this car-ish vehicle keeps getting wilder.

It can roll sideways a crab on rotating wheels. The back is covered with mini solar panels. It recognizes its driver's breathing patterns. It does everything but fly. We're going to have to reimagine how we imagine the future of transportation.

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KEEP Cannabis Storage

We're leaping from the future back to the present, where cannabis is getting prettied-up to ease its path to legalization and social acceptance.

The new KEEP storage container for cannabis is discreet on the outside—its display has a clock and weather info—but it opens to reveal multiple storage spaces for different kinds of cannabis products and a rolling tray.

The kicker is its locking system, which works via facial recognition or a data-encrypted app. If someone who isn't you is trying to get into your stash, then you'll get a notification, which is very practical if you have houseguests, kids, or greedy roommates.

KEEP is available for pre-order now for $152, with shipments loosely planned to go out in the spring. (Ironically, Keep Labs was given an innovation award by CES but barred from using cannabis imagery or verbage at CES, so it skipped the show. Cannabis acceptance comes in fits and spurts.)

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Samsung Sero TV

CES is always big on TV announcements, and especially worth noting is Samsung's new Sero TV, because its defining feature goes beyond LED and 4K and what have you. It seems so obvious: a TV that transitions from the horizontal plane to the, gasp, vertical plane.

That's what Samsung is doing with The Sero, which means “vertical” in Korean. This QLED TV, already available in South Korea and going global this year, flips so that longways it resembles a 43-inch phone screen. That means it's ideal for mirroring an Instagram or TikTok feed from your Galaxy phone, should you have one. What a trick.

And here you hoped you’d be looking at your phone screen less in 2020.

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LG Signature OLED TV R

One of LG's 2020 TVs transitions from horizontal to non-existent by rolling down into its base when it's not needed. LG debuted this OLED 4K HDR smart television at CES last year, and this year confirmed that the thing will go on sale in the U.S. sometime in 2020. And all you need is a rumored $60,000, according to CNET.

Yep, $60,000 for a 65-inch TV that blocks and then unblocks a view, epitomizing the phrase “less screen time” but still leaving you with a not-insignificant base to contend with. At least that screen is roll-tested to ensure the best quality (i.e. no breakage or dents) for years.

Either way, when one CES TV flips and another disappears altogether, we know tech companies are getting funky with how we watch television.

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Alienware Concept UFO

The selling point for this gaming gadget is simple: It's the Nintendo Switch of PC gaming, with detachable cons, a “bridge” to connect those two detached cons to make one big controller, an eight-inch display, and a kickstand to prop up the screen.

But most significantly, Alienware compares its power to that of a PC gaming device to support games that the Switch won't.

Unfortunately though, it's just a concept with no concrete plans for production or rollout, so you're stuck with the Switch library or your phone for the time being.

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PopSocket PopPower Home

This gadget should’ve debuted at least a year ago. If you've bought into PopSocket culture, you know it's basically impossible to charge a newer smartphone with a PopGrip on the back using a wireless, Qi-enabled charger without having to remove the PopGrip, which is a pain in the ass.

So PopSocket released its solution, timed to CES: a wireless charger with a little crevice hollowed out on the surface for the PopGrip to fit snuggly into without impeding the charging process. They're $60 each, and they're currently sold out.

Apparently, there were a lot of frustrated PopSocketers out there.

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Just when you'd thought you were paying for every streaming service available to mankind, another one pops up. As Quibi preps itself for an April 6 debut on smartphones, but not televisions, it gave a keynote address at CES to explain itself.

The cliff notes version: It's a subscription-based service with original programming for phone viewing only. For example, its movies could be segmented into 10-minute clips, or shows could have short-enough episodes to view easily on the go.

Some of the content was shot in a way so that if you flip your phone while watching it, you'll get a different perspective. And Quibi has big-name actors signed on for mysterious projects, Chrissy Teigen, Zac Efron, Idris Elba, and Steph Curry.

If you're sold—or even just a tiny bit curious as to how this is different from Netflix—you can expect to pay $5 a month for Quibi with ads and $8 a month for Quibi sans ads.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

Folding screens are so hot right now. They’re just not very practical, mainly because, as in the case with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, they feel as if a firm shake will shatter their screens. But there’s room to grow and improve, as exhibited by Lenovo’s new foldable PC laptop, the ThinkPad X1 Fold.

There are a lot of configurations in which to use it, and should you need a more traditional laptop set-up, it comes with a mini keyboard attachment that folds into the machine. The OLED display is 13.3 inches, the machine is 2.2 pounds, and the hinge in supposedly stress-tested.

Lenovo plans to get it out mid-2020, starting at $2,499.

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Razer Tomahawk

This DIY desktop PC is probably un one you've seen before, mainly because it's smaller than the big, honking, build-your-own PCs available now.

Razer's new Tomahawk is modular, so you can pop parts into place—no tools required, so Razer says—with a powerful and very compact Intel computer and impressive graphics for gaming. It's not meant to stress you out with too many wires or configurations if you don't happen to be a PC gaming whiz.

Razer also emphasizes its portability, its upgrade potential, and its diminutive size (comparatively speaking), but doesn't yet mention a price or release date.

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Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

This is a fun one: Weber invented a $130 device that attaches to your grill and syncs with your smartphone so you can better monitor the temperature and done-ness of your meat and veggies. That means notifications and information through a Weber app. If you dub yourself a “grill master” while using it, that does count as cheating. However, the food will speak for itself.

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The Hydraloop is not particularly sexy, but neither is conserving water. It's just common sense at this point.

This device—it's big, a refrigerator—recycles and cleans about 85 percent of the water you use in your home, while its app keeps you updated on the recycling process and your total water usage. For showers, for dishes, for laundry, for the pool, whatever.

Pre-orders are open now, starting at $4,000. The upfront cost is significant, but your bills will probably go down and your house will be a model of efficient living, one all the neighbors can envy.

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